Chapter 3: Upload
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"His brain is too damaged." Beneath their house, was Carlo, father of Renna and Zen. It was a secret location, filled monitors and complicated wirings. 

"Rest in peace, my son." He put Zen into a body cabinet, like those found in morgues. The other cabinets were filled with different species, from small rats to large dogs.

"Renna... I can do this."

Dr. Carlo Pumping is a world-leading scientist on the interaction between artificial intelligence and human neurons. To why he lives in a slum, was to hide his most valuable research. His discoveries might change the world as we know it, so he hides in fear.

"It worked on the pigs yesterday... Maybe I can't... No, this is no time to doubt myself. Not while her heart is still beating." 

Scavenging thousands of wires, he found the specific ones that he needed. Copper wires covered with a scaly-metal alloy with a sharp needle at its ends. He inserted the needles into different parts of her head, pinpointing the exact neurons needed to recreated Renna digitally.

"I know her body is hopeless, but I will not let her be gone. She will just be in a different form, that's all."

As he was downloading the data of her brain, her heart finally stopped. Carlo got a different set of tools and started to dismember her head. He put electrical wires into what would be her brain stem and sent shocks daily. Renna was basically dead, but her brain sent whatever signal was needed.

That was 3 years ago.

"Honey, stop spending time in that stinky basement!" His wife only knew the basement as something only containing random junk, not knowing the secret passage that led to his experimental room.

"Yes, yes, coming!" Looking much more defeated, he let go of the human-sized doll that he created to transfer Renna to a physical body. 

"Fucking damn it! Why won't it finish! Whatever." He went outside of the room.

Little did he know, that was when she first opened her eyes.


"W-Where am I? Z-Zen?"