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Hello, dear readers, shameless author here!

Welcome to yet another typical transmigration tale that you came across.

I made this pre-chapter to give you transparency of what to anticipate (and to disseminate an idea of what might or might not disappoint you):

Q: Why are there so many 'main' characters?

  • Clay transmigrated in a novel titled 'To Kill a God' composed of six volumes. Each volume has a respective main character - each plays a significant part in Clay's progression.

Q: Describe the novel's world in a single sentence:

  • Situated in the magical western Middle Ages - where swords and magic ruled the society - human civilization relied heavily on the premise of alchemy.

Q: How is our main character?

  • To put it simply, Clay is weak, sometimes a pushover. But, of course, our MC is ingenious at making things work despite being disadvantaged. Do I need to spoil that he is - in a way - a coward? Meh, not much of an enjoyable MC, huh?

Q: Okay, so is there a possibility for romance?

  • Well, for our MC, no.

Q: What is the atmosphere of the story?

  • At first, it will be chill. Then it slowly gets thrilling, but I still intend it to be wholesome in some way.

Q: It should be good to know that:

  • Every chapter contains roughly 2,500 words. Lengthy, isn't it? I admit that it makes the story unreadable whatsoever, so I hope you have the patience to read. No pressure if you don't prefer lengthy chapters, and feel free to drop the book if it doesn't suit your taste.
  • The first chapters of the story are slow, without much dispute. I intended it to introduce Clay's new world in a not-so-overwhelming way.
  • English is not my native language, for you may notice particular paragraphs sloppily written. But I hope you find the story interesting in some way or another.
  • I also leave graphics or drawings in particular chapters like maps, vital plot objects, etc.

Feel free to ask in the comment section of this chapter if you have things in mind that you think should be included here.

With that in mind, thanks for picking up my book.