Chapter 1: The Last Day of Anything
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1013 or 10 trillions years into the future, lies the final star of the universe. A little red dwarf with a mass of about 0.08 solar masses. Orbiting that red dwarf was a silver coffin-shaped space pod, inside was a being called "Lemma".


We might call her a little girl from her appearance, but there was no voice to be heard, warmth to be felt from her touch. She was by all means hollow, but accompanying her was the last living thing. A little plant placed on her hand, Bonsai. We don't know how, but both of them somehow was able to communicate with each other as they watched the red star knowing that after a full rotation of a planet of the past so far away, there will be nothing to sustain the space pod. Everything will become one in the end. It was the last day before the heat death of the universe.


Bonsai asked Lemma, "After all this time, what is your answer to my question when I first met you?"


An hour left before the death of the star.

"What is the meaning of life?"


"I still don't understand you. It's the last heat that I will feel. This star is what keeps us both alive! Why, Lemma, why aren't you scared?"


"I don't want to die."


Lemma, after a billion years, finally moved and opened her eyes. It wasn't truly an eye, just an imitation of what used to be the dominant organisms of the universe, homo sapiens.

"W-woah! You can move?"

"I only chose not to."


"I've forgotten that feeling. That fear of death. I've gathered every knowledge that I can. I have done everything you and your measly lifespan can never dream of, Bonsai."

"Are you God?"

"Maybe I am, maybe I am not."

"Then, what are you?"

It was a minute before the end.

"Well, let's go back in time, shall we?"


Yes, it all started on that rainy day on the streets of some slum in the Manila. 

She was just a happy little girl playing with her toy.

Then she died.