216 : Martial Arts
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Looking at the enourmous eye, which was staring right at him right through the formations which previously protected him, Cheng Huiqing shook his head.

'It looks like one of them intervened on the side of the Heavenly Dao,' thought Cheng Huiqing as he deactivated the formation.

Three billion years ago, the Martial Supremacy World was an extremely powerful major world, but sadly, it then crossed paths with the Three Thousand Regions.

Although the martial artists of the Martial Supremacy World put up quite a fight, their struggle was meaningless in the end, as their world was absorbed by the Three Thousand Regions

Though at that time, a portion of the martial artists managed to survive by hiding, using formations and other such means, under the leadership of their most powerful surviving member, Cheng Huiqing these martial artists remained hidden from the Heavenly Dao for over three billion years.

Over the years, the martial artists absorbed the remnants of the worlds destroyed by the Three Thousand Regions, gaining more and more strength as they planned their revenge.

Although with the help of one of the four strongest False Immortals, the Heavenly Dao would have been able to find these martial artists, sadly for the Heavenly Dao though, none of them came to its help, as Three of the Peak power all had certain reservations about this.

Even though the old ancestor of the Hangming Temple, Fang Zhen, wanted to help the Heavenly Dao, even he knew that doing so was not possible in the slightest, especially under the suppression of the Five Elemental Palace and the Origin Sword Sect.

Because of this, the Heavenly Dao could only continue fruitlessly search for these remnants on it's own.

Eventually though, seeing that this was completely useless, the Heavenly Dao then began a plan.

Create a genius.

Create a genius that would then destroy these remnants of the Martial Supremacy world.

Of course, this genius was Xu Yue.

At first, things went to plan, as the Heavenly Dao poured more and more opportunities into Xu Yue, hoping that she would become as strong as possible.

But before the Heavenly Dao could react, something went wrong, Xu Yue almost comprehended the Dao of Fate, causing its entire plan to be almost destroyed.

If Xu Yue could comprehend the Dao of Fate, she would be able to escape her previous fate and know of the machinations of the Heavenly Dao and as such, would have no hatred for these remnants.

As such, the Heavenly Dao tried it's best to suppress Xu Yue's comprehension of the Dao of Fate, even closing off the entirety of the Fate Region in the process.

At the same time, Xu Yue had become stronger than the Heavenly Dao had originally expected, causing it to cut off the opportunities it previously gave to her.

Sadly for the Heavenly Dao though, Cheng Huiqing then took action, from his experience fighting against the Heavenly Dao, he was able to clearly see the plot, even before the likes of Xu Lanfeng.

Because of this, Chen Huiqing then began secretly helping Xu Yue comprehend the Dao of Fate using the resources left over from the Martial Supremacy world, preparing to use everything they had left to help her.

But once again, Xu Yue surpassed his expectations, and with only a slight push from him, comprehended the Dao of Fate.

Even so, unlike what Chen Huiqing expected, after this happened, the Heavenly Dao did not try to suppress Xu Yue, even beginning to support her once again.

Of course, this was not done to try to get on Xu Yue's good side, rather, at this moment, the Heavenly Dao sensed something was coming.

And when the Heavenly Dao tried to contact the Grand Dao, the only response was silence.

As such, the Heavenly Dao began trying to strengthen Xu Yue once again, even temporarily taking her to the Origin Sea by paying a large price.

Thankfully for the Heavenly Dao though, it seems as though it's bet had paid off somewhat, even though not in the way it intended.

At this moment, Xu Yue's anger towards the Heavenly Dao had lessened by quite a bit compared to back when she had just comprehended the Dao of Fate.

Back then. Xu Yue was preparing to fight the Heavenly Dao, of course, she left herself a way out, in the form of her previous heart demon, Yue, which she secretly sent outside of the Three Thousand Regions and of the influence of the Heavenly Dao.

By doing this, Xu Yue hoped to be able to revive herself using Yue as a basis.


As Cheng Huiqing disabled the formation protecting him from the gaze of the Heavenly Dao, the enourmous eye of the Heavenly Dao appeared right in front of him, staring straight at him for a few moments before disappearing.

Seeing this, Cheng Huiqing became slightly confused, when suddenly, he heard a voice behind him.

"Fellow Daoist Chen, the Heavenly Dao has no time to deal with you right now, so it has left me in it's place," said Xu Lanfeng as she stared at Cheng Huiqing.

Hearing the voice from behind him Cheng Huiqing's eyes couldn't help but slightly widen.

"Senior Xu, I assume you did not come to this place to take my life, did you?" asked Cheng Huiqing as he turned around, staring at the female figure behind him.

Hearing Cheng Huiqing's words, Xu Lanfeng shook her head.

"Fellow Daoist, you do not have to worry, the reason I came here is to talk about your contributions to the Three Thousand Regions, after all, you have lived in this place for over Three Billion Years."

"Having other people do the fighting, protecting your home while you hide in the shadows, that does not seem very fair Fellow Daoist, does it?" asked Xu Lanfeng as she continued staring at Cheng Huiqing.

Feeling Xu Lanfeng's scorching gaze, Cheng Huiqing let out a sigh.

"It really doesn't seem fair," mumbled Cheng Huiqing, causing Xu Lanfeng to lightly nod.