Chapter 16: Peace Doesn’t Last
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Site-19 Light Containment Zone, SCP-▮’s Containment Cell.

“Annabelle” Ty called out to her twin, she was lying on her bed.

“Yes, Ty?” Annabelle asked from where she was reading beside her bed, she looked up and at her twin of darkness.

“Why do you put up with me after that?” Ty asked with a soft and quiet voice, tears welling up in her eyes.

[A grey-haired girl with glowing purple eyes is seen standing in a room littered with 22 bodies.]

“Because, despite what you did, we as your family members were blind to not see you were hurting, so for me, you had your reasons to do that” Annabelle explained as she got up and walked to her truth.

[The girl, soaked with blood, slowly limped to the closest door while avoiding the dead bodies]

“Even when I hurt you and the others?” Ty asked as she sunk into her bed.

[When the girl opened the door, there was a group of kids huddled in the corner. The group was sheltered with a shield and noise cancellation spell. Though they knew what was happening due to their shaking forms and scared expressions.]

Annabelle hugged Ty which broke the dam, silent cries are the most harmful.

“Ty, you tried to make sure we didn’t get hurt by seeing you kill them,” Annabelle said as she rubbed her sister’s back, -by seeing you kill our siblings- was left unsaid.

[The girl, now revealed as Ty, cleaned herself of blood before making her way to her last remaining family members.

She dropped the shield and noise cancellation spell before she spread her wings and made sure to herd her siblings to the door that leaves the palace, however, the siblings that were only one year younger than her were looking at her with fear.

“We need to leave, it's best if we go to the Mavericks for a while,” Ty said as she made sure her wings obscured her younger sibling's vision from all the blood and gore that was on the other side of the door behind her.

It wasn’t that long till all 14 members of the Striker family there had left the palace, it took them 4 hours to get to the Maverick family estate afterwards.

The family members that truly knew what happened back then could no longer look at their 3rd eldest family member the same again, but they had to heal for the youngest family members]

[“Don’t you dare close your eyes!” Ty shouted as she held a hooded figure in her arms, they were on a desolate and bloodied field.

The war that could only be the Everstone war between Unity Striker and the Original Hell’s rebel devil Kagekao, was happening around them.

“I’m sorry, sis, I should’ve told you my plan beforehand, but… You would’ve stopped me anyway” the hooded figure said quietly, their hands intertwined with Ty’s.

The hooded figure was impaled by a sword through the stomach, they lost a lot of blood and are going to pass soon.

“Ty, promise me… You’ll live without her chains” the hooded figure requested, “I promise…” Ty promised with sorrow.]

Ty didn’t know how long it had been, Annabelle wouldn’t tell her.

Annabelle knew her twin was having flashbacks of the past, that’s why she gave her space and time to talk.

However, Ty had a gut feeling that something was wrong and that something bad was going to befall the world soon.

“Anna…” Ty shyly called for her twin, “Yes?” Annabelle questioned why Ty called her.

“I don’t wanna jinx it… But I feel like something bad is going to happen…” Ty said quietly to her sister.