Chapter 1 – Waking up and first fight
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This is my first time writing a story like this so all feedback is very much appreciated,please don't be too harsh on me

Sitting in front of a monitor in a dark room is a certain person seemingly talking to themselves like a maniac, but after looking closer they aren't just talking to themselves, they are talking to the people watching them. They are a streamer,or more accurately a Vtuber. Someone who plays a character they created and uses their avatar like a moving puppet emulating their real moves

“Okay guys today was fun but time to end this” *click*

"I'm so tired, I shouldn't have streamed for this long today, It's already after midnight. I'll just eat something and go to bed"
After rummaging through the fridge, finding something edible and satisfying his stomach he went to bed quickly falling asleep.


“Ugh my back hurts, did I roll out of bed again? Hold on my floor isn't this soft,this feels like... grass?”

Sitting upright and opening his eyes he finally noticed that the place where he was laying down was not his floor or even his house at all, It was a forest and he was laying next to a small pond.

“What the hell?!”

He yelled jumping to his feet

“Was I kidnapped or something? But then why am I in a forest? Hm? Why does my voice sound so different...”

That's when a lock of hair fell on his face obstructing his vision

“I don't remember my hair ever being this long”

Then he put his hand on his head and noticed something weird

“What's that? It feels so soft like... fox ears!? Wait does that mean i also have...”

After turning his head around he noticed exactly what he was expecting, a long fluffy tail with a beautiful mix of white,blue,black and purple that he would recognize anywhere

“You've got to be kidding me,i turned into my Vtuber persona? What kind of weird isekai story is that? And why do i only have a tattered robe and some makeshift underwear on me! How did this even happen, everyone will think i just disappeared...”

After a few minutes of panicking, thinking and a bit of crying

"Well i guess i can't really do anything about this, I should propably first figure out what exactly happened to me"

Afterwards he finally took a good look at his own body in the pond next to him. Long straight hair going to the waist that's white with a blue tint on the left and black with a purple tint on the right,with the fox ears being a reverse with a white-ish blue ear on the right and black-ish purple one on the left
A purple left eye and light blue right one, a generally feminine looking body with slender arms,legs and a modest chest.

“So that's how it is... but my body seems smaller than how i created it,is it perhaps younger now? I look to be about... 9 maybe 10? Oh right since I got basically isekaid I wonder if that thing exists here”

Then he or perhaps she now said a single word.


Name Kuroshi
Race angel/demon fox
Class none
Level 1
Health 140/140
Stamina 140/140
Mana 240/240
Strength 38
Agility 50
Vitality 35
Endurance 35
Intelligence 60
Charisma 11
Skill Description
Holy fire magic free form lvl 1 Allows the user to conjure and manipulate holy fire at will,includes normal fire
Cursed ice magic free form lvl 1 Allows the user to conjure and manipulate cursed ice at will,includes normal ice
Basic Mana sense Allows the user to sense mana in the surroundings
Basic Mana manipulation

Allows the user to manipulate mana

Body split Gives the user the ability to split their body and consciousness into two
Identify lvl 1 Gives the user the ability to identify people and objects

"I wasn't expecting this to actually work, i guess my abilities are in check although at level 1, i wonder how body split will work though since i don't have two souls like my character originally did, lets test if i can use everything first"

She stretched her hand out and closed her eyes focusing on the mana within her, attempting to conjure some of her signature white-blue fire, what came out was indeed fire but of the regular variety

"That's weird, perhaps the level is too low to actually conjure the holy version?"

Afterwards she attempted to do the same with her ice on her other hand and the result was as expected, plain ice which caused the small fire to disappear from her other hand
"Guess i can't use both of the elements at once huh? Let's test how body split works now"

Somehow she instinctually knew how to use it, after activating it her body glowed a blinding white while splitting into two from the middle like she underwent mitosis. What that produced was two people, one looking more feminine with long white-blue hair that went to the middle of their back and light blue eyes and one looking more masculine with slightly above shoulder length black-purple hair and purple eyes

"are you me?" Said both of them at once
"yes I'm you" They again answered at the same time
"then who is the original?" Came the next question
"there is no original i'm you and you are me, we are one" They both answered

After the skill activated both of them instantly knew what drawbacks it had, they had evenly split stats and if they got too far from each other the skill would be cancelled and they'd get pulled back into one body

After deactivating the skill

"Well that was an experience, talking with myself. My head hurts now, let's check how identify works"
She looked at a nearby tree and activated it


"Fair enough that's about what i expected from a lvl 1 skill"

She said while giving out a disappointed sigh

"I still have some time seeing that it's about noon but I should propably try to get out of this forest as soon as possible and find some civilization at best before nightfall, if it exists that is"

She forced a pained smile as she didn't know if other people even existed, she could be alone in this strange new world for all she knew

"These new ears are really handy, I think i can hear running water somewhere in that direction"

And so she set off going in the general direction of the running sound

"Looking more closely this forest doesn't seem to be normal, I don't recognize these trees at all and after touching them i can feel mana pulsing inside"

Living in the countryside all of her life made her very familiar with forests, various kinds of trees and the wilderness in general so not being able to clearly recognize any of them was definitely a sign of these trees being different in some way

"Perhaps mana is what caused them to evolve differently?"

About 10 minutes of walking later some rustling can be heard in the nearby bushes

"Please let it be a small animal or something"

Sadly the world didn't have this in plan, what came out of the bush was... three green men which were about the same size as her with ugly faces



"Looking at these dirty rusted swords i assume you're not friendly"

After these words the goblins finally noticed her

"hUlU yA GagA?"



After something loosely resembling a conversation they rushed at her with their weapons raised high

"Shit, I guess we are testing out those skills in battle then"

She said making a simple spear of ice in her hands and throwing it at one of the attackers piercing his leg pinning him to the ground. The other aggressors seemed somewhat suprised that what they though was easy prey was able to seriously injure one of their own but continued their attack regardless

"That wasn't so bad, lets try out the fire now"

Making a fireball in her hand she said that and threw it at another goblin hitting it in the chest.The unlucky attacker started rolling around on the floor screaming in pain as his whole chest area was burned
The last uninjured goblin was now visibly scared but decided to still push on,perhaps as an attempt to save his injured friends


He yelled trying to motivate himself

"Lets try a more physical approach now"

Then she made something resembling a simple sword out of her ice and waited for the goblin to come closer, after it got into range and attempted to swing its barely holding on sword at the enemy she jumped to the side evading the attack and swung at the goblins exposed nape almost cutting the head off and definitely killing it



The other two goblins who were still alive started panicking after seeing their friend cut down. The burned one managed to finally put itself together and started running away

"Oh no you don't"

Taking a swing and throwing her sword she managed to pierce its chest finishing it off

"Now let's take care of the last one-"

As she was saying that and turning around she was met with a hit to her head which greatly confused her


The goblin was clearly happy finally getting a hit on his opponent, the girl looking around could see shattered ice around her
The monster was able to finally take the spear out of his leg and throw it at the enemy, thankfully the way he threw it made it hit her head with the blunt end

"Okay now I'm pissed, come here you little bastard"

Making something resembling armored gauntlets out of her ice she charged at the goblin
After the enemy got into range the monster made a swing with his rusted sword which was deflected by one of the gauntlets clearly suprising it. The other gauntlet made contact with the goblins stomach causing it to fall to the ground and be met with a flurry of punches that only stopped after it was clearly dead

*huff* *huff*
"Wow I cant believe I managed to actually do that, I guess fighting with my friends as a kid paid off huh?"

lvl 2 reached
Obtained 20 points

New skill obtained
"Basic Swordsmanship lvl 1"

New skill obtained
"Basic martial arts lvl 1"


What greeted her afterwards was another game like screen telling her to assign her 20 newly obtained points
"That's neat,this world really is like a game huh? I wonder what other game like features it has"
She then assigned her 20 points

Health 140->180
Stamina 140->160
Mana 240
Strength 38->43
Agility 50
Vitality 35->45
Endurance 35->40
Intelligence 60

Health,Stamina and mana are 4x of Vitality,Endurance and Intelligence respectively

"For now best focus on the stats which are lower than the others"

Then she continued on her way to the source of the sound of running water

"Ew i stained myself with blood after that fight, I'll clean myself up at the river i guess"

After walking for some more minutes she finally saw it, a somewhat big waterfall with a river going out from it


"Oh my god i'm so hungry, I hope this river has fish or something edible around it"

So she walked towards the river hoping to find something to eat, as starving here was not something on the to-do list...