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A Different World where the demons are good








“Eh?! Who do you think you are to stop me? We’re doing this every night… Maybe you want to join us huh?”



“Ha-ha-ha… Come on… This girl… This beauty… I’m enjoying her … so why don’t you try her? Play with us … come on” The man added.



"Play? So what are you doing is play? You're playing with her body? Is that what you're saying?"



"Yes!! There are no other words that can describe what I've been doing to her though"



“So this happened many times huh?”



“Yeah… If you don’t want to join us Give me money to repair what you just broke and get lost… were in the middle of Something”



The girl looked at Agares with Her tears Dropping.



The man started to approach Agares.



“Hey?! Do you even hear me?” I said Give me money and get lost!” The man added.



Agares looked at the girl and saw scars on her body and he was filled with rage.




“Did you do that scars to her?”


“Eh? What are you saying?!”



"I know you heard me, I'm asking you… Answer it"



"Eh?! Yeah! I did that to her! So what?! Huh?! What are you gonna do to me? Gonna punch me in the face and tell me to say sorry to her?! Ha-ha-ha-ha!! As if you can You stupid fuck!"



“Ah… I see… You just gave me another reason”



“Huh?! Another reason for what?!”









Agares Instantly dashed Towards The man and said.



“Tonight is the night You’re going to suffer and to die”



Then Agares Punched the man in the stomach with Intense Force and got thrown in the wall outside the room and making the man Suffer in pain.



The girl Shouted in shocked and Agares looked at her.



“Hey, Everything Will be alright… You’re safe now don’t worry”



Agares gave the girl her dress then He Blinked In front of the man saying.



“Hey? We’re going to play… so stand up!”



“D-Damn You!!!”


The man casts a spell.






Blinding Light- a spell that creates a sudden flash of light that causes the target to lose its sight for minutes.



“Ha!!!!! Now it’s my tur---”



The man was shocked when he saw Agares Show his White Wings And used it to protect his eyes from the spell.



“No…No!!!! Who are you!!!!? What’s with that wings?!!! A-Are Y-You an Angel?!!!”



“Yes… I am!”



The girl and the man shocked after Agares Confirmed it.



“T-Then W-why A-are you… Attacking… Me?! Angels supposed to… Help … Us…”



“I told you already earlier… You gave me a reason To Kill you”



“You’re kidding… Right? You can’t … Possibly kill me… You’re an angel… after all”






Agares Used a spell on the man to float in the air.






Telekinesis- A high tier spell That can Lift The caster’s body or someone’s body in the air-- Unlike The spell Levitate that only causes the Things Float.


“Hey!! Hey… What are you gonna do?!”



“Eh? You said it earlier right?”



“huh?! What did I say?”



"You said that I'm gonna punch you in the face and You're gonna say sorry to her right?"



Agares smirked on the man.



The man was shocked when he remembered it.



“Hey… I’m … I’m Just Kidding…”



“Eh?! so you’re saying that you won’t apologize on her?”



“No!! No!!! That’s not what I meant!!… I’m very sorry!! Sorry!!”

“Eh?! Don’t say that to me… say it in front of her!”



Agares Threw the man in front of the girl.



“Now! Apologize!” Agares added.



The man Bowed and started Apologizing



“I…I’m… I’m…I’m Going to kill you!”



Then the man looked at the girl and charged at her.



“Tch… I gave him a chance to live… How Futile… Goshawk!”


A Goshawk Suddenly appeared and Shot The man in the head with a steel sharp Feather.



The man dropped on the floor before reaching the girl and the blood spilled all over the place and the goshawk Landed on Agares’s Hands.



“Nice Work Partner!”



“AAAAAAAH!!!” The girl was shocked and screamed.



“Hey, It’s okay… You’re safe now”



“I was giving Him a chance But he threw it away that’s why it all leads to this mess.”



“Don’t Approach me!!”



The girl was scared and got traumatized.



“Hey… Calm down… I won’t do anything to you… I’m here to help”






During That Moment Agares and the girl heard so voice saying.



“Hey! What’s happening there!?”



Agares Used Overwatch and saw the people are gathering around the house asking what happened.



“Oh no it seems like the People noticed… we need to get out of here”



“B…but how?”


“heh! Trust me!” agares smiled at her.



Then he Grabbed the girl like they're newlywed and Agares used a spell.






Cloak- A spell that lets the user became invisible for a brief moment.



After casting the spell Agares flew outside the House and the people felt a Strong Gust.



After leaving the scene, Agares Took the girl in the plains outside the Capital.



“Here We’re far from the people we can stay here for a bit.”



“H…Hey… Thanks…For…Saving me…From that…Man…”



Agares was flustered after hearing it from her.



“Nah… Don’t mention it… It’s my job after all…I guess…”



“Is it true…?”






“You said earlier that you’re an angel?”



“Ah yeah… you still didn’t believe me after seeing my wings?”



“Not actually… but I just can’t believe that an angel came to save me”



“Well… My true job was to Help You In Your dreams… I was watching you since we first met in the town.”



“I was watching you All day and I’m witnessing on what’s happening to you and the man doing” Agares added.



“Ah… So That’s why you wanted to talk to me earlier right?”



“Yeah… But you ignored me”



“Wait… What do you mean Your True Job”?



"Well… Like I said we angels Help people who're in need but we are only Permitted to Talk to them Thru Dreams and it's prohibited to interact with other races in flesh…Like this…"



“Huh?! B..But… So That means… You committed a Taboo and disobeyed The rule for…Me? A human?!”



“Y-Yeah…It seems like…That…”



"Hey…Just Forget about that We've been talking for a couple of minutes but we still don't know each other's names right?" Agares added.



“Oh Yeah Right… I’m sorry… I’m Vignette”



She smiled at Agares After seeing that he Blushed.



"Oh… I…I'm Agares… It's nice to meet you"



“Yeah… You too…”



“But By the way… What’s going to happen to you? You Broke The rule right?”


“I don’t know… Anytime from now someone will appear and will take me back”



“Eh?! That fast?!”



Then a moment after A Sparkling portal of light appeared.



"Aaaaand there it is…"



Vignette was surprised He saw a shiny and sparkling Light.



Lucifer is Coming from the portal.



“Hey Brother… God Ordered me to Bring you back… it is said that you broke the rule and interfered in human’s quarrel…”



Agares was surprised when he saw Lucifer Coming out from the portal.



“Oh Brother… I never thought You’re the one God ordered to bring me back…”



"Heh! Of course! After all, I'm God's Favorite Child! Ha-h---"



Lucifer stopped laughing and shocked when Vignette saw him.



"H-Hey!!! Brother!! what is this human doing here? D-Don't tell me… You…"



“Yes… I Did… That’s why God ordered You to get me”



“W-Why… Don’t tell me… this is the one who’s you’re gonna help?”



“Yes… She is…”



"But…But why did you break the rule?! It's Taboo!! Explain this to me!"



“I will…But before that Can I ask you a question brother?”



“Did you know that humans and other races are suffering? Getting raped… Killed… Having a hard time in life…?” Agares added.



“Why did you ask? I said explain Not to ask me a silly question!”



“JUST ANSWER ME!!!!” Agares shouted.



Vignette and Lucifer were Shocked when They Saw Agares Getting Serious.






"You know that All the job I've done…All of them were just normal… like giving up in life… and simple problems…"



“but This… When I saw Her… and what is happening to her every time … every night… that man doing to her… Harassing her… Beating her… And Making her his plaything…I can’t Think but God gave me this job To Give her Advice for being hopeless… Instead of Helping Her From that man… Why do you think Huh?" He added.



"H-Hey… What are you saying Agares? Calm Down… God Has a reason For Everything… Don't Question him…"



"huh? Does God have a reason for everything? Then tell me, brother… Did you got A job That is the same as this?"






“Then what did you do?”




"God gave me a job…To someone, I need to enlighten …There was a Girl… Who lost all her hopes… she was a victim of rape… I saw it while I was watching her… I want to help her but I know its a taboo… so I got no choice but to let them do that to her… and when I Show on her dreams… I saw lifeless eyes… She's not listening to anything I say to her then The next day… she committed suicide and I failed my job…"



“See… And what do you think God is doing while they rape that girl?”



“N…Nothing… But I know Her spirit is safe now right? So there’s no need to worry…”



"That's right… He's doing nothing but to watch… He gave us jobs but only to encourage them but not helping them with their problems… He's nothing But a Useless piece of shit sitting in his Throne all day and giving us those God damn  Job!!"



“H-hey !! Watch Your Word… It’s not good to say something to him those words!”



“I don’t care!!! It’s true!! And you know it !!! You’re just keeping a blind eye!! Do you even really Want to be The Favorite Son? Or You’re just forcing it Because You’re afraid on him?”



Lucifer was shocked by Agares and He dashed Thru him Then he Punched him in the face.



Agares Got knocked on the ground Then Lucifer Grabbed him in his neck.



“AGARES!!!” Vignette Screamed.






“Watch Your Word Brother!!!!!” Lucifer added.



"Heh!… So it's true… That you're forcing Yourself" Agares smirked on Lucifer.



“Your Next Word will be your last If you talk more about it Agares”



"Eh?! Go on then!! Beat me up! I know you're stronger than me! Go on!!! That's What God wants's right?! that's the job given to you!? To beat me up and Take me to highlands?!! RIGHT?!!! GO ON!!!! BEAT ME UP!!! SHOW THAT GOD OF YOURS HOW LOYAL YOU ARE!!!! SHOW YOUR MASTER AND BE A GOOD DOG!!!!!!! I BET HE'S WATCHING NOW!!! GO ON BROTHER!!"



“I’m sorry… But you did this to yourself brother”



Lucifer Beat Agares Until he’s Unable to move from the ground.



“AGARES!!!! PLEASE!!! LUCIFER!!!! IM BEGGING YOU!!! STOP!!!!” Vignette was shedding in tears.



“Shut up Woman!!!! It’s Your Fault Agares Acted like this!!”



“Heh!! Do… You… Really… Think… That this… Is her… Fault?



Agares tried to speak even he’s badly injured.



“I… Did… This… Because I know… It’s Right… And you know… That I’m Right… You’re Just … Turning A blind eye… because You know… I’m saying the truth… and you can’t accept it…” he added.



Lucifer was shocked after What Agares said.



"Tch… Let's get going…"



Lucifer Dragged Agares Through the portal.



“Agares!!!” Vignette Screamed.



“Vignette…Don’t… Worry… About …me… I’ll Come … Back…” Agares Smiled at Vignette as they enter the Portal.



A moment After the lucifer and Agares moment, They reached the highlands.



“We’re at the garden now I’m Going To Take You To him For Trial…”



"Hmph… Trial? Do you mean casting out? Heh!"

“It’s not on my job description… so there won’t be casting out”



Then Lucifer Used Angelic Locks On Agares’s Body To prevent him From Using Wings and Unable to use his Abilities His Goshawk also Got caged.



After Doing those A Group of Angels Approached Lucifer.



“Archangel Lucifer… We’re Here to take Archangel Agares…”



“No… I’ll Take her To god my self...”



"But sire…"



“Eh?! You’re Disobeying me?!”



"No… But let us accompany you in the throne room… Other Archangels are waiting for the trial."



Lucifer walked And Dragged Agares Through the Throne Room for trial.



While Lucifer and Agares Are walking to the Throne room agares talked to him.



"Hey Brother… You know that He's gonna cast me out right?"



“Don’t be stupid… He won’t do that He’s Just gonna Teach you some manners.”



“Yeah… and that’s casting me out”



"I said he won't!! and if it comes to that! I'm the one who will defend you!"



“eh?! After You beat me up?”



“It’s Your fault! You did that to yourself so don’t blame me”



“Yeah Yeah!! You’re the worst of all… he-he”



“We’re Here…Ready Yourself”



They Reached The Throne Room’s Door.



The Angels Guarding Opened the door, Lucifer and agares entered And they saw The Cherubims are Waiting for them and An Old man With Golden Staff, Long white beards with A Golden Clothes Also Known as God Who's sitting in the chair waiting for them to arrive.


Cherubims- The third Higher order of Angels.



Archangels- The second higher Order of angels.



“Ah… My Favorite son… You’re here at last!”



“And My Rebellious Angel” God Smirked on Agares.



“W-why are the five Cherubims are here My highness?”



“Well… I called them here to Judge This Trial”






“Let’s Start The Trial!” The Guardian angel Jeremiel said.



“Kneel!!!” God ordered Agares.



Agares Forced to Kneel before him.



Lucifer was shocked.



“Your Highness… I think It’s a bit ---”



"Silence!!!" Jeremiel Shouted.



Lucifer was shocked.



“Watch your Word Guardian Angel!! I’m a Seraphim!”



"Yes… You are… But this time of trial…His Highness Ordered Me to be the judge"



“W-What?!… Your Highness… Is that true?”



"Yes, My son… Let that trial start!"



Lucifer was surprised at what he heard.



Lucifer Looked Around the room and he noticed something.



‘Why there are only Cherubims… Where are the Archangels… And why are they Smiling? … Something isn’t right in here…’



“Wait!! … What’s wrong My son? Something’s Bothering You?”



“No… I’m Just wondering where are the Archangels? I can only see cherubims And Guardians”



"Oh … The Archangels are busy with their jobs… that's why they're not here at the moment."



“I… see… But can’t we wait until they arrive?”



"no… we need to deal with this trial As soon as possible, He committed a taboo"



“Yes!! He committed a taboo!!! CAST HIM OUT!!!!” Cherubim 1 Said.



The other cherubims Also Shouted the Cast Agares Out.



“Silence everybody!!! I will read Agare’s Sin “ Jeremiel said.



“Agares Committed a Taboo and that’s interfering on a Human and interacting with them, He also Killed A man… What do you say about this Agares?” Jeremiel Added.



“It’s True!!! I killed a man and interacted with them!”



The Angels Exclaimed after Agares Confirmed it.





"I only did that because I can't Stand what that man was doing on that poor girl!! He was using her as a toy and Beating her up every day!!! I had no choice but to save her!!!!"



"But I do Give you a job, right? Isn't that enough to save her? Giving Her hope?" God said.



“You think that’s enough? Huh?!! giving her hope? For what? He can’t escape the man! What will hope do? Huh? Can hope help her to free from that abusive man?!!”



"Yes, it can… By---"





Everyone in the room Was shocked What Agares said.



“Oh? Did you just--” God said.





"Hey, Agares!! Calm down!! Don't make things worse!!" Lucifer asked Agares.



"It's okay Lucifer… Things are worse now…" God said.



“Ah… So that’s how it is huh? I’m not just sitting and eating here… I’m also helping them … That’s why I’m giving you jobs right? To mend their mind from suffering”



"You think That's Enough?!!! huh?!!! Can those Jobs Help Them From getting raped!!?!! Can Those Jobs Help Them From Getting Killed? Can Those Jobs Help them Getting Fed? Huh?!!! Your Reasoning kills me!! It disgusts me!!! Am I right Brother?!!!!!"



Agares Looked at Lucifer.






“See?!! I’m RIght?!!! Open Your eyes!!!! Don’t Let this Old Useless God Fool You!!!!”



“CAST HIM OUT!!!!” Cherubim 2 said.



“Yeah!!! With that Attitude, He’s Don’t Fit as an Archangel anymore!!! cast him out!!!” Cherubim 3 said.



“Such a disgrace… After god Gave you that position Now you bad mouth him?! Disgrace! Cast him out!” Cherubim 4 said.



"Cast him out?! Better Kill him!! With those words he has thrown to his highness It's unforgivable!!" Cherubim 5 said.



The room started to became noisy as they shouted and screaming to cast agares out.

“Silence!!!!” Jeremiel Smirked at lucifer.



‘Hey… What's happening… Don't tell me… Something's wrong here… damn you agares!! You made things worse!!!'



“Well then Let’s Vote!! Raise Your Hand if you want to cast out Agares!!” jeremiel added.



The 5 cherubims Raised their hand and the other 10 Guardian angels.



“eh? Lucifer? Why aren’t you voting? Jeremiel asked.



"Lucifer? Seraphim disobeying His highness?" Cherubim 1 said.



God Looked at lucifer and Forced Lucifer To raise His hands.



‘eh… Wha… What’s Happening… My hand… I can’t control…Damn it!!!’



Lucifer raised his hands and Agares looked at him smiling.



"I'm sorry brother… My hands… I can't control… it…"



“I know brother… I know you don’t want me to get cast out” Agares smiled.



“Well then!! It is decided!! Archangel Agares will be cast out and named as Fallen!!!”



All the angels in the room Smirked at Agares.