2: The heck did i get myself into?
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A very loud church bell was rung once, its frequency can be heard in every direction, without any indication of a bell ever being present at all. These types of bells are usually rung when the time of prayer is upon the hearts of the faithful or in accordance with an important event happening in the city. 

But the head maid was privy to the information that none of those events we're currently happening right at this moment or even days for that matter, so she was very confused. Jumble that with the fact that the ringing seemed to not be stopping at all and the frequency is alarmingly high enough for the head maid to feel the vibrations rippling at every corner of her body.

' Ughhh, this is gonna make me sick for sure, and what even is this place? I was saving a life for Peet's sake and I get transported to a white room? Heck, this place doesn't even resemble a patient's ward in any possible way, it's all white!'

As the head maid tried to gather her baring's she groaned inwardly as the ringing and vibrations had no signs of ever stopping.

' Ughh, Cant, take it, anymore.'  " Awawawa, Ple- please, make it stop!!~~."  The head maid said steadily as she could not handle the shaking anymore. And her words acted like an indicator of sorts, stopped everything and the peacefulness and stillness of silence covered the entirety of the whole area.

" phew~, much better, what even was that anyway? Better yet where am I!?"

The maid tried and recollected everything that seemed to have happened in the past 20 minutes and remembered her pushing away the little girl who got dangerously close to being mauled by a speeding motorcycle and after that altercation, nothing, just blank... 'Heck I don't even know what happened to the little girl, ughh These events are weird. '

After thinking about nothing for a couple more seconds she finally got her grip together and surveyed the entirety of the white room, or as she would have liked to believe as there weren't even signs of walls in this somehow infinite space of white.

She then looked down to see some semblances of clues that may help her locate her current position, only to be shocked at the lack of mandible limbs that should've been supporting her entire body, or in simpler terms ' where the fuck are my goddam legs!? '

She then tried to feel the empty space with her hands only to find out they don't even exist. 'Wtf? I don't even have a body?!' The head maid kept self panicking as the lack of a movable body was a weird ethereal experience, one she did not ever imagine being subjected to.

" what the fuck actually happened? "

" u-uhm, you died, that's what happened "

" What!? " the maid realizing another being close by gave an icy retort to the answer she was given.

" eeep!! "

The voice then gave a surprised mewl as it got startled by the overbearing coldness that was directed at her.

'Did they just cutely mewl? Wow cute!, no no!, they seem to know my current predicament as of the moment, I need to ask them some questions.

As if on point, the maid tried to do a curt bow in which she can't even perform right now due to the lack of anatomy but she sure still damn tried anyway as it is the principle of an elegant maid. And humbly introduced herself.

" Greeting's miss, I humbly apologize for the sudden slip in behavior, I am Aifa, head maid of (insert master last name here) pleasured to meet your acquaintance."

The voice hearing Aifa's greeting answered back with a simple "hello" and tried to keep silent after. Aifa noticing this immediately went for her attention as she surely won't let this chance slip of knowing the things that happened to her.

" Pardon me miss, but may I humbly inquire as to what has happened to me? Hearing you as you answered my internal question from before, did I truly die? If so does that mean this is the place and time for me to be judged of my sins and good doings?"

It took a couple of minutes for the voice to answer again, although quite frightened it still answered shakily.

"Y-yes and no,"

" may I ask of you to elaborate? "

" in essence, this was supposed to be the time in where THEY are to judge you, B-but THEY seem to have miscalculated your sudden death and l-left me to deal with it for them. "

" I see, does that imply that I won't be following the regular circle of death and rebirth?"

" Y-yes, well mostly. You will still be following the same concept but instead of rebirth, it's reincarnation. "

" ..., I see "

". . ."

" Why are you so calm about this, rather h-how do you know about the process of The Soul Trail? "

The voice wary and cautious asked a question with visible confusion, as humans should have not been privy to the machinations of The Soul Trail.

" Sorry for the misunderstanding miss, but all of my prior knowledge regarding life and death came from theories compiled from multiple religions other more dubious than most, and comparing all of them to form my own theories and beliefs. So me knowing about this * The Soul trail * as you ethereal beings speak of is purely coincidental and only came from the musings of a lowly maid.

" uuuuuuh, please stop talking like that. Like- like the way you talk is too confusing~. I- I command you to speak informally! "

The head maid stared blankly at nowhere as she hadn't expected this retort to come from a higher being, ' aww crap how is she being so cute even tho I can't see her? B-but enough of that, shouldn't these guys be good with formal speech? They do seem like big shots to me, so why wouldn't that be?.'

" Ok miss "

" humu a-and I'm not miss, I have a name hmmp~, it's zethra ok? Z-e-t-h-r-a OK!?. I am one of the minor goddesses that oversee and help with the handling of The Soul Trail or as you'd like to call it circle of life. "

" Ok miss zethra. I see that your quite knowledgeable in the matters of death what is the purpose of me being here? "

" A- A- Ahhhhh, yes yes about you, I definitely didn't forget the reason for you being here, hehe~ hehehe~"

". . ."

" ahh yes the notes, I've written down the reason of you being here, it was debriefed by senior God-sama thank you very much to him. "

" . . . "

" anyway the reason for you being here is that you will be given a different treatment to how we regularly run The Soul Trail, as your death was not accounted for and prepared. the original one who was supposed to die was that man in the motorcycle, the girl was fated to live that crash with minimal bruising. but then you stepped in, although that situation in the eyes of many is considered good it is inevitable that you let someone who was supposed to die, well~ not die, and you who was supposed to live till old age was killed abruptly due to your own actions. But then the higher ups instead thought that the atmosphere of the whole area was to blame."

" . . . Atmosphere? "

" Yes, well not literally l the atmosphere but the mental atmosphere of dread in the area and you got affected by it the most, instinctively activating your save response to the girl almost hitting a motorcycle. The higher ups deciding this thought you need a second chance at life, but obviously not here as your soul already departed in the spiritual bubble encompassing earth, but if you choose to go back to earth you may need to start all over again, without any memories! as that is some of the side effects of life cycling a soul, or soul cleansing for a more broader term'

The head maid went silent for few seconds, fully absorbing the information being imparted to her. 

"So, in short I can have an option to relive my life in another world with my memories intact, or I could take the regular proceeds of The Soul Trial and restart life at earth?

" Yea, pretty much. "

" Question miss Zethra what should be the things to expect in another world? Is it the same as those portrayed at over the top novels?"

" yes, like in those novels, magic is involved in that world as the world is living itself and like those monsters in the novel that portrays them having cores the world itself also has one too, but compared to your worlds molten core the other worlds core is crystalized and can generated energy just by existing."

" I- I see, would there be like heroes and stuff there?."

" stuff? I don't know what you mean by that but if you mean heroes, demon lords and prophecies, well yes there are, fate also plays a thing in there as well, heavily in fact. Ahh but dont worry we will give you something that erases your bindings to fate, prophecies and other soul controlling powers that may bind you to a storyline of some sort giving you your own fate and freedom"

' Phew, I'm glad if it's so I don't want to be bond by hero parties and other shitty stuff some people or better yet countries managed to get their asses into.'

" well any other questions before we start the process of reincarnation?"

"No, wait! Like those in stories will I receive skills as well? At least something to help me survive in the other world, I read in some stories that those worlds were kinda gruesome."

" yes of course were not that dumb"

" ok then, I'm ready. I don't really have any lingering regrets in earth anyway other than me not getting to spend my hard earned millions, haaaa~ sad life."

" hehehe don't worry about it, if you play your cards right you'd be rich in no time so good luck ok?."

"Yeah hope everything goes well"

" well then let's start "

As the voice said that, powerful gusts of wind with an electrifying feeling came out of somewhere and blew harshly, the winds then gathered in a single point in space right at where the head maid or Aifa was staring at then a couple of minutes after a petite little girl then showed itself before her, she had hetero chromatic eyes one of her eyes were aquamarine colored while the other one had a vibrant scarlet red.

' fuck being cute, she's absolutely adorable."


after this chapter third person naration will be removed and will solely focus now on Airas POV. If you have any complaints and suggestions do tell K?