Book 1.5: Side Tales – Koko: The Puppet Asylum (part 3)
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Eh! Where Did My Pen... Pen... Go!?!

Book 1.5: Amaranthe Guild – Side Stories

Koko's Tale

The Puppet Asylum (Part 3)

By the time Kresh had reached 'Tree', Koko was gone.

Well, at least her spirit body was as she found herself being pulled up towards a bluish-white sea of dense puffy clouds by ethereal strings attached to her small body.

“Just where am I being taken... and by whom?” Koko wondered aloud as she looked up to see billowing clouds opening like a great maw and swallowing her whole, causing her to lightly shiver.

She had no idea which direction she was going other than up.

And judging by the growing sounds of childish laughter and gigglings, she wasn't going to be alone. Most would find the situation to be quite frightening, but not her.

In fact, the sounds gave her a comforting sense of nostalgia.

The night clouds soon thinned like layers of silky veils allowing her to see a tall misty building looming in the distance below. The laughter and giggling were much louder now, clearer.

And laced with playful sing-song voices:

“Ring around Anancy, Pockets full of websies

Spinning, spinning, We're all webbed down!”

Another round of laughter and giggles followed as a group of shadows fell down... onto the ground?

Well, at least I think its a ground of some sort since they didn't fall through. Koko thought with brows furrowed, watching.

Her thoughts shifted, along with her view of the surroundings, as she found herself being lowered rather quickly; Her bare feet touched soft but solid ground causing the remaining 'cloud veils' to blow away from where she now stood, clearing her view of the area before her.

“I guess I was right, the ground is solid... and soft as snow. But thankfully, it's cool instead of cold.” Looking down, she tapped the ground before her with one foot before stepping, ensuring that each step was met by solid ground.

After a few short steps, she found herself in front of a black iron gate that was more than twice her height. She shifted her head to look between the bars; Her dark eyes following the cobblestone pathway of pinks, purples, and blacks leading a long way across the lush bluish-gray lawn to a two-story gothic dollhouse.

“Well, that answers the first question of... where am I being taken?” Now to answer the second of who did the taking...

Looking up to see what or who brought her here, Koko spied a small translucent girl floating above; The girl's long wild hair fluttered about behind her as if caught in a gentle breeze painting the air in cascading blends of rich eggplant and pastel lavender hues.

“So pretty,” Koko whispered, staring up at the spectral girl. “I wish I had hair like hers...” And the pink highlights match perfectly with her wonderful bunny ears.

The spectral girl's big pair of baby blue eyes darted from left to right, looking ahead past the gate into the distance. Right above each eye were two beads forming a triangle of eyes; The inside set of bead eyes were of pink hues, while the outer set was deep eggplant.

Her cute gothic dress matched the colors of her hair perfectly while being accented with black hems, belt, and short jacket. Her dress billowed, revealing layers of pitch-black petticoats that tapered inward forming a shape that resembled the lower body of a spider.

And most striking of all were the six ethereal black and pink striped spider legs with sharp eggplant colored tips sprouting out from her back; Each leg spun and controlled metallic lavender-pink threads that were attached to Koko's body.

I guess I now know who brought me here.

She's so... cute and pretty. And judging by the look in her baby blues, frightened? Just what is she looking at that scares her so?

Koko turned her eyes away from the cute... spider-bunny ghost girl? hovering above to look in the same direction as her. Through the gaps between the iron bars of the gate, she locked onto the dollhouse.

A gothic dollhouse that was not only the same shape as the one Grandma Addelton had handed down to her but whose outer walls were painted the same blends of pastel lavender and deep eggplant with all black trimming.

Just how in the world is the game doing this? Plucking stuff from inside my head to put into the game. Koko stood there for a short while, pondering...

But no matter how much she thought about it, she just couldn't figure it out.

/sigh Best not to dwell on it since there's no way I'm going to figure it out on my own; And that game company surely won't tell me no matter how nicely I ask.

But one thing is certain... This technology is beyond amazing. Something I thought I'd only see in films or read in stories. Not something I'd actually be able to experience.

Anyways, I better get back to focusing on my own story that I've only just begun... Meaning I need to get into that very dollhouse that's making spider-bunny girl above... scared.

And you just know it can't be something good if it can even frighten spirits.

Koko gave the gate a pull causing it to rattle but stay closed. She tried the handle several more times before giving up. Hmm, since it won't open then maybe I should find another way in or just jump over?

Her eyes looked along the fence in hopes of spotting another way in but there was none; Only tall shrubs with colorful flowers planted along the fence. And there on the bluish-gray grass was a small group of children? They were still lying down on the lawn giggling.

I wonder what they're giggling about? Koko thought, watching them intently. There's something odd about them... about the way they look as if they're...

One of them, a girl with unicorn baby pink hair, sat up to turn to look in her direction causing her twin tails which were tipped in loose ringlets to bounce against the side of her arms.

Silky black ribbons tied into bows kept her hair in place; The ribbons were attached to the back of a much too cute pair of plushie doll heads which were being used as mini pin cushions.

She brushed some grass off her dress that happened to be trapped within the cute vertical striped ruffles; The color of her dress matched the pinks of her hair while the black hems tied in her leather belt, combat boots, and short biker jacket whose sleeve cuffs were pierced with long sharp sewing needles.

The girl called out playfully, “Hooray! A new friend has come out to play with us!”

“Really? Where?” A plague doctor masked girl asked excitedly, rising up into a sitting position as well. She turned to look towards her standing behind the gate; Koko looked back.

“Let's let her in and play!” Twin tails said, rising to her feet causing her satin dress to shine and sway.

The others followed her lead, rising up from the ground as well, smiles on their faces, and giggling as they rushed towards the gate calling out, “Let's play with her, play with her, play with her! Yay!”

Koko backpedaled from the gate with small steps as she watched the small group of children nearing. No, not children... but dollie puppets reminding her of Kresh, even though they looked far different than him and were more her own size.

Still, they were running her way increasing her desire to flee but the strings from above held her in place.

Closer and closer they got, giggling and laughing as Koko kept trying to run to hide... but couldn't.

Finally, the group of puppets reached the door and stared; Watching as a very frantic and frustrated Koko reached up with both hands, grabbed onto the strings holding her still, and yanked down... HARD!

“EEEKKSS!” A startled ghostly cry echoed as Koko felt something cool and silky fall onto and into her from above, dropping her to the ground. The puppets all stared mouth agape before breaking out in a fit of laughs and giggles.

“Again! Do it again!” Some of the puppets cried out as Koko lay on her back looking up into the starry sky. She felt her flesh undulating beneath her t-shirt as something cool crawled about within her head, scuttling to the back of her skull; It moved down her spine to her chest, then nestled in near her heart.

A “squeak” sounded out as Koko lifted her hand to rub the center of her tingling chest but was instead intercepted as a soft small hand grasped her hand. “Hello there funny girl! Let me help you up.” Twin Tails said and did so with a lopsided grin on her face.

She then began to walk around a now standing and quite tense Koko, brushing off the grass clinging to her long dirty T-shirt. “That was quite the riot. I've never seen a not yet puppet with a puppeteer before. Let alone seen one yank their puppeteer into their bodies...Truly amazing!”

“It really was...” “Did you see the look of surprise on that cute puppeteer's face?” “It was so funny! Do it again...” The other puppets excitedly yapped before quieting down as Twin Tails gave them a look of 'Hush Now, Don't Say A Word'.

“Now then, where were we?” Twin tails asked, turning back to Koko and tilting her head. “Oh yeah, before I forget, let me introduce myself, I'm Pinkili and these moppets here are my friends and family.” Pinkili performed a grand sweeping gesture with her arm towards the other puppets.

“Go ahead everyone, introduce yourself to... Uhm... Oh I know, Funny Girl.” She winked at Koko. “Yup, everyone introduce yourself to Funny Girl. After all, we can't play games with strangers...”

“Yes indeed. Greetings must come first since strangers are dangers,” the white rabbit boy covered in fluffy fur said.

He was dressed in a victorian inspired overcoat which came down to his thighs; It was royal blue and covered in different sized black polka dots, some of which containing white spiraling circles. A matching blue vest with a white ruffled dress shirt and bright red bow tie completed the outfit.

“Hello Funny Girl, my name is Harvey. I see we have long ears in common. Although, your's certainly are more colorful than mine, what with them being tinted in pinks... But I guess that's not the only difference since I only have one pair of eyes unlike you with your three...”

What? How many eyes? “What do you mean I ha...” Koko started to ask with a 'pokan' look on her face but stopped when a little girl dressed in dark cybergoth attire popped up between them and suddenly took her hands, shaking them quite enthusiastically.

“Hi Funny Girl! I'm Kilijoy,” the little plague doctor girl cheerily announced herself while bouncing on the balls of her feet.

She's quite... energetic Koko thought as the girl's big hair danced about; The lightly glowing neon lavender dread falls on the sides of her head really stood out against the eggplant and plum hues.

As for her beaked mask, it was painted in pearlescent hues of lavenders with swirly plum and eggplant highlights.

Releasing her hold on Koko's hand, the girl reached up with her hands and lifted her mask to set it atop her forehead exposing her cute face which looked familiar. “I'm Pinkili's little sister. I'm so happy you're here...” She began chirping... err... speaking while once again capturing her hands in her own.

“No wonder she's so cute...” Koko muttered softly, her eyes glancing at the cute Pinkili with the swirly black mascara designs around her dark plum-colored eyes before returning her attention to the still chatting Kilijoy. They have near-identical faces.

“... I mean, how in the neth did you do that? All the puppets I've seen had to first defeat their puppeteers if they wanted to be string free but you... You're the first I've ever seen yank their puppeteer right into becoming a part of them! How does it feel? The changes I mean...”

“Okay, okay... that's enough Kilijoy. Give Funny Girl back her hands and let the other's have their turn.” Pinkili ordered, cutting off what was sure to be a long stream of questions.

“Oh, okay, I was just curious was all,” Kilijoy sadly said, releasing Koko's hand and stepping back to join the others. “Her hair and eyes really do look better this way though...”

The next puppet to step or rather scuttle forward had a cropped top hoody on that was shades of deep blues. Underneath she had on a black ribbed tank top with silvery baby blue web designs along the left side and black belt.

Below, she wore a short tulle skirt the same color as her cropped hoody that draped down over the front of her black spider body which had baby blue highlights.

“Hello,” she said, lowering her hood to reveal hair of deep blues, baby blues, and silvery grays tied up in a long semi-curled ponytail; She brushed aside a few of the loose strands that framed the sides of her cute grayish face.

“My name is Anancy. Anancy Muffet. And don't worry about the extra eyes, you'll get used to them once they fully awaken. Just takes a little time is all. You can even close them and no one will even know they're there.” She advised Koko with a knowing wink, then scuttled back into the group.

The next doll glided forward over the ground as if on rollerblades as the bottom of her combat boots glowed with a black light.

She was dressed in cyberpunk blacks with black violet accents and lavender highlights. The left side of her head was shaven making the cyber mod around that eye stand out as it softly glowed. Her black violet hair was accented with dreadlocks whose tips glowed lavender.

“It's so good to meet a fellow child of magic. My name in Cylem. And this,” Cylem turned around, displaying a roundish cyber bot with neon glowing lights attached to her back. “This is Cybee. Say hello Cybee.”

A dance of lights and musical sounds merrily greeted Koko.

Smiling, Cylem turned back around and continued, “Be sure to call on us if you ever have need of our help on or off the grid. We look forward to all the time we'll be spending together. Now and in the future.” She gave Koko a nod, then glided aside to let the last member of the group through.

The girl slithered forward, obviously happy that her turn had come; Her long cascading hair of pastel teals, ocean blues, lavenders, and white matched the colors of her lower sea serpent body.

She wore a deep ocean blue long-sleeved ribbed top that went down past her hips covering most of her milky white 'skin' that was tinted in teals.

She took Koko's hand, opened her mouth, and released a joyful series of musical notes.

Such a beautiful voice but... “I don't know what she's saying,” Koko muttered as the serpent girl continued to sing her greeting.

“Allow me to translate for our young beautiful sea girl,” Pinkili said. “Nessi is happy to meet Funny Girl. I thank you for bringing me here. It's much better than the other place. Even if there is a scary one in the...” Pinkili paused, switched gears, and then continued. “Uhm... nevermind about that.

Basically, she just wants you to know that if you ever need aid or just want to karaoke to please summon her...”

“Actually, I like to Karaoke...” Kilijoy piped in.

“As do I...” “Me too...” “I don't really like it but I don't want to be here all alone with that 'thing' in the...”

“No need to mention that Harvey...” Pinkili said with a glare.

“I was just saying, I don't want to be here alone...”

“It can't come out of there so there's nothing to worry about...”

“Tell that too...”

“Uhm... It was nice meeting everyone but I...” Koko cut in since her real body was out there, trapped in a room, with an angry doll throwing Kresh threatening her life.

“Oh, it's not everyone...” Anancy said, interrupting Koko while looking back toward the dollhouse.

“Indeed, but it is everyone that's left,” Cylem said as she began to glide around the lively group.

“Right Cylem. Since Jack is no longer with us...” Pinkili trailed off, also looking at the gothic dollhouse.

Koko felt the start of a bad feeling growing in her gut, “Uhm... who's Jack and why isn't he here anymore?”

Harvey sighed heavily. “Poor happy go lucky Jack didn't listen to us even though we warned him... But he always tried to see the good in people which led to his no longer being here.”

“Right Harvey. I told him that the bad 'man' in the dollhouse didn't like to play games. Well, not with children. He only likes to play poker with the 'boys.' But Jack said “I'm a boy” and went ahead and rang the doorbell...”

“That's right Anancy. That was his first mistake. The second was he actually went inside even though we shouted “Don't go in there Jack!” but did he listen to us who were his playmates?” Pinkili asked, her hand fiddling with one of the long needles in the cuff of her jacket, her foot tapping the ground.

“No, he didn't big sis. He even ignored Nessi's warning song. In fact, he did the exact opposite of what we all warned him not to do... even though it wasn't opposite day. Right big sis?”

“That's right Lil' sis. The big bumbling fool went in and crossed the forbidden taboo... and paid for it with his limbs and stuffing!”

“W-what forbidden taboo?” Koko asked, her stomach starting to churn.

“The taboo of being a kid and asking him to play games and read books. You know this well Funny Girl,” Pinkili said matter of factly. “After all, you've seen it happen before.”

“Seen what happen?” Koko asked in a whisper.

“Huh? Did you bump your head and forget Funny Girl? That bad man tore Jack apart, limb by limb, just for asking him to play. Just like he did to your precious friend when you asked.

Really now, I don't understand why you put him in the dollhouse here when you already know the kind of monster he is.” Pinkili said, turning to look at Koko.

“Yes... Yes. Why did you put him in there?” Harvey asked, wanting to know.

“And more importantly, when are you going to kick him out of there? And don't just stop there. Kick the stuffings out of him for good!” Kilijoy said, kicking the grass in the direction of the dollhouse.

“I don't think she's going to do it anytime soon. Just look at her standing there, shaking in her... boots. Well, if she had some that is.” Cylem said sympathetically.

“Well, she's not going to be able to live her new life until she does... He'll be in there forever, living rent-free, and we'll be stuck out here where she put us.” Anancy muttered.

“What? I didn't put you here...” Koko began to say but no one was listening since they were all busy laughing.

“Didn't put us in here? Here. In. Your. Head.” Pinkili said, gesturing all around her with her hands.

“Is Funny Girl trying to be... Funny? Ahahaha” Kilijoy asked, shoulders shaking as she held her belly.

“Of course you were the one to put us in here. We sure as neth didn't do it ourselves. None of us could come in here without your assistance.

Still, even if all we can do is play outside it's a million times better than that other place with all that cold wet mist and long wailing cries... It makes me shiver just remembering.” Pinkili hugged herself, trembling from the memory.

“What other place?” Koko asked, tilting her head to look at Pinkili.

“The Netherworld silly,” Kilijoy answered for her sister.

“And thanks to your strong connection with the Nethryn, not only were you able to pull us out of there to bring us here, but you were even able to merge us with the 'others' that were already in here; (Others? What others? Koko wondered, confused as Cylem continued talking.) As such, we have each 'metamorphized' into who you now see before you.” Cylem finished with a smile and a spin before adding, “And I for one am very happy with the new me!”

“But how would I do that? And why when I don't even know who or what I am... or any of you for that matter...”

“Well, obviously because you wanted more than just friends only you can see and hear in your new life,” Pinkili answered part of her question.

Is she saying t-that I had... imaginary friends? Can't be... I'd remember if I did... Wouldn't I?

Cylem skidded to a stop before the distracted Koko to add her two cents; “So I think your subconscious accessed that great well of magic within you to bring us forth and merge us together into new but familiar friends.

Real friends that you can count on to have your back when trouble comes knocking. Of course, you'll first have to learn how to summon us and put us into...”

“That does make sense when you think about it.” Harvey interrupted. “After all, you got yourself one monstrous fear to overcome and defeat...”

Nessi quickly put her hand over Harvey's furry mouth to hush him.

“That's enough Harvey! You're telling her too much. If she's to get stronger she has to figure some things out on her own. Not be spoon-fed all the answers.” Pinkili said sternly, gesturing with her finger.

“Ah, I wasn't going to tell her nothin more...” Harvey said, kicking the ground.

“That's because you don't know anything more otherwise you'd have told her by now.”

“Not you too Anancy. I really hate it when you all do that!”

“Do what Harvey?”

“You know what Cylem...”

“No, she doesn't Harvey. What don't you like us all doing?”

“That!” Harvey said, pointing at Kilijoy. “That right there. When all you girls pick on me together just because I'm the only boy here ever since Jack... poor Jack. Hey Funny Girl, why don't you bring some more boys in here?”

“Really Harvey? After everything Funny Girl has gone through you ask her to do that?”

“Pinkili's right Harvey! Don't go asking for more when it's already a miracle that both you and Jack were able to come here in the first place.” Anancy chided.

“Alright, Alright! Enough before you go and scare Funny Girl away. Instead of talking about that, why don't we talk about something fun... like Hide and Seek!” Pinkili said to the group.

“Yes, yes! Let's Play! C'mon Funny Girl! Let's go play...” Kilijoy started, reaching for Koko's hand.

“S-sorry but I can't right now,” Koko responded, moving her hand away and taking a step back. “I have something urgent I need to do right now before I go back...”

“What do you need to do that's better than Hide and Seek?” Anancy asked.

“There's something I need from in there,” Koko said, stepping through the crowd to point at the dollhouse.

“Hey, Pinkili.”

“Yes, Anancy.”

“I thought she said she didn't want to play Hide and Seek.”

“That she did Anancy.”

“Then why is she going in there if she's doesn't want to hide and seek?”

“I really don't know. Maybe she wants to play another game in there?...”

“No, that's not it at all. I'm not going in there to play but to find something that the giggling voices... Uhm... I mean that my 'guides' told me to find.”

“And what would that be?” Cylem asked, her curiosity peaked.

“I think I was sent here to find a spell of some sort. A spell that will let me turn doll heads into... into some type of magical weapon... I think.

At least that's what it sounded like to me. And I need to find it fast before Kresh crushes me out there in the real world... or rather game world?” Koko stood there, eyes distant in thought before shaking her head to refocus her mind. “Where my body is...”

“Is this not your body?”

“No, this is her Astral body Kilijoy. And if I'm understanding her right, then she's telling us that her real body is somewhere else where it's in danger of being crushed by someone or thing called Kresh so she was sent here by spirit guides to find a spell that will help her to defeat it.”

“I'm confused Cylem; How does she have time to come in here and search for this spell if she's in such great danger of being crushed out there?”

“That's simple Harvey. It's because she came here in her astral body and not somewhere out there in the real world.”

“Huh? That doesn't make sense.”

Cylem rolled her bright lavender eyes at Harvey. “You're a rabbit aren't you? Shouldn't you know more about magic considering how many of your kind keep getting pulled out of hats?

Anyways, it's like this, she traveled into her mind, and time moves differently within one's own mind compared to traveling out there in the real world. So what may seem like a long time in here is actually just a short amount of time out there as such she still has time to find what she needs. Now then Funny Girl... do you know what you're looking for and do you have a plan?”

“Yes, Funny Girl. You won't have much time to look around before that... that monster goes after you so you definitely need a plan. Also, you can't go in the front door or the back door since they're always locked.” Pinkili said, eyeing the dollhouse.

“When one door closes, another door opens...” Koko muttered, recalling the words as her eyes focused on the windows. “Hmm, I can't tell if any of the windows are open from here. Time to get closer...”

Koko passed through the gate and made her way to the front of the dollhouse; The group following closely behind.

“That's a good idea, Funny Girl. But the problem is that it's usually a window or two on the second story that are opened so any ideas on how to get up there... Anancy?”

“Oh, that won't be a problem for her anymore; Now that she's taken her puppeteer into herself. After all, what spider can't crawl up walls?”

They all turned to look at Koko who just looked back blankly. “Huh? I'm not a spider nor do I know wall-crawling magic...”

“Well, you're partly right. You're not a full spider... just part spider. And as such, crawling up walls will come as natural as walking on two legs for you.”

“In other words, Anancy is saying you don't need magic to do so,” Cylem said with a smile.

“Good! Now we know how you can get in,” Pinkili said, looking up at the second-story windows. “Now we just need to circle around the dollhouse to find the right window. Once we spot it, you'll go up and enter. But do you know where to find the spell you're here for?”

Koko shook her head side to side.

“Sure you do!” Cylem said with a knowing look in her eyes. “Just think about it... where does one usually find spells in all those stories you've read?”

Koko tilted her head in thought for a few moments before replying. “Hmm, spells are most often found in scrolls and books. Sometimes they're fou...”

“And what kind of books have spells written in them?” Cylem asked.

“That would be spellbooks which are also known as... grimoires.”

“Very good! Now let's take it one step further... you're looking for a spell that's in a grimoire which happens to be in the dollhouse that's in your head, right?”


“So then, who does this magic grimoire belong too and what would the owner do if their magic grimoire was lost but knowingly nearby?”

“Uhm, if this was a story then the owner would have a magical connection with their grimoire and be able to find it using that connection... Ah, I see...” Koko muttered at the end, closing her eyes.

She drowned out all the noise and distractions around her, focusing on the memories of the magical sensations she felt inside when she connected to the silvery bell. She then pushed her senses out towards the dollhouse searching for a similar magical sensation...

Her eyes snapped open as she rushed towards the back of the dollhouse. “Come on everyone, the game is afoot!” Pinkili joyfully called out as the puppet gang all happily followed.

They rounded the house to find Koko standing still, looking up at an open window on the second floor. “It's in there,” Koko said, pointing at the open window. “I can feel it. My grimoire is in that room!”

“Looks like the fates are with you! Now, all we need to do is...” The group put their heads together, coming up with a simple plan that they felt would give Koko enough time to locate and grab her grimoire.

“Now then Funny Girl, shall we begin?” Pinkili asked.

Koko nodded her head and approached the dollhouse, making sure not to be seen through the windows. She stopped beside Anancy as she heard a series of “””Not IT!””” behind her followed by an “Ahahaha, you're it, Harvey!”

“Remember, don't ding, dong, ditch until Nessi sings the signal...” A disappointed and slightly trembling Harvey nodded, not trusting his voice to hide his fear. He turned to head towards the front yard...

“Thank you, Harvey!” Koko called out causing him to blush, nod his head, and wave as he walked away with a little pep in his steps.

With help from her puppet friends, Koko is ready to retrieve her grimoire so that she can learn the spells needed to crush Kresh and increase her chances of surviving within the Puppet Asylum... but will things go as planned? Find out next chapter in The Puppet Asylum Part 4.

Side Notes (Late Night Edition):

Well, it's late here (almost 4 A.M.) so my side notes may be a little discordant... Anyways, here's a few things I wanted to say/add.

  1. I'm sorry this chapter took me so long to get out... part of me thinks I should've cut this chapter in half to release in back to back chapters since it's longer than I usually write... but oh well... I'll just put it out as is.
  2. I spent about a paragraph or so describing each puppet because they'll be the ones with Koko here and in book 2...
  3. I spent a huge amount of the time I had allocated for writing doing lots of research and writing for the other characters. As a result, I now know each character's class, race, abilities, look, and short story summaries... I even completely redid Cara's race, class, abilities, and short story summary because they were too similar to Riel of the other book I'm working on.
  4. During this time I also wrote 35 pages or so of Koko's story. Two chapters of Rori. Two chapters of Cara. One chapter of Irene and Sadie. And ideas for Jen-Jen's... so I did do a lot of writing these past weeks but it was just spread out all over the place which will make it faster when I focus on the other short stories but the cost was slowing down Koko's story... So I just have to take the good with the bad.

Anyways, for those of you wondering how long each short story will be, I can only say that I will do my best to keep them to 4 to 6 chapters in length so be expecting time skips for each story... with Koko's time skip coming up after her fight with Kresh in the next chapter.

Well, that's it for now... thank you for taking the time to read Koko's story and I hope you enjoy what's to come as the next chapter will have action since this one was 'slice of life' focused...


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