Sehakunugein A.1 – Calamity strike
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It was a good year for the Königreich Kingdom, with plentiful harvests from the export of raw and processed ores, the development of a more streamlined, easier to carry around type of steg (Sound Transmission Enchanted Gadgets), and most importantly, the rising of a new Legendary Hero. Although that last one was mostly for King Politi Mächtig and Pope Signore Religioso to gain political advantage over other countries, especially the Hoka1Japanese Empire with their Dúcáism trying to "purge" the Demons from their country just because long long ago a Summoned Type Hero of theirs told the Emperor something along the line of  "liv demons bad ded demons gud". Though the other Hoka2Japanese, the Republic one, was better than that, and their political system was really self stabilizing. King Mächtig was actually considering shifting the Kingdom to a Republic in the next generations.

Anyways, the year ended and the Hero was attending the Wyższa Uczelnia Academy, the most prestigious academy in the Kingdom. King Mächtig saw the opportunity to let the Hero meet the promising youths of his generation, but he seemed to be comfortable around the girl which according to the information of the Academy Headmaster Príomhoide Scoile, was his childhood friend who for some reason decided to came along, too comfortable to find new friends...

"Put her on another dorm. You have enough space enchantments right?"

"Yes, but how should we explain to her having a new dorm?"

"That's your job, not mine."

"Yes Your Majesty."

"Oh shut up Prim, you've been with me since my great great great great great *Insert a lot of "great" here* great great grandma was still on the throne."

"Just keeping to the procedures. You sure Queen Elisheva just threw her position at you?"

"Yeah, something about having enough ruling a Kingdom and having all her reptilian friends obliterated after a cataclysmic event."

"Pretty sure Dragons are still a thing. Unless she was talking about the dinos."

They chatted for a while after.

Nineteen days after the Academy started, the Hero was a little shy for the first few days but he did start to make himself acquainted with his class. King Mächtig was having lunch in a small coffee shop near the royal residence when suddenly an earthquake hit. He was thoroughly confused as his Kingdom wasn't in any geological active area, or in the habitat of any monsters capable of this scale of influence. But before he could even duck under a table, the quakes intensified with many unnaturally loud sound of a structure under great stress. He looked around, trying to look for anything to connect to the event, and saw many cracks on the surrounding buildings, or so he thought.

Turns out, the cracks weren't on the buildings, they were appearing everywhere. He found out about that fact when one grew outside of his image of the building. He could feel a huge amount of magic and life force was leaking from those cracks, as if some kind of godly being was on the other side. After a long five minutes of quaking, the space around the crevices shattered, opening up to a gigantic grass field with a pure white monolith which shot up to the sky full of stars. He felt the pull from the portals around him, all of which were leading to the monolith, trying to rip his body apart, but as sudden as it came, the pull went away. In the scene from beyond the portals, a violet glowing ball descended from the sky above and arrived at somewhere at the bottom of the monolith, then, with an explosion of violet gas-like substance, the edges of the portals destabilized and shattered space even more. The King stayed there, stunned, without anything to say as the jagged edges smoothened and the portals started to shrink.