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Welcome back xD

Thanks for being so patient!  I know it's been a bit of a hiatus for a little bit here.  I made the executive decision a while back to take what was going to be the first arc of Spark, and cut it into three books for the publication version.  We've just crossed over the ending of book 2, and we're moving into the start of book 3 (the three books are loosely planned to be Survival's Edge, Fortune's Fool, and Terra Rising).  As such, I wanted to make sure I really got my feet under me a little bit.

But here we are!  I appreciate you guys waiting around, and we'll get back into it here now :D

Where we left off - after being pulled into a divine afterlife, Terra fought her way to the top of Mount Olympus to kill her rival, Gaia, but was mortally wounded and thrown off.  Saved by the water aspect Ebb, she settled on a slower path, learning to use the plant-based powers Gaia had unwittingly bestowed her with.

Her best chance lay with Fortune - and so she made a deal, trading her time and efforts for favors from the wily aspect.  Her chores began, and Terra traveled from realm to realm serving other gods.  With each one, she learned a little more about her own powers, and forged new alliances that strengthened her position.  With that, she started to realize that Fortune's chores might be more purposeful than simply handling unwanted tasks.

Things culminated with Terra being sent to banish a swarm of damned mortal souls - and rather than casting them into the void, she accepted them as her own, changing her own being to claim them.  With that, her power surged.  Suddenly, she wasn't so helpless anymore.

Returning to the Divine Realms, she hid out in Ebb's domain to await whatever Fortune's next move will be.  The Olympians were on to her, though, and sent Poseidon in to sniff her out.  Ambushed and off balance, she nearly wound up skewered, with only Ebb's timely intervention keeping her alive.

And there, on the slopes of Ebb's cove, Gaia found her again.  The two fought, scrabbling for ground, but Terra's new undead believers bolstered her strength considerably.  Neither could land a finishing blow - and with them tiring, Fortune finally stepped in.

She laid out an agreement - a game, to be played between the two of them.  She insisted that such a battle should be played out publicly, not hidden away in a seaside nook where the other players wouldn't know what'd happened until it was too late.  Begrudgingly, both Gaia and Terra agreed.

With their plans frozen, and a grander fight lurking just over the horizon, both settled in to wait....