Chapter 8: [1:8] Espiègle Demoiselle – Fated Encounter (?)
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I opened my eyes to see an unfamiliar ceiling. I tried to sit down but a pain suddenly hit me in my right shoulder but still manage to sit down and notice that I was in a very big bed that is to big for me. I look around to see I was in a very extravagant room that has a high class feel to it.

I sat there and tried to remember how I ended up in this place. I was on the middle of a training with mother while father is having a patrol around the village when we notice smoke rising up from the village somewhere. My immediately picked me up and hid me with a dagger but was kidnapped by an odd group of bandits that are brothers. I was brought to their hideout and took care of me that is more like a guest and less than a hostage. The two of the brothers went somewhere to negotiate the price for me but was betrayed and got ambushed but was able to escape back to the hideout. They set me free and gave me some food and water to last for a few days and while camping in the middle of the forest that a rare kind of wolves came that is the howler wolves but was able to escape. I was able to reach the river thinking how to cross to go further where the wolves won't reach me when I heard a voice in my head.

"If you want to cross the river then let me help you"

"Right, I let my guard down when I thought that was now safe and got injured in my right shoulder and fell to the river.

I muttered and looked my right shoulder that is covered in bandages to stop the bleeding and now noticed that I still feel exhausted and that my body feels drained and that I can't almost feel them.

"Must be because I lost to much blood"

I muttered again when I heard faint footsteps coming from the door and the door was opened with minimal sound that must have been done so that the one inside the room won't be bothered.

As the door opened, a man in his mid-twenties who is likely a Butler came in and that after closing the door that our eyes met then he smiled.

"Welcome to the Summer Villa of the Flamlesword Noble Knights. I'm Howard, the caretaker and butler of the Flamlesword Summer Villa."

He said and gave a refined bow, I know a little bit about courtesy but even I can see that his just his bow was beautiful and refined that I know that he's a First Class Butler.

Lynora: "Ummm. I'm Lynora and, Sir Howard was it? What happened and how did I get here?"

Howard: "You can just call me Howard. As you are a guest, you don't need to call me with honorifics for I am only a servant of the Flamlesword Family. My master will come with others that was also there when they found you so please wait for the meantime as I brought you you're breakfast. With how grave your wounds are and that you have been sleeping for three days, I can't imagine how hungry you must have been right now so please wait here as a maidservant will come with breakfast."

When he said that was when I finally notice how hungry I am.

Howard: "Well then, please excuse me as I have other matters to attend and that I have to inform Master Heirald that you have awakened."

He said and gave a refined bow and left. Now alone and with nothing to do, I look at furniture and the bed I am in and felt it's softness that is about to swallow me and the quilt feels great at the skin and smell so soothingly that I might go to sleep without realizing it.

"I want to sleep again in this comfortable bed but I can't do that with a empty stomach"

As I lay down there thinking how much everything in this room cost when a bell ring outside the door.

"I have brought your breakfast Lady Lynora, please give me permission to come inside."

"Ah, y-yes come in!"

I said and a maid showed up with tray of food in it's hand and put it in table beside the bed. I slowly sat up and the maid sit down beside the bed and brought a spoonful of soup in front of me.

"T-thank you, but I can eat on my own"

Having a maid do everything for you is something I'm not used to but the maid just smiled.

"You don't need to be nervous and seeing your injured right shoulder, I can imagine what you must have gone through so just rest let me do take care of you."

The maid said in a comforting voice that makes me calm down and just open my mouth to eat the food that the maid served in front of me. She served me some soup with vegetables of this world but sometimes there's some vegetables or fruits that is the same in the world where live in my previous life but really, the soup was so great that I can't wait for the maid to blow the hot soup and serve it to me just warm enough for me to eat it. As expected of a high class meal for nobles.

"Ah! Yes, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Gloria, a maidservant of the Flamlesword Noble Family"

The maidservant who is Gloria introduce herself as she continue serving me food. Gloria has something like a big sister vibe to her, she has her long blonde hair tied up and blue eyes. 

"Ummm... What kind of people are the Flamlesword?"

I asked nervously after swallowing the food served to me.

"You need not be worried about them or else the you won't be able to taste the food. The Flamlesword Noble's are a Family of Knight's that has served the Royal Family of the Strigerminas Kingdom since it's founder. It is their duty to protect the people of the Strigerminas Kingdom so you don't have to worry about them being the same as those nobles who use their authority to do whatever they want. In fact they are good at making excuses to give help to commoners that other nobility can't even object to what they said."

Gloria giggled as she said those and it made my shoulder dropped in relief but then Gloria suddenly looked serious and I sit straight in reflex.

"Of course there are other's that have taken advantage of this but the Flamlesword just burned them alive. That is just how confident they are in their strength and how strong their resolve to take responsibility for the decision they made and give punishment to whoever look down on them."

I gulped nervously at what she said and her face just changed back into normal and gave me a reassuring smile.

"Of course, as long as you don't cross the line and repay them when the chance comes by in the future. There is nothing to worry about and you can just rest untill you fully recover."

She said and continued serving me with food. Finally I finished eating everything and excused herself then left with in hand the tray with the dishes. She also said that once my wound closed, she will give me a bath and it made me excited. As I was found floating in the river, I was not smelly but she was the one that has been taking care of me while I was still sleeping.

After she left I lie down on the bed and with a my stomach now full and also that the meal taste so good. Add the fact that the food I ate while being captured only has the purpose of filling your stomach and had no taste and that only a small portion was given to last longer and that I have been running around a lot. 

I won't be surprised if a simple meal taste like the most delicious meal in my life, the deliciousness of the meal I had was now even better than it normally would because of how hungry I am. I tried to stay awake and give thanks to the master of the house for taking me in but with my tummy being full and how exhausted my body is because of my injuries. The sandman won and took me away to the land of dreams.

A boy was walking with hastened footsteps to the room where Lynora is resting.

"Master Heirald, I think you should delay your meeting with her tomorrow as she just woke up and is still confused at the situation she is now in and that she still need to rest."

The butler, Howard, said to Heirald as continue walking to where Lynora is resting.

"I want to meet her now and to ensure that she is safe and know where she come from and what happened to her and report to father if this is something major"

Heirald ignored what Howard said to him and now reach the door of the room Lynora is currently in. Heirald took a deep breath and pushed the door opened with bam.

"I am Heirald Flamlesword, as a family of Knight's that has served the Strigerminas Royal Family. It is our duty to protects the citizens and to en...sure .. that .. no... harm is.. done to ...them......."

Heirald was saying his greeting when he notice the sleeping figure who should be awake is sleeping soundly and stop speaking and after a long silence, he quietly closed the door and sat down with his back on the door and covered his red face with his knees.