Chapter 2 – A new friend?
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Somewhere deep in a forest near a waterfall a very grumpy fox girl can be seen

"How can this river not have any fishes!? I'd rather not try my luck with these berries, but i guess they can be a last resort..."

She said looking at the bush she was currently sitting beside which had many small berries

"I don't like this place, I feel like I'm being watched ever since I came to this waterfall area"


"Gosh I'm so hungry, guess I'll try my luck with the berries"

Reaching out to the bush she picked a black berry about the size of the tip of her finger

"I really don't trust these, but I don't think I have much choice"

Right as she was about to put it in her mouth she got tackled to the ground


She tried to move away but she was pinned to the ground and on her back, so being unable to get out she finally took a good look at the attacker
What her eyes saw was... another fox girl? no that's not right, she seems familiar but something feels off. The girl had roughly shoulder length blue hair which got white closer to the tips and gray-blue ears on her head which had black tips and tiger like stripes which were placed on the sides of her head like normal ears
Looking down on her neck it looked like she had gills and on her back near the shoulder blades a shark fin. When looking at her clothes, she was wearing something resembling old worn down blue light armor which looked like it came straight out of Atlantis and was patched up here and there with what seems like animal pelts
After looking closely she had a fluffy tail as expected of a fox girl which was blue with black stripes at the top with a white underside and tip, She looked like a cross between a shark and a fox and seemed to be roughly the same age as Kuro

"Answer me! oh no is the paralysis already kicking in?"

Finally coming out of the shock of being suddenly tackled to the ground Kuro responded

"no no It's fine! I didn't eat any yet, more importantly who are you?!"

She never met this girl before and yet she felt oddly familiar, like they already knew each other for a long time before this

"Ok good, good..."

The girl finally relaxed and instead... hugged Kuro?

"It's been so long since I last saw another person, I was afraid I'd lose you right away"

Not knowing how to exactly react to this Kuro started to pat this mysterious girls head

"Umm It's fine now, I'm not dying or anything. Can you tell me your name?

"Oh right! I didn't even introduce myself!"

The girl quickly stood up visibly embarrased

"My name is Tomoharu, but you can just call me Tomo!"

"why do i feel like i recognize that name?"
"Well Tomo, My name is Kuroshi but you can just call me Kuro"

She responded finally standing up from the ground and brushing off some dirt from her robe

"So... what are you doing here? you mentioned you haven't seen another person in a while"

"Oh I live around here, It's just that no one ever goes to this part of the forest so I'm lonely"

"Why does no one come around here?"

"The forest is a dangerous place and we are deep in it, but for some reason this area doesn't have any monsters other than goblins, unlike the rest of the forest which is filled with dangerous beasts"

"And you are stuck here because they are too strong?"


"Then how did you get here in the first place?"

"I'd rather not talk about that"


"Ah ok... would you happen to have any food? I'm really hungry"

"I don't, but I'm quite hungry myself... I know! let's go hunt something!"

"I like this idea"

Right at this moment their ears picked up a particular sound nearby


"Yes deer! Let's go!"

And so Tomo rushed in the direction of the sound

"Don't just leave me alone like that, wait for me!"

Kuro then started running in the same direction
What greeted her after jumping through some bushes was a very unusual sight
Tomo was holding a pair of daggers, or at least their hilts. The blades were buried in the Deer's body with streams of water connecting them back to the handles

"What an interesting way of using water magic, but the deer is still alive so i can't be useless"

Wanting to try a different use of her ice magic Kuro shaped a simple spear in front of her but instead of taking it into her hands and throwing it normally she aimed and propelled it only using magic
The result of that was a dead deer with a pierced head

"Woah, I didn't know you could use magic too!"

"I guess i forgot to mention it"

Afterwards Tomo retracted her daggers which suddenly disappeared as if turning into darkness itself

"How did you do that?!"

Kuro was visibly confused by the sudden disappearance of the daggers

"Oh you didn't know about that? if you use a weapon long enough you can make it appear and disappear at will"

"N-No I didn't, how long does that usually take?"

"It depends, there's no clear amount of time but the more you use it the quicker it will happen"

"I see... anyways what are we doing with that deer?"

"Help me carry it and we'll take it to my cave"


Kuro took the back while Tomo was holding the front, After walking for a while in the direction Tomo pointed to Kuro noticed something, Tomo seemed a lot stronger than her even if she looked about the same age

"Hey Tomo how are you this strong? What's your level?"

"Oh I'm level 7, And my strength is 81 if you're wondering"

"Yeah it makes sense why you're stronger, I'm only level 2 with 43 strength"

"That's still not bad for someone our age you know?"

At this point they were right before a moderately sized cave with It's entrance covered by vines

"I'm gonna drag it inside while you collect some sticks for a fire okay?"

"Yeah sure"

After collecting some sticks and coming back to the cave the deer was already butchered and ready to roast

"Nice, those will do. Now i just need to try to start a fire with those"

"There won't be a need for that"

"Huh? why?"

Kuro then put her hand near the campfire and lit it using her fire magic

"You can use two elements too!?"

"Yea i can, hold on what do you mean too?"

"Ah i can also use dark magic, forgot to mention it"

"That sounds cool"

"Ok now come sit here and let's grill some meat"

"Yes please I'm literally dying of hunger"

After spending some time holding meat over the fire and eating their fill Tomo spoke up

"You can use ice magic right? could you freeze the rest of the meat so it doesn't rot, it would be a waste to throw it away"

"Sure I can do that"

Kuro responded already getting to work

"Nice, just drag it deeper into the cave when you're done. It's already dark outside so let's go sleep afterwards"

"That sounds like a good idea"

After the deer was frozen and in It's place

"I have a spare blanket here so you can take it!"

"Oh thanks a lot"

The blanket was in fact just some animal hide but it was better than nothing



Tomo quickly fell asleep but Kuro waited a little longer just to be sure
After a few more minutes passed She went outside of the cave and sat on a fallen tree in front of it, Curled into a ball and started crying

"I really thought this was just a dream but it doesn't seem like that anymore. Mom I'm scared, what do i do? How must you even feel since I'm gone?"

She continued to quietly sob under the night sky with a multitude of thoughts going through her head
At some point Tomo woke up and noticed that she was gone, and when she looked out of the cave she saw her crying uncontrollably
Immediately she rushed outside to her and started to hug her

"I don't know what made you cry but I promise you that everything will be alright"

Tomo actually suspected what might have happened to her, She propably lost her home and family in some way and it was a correct assumption
She let her cry it out while hugging her and patting her head,She knew what It's like to lose your home and the best thing to do is to just cry it out of you
After about an hour of crying Kuro finally fell asleep and Tomo carried her back inside the cave, She wanted to put her down and cover her with her own blanked but she didn't want to let go so instead they slept the rest of the night together...

Tomoharu is/belongs to @AlphaTomoharu on twitter