Chapter 7. I don’t think you’re a monster
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After a strange conversation with Phil, which left me with mixed feelings, I decided to head to the library.

To be honest, I didn't know what to say to his offer yet. Until now, I hadn't even thought about becoming someone's partner. Moreover, I don't even know how to dance!

I sighed.

And why did he take it into his head to invite me...? Phil must really be very nice to me.

Deciding to leave thoughts about the banquet for later, I focused on finding the library.

Before that, I had never been in it, but thanks to Phil's clear instructions, it was not a problem to find it.

Pushing open the wide carved doors and going inside, I involuntarily froze in admiration, because the academy library really struck everyone's imagination.

It was a wide and spacious room filled with everything necessary for the enjoyment of the text and the convenience of its visitors. The bookshelves were tall and majestic, filled with a variety of books. Tables and chairs are made of the best woods, being both comfortable and pleasing to the eye. And the gold cut and jewels on the furniture and walls further emphasized the grandeur of this place.

It was the most luxurious library I had ever seen in my life. And therefore, it is not surprising that for the next few minutes, I diligently drooled on her.

Then, slapping my cheeks, I came to my senses.

After all, that's not why I'm here!

Remembering my main purpose for coming here, I looked around the room for Rachel.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that it was not yet late in the evening, there were almost no people here at all. I wonder why?

In complete silence, I walked between the bookshelves, hoping that I had not come here in vain, and Rachel was really here.

Fortunately, I was lucky.

Rachel was sitting at one of the tables by the window, reading a book in a dark cover. There was also a hefty stack of other books next to her, which gave the impression that she had been here for a very long time.

For a while I just stood aside and watched her, but it didn't last very long, because the girl almost immediately felt my presence and looked up.

"You again?"

An angry sigh.

— W-hello! — I greeted, making the sweetest expression I could, — Do you remember me? The last time we met in the garden, and since then I really wanted to see you again!

But the bastard wasn't impressed.

— Get lost.

Before I could finish, Rachel rudely cut me off, and again buried her nose in the book.

I pursed my lips, but after several days of searching for her, I wasn't going to give up so easily.

— Hey, I just want to make friends! We study at the same academy, don't we...?

— ...

Complete disregard in response, as if I was a pesky fly that buzzed around her.

"I said I wanted to talk!"

At that moment, something came over me, and the only possible way to attract her attention, I found to snatch the book from her hands.

Surprised by what had just happened, she stared at me with an animal look.

— What are you doing...?!

She got up from her seat, clearly intending, at least, to break my arm, and it dawned on me that I was a little hasty with my actions.

I forgot that I'm not dealing with an ordinary person, but a member of the most dangerous family in this kingdom.

If she wants to attack me, I can't do anything!

To settle the conflict, I hurried to return the book to its place, and waved my hands:

"P—listen, I just want to talk to you! Can you just give me a few minutes...?

— Why?!

— What...?

— Why do you need this? Rachel repeated the question, still looking at me like an angry bull, when one thin table separated us from each other.

I understood this, and therefore cautiously continued:

"I told you so.".. That I want to be friends with you...

"Nonsense," the girl snorted, "Get out before I break your arms and legs."

Having said that, she sat down at the table again, apparently believing that I would immediately obey her and leave, but I continued to stand still.

Of course, I was scared to be alone with her like this, not knowing what she could do to me, but I had to take a chance. It's now or never.

— Rachel... I'm serious... I'd like to get along with you," I managed, keeping an icy calm with the last of my strength.

Before she could pick up the book again, her scarlet eyes pierced me.

She looked at me strangely.

— Are you crazy?

- what?

— Why are you following me...? — Rachel asked coldly, — Or are you trying to mock me like that? In that case, it could end very badly for you.

— No, not at all! — I immediately exclaimed, — Just... It seemed to me that you are very lonely here, and you do not have enough friends... So I thought we could... Become friends.

Rachel paused. She didn't take her eyes off me, and there was nothing in them but empty hatred.

— If again... If you dare to bother me again, I can't guarantee that I'll let you live," she said slowly in an even voice, "You... You think you can play with me? Damn aristocrat... How I hate you all.

— Why do you hate me if you don't even know...?!

— You're all the same. All of you... You think we're monsters. And you too... She decided to make fun of me because I'm cursed.

— no!

A ringing voice that drenched the entire library, from which even Rachel's pupils shuddered.

I came almost close, and cupping her face in my hands, looked her straight in the eyes.

"I don't think you're a monster.