Chapter 104: Night of the Chimera’s Cry – Festival (2)
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[ "An ugly girl with freckles dared to attend a ball that the Crown Prince was hosting, despite her hideous appearance. The ugly girl wanted the Crown Prince for herself even though he already had his heart set on another. But the ugly girl, who others feared and hated, was not happy about this." ]

“Oh! My sweet Prince! Why do you not understand? This woman has deceived you.”

[ "She pointed at the young girl standing next to the Crown Prince." ]

“She is a slut who only knows how to seduce old men!”

“Hold your tongue!”

[ "The Crown Prince shouted. The ugly girl smirked." ]

“Did the Crown Prince, the Hero and Light Sage of the Empire not hear of the rumors about this wanton girl? Everyone here has at least heard a whisper of how she achieved her accomplishments by selling her body!”

[ "The people in the crowd looked nervous, dread filling their hearts. They knew if they admitted to hearing such rumors, it would be the end of them. The Crown Prince stood straight as he glared at the Witch. With blonde hair, green eyes, and………a b-body that has gone through many battlefields, there was not a single…..….woman who…was able to....resist his charms…..*ahem*…" ]

“…Rumors are only that, rumors. You have no say here, Helena Vankreift. Even if I do not take Lady Millianna as my wife, you will not be the next I consider.”

[ "The ugly girl, Helena Vankreift, trembled with anger. Even though her face left little to be desired, the ugly girl was a mature woman…..uhhh, a mature w-woman with c-c-curves in all the right places. She could not bring herself to understand why the Crown Prince was so enamored with this little temptress." ]

“Stop!! Stop, stop!” The Professor called out, making everyone freeze in place. She pointed at Aurora, who was standing at the side. “You! Your acting is horrible! You keep stuttering, and what is with that atrocious tone?! You lack emotion! You need to put your feelings into your words!”

The other students chuckled and laughed, insulting Aurora for causing such humiliation due to her lack of talent. This offensive behavior started when the Professors scolded Aurora about her failing grades in her classes.

But they had no clue that Aurora only received those failing grades for not bothering to turn in her homework or take any exams. For her, nothing was more important than the summoning array.

The Professor put her hand on her forehead as she sighed. “If only we were not required to give all students in the class a role… Still, I gave you the easiest one, the narration!”

“….” Aurora looked at the Professor with disinterest.

“Haah, that’s enough. Get down the stage for today. We will continue practice without the narration.”

Aurora was all but happy to leave. She quickly turned around and made her escape. Before leaving, she heard the Professor continue scolding her horrible acting and wondering how to fix it.

Aurora's brows scrunched.

“Even if it’s only narration, how can I say such things about my parents and with enthusiasm?” Aurora remembered her lines from earlier.

[ With blonde hair, green eyes, and a body that has gone through many battlefields, there was not a single woman who was able to resist his charms. ]

[ Even though her face left little to be desired, the ugly girl was a mature woman with curves in all the right places. ]

“….I should have used up all six months to skip my classes.” If she had, she would still be in her laboratory instead of being forced to say such distasteful lines.

On the last day of the festival, the theater will be open to the public the whole time.

The top class of each year will perform a play of their choosing, and all students are required to participate.

Who would have thought that her ‘Practical Rune Magic’ took first place in grades for the first year across all four departments?

And not wanting to lose face, the Professor of their class refused to take anything less than perfection for the play. Seeing as how it was too late to get out of this situation, Aurora could only hope that her "horrible" acting was enough to get her moved to a backstage role instead.

While walking in the hallway, Aurora placed her left hand on her chest and raised her right arm in the air.

"OH! My sweet Prince!! Why?" Aurora paused and chuckled as she thought about her parents. Was there ever a time her mother called her father in that way?


What was it that she used to call out to him? 'Ah, right.'

"My sun."

Aurora slowly lowered her hand as the face of that person with shining red hair and eyes that of a precious sapphire flashed in her mind. Despite the layer of ice that covered his body, his heart held perpetual warmth that burned even brighter.

The first time they met.

That time he saved her from the beasts.

When he held her hand because she felt uneasy entering the temple.

That time when he risked his life to save her when kidnapped.

The first night they spent together...and the nights thereafter...

Whenever Aurora was depressed after recalling things she did not want to and then thought about those moments she spent with him, the anger inside her subsided.

Aurora smiled as she walked with her hands folded behind her.