90. Head Flamen of Haishen Island
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"My first divine skill is called Ice Goddess. It creates a twenty five meters tall apparition and has a three hundred percent attack power boost on all lower spirit skills. It also encases spirit masters in ice, similar to Sect Leader's Blue Silver Evil Spirit Mirror Destruction."

"EH, WHAT?!"

Everyone knew just how tyrannical Tang San's main eighth spirit skill was. It had killed Chrysanthemum Douluo! But to also have a three hundred percent attack boost was just too scary to think about.

Ru Shenqi chuckled. "My second divine skill is called Spiritual Duplication. It copies another person's spirit skill, but unlike Vice Sect Master Oscar's Mirror Image Sausage, this spirit skill doesn't require the spirit master's blood, and I can't copy all spirit skills. Only one. But I can also use the skill five times before I have to copy it again. Also, I'm now a Third Class God at the one hundred and fifth rank."

Jaws dropped. Eyes nearly bugged out of people's faces. Both the Seven Children of the Sea God and the Shrek Six Tyrants couldn't believe these spirit abilities and her new title. It really was too much!

Ou Ya was the first to recover. He clasped his hands behind his back and said, "It's time Haishen Island met its new Head Flamen. Master Ru Shenqi, do you want to go meet the Ocean Spirit Masters under your care?"

She nodded. "Let's go."

Ru Shenqi followed the Seven Sacred Pillar Guardians away from Haishen Hall. They headed to Sea Witch City first. The Shrek Six Tyrants went with them but stayed behind, knowing that this was their Captain's moment.

The Seven Children of the Sea God didn't even have to officially announce Ru Shenqi as the new Head Flamen. Everyone bowed to her the moment they saw the Golden Scepter. After they had made their way through Sea Witch City, they headed to Sea Ghost City. The same scenario happened there; everyone bowed upon seeing the instrument that could command the Power of the Ocean and the Power of Haishen Hall in Ru Shenqi's hand. They made their way to Sea Star City next. After everyone had paid their respects, they travelled to Seahorse City. The Shrek Seven Tyrants finally laid on the city that had welcomed and served their Seniors.

"Wow, so many different marine animals!" Shu Jiaxiang gasped in amazement. "There have been new species in each city!"

Sea Dragon Douluo chuckled and replied, "That is part of the beauty of Haishen Island. Yes, each of our seven cities hold different marine animals."

"This island is so beautiful. I'm going to miss it when we return home," Liao Suyin murmured.

The other Tyrants nodded in agreement with her. But Ru Shenqi, up ahead of them, lowered her head slightly.

Once the Continent is safe, Shanxin will return to Tang Sect. Suyin and Jiaxiang will go back to Suotuo City. Xingyun will return to Guang Kingdom and eventually become its King. Yong and Youyou will return to Heaven Dou City, maybe Shrek Academy. I will return here to protect Haishen Island. I might never see my friends ever again.

The tour continued through Sea Fantasy City, Sea Lance City, and Sea Dragon City. When Ru Shenqi had been introduced to each city, they finally returned to Haishen Hall. In front of it, she turned towards the Seven Sea Titled Douluos.

"I hate to leave and trouble you Seniors, but I must go back and stop Spirit Empire. Supreme Pontiff Hu Liena might decide to send spirit masters to Haishen Island again. I want to stop her before that happens. For the Ocean Spirit Masters in Vast Sea City, I must also stop her. And for my teachers and my friends to have a safe and peaceful life in the future, I must stop her."

The seven nodded. "We understand. Go help Lord Tang San stop Spirit Empire once and for all."

Ru Shenqi promised, "I will come back. I won't forget my duty as Haishen Island's Head Flamen."

Then, the Shrek Seven Tyrants rushed for the beach. Xiao Bai and her clansmen were already waiting to escort them to Vast Sea City.

"Master Ru Shenqi, we'll see you and the Shrek Tyrants back to the Continent."

"Thank you, Xiao Bai."

The seven leapt onto the seven backs of the Demon Spirit Great White Sharks and headed for home.

"Xiao Shen," Fang Youyou called. "Since we're pressed for time, we'll have our match at a later time!"

"Okay, see if you can still beat this Third Class God!"


Heaven Dou City, a few days later...

The Golden Iron Triangle and Shrek Five Devils were in the front courtyard of Heaven Dou Palace. They were helping Ning Fengzhi, Gu Rong, Chen Xin, Xue Beng, Xue Xing, and Dugu Bo fight Spirit Empire troops. With them were the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Flamens of the Judgement Hall: Glowing Feather Douluo, Fifteen Ton Douluo Jiang Jun, and Falling Devil Douluo Jiang Long. The courtyard was strewn with the bodies of soldiers from both sides.

While the Heaven Dou Empire spirit masters were trying not to destroy the Heaven Dou Palace, those from Spirit Empire didn't care. Pillars crumbled and walls were dented and heavily damaged. The Shrek Five Devils and Golden Iron Triangle had been carefully maneuvered into a place where they couldn't attack recklessly. Jiang Long laughed.

"Brother, look at them! Tang San and his people thought they were so great back then at Jialing Pass, but look at them now. Cornered like caged animals! Hahaha!"

"Can you ever not just shut up?" Jiang Jun retorted as he shook his head and sighed.

"San Ge," Ma Hongjun began. "What do we do now?"

Tang San looked towards Xue Beng. "Your Majesty, Tang Sect will repay you for any damages done. The Defense Hall excels at building defenses. Sect Elder Niu Gao will handle it."

"Very well, Laoshi."

Tang San looked at Ma Hongjun, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, and finally to Xiao Wu. Just as he was about to give a command, a chilling cold aura radiated from above them.

The feeling of intent to kill!

Upon coming to this realization, he knew they only had a matter of seconds before they were crushed. But all of them were low of spirit power and weary from hours of fighting.

But then, everyone heard a lilting, ethereal, captivating, and noble voice. "Spirit Empire, you dared to attack Vast Sea City. And now you're attacking Heaven Dou City. Today, you will pay for your sins."

A noble figure floated down from the top of the palace. She had white-silver hair and wore a red and silver dress. On her forehead was a glowing magical item made of Deep Sea Sunken Silver and mother-of-pearls. In her hand was a Golden Scepter that was all too familiar to the Shrek Five Devils.

Senior Bo Saixi? they all thought. But that's impossible. She died in the Eighth Trial.

Just then, six others also descended. They landed on the ground and ran over to the Golden Iron Triangle.

"Teachers!" they cried.

"You little Tyrants," Flender laughed. "You've come just in time!"

Still floating in mid air, this time without her Ultimate Darkness Wings, Ru Shenqi's eyes narrowed at the three Titled Douluos.

"Your companions perished outside of Vast Sea City. Here, you will perish inside the Heaven Dou Palace."

"Who the hell are you?" Jiang Jun asked.

A smirk tugged at the corner of her lips. "Long ago, Spirit Empire knew me as Xiao Nuhuang."

Their eyes widened. "You-!"

"But today, I'm not Xiao Nuhuang. Today, I am Ru Shenqi, daughter of Ru Zuanshi, the Goddess of Nine Stars."

"YOU'RE RU ZUANSHI'S DAUGHTER?!" the three Titled Douluos cried.

To prove it, Ru Shenqi said coldly, "Nine Stars Meteor Shower."

A showering of nine-pointed stars rained down towards Spirit Empire's Titled Douluos and troops. They exploded upon impact with the ground, killing most of the troops. Glowing Feather Douluo's jaw dropped.

"Y- you're the new Goddess of Nine Stars?!"

"That's correct. But I'm also Haishen Island's Head Flamen. It is my job to punish evil and keep the island safe. Until Spirit Empire is stopped and no longer poses a threat to Ocean Spirit Masters, I will not rest."

Ning Rongrong gasped. "She succeeded Senior Bo Saixi?"

Oscar added, "She has Senior's Golden Scepter. Xiao Shen must be able to wield the Power of the Ocean and the Power of Haishen Hall, just like Senior."

Tang San and Xiao Wu nodded in agreement. The Golden Iron Triangle remained silent and continued watching the stand-off.

"I heard you're a prodigy spirit master. I wonder what rank you're at?" Jiang Long taunted.

Ru Shenqi's calm demeanor never changed as she replied evenly, "I'm pretty lucky. At the age of twenty, I achieved the one hundred and fifth rank. I can be considered a Third Class God."

Jaws dropped everywhere. No one could believe she had already surpassed the Limit Douluo stage so young!

But the Shrek Six Tyrants confirmed her statement. "It's true. Xiao Shen's the most tyrannical person of our generation. She even defeated a hurricane and all Seven Sacred Pillar Guardians to pass her Peak Red Level Eight Test and become the Head Flamen of Haishen Island!"

Yu Xiaogang breathed, "Then I wonder about her tyrannical spirit ring configuration."

Ning Rongrong said, "If it's anything like what the Lord Sea God granted us, she'll have gotten ring upgrades."

But Ru Shenqi deflected, "Guys, why don't you tell our Teachers and Seniors your progress?"

Her friends nodded, knowing Ru Shenqi held all the attention so she could stall for the grand finale. So they spoke one-by-one.

"Liao Suyin, twenty four years old, spirit Jade Poison Tarantula, eighty third ranked Power Attack System Battle Spirit Douluo."

"Shu Jiaxiang, twenty four years old, spirit Shadow Cheetah, eighty third ranked Agility Attack and Power Attack System Battle Spirit Douluo."

"Bai Shanxin, twenty four years old, spirit Needle-Tailed Swift, eighty third ranked Agility Attack System Battle Spirit Douluo."

"Fang Youyou, twenty two years old, spirit Rainbow Colored Flowering Lotus, eighty third ranked Auxiliary System Spirit Douluo."

"Ming Yong, twenty five years old, spirit Seven Stringed Dragon Qin, eighty sixth ranked Spirit System Battle Spirit Douluo."

"Gu Xingyun, twenty six years old, spirit Golden Heavenly Lion, ninety third ranked Power Attack System Battle Titled Douluo."

The Shrek Five Devils, Golden Iron Triangle, Ning Fengzhi, Chen Xin, Gu Rong, Dugu Bo, Xue Beng, and Xue Xing choked. "AIYA, WHAT?!"

In the one hundred and twenty days Ru Shenqi was absorbing her rings, everyone else had raised a rank in spirit power.

Just then, the Shrek Six Tyrants released their spirits and showed their tyrannical spirit ring configurations. Liao Suyin, Shu Jiaxiang, Fang Youyou, Bai Shanxin, and Ming Yong all had four purple spirit rings and two black spirit rings and two red spirit rings. Gu Xingyun had three purple spirit rings, three black spirit rings, and three red spirit rings.

Everyone choked again. This time, worry filled the hearts of Glowing Feather Douluo, Fifteen Ton Douluo, and Falling Devil Douluo.

Tang San nodded. "It seems I was right to send you Tyrants to Haishen Island. Your hard work has paid off over the past few years. Such amazing spirit ring configurations on you all. Not a single yellow ring and more than one red ring!"

The Shrek Six Tyrants laughed boisterously. "Our rings may be good, but wait until you see Xiao Shen's rings. If you don't faint, then you must be blind!"

Ru Shenqi gave a small chuckle. "My spirit is Clear Crystal Eyes, and I'm a Control System Battle Spirit Master."

Her eyes flashed silver-white as her spirit released. Then came her rings.











Shock filled everyone's hearts. Respect also filled the hearts of everyone from Heaven Dou Empire. Fear filled Spirit Empire's three Titled Douluos. The Heaven Dou Empire Imperial soldiers really did faint!

But before anyone could react, she was already speaking, "Seventh spirit skill, Clear Crystal Eyes Spirit Avatar. Fourth spirit skill, Clear Crystal Time."

Her body quickly became crystalline and immune to all mental and physical attacks. Her spirit power boosted by twenty percent. Immediately afterwards, time froze. Then, her first Divine God Ring lit up.

"First Divine Skill, Ice Goddess."

No one had actually seen her last two spirit skills yet. Now, a twenty five meter tall apparition of her appeared behind her. Just then, the three Titled Douluos were encased in ice cages, somewhat like Tang San's Blue Silver Emperor Evil Spirit Mirror Destruction. Her White Wolf Emperor left leg bone emerged, and she shot over to them in seconds. Her Jester Tarsier King right arm bone emerged, and she struck out with claws at them. The shards broke in an instant, and the three Titled Douluos went flying backwards.

"Divine Pearl Sea Life."

As her eyes sharpened to the greatest degree, her cold slaughter intent surged. The Penta Divine Pearl Diadem on her forehead glowed brighter. Ru Shenqi and her friends entered a hyper-powered state as their attack power increased by one hundred percent.

"Seventh spirit skill, Rainbow Colored Flowering Lotus Spirit Avatar."

Fang Youyou boosted himself by two hundred percent, and everyone else by one hundred percent. Gu Xingyun, Bai Shanxin, Liao Suyin, Ming Yong, and Shu Jiaxiang also launched their Spirit Avatars.

"A Thousand Heavens Rules All."

Upon her command, everyone joined with Ru Shenqi. Their combined spirit fusion avatar appeared. With everyone's greatest boosts, the spirit fusion was at its peak.

"Shrek Tyrants Seven-In-One!"

Liao Suyin, Ming Yong, and Ru Shenqi restricted the three while Bai Shanxin, Shu Jiaxiang, and Gu Xingyun attacked. Fang Youyou kept them all together by continuously expending his spirit power to boost the others.

After dealing a great blow to the Glowing Feather Douluo, Jiang Jun, and Jiang Long, Ru Shenqi roared, "Break!"

Everyone shot out and surrounded the three. "Sixth spirit skill, Clear Crystal Pack Hunt!"

Each one of them became pillars of spirit power. Their strength combined into one quickly expanding ball.

"Pack Howl!"

Three rays of highly concentrated spirit power shot towards the Titled Douluos. They got hit and spat blood while suffering sever internal injuries.

"Third spirit skill, Flowering Lotus Regrowth!"

Fang Youyou returned their spirit power, and the Shrek Six Tyrants fell back. Ru Shenqi raised into the air.

"Spirit Empire, you do not belong on this Continent. Today, your sins will be washed to the afterlife with you."

"First spirit skill, Clear Crystal Scatter. Swift Demon skull bone skill, Swift Demon Attack."

After launching her mental attacks, she added, "First spirit skill secondary ability, Clear Crystal Mass Enfeeblement!"

The Shrek Six Tyrants cried, "Her secondary ability!"

Liu Erlong frowned, "When did this skill develop?"

Yu Xiaogang surmised, "It must've happened when her rings upgraded to all century millennium year spirit rings."

Gu Xingyun nodded. "Yeah."

Ru Shenqi's secondary first spirit skill was an area of effect ability that strikes the central nervous system and causes targets to feel weakness and fatigue. The three Titled Douluos didn't stand a chance.

As her intent to kill grew more, a blood red aura flickered at the corners of her eyes. Her grip tightened on her Golden Scepter before she waved it away. It disappeared into her storage ring. Her mother's sun bracelet slipped down into her hand. She poured the celestial power of the God seat of the Goddess of Nine Stars into it. Soon, it transformed into a silver handled, silver and white rope whip. It whipped around and around like a lasso.

"Nine Stars Whip, Twelve Fling!"

When it wrapped around Glowing Feather Douluo, Jiang Jun, and Jiang Long, she flicked it, swinging them all back and forth. Then, she sent them up into the air, and the whip drew away from their flying bodies. The three were still rising into the air for a few good minutes before they finally started to fall back down thanks to gravity. Ru Shenqi calculated it for the most opportune moment.

Her slaughter intent and heinous spirit surged. "Nine Stars Whip, Lethal Strike!"

She twisted her wrist and used all of her strength to attack. The end of the whip struck heavily against all three of their chests, caving them in. They coughed out blood before the light slowly left their eyes.

This was the Nine Stars Whip's tyrannical killing strike, Lethal Strike.

The three Titled Douluos' bodies dropped to the ground with resounding thuds. The Golden Iron Triangle ran over.

"They're really dead!" Flender cried.

Ru Shenqi calmly floated back down to the ground. Her noble countenance returned just as quickly as it had been replaced by slaughter intent. The Golden Scepter returned to her left hand. She walked forward.

"Spirit Empire once sent spirit masters to Haishen Island. As its Head Flamen, I cannot risk the lives of the spirit masters I have vowed to protect."

Yu Xiaogang said, "Haishen Island has greatly matured you, Xiao Shen. This is good. I assume all seven of you have passed your Tests?"

The Shrek Seven Tyrants nodded. "We're done."

Tang San, Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun, Oscar, and Ning Rongrong approached with Xue Beng, Xue Xing, Dugu Bo, Ning Fengzhi, Chen Xin, and Gu Rong not too far behind.

"Xiao Shen, truly you are a Little God now. But what is that on your forehead?"

She smiled and bowed respectfully. "Lord Sea God, this is the Penta Divine Pearl Diadem. It was given to me by Purple Pearl, but it wasn't until the Sea Witch Douluo told me its skills that I finally understood and could learn how to use it."

"Is it a magical item?"


"Then my efforts were not in vain. You have surpassed all imaginable limits."

Xiao Wu added, "The only other one who has all red century millennium spirit rings is Ge. But even they're on his second spirit. Same with Bibi Dong. It's never been heard of for someone to have such a configuration with only one spirit."

Suddenly, Ru Shenqi asked, "Has it been dry here lately? I can tell the ground is lacking moisture."

Ma Hongjun nodded. "It hasn't rained in weeks. We're in a drought."

Ru Shenqi suddenly waved the Golden Scepter. Using the Power of the Ocean, she brought a storm inland. Rain soon began to fall over Heaven Dou Empire.