213 : Seal
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At the same time in another location,

Looking at Ling Chen, who was walking out of his cave abode, Meng Lin couldn't help but smile.

"It seems as though fellow Daoist has had a fruitful seclusion," said Meng Lin as she looked at Ling Chen, feeling the latter's aura with quite some surprise on her face.

"Thank you fellow Daoist, but it looks like I overstayed by quite a bit," mumbled Ling Chen, sensing that the rest of his former group was already gone.

"No, fellow Daoist Chen is welcome to continue staying here as long as he pleases, as long as he doesn't cause trouble of course," said Meng Lin as she flew through the air, smiling.

"I understand, I will be sure to visit fellow Daoist Meng when I have some time," said Ling Chen before suddenly disappearing, leaving Meng Ling alone.

A few moments after Ling Chen left, Yuan Jianjun suddenly appeared next to Meng Lin with a frown on her face.

"So, have you recovered from your injuries?" asked Yuan Jianjun as he stared at Meng Lin, feeling quite concerned about her.

"Don't worry, although I don't have a very strong physical body, I'm a Major Transcendence cultivator after all, you shouldn't underestimate what kind of damage I can survive, rather than worrying about me, you should take better care of your own cultivation," said Meng Lina as she looked at Yuan Jianjun with a smile on her face.

Hearing Meng Lin's words, Yuan Jianjun almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Although I can forcefully reach the Major Transcendence Realm right now, it's better for me to take things more slowly, but don't worry I will definitely reach it," mumbled Yuan Jianjun as he looked into the distance with a smile on his face.

"That's good, don't want you to fall behind," said Meng Lin as she lightly chuckled.


As Ling Chen flew away from the Myriad Formation's Valley, a frown couldn't help but appear on his face.

'Other than Daoist Meng and her Dao Companion, who in the valley could be dangerous enough for my intuition to warn me about them?' thought Ling Chen as he turned his head back, his vision seemingly ignoring space and time as he stared at the Myriad Formation's valley.


"Little Qin, have mercy, my body can't bear it," mumbled Luo Ye{Meng Lin's Disciple} as he stared at the figure in front of him.

"Master, weren't you the one that said that we shouldn't always rely on formations, as we might not always have them at our disposal, my dear master?" asked Qin Luli as she licked her master's cheek, pinning him to the bed with her hands.

Hearing his Disciple's words, Luo Ye wanted to open his mouth, but as he remembered what happened the last time he had fought his disciple using formations, he shut it back up, no longer wanting to speak.

"Master, don't worry, If you surrender I will have mercy," said Qin Luli as she suddenly grabbed her master's body and threw it towards a pile of pillows, better adjusting his position.

As he heard the word surrender coming out of his disciple's mouth, Luo Ye couldn't help but remember the words he said in the past.

"My past self really was stupid," mumbled Luo Ye as he looked at Qin Luli with a somewhat bitter expression on his face.

But suddenly, both Qin Luli and Luo Ye raised their eyes, staring at the sky above them.


Without any warning, an innumerable amount of chains suddenly appeared in the sky, as if restraining something, but then, merely a moment later, over half of the chains suddenly shattered.

At this moment the chains suddenly began reconstructing themselves from their shattered pieces, but at this moment, countless drops of water suddenly flew through the chains.

Although the number of chains was truly massive, but compared to the nearly infinite amount of water drops, even it was completely dwarfed, and as such, only a few moments later, seventy-five percent of all of the chains were destroyed.

Even though the chains kept regenerating, but under the constant assault of countless water drops, eventually, the number of chains dropped to a dangerously low level.

A moment later, an extremely innocuous thing happened, a tiny water drop destroyed an insignificant chain.

But as soon as this happened, everything finally changed.

A moment later, a huge eye suddenly appeared over the chains, staring at them with anger clearly visible in it.

As the eye appeared, the chains immediately began flying towards it, but sadly for them, all of this was futile.

In a fraction of a moment, all of the chains, no matter how big or how small, how powerful or how weak, suddenly cracked.

As this was happening, all fights above a certain level of power that were taking place in the Three Thousand Regions stopped, as all of the fighters taking place in these battles suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood.

Although most cultivators did not dare take advantage of the sealing of the Heavenly Dao to fight in the Three Thousand Regions without any consequences, in such a large number of being there would always be those who did not care nor think about the future.

Even though this number of cultivators was relatively small, the Heavenly Dao did not appreciate the damage they caused to the Three Thousand Regions in the slightest.

At this moment, before the chains could even reach the eye, all of them suddenly shattered.

But unlike before, the chains were no longer regenerating from this brutal attack of the Heavenly Dao.

The moment the chains shattered, the Heavenly Dao stopped paying attention to them, rather turning towards the tiny drop of water flying next to it.

A moment later, a layer of golden light suddenly emerged from the Heavenly Dao before merging into the small water drop.

But before the tiny drop of water could have a single thought, it suddenly found itself back in it's small world, without any clue to how it got back here, even with it's huge power.