Chapter 113: Night of the Chimera’s Cry (6)
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A second vision occurred before the 10 minutes cooldown ended. Aurora had no idea why or how, but still, she was thankful for it.

An arm belonging to a monster ripped Lucius’ heart right out of his chest. But it wasn’t like himself to let his guard down for someone with such thick murderous intent to approach him.

But when Aurora saw who that monstrous arm belonged to, she knew why.

Lillian Lancaster.

Without blinking an eye, Aurora quickly cast her summoning array.

The small shadow from the array turned into a massive black streak that jumped in front of Lucius. It slammed the figure in the grey coat to the front of the first floor.

“ROAAAAAAAARRR!!” A majestic black beast with golden eyes and two tails let out an earth-shattering roar.

Those left behind closed their ears in pain from the vibration. The building shook for a while, but there was no danger of it collapsing since carved on the walls were earth runes.

At least, that is what they would have thought before the chandelier fell.

They looked at the falling concrete from the second-floor wall and quickly put up a shield. Those who did not have a shield parchment protected themselves in different ways. The figure in grey landed on their feet in the middle of the aisle.

“What the heck is going on?” One nobleman asked.

“Isn’t that His Grace on the second floor VIP area?” Another asked.

The others also looked up to see the black beast standing next to Lucius Rizar.

“Is there an attack?”

Hearing the noise, Knights from various houses came running inside to search for their master, including the guards from the academy, Lucius’ Knights, and instructors.

Seeing the scene in front of them made them turn pale, thinking the beast was the enemy.

Those with weapons or rune parchments prepared to attack but hesitated when they saw the person next to the beast.

The Captain of the academy guards frowned. ‘Isn’t that a spirit beast? But isn’t His Grace’s familiar a Golden Crown eagle?’

His subordinates returned after escorting the other citizens out of the building.


“Yes! Captain, it seems like someone wearing a grey coat attacked Duke Rizar after the chandelier on stage fell."

The Captain nodded his head and turned around to search for that person. He spotted three students on the stage, one unconscious, with a shield around them and a deep hole just below it.

A hand appeared from the hole, and someone crawled out. When the Captain tried getting a better look, he didn’t see the grey coat but a female student wearing the academy’s uniform.

But…something…was strange…

‘What is that?!’

That student's hand was an ugly grayish-black color with long nails…it definitely was not the hand of a human.

The Captain took out his sword from its sheath and intended on approaching, but he heard a stern voice from above him.

“Don’t interfere.” Lucius stood on the second floor with his hands in his pockets. The black beast stood beside him while Cassis and Geeve stood behind.


“I will not warn you again. Do not interfere and return to protecting the citizens outside.”

“…Understood.” He did not have a choice but to do so. While the Captain didn’t have to take orders from the Duke, he felt like if he argued back, he’d regret it.

When the guards finally left, Lucius looked back to the stage. His cold aura enveloped him as he watched. More than anything, he wanted to go there and protect her. But Lucius knew that if he did, she might not forgive him.

Aurora looked down at Lillian.

Her blue hair changed to a silver color, and her light brown eyes were now a disgustingly dark red color. The previous graceful lady she first saw at the banquet had long disappeared.

Estelle covered her mouth in disbelief and horror.

‘Was this the same person so many older students admired?’ While she knew there was something dangerous about Lillian, Estelle never thought it was something like this.

'So, that's what Lady Aurora meant when she said that if I promise not to take what I see back to the Kingdom with me, she will let me stay...' After all, if the neutral Kingdoms found out about such a thing, they would surely use it against the Empire.

The Princess was glad she somehow convinced Griselda to return to the dorms and not bother about the play.

Tristian frowned as he watched and waited for an opportunity to get to escape with Princess. 'If only I had my sword with me...'

“Who are you to interfere?” Lillian asked, her voice deep and hoarse.

“That question should be from me and directed to you,” Aurora replied indifferently.

Lillian’s expression turned venomous as she glowered at Aurora. “That position…that place by his side…” She leaped in the air and attacked the shield with her malformed arm.



The shield didn’t crack, but the vibration from the attack was enough to cause slight distortion.

Aurora narrowed her eyes. ‘What monstrous strength…if only Bea or Anya were here...’ But she sent them to complete other tasks.

She asked Bea to help the students and guests evacuate if anything happened. And for Anya to search for anyone suspicious...for example, someone with a black sun tattoo like Lillian. 

Aurora glanced at Tristian, who was waiting for a chance to leave with Estelle.

When meeting her eyes, he quickly understood what she meant. This was due to the conversation he had with the Princess a few minutes before the play. She told him to what Aurora Isla told her and to keep his eyes open when they were on the stage at the same time. 

‘Get ready.’

Tristian nodded his head and prepared to move.

Without Lillian noticing, Aurora adjusted the shield to open behind her. Tristian saw this but stood still. ‘Not yet.’ He told himself.

Little by little, the light shield holding the chandelier shifted to the front. When it started to shake again, Aurora stopped moving the shield around.

Lillian fell back to the floor on her feet after attacking two times with no success. She focused on the energy in her body to flow to her hand. Just as she was about to try again…


The chandelier that was above Aurora came falling towards Lillian. Startled, she leaped backward a few feet until she found herself standing on top of a theater chair. Due to the chandelier falling to the ground, the dust and debris covered her sight for a few seconds. When her eyesight returned, she saw only one person left standing on the stage.

Anger, malice, hatred, and the feeling of wanting to destroy filled Lillian. “AURORA ISLA!!!!”

With Lillian distracted and her sight covered, Tristian escaped the theater with the Princess and the unconscious male student!

Hi guys, I know I said I'd post the last three chapters of this volume all at once, but I wanted to add some scenes and then do some more the end, the 3 chapters turned into 6 without me noticing...hahaha...imagine my surprise.... (´・ω・`)? 

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