1.1 You Give love a bad name
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Zhang Yuan's brain could not clearly demonstrate the size of the impact the body received after being relentlessly hit by that car. Five minutes earlier, he was running through the alleyways of the suburb where he lived, trying to avoid being caught by those damn loan sharks whom he owed for some time now. Then a minute of distraction was enough for him to cross the closed signal.

Well, if he was going to die anyway, then it was good that he was hit by a car, and he was not beaten to death by the loan sharks. At least he would not break his bones, and he would not break one by one.

Zhang Yuan realized this, even his body was in the air, heading straight for the sidewalk. Despite all the speed at which everything happened, he could clearly feel the movements in slow motion, while reflecting the whole life he had lived during his twenty-two years of age.

The reflection was not good at all. More than ten years stealing wallets, innumerable blows, betrayed husbands wanting his head, furious wives of broken hearts ... If put on paper, Zhang Yuan's life story gave him a one-way ticket to the ninth circle of hell.

 If it were not for the current situation, Zhang Yuan almost let out tears of sympathy for himself.

But he did not have time to continue with it. The end came faster than expected and the last thing Zhang Yuan listened to before sinking into unconsciousness was the sound of his bones crashing violently into the concrete.

CRAP, and then it was quiet again.

 Zhang Yuan did not know how long he lay there inert waiting for something that never came, while concentrating only on breathing ... Or at least, of course, until he noticed that he was still breathing.

Zhang Yuan opened his eyes immediately.

Welcome, host. The mission is about to begin. Please prepare yourself ]

An electronic voice suddenly reverberated through Zhang Yuan's brain, making him blink his eyes and look around.

The place where he was definitely not the sky, but neither would it look like hell. In fact, it did not look like anything. It had nothing but a blank landscape where it was impossible to define space and time. He could not even make out how far or where the ground ended, and he could even say that the only thing in that place within a 20km radius was himself.

But if that was so, where had that voice come from?

[ I am system No. 2309. It will be a pleasure to work with the host as of today. ]

He heard the robotic voice again in his mind and just paralyzed himself.

Well, right ... What the fuck is this now? No one had spoken to Zhang Yuan that after death he would have hallucinations with voices in his head.

[ This is not a hallucination, dear host. The system is directly linked to your soul from now on, to aid you in the missions. The system will also be the support that will connect the soul of the host with the worlds where the missions are to be performed. ]

"Wait ... Wait! What system? What missions? What worlds? What exactly is happening now? I was not dead? "Zhang Yuan held his head in his hands and closed his eyes. It was a lot of information for a short processing time. Whatever had come into his mind, did not seem willing to leave and he did not like any of it.

[ Yes, the host died in his world. The cause of death was numerous internal injuries, severe trauma to the head, crushed vital organs ... ]

"Right, I get it. Too bad! Continue the explanation. ", Yuan interrupted the system. He definitely did not need a description of how he died. He wanted to know how he had gone there.

[ The host's soul came automatically after death into the system space. It is here that the soul will reside while waiting for the worlds to be chosen and carried. The host must enter the chosen worlds and complete the missions offered by the system. Once the mission is completed, the host will have five days to leave the world and prepare for the new mission. If the host fails in the missions, the soul will be obliterated immediately and its entire existence will be erased from humanity, with no chance of surrender or rebirth. ]

The system patiently explained to Zhang Yuan, but nothing that was said made him feel better. Yuan was not quite sure what it really meant to have his soul obliterated, but it definitely did not look like it would be simple or painless.

He sighed with no way out.

" Right. So just as a doubt, assuming I'm not too ... In order to participate in the missions. Does this characterize as failure? ", Zhang yuan asked.

[ Yes. The quitting of the mission is characterized as failure. Dying without the mission is complete is also considered failure. In addition, the host must comply with the rules established by the central system, which are: 1. The host can not leave descendants on the mission worlds; 2. The host can not let the world's inhabitants find out about the missions or the substitution of souls. Otherwise, the host will be free to conduct the mission as he wishes ]

 "How kind of you ..." he quipped. Just listening to the system, Zhang Yuan's brain was hurting. However, if there was no other option, he would not give up. "What kind of mission? "

[ The main mission of the host will be to sort out the destiny of characters who consider themselves wronged by the plot of the worlds. During the mission, additional missions can appear that are worth points. Points accumulated can be redeemed for rewards at the system store. Therefore, there is no penalty if the host fails in complementary missions. ]

Zhang Yuan let out a mocking laugh. Fix the destiny of wronged? How ironic. For someone who had a bad life from birth to his death and never managed to change his own destiny, Zhang Yuan had a feeling of debauchery for these missions.  

[ If the host has no more questions, the first world is already ready for the host's entry. The system wants a good trip. ]

Zhang Yuan still had many doubts, but the ultimatum of the system had not been a question. Before he had a chance to say anything else, he felt as if a great force was pushing his soul.


When Zhang Yuan opened his eyes again he had no time to understand where he was and what was happening before he heard a loud shot followed by a sharp pain burning in his left arm.

Oh, how fun! I barely arrived and I'm already greeted with a shot! Zhang Yuan could not be more grateful.

Aside from the sharp pain and blood that ran down his arm tenebrously, as soon as Zhang Yuan's mind became accustomed to the new space and body, he felt a shaky grip on his other hand and could not help but look down.

In the midst of panic, a six- or seven-year-old girl was clutching her hands as she stared into Zhang Yuan's eyes with growing fear. She looked at the wound on his arm and her eyes immediately turned red.

"Brother, please do not die ...", the tearful childlike voice broke out amid the noise of bullets.

The current situation was in chaos and Zhang Yuan and the little girl were right in the middle of the crossfire. It was dark, but the silhouette of fallen bodies was still evident. Besides, Yuan's mind could not concentrate enough to know which side the bullets were coming from.

Zhang Yuan: "System, what the fuck is this now? Are you trying to kill me? "

[ Plot information will be transferred to the host within a few seconds. ]

But Zhang Yuan did not have enough time to wait or read the plot information as a frightened child clung to his legs and a shower of bullets poured over his head. With no other choice and even hurt, Yuan reached down and grabbed the girl in his arms and tried to run back from a pillar that stood in what looked like the garden of a mansion. He practically fell on the floor with the little girl still heavily clutched in his arms, forming a shield between her and the bullets, as she tried to control her breathing.

The world's information entered the head of Zhang Yuan without him having time to block the whole flood of things that filled his brain.

According to the plot of this world, it was now somewhere in the forties or fifties. The little girl in his arms was named Lila Kriston, and she was nothing less than the protagonist of the world.

Zhang Yuan's current identity was Julian Lau, 19 years old, a Chinese and Italian half-blood who was currently working for Lila's father, Ivan Kriston, one of the greatest magnates of the time. Julian's parents served the first and second generation of the Kriston family as a way of paying off an old debt still owed to Julian's grandfather. In other words, the boy grew up being forced to be subordinate and submissive to the members of the Kriston family until he lost his parents in an accident at work when he was only thirteen. Julian always believed that the death of his parents was directly linked to Mr. Kriston, Ivan's father, and because of this he always had resentment for the man and his family. But alone and without power,

After the birth of Lila, the last heiress, Julian was directly chosen as a sort of "bodyguard", but in the real sense he was a nanny.

The first problem was that the Kriston fortunes did not come by legal means like a typical pompous family, but rather from the illegal arms trade. That is why Julian feared both the powerful heirs of the family, as they often suffered attacks and assassination attempts often and from various sources.

The other main problem was that the current attack was happening because of Julian himself.

The situation began two months before the arrival of Zhou Yuan in the world, when the true Julian met a man in the port of the city and slept with him. It was no news to anyone that Julian was attracted to men, and as long as that did not affect the Kriston family business, even though they did not support it, they also never interfered about who Julian would bed.

What he did not know, however, was that he was being cheated and used.

The man Julian slept with was named Alec Syed, 27 years old, from a powerful eastern family and none other than the villain of the present world. He was the head of a rival mafia of the Kriston family, with whom they had repeatedly entered into territorial conflicts at the expense of blood and the tears of innocents, including Julian's own parents. Alec found out about the naive Julian and followed him for months, finding out more about him and his story, before deliberately approaching the boy and seducing him. He promised Julian that he would help him escape from the Kriston Family, but instead he was smart enough to put a tracker on Julian and wait for the most vulnerable moment of the Kriston family to open fire on them. The intention was not to leave anyone alive.

Julian thought that the charming man he had met that night, who had kissed him filled him with presents, was falling in love with him, but in fact he was betrayed and now he was two steps from death.

According to the original plot, Julian after being wounded ran with Lila to the harbor. He still did not know about Alec's betrayal and went after the man to ask for help. What he did not expect was that the one for whom he was willing to give his life was who really was behind everything. He gave it to Julian, ultimately revealing his true personality. He proposed to Julian an exchange: Lila's life for his. If he killed the girl and got rid of the Kriston families, he would let Julian go.

However, obviously this was not going to happen. Lila was the daughter of fate, and with the world literally spinning around her, there was no one who could go against her. And poor Julian was no different. Not to mention that he could not bear the burden of having killed an innocent girl in such a cold way. She was the only one he really liked in the Kriston family and could not bear to see her die before his eyes. So he did not hesitate once before choosing Lila's life over his.

Julian's last memory was a sincere apology to Lila for destroying her family. After that, he was murdered in the hand of the man he had fallen in love with.

Zhang Yuan had barely managed to digest the whole tragedy of the plot before a noise as a notification exploded in his brain, and the voice of the system announce:

[Updated Mission Protocol: Alec Syed's Revenge]

Of course, the thing could not be easier!