10. Chance encounter
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Anno was startled, a fifth-level professional must be much better than him.

Even so, it was eaten by King Slime. It is conceivable that King Slime is powerful.

Anno continued to ask, "What happened later?"

"Later?" Old John shrugged and said, "The mercenary group that the dead soldier belonged to came to the town of Gruul, there are nine people in total, and the most powerful group leader is said to be at the tenth level, and he is a hunter!

They slaughtered the slimes for a few days on the grasslands outside and almost wiped out the slimes.

But in the end, the existence of King Slime was not found, and in the end, they had to let it go.

The mayor warned everyone not to go deep into the grassland, where there are strong monsters.

The title of King Slime was also spread at that time!

Now it seems that King Slime is indeed not dead, otherwise, there would not be so many slimes.

In less than two years, the slimes on the grasslands have been flooding again.

Alas~, it's time to discuss with the mayor again about hiring a mercenary group. When I went to Valcam the other day, I almost got attacked by slimes along the way. "

"What does King Slime look like?"

"I don't know!" Old John shook his head and explained, "No one has seen King Slime. But at the battle site, there is a large pit several meters in diameter, and there are large areas of acid corrosion.

That level of destruction is definitely not something that ordinary slimes can create!

In addition to this, there is also the weapon used by that soldier and... the broken arm holding the weapon!

The section of the broken arm has obvious signs of corrosion, so we guess he was swallowed! "

Anno frowned after listening to Old John's story.

According to the latter's words, the fifth-level warrior was not the opponent of King Slime at all and was directly swallowed.

Then he is even less of a match.

Whether it is the big pit of a few meters described by Old John, or from the perspective of strength, the giant slime does not fit.

That is to say, the huge slime he encountered in the morning was not King Slime, and the level should be lower than King Slime.

"As a result, there are far more dangerous monsters on the grasslands than I thought!"

Anno's eyes suddenly glowed, thinking about the scene where he killed the giant slime and then summoned it to fight against the king slime.

Old John thought that Anno was scared, and comforted him: "But don't worry too much, as long as you don't go deep into the grassland, the chance of encountering King Slime is low.

In a few days, the caravan in the town will go to Valcam, and the mayor should bring back mercenaries from Valcam to deal with the slimes on the grassland.

If the legendary King Slime is still in this grassland, he should not be able to escape this time! "

"What? Going to Valcam for mercenaries in a few days?"

When Anno heard this, he became anxious.

He's still waiting to use slimes to get experience and money!

If the mercenaries came, what about him??

There were no slimes on the grassland, and he couldn't beat the goblins in the forest.

Just stuck in the novice village!

"No!" Anno's heart was a little anxious. He stared at Old John and asked earnestly, "When will the mayor leave? How long will he stay in Valcam!"

"Why, do you want to visit Valcam too?"

With an expression that I understand, Old John said: "The exact date is not clear, but it will not exceed three days at most. When everyone goes to Valcam, one is to sell some agricultural and sideline products, and the other is to buy some goods, and at most stay in Valcam for two days, it also takes two days to come back.

"In other words, I only have a week left at most!" Anno walked out of the blacksmith shop.

If he can't get stronger before the mercenary group arrives—at least he has to be able to hunt down the lone goblins, then it will take longer to become stronger after that, and it will take a long time to become a professional!

After all, after the slime was killed by the mercenary group, he would have nowhere to fight monsters in the future.

"Get up early tomorrow and work harder!" Anno clenched his fists, feeling his increased strength, and said in his heart, "I can't just rely on summoned objects. After upgrading, My body will also improve a lot. As long as I pay enough attention to concentrate, Slime's acid is hard to hit."

Before, he only relied on summons because Anno didn't want to get hurt and let the harvest of the day go to waste.

But after the upgrade, Anno can clearly feel the improvement in various physical qualities.

With Anno's level 3 physical fitness, as long as he is not surrounded by more than a dozen slimes, or encounters monsters such as giant slimes, he can escape.

When Anno passed by the only pub in the town, his stomach suddenly rang.

"The sky and the earth are big, and eating is the biggest!"

After a hard day on the grassland, he only ate two hard and unpalatable brown bread at noon. He has long been hungry.

After selling the slime skin and adding the remaining 16 copper plates, Anno's wealth has risen to 2 silver coins and 25 copper coins.

In the small town of Gruer, the average person's food cost is only 10 copper coins a day.

The money Anuo earns in one day is enough for ordinary people to live for more than half a month.

But for Anno, that's not enough.

A steel long sword at the blacksmith costs 15 silver coins!

After entering the Moonlight Tavern, Anno was not stingy and ordered two meat dishes for 8 coppers, a vegetarian dish for 2 coppers, two brown pieces of bread for 4 coppers, and a drink of unknown making for 1 copper.

A total of 15 coppers!

Although the cost was a bit large, Anno didn't feel it was a pity.

The physical quality is improved, but if the nutrition is fundamental, it will definitely lead to adverse consequences.

Anno is very clear.

As for the accommodation, although the cost of staying at the Guangyue Tavern for a day is only 20 copper coins, Anno did not plan to stay there.

He didn't have much luggage, and he wasn't afraid of people from the slums stealing.

The five reserved slime skins were stuffed into his trouser pocket by Anno, and the money was kept close to him. In addition to his current strength, people in the slums were not capable of stealing from him.

There was only one thing that Anno was more concerned about.

After Anno was full and ready to leave, two women dressed as waiters came down from the upstairs of the tavern.

One of them was tall and bumpy, with a knee-length dress showing off his long, slender legs.

The complexion of the body is healthy wheat-colored skin, with a ponytail, delicate facial features, and proper beauty.

The other waiter looked a little frail, looking less than 1.6 meters, a head shorter than the previous one. Her jet-black hair was scattered behind her, and the majestic appearance on her chest attracted the attention of the male diners in the tavern!

It was obviously a very simple dress, but it couldn't hide the light of the two girls at all.

The delicate woman walks with her head lowered, daring to look at the glances cast by the diners around her, and rubs the corners of her skirt with her hands.

The tall ponytail woman also frowned, disgusted by the aggressive gaze around her.

Anno, who had already reached the door, was stunned when he saw this scene.

Isn't this the bikini woman and the dress girl I met when I woke up in church?

How did they go to the Moonlight Tavern to be a waiter?