Chapter 2: Downpour
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It was a dreary, rainy day. The sky was gray, the air was covered in the smell of petrichor combined with the putrid scent of the trash littered everywhere on the streets, with rat-infested waters that could cause disease on anyone who steps on it.

But for these children, it was a great day.

"Renna! Catch this!" A smug-filled boy threw a cockroach the size of a baseball to a girl.

"HYAH!" She barely dodged it, with its antennae just slightly grazing her shoulder. 

"HEH! YOU STUPID! THROW IT STRONGER LIKE THIS!" She moved her entire body backwards and threw a cockroach like it was her final chance to win an Olympic gold medal.

"ACK!" The boy fell to the brownish-water, but he laughed so hard when he saw the innards of the roach splattered all over his gray t-shirt. 

"Lemma, are you a monkey?"

"I am not!"

They were just teasing each other when a grizzly-large man arrived. He was a junk man, trying to make ends meet selling recyclable bottles in the large sack that he was carrying. He was happily running towards the children.

"Renna! Zen! I have some presents for you!" From the pockets of his tattered pants, he grabbed a toy car.


"Thanks, Dad!"

They rushed to him and hugged him.

"Hehe." He pats them in the head. "I'll just rest for a bit in the house, okay? Don't enter unless you really need me." 

Behind them was their home with a galvanized roof, unpainted brick walls, flood prone and all, but it was nevertheless, their sweet comfort.

It was a sweet day.

But of course, some people are just unlucky. 

"Bloody rain! I can't see shit!" A jeepney driver was trying to navigate the streets, but it was too late. They were too little to be seen.


"Z-Zen?" Renna, who was just playing cars with Renna, is looking at her brother's lifeless body.


"Thank God, no one saw it."

"M-mister, what happened to my b-brother?" Renna said with shakiness on her breath.

"I-I'm so sorry, little girl." The driver took a weapon from his vehicle and walked slowly towards Renna.

"This is for your own good."


The rain poured heavily.