Volume One: Altered Demon
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65 years ago, a young boy named Tanjiro was transformed as the last demon alive by Muzan Kibutsuji, he was so powerful no one could rival him. He grew to become the known successor of Muzan, and was even better, creating his own new 12 Kizuki. The 99th Leader, Oirion Ubuyashiki, looked to finish his grandfather's mission.. Eliminate all demons known.

Ketaki Yashigururi was a normal 17-year-old boy, he lived a normal, average life. He was martial artist, who studied Kendo for fun, he was jobless, and mostly was at bars and or parks. One day, at night, people were screaming, Ketaki wanted nothing to do with it, but his home was on the same street. He walked slowly, until someone jumped out at him, pinning him to the ground. He couldn't get the hold off. "Is this some type of drunk person!?" He yelled out, trying to get the male off, until he took a good look at the eyes, the eyes.. They were blood shot red, the iris barely able to see. His skin was turning gray, Ketaki screamed in fear and began fighting the male off. Then, he bit him, the bite was big, Ketaki threw him off and the police pinned him down, but he felt strange. He couldn't move his body, and he began to black out, the doctors ran to him, but before he could answer, he fell down.

Ketaki didn't have any recollection of what happened, he felt dehydrated and sick. He looked up, and there stood a pale male with green hair fading to black, he wore a haori and had light cherry eyes. Ketaki looked to him, "Wh.." He uttered, "You've been out for 3 days, it's pretty hard to care for people like you, how did you do it, Lady Tamayo.." He said, mumbling towards the end. Ketaki was worried, but he knew some of medical preformances. Passing out for three days, wasn't normal but, because of something like blood lost was acceptable. "I'm.. Yushiro by the way, a demon." He said, Ketaki's eyes widened, "Don't worry, I'm not a bad demon like the one who bit you." He said, Ketaki was breathing for air, but he calmed down by the inch. He's heard of demons before, and that they existed but, he wasn't sure if it was true, but because of everything, he has a reason to believe Yushiro. "Let me explain, it started somewhere around the Heian Period.." Yushiro began, Ketaki was suprised, Heian? Isn't that somewhere between the 800s to the 1100s? "The first ever demon, Muzan was created, and by the Taisho period, he was killed by the demon slayer corporation, also known as demon slayers." He continued, Taisho Period, Demon slayers? This all sounded like nonsense, but all in all, it made sense in a bit. "I would explain further, but in the condition you are in, I cannot, because your dying slowly." Yushiro said, Ketaki nearly had a heart attack, death? He was barely even a legal adult! "I do, have an ability however." Yushiro said quietly, "Do you want me to turn you into a demon, so you can live, and further know the dark secrets?" He asked, Ketaki thought, becoming a demon, will make him immortal unless his head is cut off, so.. It's not a bad offer.. Ketaki nodded slowly, and Yushiro began the process.

Days later, Ketaki had walked to Yushiro and asked something, "So, about the demon slayer corporation.. How do they kill demons?" He asked, "They use Nichirn blades, they have special ores with wisertia ingraved in them, making it easy to kill demons." He uttered. Ketaki nodded slowly, but he had another question, "If Muzan was killed, who is the current demon king?" He asked. Yushiro's aura instantly changed, Ketaki felt sadness from Yushiro and he sighed. "Tanjiro Kamado, a former demon slayer, also in the family bloodline of Sumiyoshi, who was friends with Yoriichi Tsugikuni, someone who easily defeated Muzan before." Yushiro said, giving a family branch, "He became a demon, due to Muzan wanting the demon kind to go on, and Tanjiro wasn't someone who gave in easily, when he got everyone off of him after his transformation, he eagerily tried to slice his head off with the small control that he had over his body, it never worked. A tragic story, but alas, he's a demon now." Yushiro continued explaining. Ketaki breathing slowly, becoming scared to tell Yushiro something, "I.. I.. I wan't to kill Tanjiro, and by wanting to do that, I want to become a demon hunter." He said, Yushiro instantly turned around, "They will not accept you.", "I won't be known as a demon then, I'm much more advanced now, I know how to stop my regenertive abilities." He said quickly, "Still, you do not have a teacher." Yushiro said again, "I'll learn it myself." Ketaki said, leaving. Yushiro sighed, angrily, he slammed the door close. Ketaki had now ventured to become a demon slayer.

Later on, Ketaki was walking in the same street he had been attacked in, looking to the side. He remembered there was a novel at the library that talked about demons during the Taisho Period like Yushiro had mentioned. He literally ran over to the book place and looked across the books, until there was a section called "Ancient History." He looked in there, and the first book he saw, it was titled "The Demon Slayer Corps by Kagaya Ubuyashiki." He grabbed it, and began to read it, it told about the 9 hashira, the ranks of the corporation, and best of all, the location of the corp. It was made in 1911, so the place was probably destroyed, but that didn't stop Ketaki from walking 27 miles, he stopped in gasped. It was burnt to a crisp, there was nothing left. He walked into the wreckage and looked around. "Such, mass destruction.. There must be something around here." He thought, he looked up and down, left and right until he saw a burnt-down mansion. He walked into it and there were bookshelves, coaches, beds, and even paintings roasted. He stepped through the garbage until he saw a bookshelf, holding only one book. It was a dirty brown color, with no title, and slightly burned pages. He grabbed it and began reading it, to his surprise, everything wasn't for nothing.

He started reading eagerly, but, to his surprise. There were just pages and pages going on about, breathing? He looked to it closer, and actually started reading, it talked about how constant breathing will help strengthen the body, and help the power, and then came the techniques, supernatural abilities you can learn with a teacher, and breathing. However, DNA decides what breathing you can use, Ketaki smirked. He had demon blood in his veins, so could he make his OWN breathing style? He was happy, he ran out of the burnt down place and looked around before descending into a forest. He sat down against the tree and began reading more and more. He smirked, "I'm one step closer to becoming a demon slayer!" He said excitedly, grinning. He read through how breathing techniques worked, and just like that, he began his journey.

It was depending on how Ketaki wanted to actually use his style, as he read, some demon slayer withheld two blades instead of one. Someone like Genya Shinazugawa didn't even use a blade, it was a lot to take him. But, Ketaki decided, this was the only way to train himself, he got up, walking towards a tree. He punched, it and began training his demon body, the tree was a dull brown giant one, but easy to break. Hours later, his hands were bloody but easily regenerated. He sighed, but breathed in slowly, he felt all the energy instantly come back into his body, practicing breathing while training was the best thing for him. He found that the best way to do constant breathing was to inhale from the mouth and exhale from the nose, training both of the air-transporters if one was to be cut off and tied shut. He got up, grabbing the book and reading some more. He was on page 98, but there was so much to learn, apparently. Every human eaten by a demon increases their strength. Ketaki, of course, didn't condone that and instead drank blood from small packets Yushiro packed for him, but now he's on his own, so he'll have to find a source sooner or later. After training for hours, he felt pretty strong, easily denting a tree in one shot, he looked to the book, and there it was. The final selection chapter.

It talked about how chosen hunters are set by their trainers to go face the final challenge before becoming a slayer, you're supposed to survive 7 days there, how crazy is that? He got up, reading it, even more, seeing that there may be a bigger chance than he previously thought. Then, he frowned, "You require a blade.. in order to participate." He uttered, damn it. Out of everything, so merely easy, a blade is what he required. He thought hard, maybe it wouldn't be so hard. He just needed to visit Yushiro, and ask him if he had a blade, easy.. Right? He walked back to the mansion, and knocked on the door, he was gone for most of the day, in fact, it was around 4 AM. The door slowly opened, "Yes?" Yushiro answered, "I'm.. back." Ketaki said, Yushiro opened the door and chuckled. "I told you they wouldn't accept you." He said, "No, I'm only here for something." Ketaki said, "Hm? Did they accept you?" Yushiro asked. "Not yet, I still need to do the final selection," Ketaki said, Yushiro was surprised, he never mentioned the final selection, so how does Ketaki know? "I found a book, at the old demon slayer corporation site, it dates back to the Taisho Period as you said!" Ketaki said happily, Yushiro was surprised, his own underling, already so close to achieving the goal they wanted. He smiled, "Alright, I'm assuming you want a blade?" He said, "Exactly." Ketaki answered, Yushiro walked to a cabin and took out a dark blue sword, with a white handle and a black sheath. It was a bit rusted, seeing as the handle literally said: "Made in 1944." He gave it to Ketaki and sighed, "You better not 'die'. " He said, Ketaki smiled. "I'll make sure of it." He said, leaving the place with a blade.

   It wasn't hard to find the location of the final selection, it was in the book after all. He looked around, there was one small female with white hair and nice purple eyes. She was smiling and looked at him, "Hello, this is where the final selection takes place.", he sighed, smirking. "I'd like to join, miss!" He said confidently, She nodded and pointed in a direction, where there were several men and women, with blades. "Please stand over there." She uttered. He nodded and walked over there, most people were ready to fight, some were scared, and of course, some were silent, not showing a shred of fear. Ketaki was a part of a fight or flight scene. Ready to kill any demon to come across him, he was disappointed in his race and hated the fact that he was even one. The only demon he respected was Yushiro. A male ran into him, of course, he caught a grudge and pushed him away, "What the fuck, dude?!" He said angrily, "Hah! My bad, I'm in a rush!" He said, stopping for a second. "Rush?" He asked, "The gates are going to open in a few minutes!" He said, "Oh, well. I'm sorry!" Ketaki said, "Don't worry about it! My name is Rahijai!" He said happily, leaving. "Damn," Ketaki uttered, he turned back, and then the gates began to open. The 50 attempters walked slowly into the forest and, there began the Final Selection!

On the first night, the time he walked in, everyone dispersed and ran. He sighed and walked along, there he saw a mass-tree place, he saw decaying bodies, and when he looked up, there it was.. The first demon! It was a demon over 6 ft tall, it was muscular aswell. With no hesitation, he shot towards the demon, grabbing his blade and lifting it up, the demon turned around and sighed. The blade pierced the skin, but nothing else. The demon turned around, slamming his leg into Ketaki. Bleeding from his stomach, he held his blade and lifted it up, "HAH!" He yelled, swinging his blade, cutting the demon's skin, "Gn..!" The demon grunted, "How can he still move?!" He thought, Ketaki had his blade on the back of his neck and breathed in slowly, the gut wound slowly healed, surprising the demon. "Another demon?! Pretending to be a slayer?" He said, the demon began laughing, until Ketaki put his blade down, throwing it back he went silent, he wanted to test if his theory was true.. In an environment with blue flames instead of red ones, and focusing the mind more on blue instead of red, and altering the breathing that makes the flames, can you make blue and hotter fire instead? "Cremation Breathing: First Form.." He said, his sword burned with light blue fire, he smirked, "BABY BLUE CUTTING FLAMES!" He yelled out, the eyes of the demon widened, and in a flash, Ketaki was behind the demon, sheathing his blade, the demon's head fell off slowly. "How..? Where..?!" The demon thought, for the very last time. New breathing has been created, and it was called Cremation.

  As Ketaki slaughtered the demon, the flames slowly engulfed the body. Causing a burning smell, which attracted more demons. Ketaki looked around, he was circled. "Cremation Breathing.. First F-" He uttered, but a screaming male cut him off, he looked to the air, and there was the male he had met, what was his name? Rahijai? "STONE BREATHING: FOURTH FORM, VOLCANIC ROCK, RAPID CONQUEST!" He yelled out, grabbing the ends of the chains he held, swinging his kusarigama's in front of him, slicing two of the demon's heads off. He looked to Ketaki and smiled, "So, need any help?" He asked, "That would be helpful!" Ketaki said, readying his blade. They were back to back, facing 4 demons each. Rahijai was the first to attack, he swung his chains upwards and slammed his leg hard into the ground, "Stone Breathing: Second Form, UPPER SMASH!" He yelled, the kusarigama slammed into the skull of the demon and he kicked its body, leaving the head remaining on the blade. A demon jumped at him and he grabbed one of the kusarigama's handles and sliced the throat of the demon. Jumping backward, Ketaki swung his flaming blue sword into the air and sliced the demon in half, jumping up and throwing his blade to the side, "Cremation Breathing: Third Form, IGNITE!" He yelled out, he sliced the neck of the demon, the demon turned around, not hurt but then bursted into blue flames. A crawling demon shot towards Ketaki, catching him off guard, falling backward, he hit the back of Rahijai who was laughing, "Cremation breathing, I never HEARD of that!" He yelled, slicing a demon's arm off at heard. "It's a custom one, based off of fire breathing!" He yelled out, Ketaki swung his blade downwards and stabbed the. demons head, he then empowered the blade with flames and it engulfed the demon, killing it. He looked to Rahijai and smiled, "Thanks for the save." He said Rahijai laughed, "No problem, you're a friend, after all!" He said, smiling. "Hm.. Oh, yeah! Yeah!" Ketaki said, bowing to Rahijai. "Woah, no need, man!" Rahijai said.

On the second morning, Ketaki noticed Rahijai, was gone. He left the cave they slept in instantly and looked around, only to find him beating multiple demons alone. "Stone Breathing, Fifth Form, ARCS OF JUSTICE!" He yelled out, sending one kusarigama at the demons, sniping one, and then sending a barrage of attacks at them. Has he been protecting the cave all night? He had scars all over his body and his eyes were a little red. Ketaki jumped in front of Rahijai and swung his blade back, "FLAMING OUTBURST!" He yelled out, his sword blasting blue flames towards the demons, one shooting all of them. He turned to Rahijai and put his hand on his shoulders. "What were you thinking?!" He yelled out, "Who else is supposed to watch the cave for any demons?" Rahijai answered. "We could've taken turns!" Ketaki yelled, "Whatever, that was the last one anyways." Rahijai answered, he walked away into the cave and looked back, "I've been trained to never get tired." He said smiling. Leaving the scene. Ketaki looked back to the morning sun, he breathed in. "I hope I can make it."

  The day went by with nothing happening, as it was morning so they could rest. So Ketaki took the time to heal Rahijai. This time at night, Ketaki and Rahijai took turns killing the demons. Ketaki was currently the one protecting the cave they slept it, and it was around 4 AM, "Cremation Breathing: First Form, BABY BLUE CUTTING FLAMES!" He yelled, slicing a demon dead he turned around jump kicking the other demon away and slicing its head off. The blood on him evaporated and he turned around, "Where're all these demons comin' from?" He uttered, with the wounds he sustained regenerating back easily. He shot towards them, doing a frontflip and throwing his blade back, "Cremation Breathing: Second Form, Flaming Outburst!" He yelled out, the blade shot blue firey slashes towards the demons, slicing the bodies into pieces, killing them. He ran towards the last demon he saw and cut its gut open, the guts spilling out and sliced the head off. The demon slowly evaporated into the midnight sky. Ketaki sighed, "When will it end?" He said it was January so it was especially cold. He went back inside the cave and sat down, Rahijai had his eyes closed, next to the walls of the cave so he could sit up. "Is it finally my turn?" He asked, "Yeah, I think so." Ketaki replied. Rahijai smirked, grabbing his kusarigama and flinging them around, he ran into the midnight.

Slicing the demons away, Rahijai was extremely happy to kill them. He did it just as easily too, he hadn't even used a form yet. And as Rahijai stated, he never got tired. Several then jumped onto him, he kicked them off and readied his blade, "Stone Breathing: Third Form, STONE SKIN!" He yelled, throwing both of the axes, slicing the demons into mincemeat. Turning around, he slit the throat of another slammed his kusarigama into its skull, and kicked it away. "This is kinda easy." He said, "Is it, is it!?" Something replied. He looked behind him, but before he could, an arm shot towards him, he barely dodged. Looking at the demon, it was a tall slim one, "Good dodge!" It yelled, throwing several more punches. Rahijai was slammed into a tree, being plummed by the demon, he punched it, grabbed one of his kusarigama's and pierced its lower jaw, and ran away, ripping the kusarigama out. "Ag! That hurt, ya brat!" It yelled, slamming Rahijai in the back and wrapping him up with his tongue, "Gnn..!" Rahijai yelled. This alerted Ketaki and he ran to the scene, "RAHIJAI!!" He yelled, running towards the demon, "Cremation Breathing: First Form, Baby Blue CUTTING FLAMES!" He yelled, slicing the tongue of the demon off. "Agh!" It yelled, blood gushing out of its mouth. It stomped its leg and in a flash, it appeared in front of Ketaki, extending his arm and punching him into a tree, easily breaking the said tree. Blood coming from his stomach, "Ketak-! AGH!" Rahijai screamed, getting plummed into the ground. "Too easy, huh?" The demon uttered. Ketaki held his stomach, in front of Rahijai? Should he regenerate?

He got up, "No, that's stupid.." Ketaki thought to himself. He held his blade tightly, "Cremation Breathing: Third Form, IGNITE!" He yelled, the demon widened its eyes, Ketaki was already behind it. Easily dodging the attacks, it extended its leg and slammed Ketaki into a tree, "Thanks for the diversion!" Rahijai yelled Before the demon could say something, "Stone Breathing: Fifth Form, ARCS OF JUSTICE!" He yelled, slamming the kusarigama into its skull and kicking it, slashing it with a barrage of attacks, "GH!" It yelled, it extended its fingers and grabbed Rahijai's face, holding it tightly. "FLAMING OUTBURST!" He yelled, slicing the demon back with blue flames multiple times. Making it drop Rahijai, Rahijai threw his kusarigama forward, holding onto the other and the chain, slicing the demon's neck and then sending a barrage of attacks, slicing the neck several times. Ketaki jumped next to Rahijai. "Here, take this!" He said, giving his blade to Rahijai, "Wa-" He uttered, taking Rahijai's kusarigama's, he lit them with blue flames, "Cremating Stone Breathing: Volcanic Rock, CELESUS BURN!" He yelled, slamming the kusarigama's towards the enemy, holding the chain, slicing its body multiple times, Ketaki ran towards it, grabbing one of the kusarigama's and making it burst with dark blue flames, slicing the head clean off, it was so hot, the skin already sealed. The body dropped dead, the kusarigama's were slightly blue, but Rahijai didn't mind. "That was cool!!" Rahijai said, "Yeah..!" Ketaki said, taking his blade. "We'll definitely survive this final selection!" Rahijai cheered, "Yeah." Ketaki said smiling. It was becoming morning.

   It was the last day, Rahijai and Ketaki had been surviving on strategy. Every big demon both of them take, and slim, Rahijai takes, and any fast, Ketaki takes. They took turns protecting the caves and even set up booby-traps. Their plan was flawless. They planned everything out, it was nearly the morning and it was currently Rahijai's turn. "HAHH!!" He yelled, slicing through the demons, he kicked one away and sliced the other head away. "Damn it, how did the other stone hashira do this on a regular basis.." He said getting a little tired. But, he's been fighting for 3 hours non-stop, so it made sense.

"HAHH!" He yelled, killing the last one. Turning around, Ketaki was awake and ready for his turn. Walking to Rahijai, they bumped fists and walked away from each other. Slicing the demons down and using the booby-traps, Ketaki was a much better swordsman than Rahijai, as he didn't have a blade, he had kusarigama's, unlike the old stone hashira who had a flail and ax connected to chains. Rahijai had sickles connected to the chains, which made it a kusarigama. Meanwhile, Rahijai was passed out, Ketaki fought till the morning.

It was the end, the gates opened for any survivors. Ketaki tapped Rahijai's head, "Yo, wake up!" He uttered. "Mhm." Rahijai said, grabbing his blades, "No, dude it's the end!" Ketaki said, "Wait, really?!" Rahijai woke up instantly, running into the sun and fresh air. "YESS!!! HAHAH!!!" Rahijai smiled screaming in joy, Ketaki had a soft smile, he knew he would survive. But, he cared and worried about Rahijai the most. They walked to the gates, and there were only 10 people out of the 50 that survived. Ketaki's eyes widened, "So many people, lost their lives." Ketaki uttered, tearing up a small bit, he walked out and turned around. "God bless every soul lost here." He said, Rahijai bowed with Ketaki. Turning around, they ventured to the ladies.

"You survived! Please follow us." They said, the 10 followed them and there revealed 10s of ores. "Uhh.." Ketaki said awkwardly. "Please pick an ore to craft your blade." One of them said Rahijai was surprised. "Uhh.. I use kusarigama's, I'm a stone breather, so.. When I choose one, can it be crafted into a kusarigama?" He asked. The girl nodded, "Very well." He swung his hand up, "Yes!" Grabbing an ore instantly, Ketaki grabbed one, "Do you know what these ores do?" He asked. "Isn't that obvious?" Rahijai answered, "This one has to do with flexibility." He said, "That one over there has to do with strength, and that one has to do with lightness aka speed, and that one is durability." He explained. "Woah, uhh.." He said, grabbing the strength one he walked over to the lady. "Okay, thank you. Please go home, we will send a swordsman to deliver your blades." He said, "U-uh.. Okay." Ketaki said, looking to Rahijai, "See you, friend." He said, "Yeah!" He said running off.

Walking to Yushiro's base, he fazed through the wall as the home was hidden. Knocking on the door, it answered. "Ye..s.. Ketaki? Oh wow, I didn't expect you." He said, letting him inside. "So, how'd it go?" Yushiro asked, "It worked!! It worked! I'm a demon slayer, they're going to be sending me my blade in a few days!" Ketaki yelled happily. "Oh, my, GOD! WHAT?! HOW?" He asked, "I just didn't regenerate in front of anyone!" Ketaki said, "Well.. I'm happy for you." Yushiro said smiling. "Lady Tamayo would have loved it," Yushiro said, right.. Lady Tamayo was someone Yushiro always talked about and admired. Ketaki smiled, "I'm sure she would have!" He said. "To celebrate, I'll allow you to go to a bar." Yushiro said, "YESS!!!" Ketaki yelled with happiness, running out of the house. Yushiro looked at the painting he made of Tamayo, smirking. "We're a bit closer to wiping the demon race, Lady Tamayo, you're death isn't going to be in vain." He said, walking away.

In the next 4 days, Ketaki spent his time learning about the slayers and about demons. Also, training at some point here and there, a knock came to Yushiro's door, as he opened it, there was a person wearing a face-mask, that was colored dark pink and had a long nose. "The swordsmith is here," Yushiro uttered, Ketaki's eyes glowed. "Wait, really!?" He yelled, he opened the door and let him in. He walked inside with a blade inside a sheath. "I'm Orutakazu. Your swordsmith person, here is your blade." He said, handing the blade to Ketaki. He couldn't wait to unsheath it. They stood quiet, slowly taking it out, the blade was.. Full white with a black handle with a black and white puma-like design. "Woah.." Ketaki uttered, "In all of my years of making blades, I've never seen a white blade."

Orutazaku said, impressed. "Hahah, that's quite unique, Ketaki." Yushiro said, "Welcome to the demon slayer corp, your first mission will be put out soon." Orutazaku said, getting up and leaving. Smiling Ketaki put his blade on the katana holder shrine, "Thank you for everything, Yushiro." He uttered, "Of course." Yushiro answered back.

Not even a few hours, a crow came screaming at Ketaki while he was training with his katana, "MISSION, MISSION!!! DEMON ATTACKING OKUIYA VILLAGE, DEMON ATTACKING OKUIYA VILLAGE!" It yelled. Ketaki held his ears, so damn loud. "A mission this early?" He uttered, "YES! Now go!" It screamed. "Ugh.. Fine.." Ketaki said, grabbing his haori, sheathing his blade, and running to the scene. "Okuiya village? I'm sure I've been there before." Ketaki whispered to himself, jumping high into the sky and landing in a small street. The signs read 'Okuiya', He looked around. Loud screams he heard, running towards them, he drifted to the next street, seeing a figure on their knees, eating a villager.

They had a large orange haori and long black hair. "You! Demon!" Ketaki yelled. The demon simply got up and slowly turned around, "They sent one so fast.. Sad, I wish I had more time to eat." The demon uttered. Pointing their hand towards Ketaki, and in a flash, he couldn't see it, but a white slice cut his gut, he barely blocked it, but there were two. He fell backward, "Gh!!" He ached in pain, looking up the demon was in front of him, kicking him in the face slamming him into a building. "Gah.." He uttered, holding his gut, it slowly regenerated. He looked to the demon and grunted, "Cremation Bre-" He chanted, but the demon sliced him in the eye, "GH!" He uttered, "Did they send a Kanoto or something? That's quite disrespectful." It said, flashing towards Ketaki and kicking his gut, it grabbed his head. "If you plead long enough, maybe I'll share some blood with you."He said, "N-.. NEVER!" He yelled, the wound instantly regenerating, he kicked the demon away, ripping its handoff.

It was shocking, a demon? "Woah, haha! A demon? Pretending to be a slayer, how incompetent!" It yelled, in a flash, Ketaki was sliced several times again.. What is it using to slice him?! He backed up, finally being able to say something, "Cremation Breathing: Second Form, FLAMING OUTBURST!" He yelled the demon sent more slashes, but they were blocked this time. Ketaki ran towards it slicing all around, it dodged easily. Backflipping away, sending more attacks, but now, they were slower.. Ketaki could see it clearly now, the demon was sending long strands of some kind of sharp material!

He blocked them, but again barely with his blade. "Cremation Breathing: Third Form, IGNITE!" He yelled, slamming across forth to the demon, attempting to slice him to mincemeat, getting a slice on his chest, the demon turned around, smirking. "Not doing an-" It uttered, the arm then caught on fire, "Gn..?!" He grunted, putting his other hand in a chopping position, and.. Extending his nails, slicing through the hand..! It was his nails that he used, slowly regenerating. He walked towards Ketaki, sending more nail slices. Ketaki ran and dodged one, slicing the other in half, "Cremation Breathing: Fourth Form, Celesus Burn!" He yelled, running towards the demon, slicing across and dodging all of its attacks, and with the burns being so hot, the nails couldn't regrow! It twisted his blade to the head of the demon, "Right here, and now!!" Ketaki yelled, "Blood Demon Art: Bloody-Nails!" He yelled, his nails turned red and pierced Ketaki's stomach, slamming him into a house. "Gah..G-gn..!" Ketaki said, slowly rising, the demon kicked him into the air, sending multiple more red-colored nails.

Ketaki breathed in, "Cremation Breathing: Second Form, FLAMING OUTBURST!" He yelled, slicing all of the attacks away, falling onto the ground, steadying his blade, and running towards the demon, "Useless!" He yelled, "If I want to kill him, I'm going to have to create a form that can destroy the nails permanently!" Ketaki planned, blocking and slicing the attacks away, and threw his blade back, "One try..!" He yelled, "Cremation Breathing: Fifth Form, DEHYDRATING DUST!" He yelled, the blade caught on fire, and every nail it sliced caught on fire, dispersing into dust. He slid across the nails, slicing them away, "GAH!" The demon yelled in anger, "I WILL NOT DIE TO A DEMON! I AM A UNDERLING OF HIM AND I WON'T DIE!!" The demon yelled, sending the rest of the nails to the slayer, slicing upwards he cut most of them away and jumped in the air, "Cremation Breathing: First Form.. BABY BLUE CUTTING FLAMES!" He yelled, slicing the demon's head off, the plopped across the ground, the body fell, and began to evaporate into the midnight sky. Looking to the head, Ketaki glared at him, "An underling of who..?" He asked, "I.. wil.. n.." The demon uttered its last words, "You disappointed me, Piu." An unknown voice echoed through his head. Meanwhile, Ketaki heard people running toward him.

His eyes widened, his wounds had already healed. "Damn it! Helpers? I need to act fast." He thought, extending his nails and slicing his skin, bleedings a lot, his lastly slicing his cheek. He looked up and saw the Kakushi running towards him, "Stay awake!" They yelled, he pretended to fall on his knees and hold his sword. "You're gonna be alright, grab the medicine! He's injured!" They yelled, the others came with medical boxes and ran over to him, treating him, and giving him pain killers. One of them carried him, they began running to the hospital. Hours later, they set him in a bed and told him to sleep, and that they will take care of him in the meanwhile, "Thank you.." He uttered. "No problem, now hush and sleep." The nurse said, he closed his eyes, and like that, he killed his first really strong demon.