Chapter 4: The First Breakfast
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"Ughhh... I feel weird." 

It was a dark room, filled with things she didn't know anything about. 

"What's that smell..." She scanned her surroundings and started to follow the trail of smell.

"Ah, Lugaw (porridge). Wait, is this Dad's basement? Oh God, I must be so tired playing here that I fell asleep!" She started to tiptoe as she walked to the wooden stairs that creaked ever so slightly from each of her steps. The sound of downpour grew stronger as she went out of the basement. 

"I love the sound of the rain!" After successfully sneaking, she went to her bedroom, where she and Zen slept. 

"Zen! Are you there?"

The room was filled with nothing but junk. Her bed and Zen's wasn't there.

"Huh? Wait is this our house?" She entered the room and saw many plastic bags filled with random stuff.

"Eugh, why is there so much dust." As she searched inside the plastic bags, she found a toy. It was a red car. She finally remembered what happened.

"ZEN?!" She rushed out of the room and stumbled upon the dining room. She found her mother and her father eating silently. 


Of course, they were shocked. Mom was shocked due to surprise, but Carlo's look was something.

"Uhhh, honey? Who is this girl?" Carlo instantly stood up and aggressively pulled the doll towards the unending rain like that day 3 years ago.

"Dad?! That hurts!" 

"..." Carlo suddenly stopped and slowly turned towards her.

"D-dad?" He suddenly kneeled and hugged the doll. It was warm like a human being. It breathes like a human being. It felt like a human being.

"Renna! I'm so glad! I'm so glad you're here!" Carlo's words were filled with his feelings, his life's work all led to his daughter being back from the dead. He was sure. It was his only daughter. Renna was weirded out and just laughingly pat his dad.

"Uhhh, it's ok?"

"Yes," he wiped his tears away with a huge grin on his face "yes, it's ok." 

"Where's Zen?" Carlo finally looked serious. Renna noticed her surroundings looking a bit different, it was a bit cleaner.

"Renna, listen to me." He stared intensely.

"You are not alive."

"What?" Dad, are you drunk?" She waved her head around while pointing to herself, "Not alive? But I'm here?"

She placed her hand into her chest, saying "Look, even my heart is..." 

There was no heartbeat. 

"Do you finally understand?"

"T-This doesn't make any sense!" She ran and ran until she stumbled upon a jeepney with a mirror. What she saw on the mirror isn't what she always knew. Her face was smooth and round. Straight, white hair. Eyes as blue as the sky. All her bruises and scabs from playing on the streets gone. She ran far, but she didn't feel tired. She looked like a living doll.

"W-what is this? I-I'm Renna, right?"

She ran back towards the house. Carlo chased her back.

"Mom! Let's eat!" She exclaimed loudly to her Mom, but she looked at her like a stranger. It was at this moment that Renna understood what her dad is telling her.

"Uhhh, hon, I adopted someone..." Carlo thought of the best excuse he can.

"YOU WHAT?" She removed her slippers and slapped him in the ass.



Mom giggled and just said, "Well, that's why I married you in the first place. Stupid, I am." She faced the doll, not knowing it was Renna and asked her, "What's your name?"

"I am... Renna."

"Lemma!" Carlo interjected, "She's a little bit tongue-tied, but her name is Lemma."

"Lemma? was it?"

"...yes. I am Lemma."

"Lemma..." Mom grabbed a bowl and poured some of the porridge.

"I'm Ila, you can call me Mom, okay?" She served her the porridge with a warm smile. "You are welcome here. This is your home."

Renna, now Lemma gladly accepted her invitation and ate her first meal.



"This doesn't taste anyt-" Carlo covered Lemma's mouth.