1. Spirit Awakening
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A little six year old girl bounced happily along the streets of Vast Sea City, blue roofed buildings towered above her. She was dressed in a knee-length, white dress. The collar, hems of the sleeves and skirt were all a brilliant gold color, richly contrasting the rest of the gown. A rosy, healthy look filled her cheeks, while her platinum blonde hair blew with the gentle sea breeze, despite the walled fortifications. Her light grey eyes shone with a childish glee. She was on her way to a Spirit Hall to awaken her spirit.

As she neared the building, she got in line behind the other kids waiting. The line grew longer before it finally moved. Another child entered while one came out, despondent and sad. Murmurs rippled through the children.

"No one's had any good spirits today."

"And their spirit power hasn't been great either."

"Vast Sea City is really lacking in talent this generation."

After what seemed like eternity, the little girl entered the Lord Spirit Hall. She approached the Spirit Ancestor who's released Beast Spirit took the form of a Giant Lynx.

"Step into the center," he commanded. "I'm a forty-fourth ranked Spirit Ancestor. Today, I'm going to awaken your martial spirit."

She did as she was told. He murmured a few words and soon, bright golden light surrounded her. She looked around, amazed.

"Hold out your right hand."

She laid it out in front of her, palm up. After a few seconds, the only noticeable difference was her eyes. They had changed from light grey to being nearly transparent. The Spirit Ancestor looked shocked beyond belief.

"I- impossible," he stammered. "There's a one in a hundred thousandth chance..."

"Respected Spirit Ancestor," the little girl began. "What is my spirit?"

"Y- you have a Body Spirit... your eyes..." he was at a loss for words. "They're so clear."

Indeed, for this little girl had a very rare spirit: Clear Crystal Eyes.

"L- let me check your spirit power. Surely, you will be able to train and become a fearsome Spirit Master."

The Spirit Ancestor held out a blue crystal. "Place your right hand on top of the crystal."

She obeyed and watched as the room flooded with a sparkling blue light. The Spirit Ancestor grew even more shocked.


She retracted her hand and asked innocently, "Respected Spirit Ancestor, what's innate full spirit power?"

He explained, "Everyone is born with a spirit. There are ten levels to each rank. Currently, you are at level ten, the highest level achievable at spirit awakening. You can get your first spirit ring at any time. Once you get your first spirit ring, come back here to this Spirit Hall, and we will register you as a Spirit Master."

She nodded, beginning to understand. She wasn't, by any means, a dumb child. She knew much more about the real world and how it worked than what a six year old should.

"What is your name, little girl?"

"Respected Spirit Ancestor, my name is Ru Shenqi1茹神奇 - given name meaning "Magical"."

He nodded in satisfaction. "Well, Xiao Shen2小神 - nickname meaning "Little God", go to Vast Sea City Primary Academy with this token. If they ask about your spirit, tell them it's Clear Crystal Eyes."

He handed her a Spirit Hall badge and smiled. "Come back soon, yes? I'm Qing Qiangda3青强大 - given name meaning "Mighty", remember me."

She nodded, bowed respectfully, and said, "Yes, Respected Spirit Ancestor."

Ru Shenqi turned and left. As she was exiting the Spirit Hall with a joyous look on her face, she caught the jealous glimpses of other children still waiting in line. She skipped past them, happy as can be. The bright shining sun glared down, reflecting her ecstatic mood. Though Vast Sea City was large and expansive, she knew her way around perfectly. Within one quarter incense stick of time425 minutes, she had already made it to Vast Sea City's Primary Academy. Ru Shenqi approached the front steps where a guard was standing alert.

"Hello," she greeted cheerfully. "I'd like to enroll at this Academy."

The guard remained silent, but he did ring a bell. Soon, a teacher came out.

"Oh, hello there. Are you here to register?"

Ru Shenqi nodded. "I am Ru Shenqi. I just came from my spirit awakening ceremony. The Spirit Ancestor told me to come here immediately."

"Quickly, child, what's your spirit?"

She grinned and answered, "It's a Body Spirit, Clear Crystal Eyes."

The teacher reeled back, stunned. "A- and your spirit power?"

"Innate full spirit power."

She held up the Spirit Empire badge. "Teacher, I don't lie."

Upon seeing the badge of Spirit Empire, the poor teacher could do nothing but shake her head. "Come in, the Headmaster will want to speak with you."

Ru Shenqi followed the teacher inside and over to the Headmaster's office. When they stopped in front of the closed doors, the teacher knocked.

"Headmaster, there's a student for possible admission."

"Come in."

Inside, the teacher had Ru Shenqi relate what she had told her. After learning of her martial spirit, the Headmaster looked equally awestruck.

"Do you have the money to pay for admission? If so, we can register you right now!"

Ru Shenqi shook her head. Sadness creeped into her eyes for the first time that day.

"Oh," the Headmaster sighed.

"What about if she joins as a working student?"

"Hmm, that can work. Teacher Cang, see to it that Ru Shenqi get settled in." The Headmaster turned to look at her, his strange lime green eyes glinting. "Welcome to Vast Sea City Primary Academy, Ru Shenqi."