Chapter 114: Night of the Chimera’s Cry (7)
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Since Aurora only needed to protect herself, the shield was stronger than before, making it unbreakable. This only further angered Lillian and made her recklessly go after Aurora.


Lillian kept attacking with no restraint, ignoring her bloodied hand. She also didn’t notice that the more she lost control, the more the grey and black skin spread past her arm.

‘What to do now?’ Aurora was not good with offensive magic, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t…just that it was useless. The firepower was small, and despite having perfect accuracy in archery and knife throwing, she always missed her target.

Lucius watched with a grimace as Aurora was backed into a corner. ‘If only she had a bow…’


The black beast gave a low growl to get Lucius’ attention.

Lucius tilted his head. “Do you want to return to your master?"


Lucius gave a single nod. "Then return, I will be fine." He gestured for Cassis to hand him his two swords.

The beast lowered its head and huffed, blowing air on Lucius' face. It circled Lucius once and then jumped to the first floor to go back to its summoner.

The corner of Lucius' mouth lifted into a slight smirk. 'Was the black beast telling him to be careful?' 

Right when the spirit beast Aurora summoned left Lucius, Lillian raised her head and noticed that it was heading straight for her. She blocked its attack with her arm but could not keep her balance, thus she was flung a few feet away.

“Tsk.” She clicked her tongue in frustration, but this changed when she realized an important fact. The black beast was no longer by Lucius’ side. ‘He’s strong…but can he fight against beasts while protecting himself and others?’

Lillian took a knife out from her sleeve, and with a swish, she cut the palm of her hand and let her black blood flow freely. A searing pain tore through her hand, but she endured it as her blood continued to fall to the ground.

Aurora’s brows scrunched with worry at Lillian’s actions. Just as she asked herself what Lillian was planning next, the theater floor started glowing, and an array appeared.



Aurora and Lucius were taken aback by the large and complex magic array. 

'A magic array with multiple layers at least around 25-30...where did I hear something similar to it...right!' Aurora thought to herself.

"Gaius Lancaster!" Aurora called his name out loud.

[ “As for the two who were killed, we determined it was through the use of a thirty-layer magic array." ]

The thirty-layer magic array!!!

“Kellas, stop her!”

"Too late," Lillian said as she winced in pain. 

Her entire body finished changing to a dull grey with brownish spots. Her nails grew longer until they merged into one on each hand. And her height was over 10 feet tall. On top of that, her protruding red eyes looked like they would burst any moment. 

A few shadows jumped out of the array and split up. Five went outside, and two approached Lillian. And then, a few seconds later, screams were heard from outside, causing distress to those inside the theater.

“Why are they still here?! Didn’t they evacuate?!” Geeve asked, his voice agitated.

“Commander.” Cassis calmly called for Lucius.

Even though the academy guards and other Knights were outside, there was no way they could defeat those beasts.

After all, they were rank S mutated beasts from the Corrupted Region.

The shadows from the array were large black mantis over 12 feet tall, also known as metalkin mantis. There was no way for normal guards and Knights to defeat those beasts.

Lucius looked towards Aurora, and their eyes met.

Words were not needed between the two.

Lucius’ grip on his swords tightened. “Let's go.” He turned around and left, with Cassis and Geeve hesitantly following behind.

“Stay safe, young Lady,” Geeve whispered after he glanced back.

Aurora turned her head back to Lillian and the two giant mantis by her side. “Before we begin, let me ask you, why did you try to kill Lucius? I thought you were in love with him?”

“Love?” Lillian snickered. “How ridiculous. Don’t lump me in with the rest of you.”

Aurora raised her eyebrows with a hint of a curl at the corner of her mouth. “What? Were you thinking if you can't have him, no one can?"

Lillian twisted her head in a strange way. "No." She cackled, giving off a high, grating sound. "Kkakakaaakakkaka, I thought I'd get rid of the thing that's been annoying me to no end!!" The mantis dashed towards Aurora, who jumped down from the broken stage.

“Cut the shield,” Lillian ordered while waiting a few feet away.

'It seems like Lillian no longer knows what she wants.' Aurora sighed, thinking nothing of the approaching beast. She thought by riling her up she'd get through her, but maybe she went about it the wrong way?

Before the mantis reached her the black beast intervened, and it slammed the mantis back with its two tails, flinging them in the wall.

Aurora watched from the side as her familiar fought against the mantis.

The black beast she summoned is called a cat sidhe, that is classified as a fairy spirit.

While fairy spirits usually belong to the light attribute, the cat sidhe are of the dark attribute. The cat sidhe are called demon cats by the other spirit beasts due to not only their attribute, but also their fierce nature and physical powers. Besides regeneration, enhanced senses, strength, and speed, the familiar she summoned can also change the size of its body and use the powers of other felines. Such as climbing, jumping, and roaring.

In terms of the Noble System by the Epheria Empire, it is a rank one sacred familiar.

As for the mantis...

Aurora read about the characteristics of the Metalkin Mantis in a book that recorded a list of corrupted beasts in the Corrupted Region. It included basic information about the beasts and also their weakness.

The Metalkin Mantis: Mutated beasts with a catalyst core and the unique ability, 'berserk'.

This particular mutated beast has tough skin that is difficult to pierce or chew through. Even the cat sidhe sacred familiar Aurora summoned tried to bite it but failed.

She watched as Kellas' teeth were unable to penetrate their skin, despite their sharpness.

Another thing about the mantis is its two forelegs, as sharp as a sword's blade. ‘From what Lillian said earlier, do they also have the ability to cut through my shield?’

“GRRRRRRRR!” Kellas, the black beast, growled.

One mantis nearly cut his head off. Fortunately, it only shaved off some hair.

“Grr….” Kellas looked towards its master with teary eyes. ‘What do you mean by ‘only’ master?!’

Aurora coughed and cleared her throat. ‘Seems like his hair is important to him…’