Chapter 3 – So you’re going through Demon Puberty
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”Uh, sorry, mine just slipped off when I wore them so I didn’t want to risk wearing any?” I scratched the back of my head awkwardly, grabbing a book off the top of a pile and covering my crotch with it temporarily. Not really checking what the book was about. 

“Oh the irony of that choice...” I heard the wizard mumble. What do you mean by irony? How is it ironic?
I didn’t move it to check the title, but just shrugged at it as he approached me, holding a bundle of fabric. 

“Right, you should practice changing back and forth; here’s something to wear in demon form.” He shoved the bundle towards me, making it unfold to reveal a dress. 

“Hey buddy you didn’t like perform human sacrifices or anything, did you?” Why else would he have gotten his hands on a dress?

“What?! No! Hell, I used to wear that when I was younger.” I blinked at him, raising an eyebrow in confusion. “I’m a trans guy, my old master got tired of me fucking up my spells from being distracted by dysphoria and magically transitioned me to dudesville.” 

“Wait, you can do that?” 

“Yes. Now could you please transform back into a succubus so you’re not flashing everyone?” Wizard dude asked, turning away from me as I sighed and focused again on turning into a succubus. A really cute succubus girl that I’d honestly love to date. The fire flashed again, and from how my hands looked after the sleeves slid back to reveal them, it had worked. 

“Okay. You start figuring out how to fix this. Especially the craving part. I can’t eat cheese, unless you want me to be arrested for chemical warfare.” I put the book back, the cover depicting a muscular chubby lady holding hands with a purple haired cyborg, an old car behind them. Still had no clue why me covering my dick with a copy of ‘Midnight Drive’ would be ironic. 

“I’ll need to ask on the mystics & magics forum to get feedback, not sure how long that will take.” He sighed, stepping closer to his laptop and opening up a browser. 

“So what am I supposed to do in the meantime?” I had to ask, you try waking up as a cute succubus girl and not be confused about what your life will be like from now on. 

“Practice changing back and forth or something? You get superpowers in your succubus form as well. Strength, stamina, dexterity, some magic.” He was typing away now. 

“Wait superpowers and magic too? Huh. Might not be too bad a deal then. Except for the whole ‘skin like an early 21st century racist caricature’ and horns bit.” I flexed a bit, shrugging, making my way for the door.

“Hold on! Almost forgot, probably should swap contacts.” The wizard dude walked up to me as I pointed to my thighs.

“Don’t really have pockets to keep my phone in right now.” He nodded at me, scribbling his contact on a piece of paper. “Leonard?”

“Oh, right, we haven’t introduced ourselves this whole time. I’m Leonard.” He extended his hand forward for me to shake it, and I took it in mine to return the courtesy.

“I’m…” I hesitated. This was the first time I had hesitated about my name. Was it the same influence making me crave those foods that was making it hard for me to say my name? It’s just five letters, two syllables, means Rock, come on, just say it! “...Peter.” That had taken me longer than usual. It was a very awkward pause.

“Nice to meet you.” Leonard shot back, letting go of my hand.

“Likewise...” I went out the door and up the stairs to my own space, where I stripped off the hoodie and fell into bed, ignoring my changed form to just groan into the pillow.


And while Peter rests, let’s focus elsewhere. A young woman, lying in bed on her side, scrolling through social media. The young woman moved her gaze from her phone to a spot on her wall and smiled to herself, sitting up, stretching her arms and her wings after laying down for so long.

“So the idiot only went and fucked it up, did he? And now you got that entire thing to deal with. Oh, this is going to be delicious to witness.” She opened the trap door on her floor and reached within, pulling out a charm and closing it.

“Let’s see how long it takes the chef to bring out the eggs benedict.” She checked the charm and put it on the cork board on the wall she had gazed upon shortly before. 

“Should probably check the spaces he visits online to offer help.” Looking down on her phone, she switched to a different app. And scrolling through it, she found what she was expecting. 

“‘A demon awakening ritual left the target with weird cravings and I can’t find anything on them online.’ Oh Leonard, you unfortunate youth. There’s only one solution for a messed up ritual. You call the grandparents.” She typed a reply to the thread out, closed her phone and tossed it to her bed, stretching once more and stepped outside.

“Oh, hey, shoo! No, those chicken legs aren’t for munching they’re keeping my house upright! Fuck off or I’ll call your parental unit, you lousy dog!” She summoned and threw a slipper at the giant wolf gnawing on her house’s chicken legs. It made him stop and run off, surprisingly. Perhaps the threat of summoning them was what had done it. 


Somehow, I had managed to fall asleep. And I most likely would have stayed asleep, were it not for a strange smell and how wet my sheets were getting. Which is what made me realise that I had changed back into my succubus form while I slept. Oh wait, no, I didn’t change from it before falling asleep. My sheets were getting wet from a specific spot. That also had me feeling very warm in my stomach. And that smell, that smell wasn’t helping matters at all. My nipples were harder than a med student’s finals, and my breathing was shallow and quick. I had to sort this out. I got out of bed, didn’t bother putting on underwear, and went for the dress that Leonard had handed me. It fit loosely, but felt nice. Soft fabric, comfortable, light, airy. The swishing of the skirt was fun. I even managed a little twirl before Niagara Falls reminded me of their presence.

Right. It couldn’t just be me being a succubus. God I hope I wasn’t smelling someone’s cum and it was affecting me. I don’t want to blow some guy’s dick and swallow his cum, eugh… Might do it for a girl though… Okay, no, dammit woman-I-I mean dude, focus! 

I walked out the door, trying to be sneaky, while following the smell. It lead me downstairs. In front of Leonard’s door. Who would have thought he was doing something that was fucking up my life again. I knocked on the door, rubbing my thighs together trying to keep the horny down. Leonard opened his door, and I grabbed the neck of his shirt, pulling his face down to me.

“What the fuck are you up to that I’m horny as all hell. What is that smell.” 

“O-oh it’s, uhm, mugwort and palo santo. Helps with dreams and clearing out negative energies.” He worriedly looked around as I let go of his shirt. 

“Well… extinguish it! Fast! And spray the place with stuff! Aerosol or something. I’m losing gallons of moisture due to your magic nonsense!” I huffed and crossed my arms, still rubbing my thighs together to try and stop my arousal. Unsuccessfully. Luckily though, the smell started disappearing, replaced by the smell of shitty ocean fragrance aerosol. 

“You should, uhm, most likely pleasure yourself to relieve the remaining tension.” Leonard was approaching me once more, this time holding a small sealed package.

“Okay but how do I do that with… what is that.” I pointed at the box. Leonard shrugged. 

“A sealed in-box vibrator nobody has ever used. I think it might help.” He handed it to me, and I blushed hard. He probably couldn’t tell because of my skin color, though. “Oh, huh, so succubi blush blue. Good to know.” 

“Sh-Shut up!!!” I started stomping up the stairs, holding the box, as I yelled “Thank you!” back at him.

What followed is not something one discusses in polite company. I definitely prefer my new equipment for it compared to my old one though.

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