Chapter 3 – A peculiar discovery
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While Tomo and Kuro were sleeping in their cave two women were having a conversation in a dimly lit room
One was sitting behind a desk and looked like a noble and the other was standing in front of it wearing a maid outfit 

"How are the preparations going?"

"We should be able to leave tommorow morning and if everything goes to plan, reach the destination by evening"

"Good, remember the importance of our mission. I'm counting on you"

In the morning back at the cave Kuro was waking up first

"Mmmh that blanket wasn't this comfortable in the evening"

Opening her eyes she finally noticed that instead of sleeping under her own blanket she slept with Tomo

"W-what?! How did I end up here!-"

Thankfully she managed to stop her yelling before Tomo woke up but then the memories of last night came back

"I can't believe I let her see that... but maybe that wasn't such a bad idea?"

As embarrassing as this was she felt way better now after letting it all out of her

"Time to get up, I'll make something for breakfast"

Carefully getting out from under the blanket she went to the back of the cave where the deer meat was stored and still encased in ice which seemed to not melt at all

"I get that I focused on making the ice not melt when I created it but I still expected it to somewhat melt after so many hours"

She muttered while taking a couple pieces of frozen meat into her hands and thawing them with her fire

"Good thing I grabbed some extra sticks yesterday, no need to go gather more"

Picking up the extra sticks laying around she put them in the same place as the old campfire and lit it with her fire while also stabbing the meat onto some other sticks and freezing them to the ground so the meat dangles over the fire without her needing to hold it herself

Holy fire magic free form lvl 2 obtained
Cursed ice magic free form lvl 2 obtained

"Ooooh neat, I was wondering when they would finally level up. I wonder what changed? I need to do some tests"

Sitting near the wall not having much to do while waiting for the meat she decided to test the extent of her abilities
Focusing on the creation of the ice she managed to actually create her signature black and purple ice which gave off a ominous aura due to being cursed

"Incredible... so I guess levelling the skills once already managed to unlock the cursed and holy attributes?

Testing out that theory she now focused on creating fire and as expected what came out was white and blue fire with a calming aura

"I already have an idea on what to do with this, time to stop walking around with no weapon"

Closing her eyes and deeply concentrating the weapon slowly took It's form before her
A slightly transparent black katana with streaks of purple going through it that seemed to almost glow, with the handguard being in the shape of the sun and the pommel resembling a half moon with the "spikes" pointing away from the sword
Along with it a perfectly fitting scabbard with the same colours and also slightly transparent
Due to ice magic being only lvl 2 the sword was about as sharp and sturdy as any other iron sword but with the added qualities of being able to efficiently transfer mana and curse causing the wounds made by it to be slightly harder to heal

"UGH my head feels like it's about to explode, I expected that drying up all my mana would have some side effects but I didn't think it would be this bad... shit the meat!"

The meat was already getting close to burning up but thankfully Kuro got to it in time and extinguished the fire
now that breakfast was ready it was Time to wake up Tomo who still didn't get up

"Just how long does she plan on sleeping? I wonder if she could sleep through the entire day if I just left her like that"

Getting a fun idea how to wake her new friend up Kuro walked up to Tomo, created some ice cubes in her hands and quickly put them beneath Tomos clothes on her back


"BHAHAHAH! Wake up sleepyhead, breakfast's ready"

"GRRR fine... if there's food I can forgive you"

Walking over to the extinguished campfire they both took some meat and started biting into it
While it definitely didn't taste the best and was very bland it was some of the best food they could get around here

"By the way what's up with that black sword? where did you get it from?"

"Oh I made it from my ice, I spent all my mana on it"

"But why is it black? normal ice is a transparent white so how did it change colour?

"I can curse my ice when i want to that's why it's black, I can also make my fire holy which causes it to be a white-ish blue"

At this point Kuro took the sword out of it's scabbard and infused her fire into it causing it to burn with white blue fire that somehow didn't melt the sword

"OOH cool! People with two elements are already rare but you have four! and two of those are the holy and cursed elements which are some of the rarest!"

"You can also use two elements including the dark one so it's not like your abilities aren't rare as well"

"Hehe i guess we are both a little unusual"

"What would you say about going out to the forest? I want to get more familiar with the area and maybe find some goblins to level up"

"That sounds like a good idea, the sooner we get to higher levels the sooner we can get out of this stupid forest"

Getting up from the ground and preparing to walk out of the cave Kuro was stopped by Tomo

"Are you really planning on holding that sword the entire time? I'll make you a belt so you can hang it on your waist"

Taking some old deer hide that was laying around Tomo used one of her daggers to cut it up into a belt and tied it around Kuros' waist in a way that would let her attach the scabbard to it

"T-thank you"

"No problem, now let's go it's almost noon"

As they finally walked out of the cave what greeted them was bright sunlight and the sounds of birds all around

"If you want to level up there are usually some goblins in that direction"

Tomo said pointing in a certain direction in the forest
And so they set off towards the place where goblins should be
After walking for a while they met their first pack of goblins which had five members
When Kuro tried to identify them she was suprised by a pop up

Identify lvl 2 obtained

"That's gonna be useful, I wonder what new info I can get?"

Thinking that she activated the skill again on the nearby goblins

Forest goblin
Forest goblin
Forest goblin
Forest goblin
Forest goblin chief

The extra details she got were apparently the type of goblin, almost all of them were the same with only the chief being somewhat bigger in height and the size of his club

"Kuro i will take the chief, you take care of the rest ok?"

"Yeah sure"

At that point Kuro started filling the scabbard of her katana with fire to try and test an attack she came up with


Yelling that Tomo rushed at the chief while making a trident appear out of thin air in her hands which managed to get blocked by the goblins club, at the same time Kuro started running to the closest goblin with her right hand holding the scabbard and the other holding the hilt of the katana. When she got into slashing distance she started to unsheathe it which was vastly sped up by the pressure built up from the fire inside exploding outwards when the scabbard got unsealed
The next thing that could be seen was a beheaded goblin and a fox girl with a black katana burning with white fire standing next to its body. Not waiting for the other goblins to realize what happened she continued her charge slashing the second goblin across it's whole chest, at this point the other two finally caught up with what happened and started their own charge swinging their clubs wildly, the first one got blocked by Kuro who then kicked the goblin in the stomach causing it to fall to the ground for now, the second one she dodged by hopping to the side and kicking the goblin in the back which caused it to fall on top of it's comrade, afterwards both of them got pierced from above by her sword killing them instantly
At the same time as this was happening Tomo was fighting the chief which was able to block her stabs with it's club, Unfortunately for the goblin the club eventually snapped in half and the trident went right through his head causing instant death

lvl 3 reached
Obtained 20 points

Basic swordsmanship lvl 2 obtained
New skill learned: Pressurized quickdraw

"Whew I think I went a bit overboard with the mana usage here, let's assign the points"

Health 180 -> 200
Stamina 160 -> 192
Mana 240
Strength 43 -> 50
Agility 50
Vitality 45 -> 50
Endurance 40 -> 48
Intelligence 60

"Hey Kuro you finished over there?"

"Yeah, I assume you're also done?"

"Yup, let's go further a bit"

After walking for some time Tomo spoke up

"The forest feels different today, I have a bad feeling about this"

"I can also feel something unusual in the air but i'm not sure what, It's almost the evening so I think we should go back"

At this point it started slowly raining with it quickly turning into an absolute downpour

"Look tomo! There's a cave there, we can hide from the rain!"

Yelling that Kuro took off in the direction of the cave

"Was this cave always there? I guess I just missed it, Kuro wait for me!"

Both of them ran into the cave which quickly turned out to be far from ordinary
It was very spacious and covered in grass, there was also peculiar green light coming out from a crystal which was on a pedestal in the middle of it

"Tomo were you ever in this cave?"

"No, I dont recognize it at all. We should check out this crystal"

Both of them walked to the pedestal in the middle of the cave

"I've never seen anything like this"

"Me neither, but it seems like a nice light! how about we take it to our cave?"

Saying that Tomo was about to pick it up but when her hand touched it a deep rumble resounded across the cave

"Shit! I have a bad feeling about this"

The pedestal with the crystal and one of the walls started sliding down revealing a wide silhouette while the hole they came through started closing, after the walls came into place the silhouette began to move. What came out of the hole in the wall was an enormous black bear with bright glowing red eyes

Error: Impossible to identify

"I don't think we are getting out of here without fighting it, get ready Tomo!"

Saying this Kuro put her hand on her scabbard, this fight was not going to be easy...