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(Warning: This is the first episode the first episode is shit, but the second episode is goated so check it out please do not give up hope)


A speaker box sits on a sofa, watching TV, until a platypus shows up to his front door. “Sup are you the tubular host of Season One Voting Battle with Animals?” Platypus asks, “yes I am” the speaker box responds. “Well I have Untubular news” the Platypus responds, “What?” The speaker box shouts.


“Voting Battle with animals season two has been canceled bro, but if we can find a host for season three we can do season three dude” Platypus explains, “Alright, looks like it is time for me to return” the announcer shouts.


[Fifteen Minutes Later]

“Hello guys announcer here” The Speaker Box says, “OH MY GOD” T-Rex shouts “IT IS THE FUCKING ANNOUNCER, Sir I worship you, you are my god”, “His skin is too gray” Giraffe complains.


“I reckon y’all don’t know about the fact he is a bit sadistic” Armadillo explains, “name one time” Announcer challenges him. “The time you set your cohost on fire, the time you made your contestants put out a forest fire, the time you..” Armadillo gets cut off, “Shh, shh” Announcer tells him.


“Now the first challenge will be simple form a team and make a team name, the team to make the worst name loses go” Announcer commands, “guys we need a team name and fast” Sonic exclaims, “Who are you talking to?” Honey Badger asks.


“I thought we were having a conversation” Sonic explains, “Fun Fact: We weren’t dumbass” Honey Badger tells him, “Don’t worry team with the power of friendship we will win” Dog exclaims. “Yeah let’s do this” Sonic shouts, “guess I’m stuck here now huh?” Honey badger says, defeated. “Power of friendship” Dog shouts.



“Banana” Gorilla says, “Caw Caw Banana” Parrot repeats, “Don’t worry team I have superpowers, I can teleport and read the mind of announcer” Tarantula explains.


Tarantula teleports to the Announcer and reads his mind, “Man, it would be hilarious, if someone named their team spaghetti lol” Announcer thinks to himself. “Heh,” Tarantula says, teleporting back.

“Guys our team name should be team Spaghetti” Tarantula informs them, “Caw team Name should be Spaghetti” Parrot repeats, “I want banana” Gorilla says, defeated.



“Well I should get a strong team going” Teapot says, “May I join?” Salmon asks, “No fuck off softie” Teapot shouts, “Okay” Salmon walks away disappointed.


“Hey old lady” Albatross shouts “have you seen bear?”, “he was competing in season two until it got canceled” Teapot responds, “Oh well can I join your team” Albatross asks. “Albatrosses can fly very far” Teapot thinks to herself “Sure” Teapot accepts him. 



“Do not play yu-gi-oh challenge at 3 A.M.” Camera says, “Bro shut the fuck up” Young Hare says. 



“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,” Mosquito repeats himself, “WHAT?” Zebra shouts, “Nothing” Mosquito says. “Make yourself fucking useful and get some damn teammates” Zebra demands.


“Hey Snail” Mosquito says, Snail is fast asleep.


[Snail’s Dream]

“Bro want an apple” A notepad says, “Oh wow it’s buddha doing the stanky leg” An arm responds. “Forest fire man forest fire man” A flying cap says, “Do not cum in the piss pool” Some guy says.


[Real Life]

“Snail, Snail, Snail, Snail” Mosquito says, “huh, my dreams have deep meanings dude” Snail responds. “Join my team” mosquito demands, “Sure” Snail moves over there slowly.



“Anyone wanna join team Spaghetti” Tarantula asks, Cricket noises. “I have superpowers” Tarantula says, loud shouts and chatter is heard. “M-m-m-may I j-join” Salmon asks, timidly. “Sure thing” Tarantula says.


“Woah this is exactly what i needed, I only lost in season one because I didn’t have a superpowered tarantula on my team” Bat says, “yep and to make it better I can fly” Tarantula informs him.


“Wow you are so cool” Bat shouts.


“Um what are superpowwowerers” Rhino asks, “Join and you shall know” Tarantula reassures him. “Sigh I’m sad” Leafbug says, “let’s be sad together” Tarantula tells him.



“Hey is Ginger here?” Owl asks, “Lol she is like not here ATM + Lol” Panda Icecream says. “What?” Owl asks, “She is in season two bae” Panda Icecream tells her.


“Oh guess I’ll go” Owl says, “Yeah get lost” panda icecream tells her. “But I saw Ginger” Clock says, “Where” Owl asks. “That is just clock’s schizophrenia or tourettes talking” Panda Icecream tells Owl.



Pig walks up and sneezes on Panda Icecream, “Eeew” Panda icecream says “You Sneezed on me, but that is kinda hot wanna join my team” Panda Icecream asks.


“Yes my queen” Pig responds, “OMG like sweet” panda icecream says. Dove pushes Pig out of the way “Hello my fair maiden” Dove introduces himself “I have a poem for you”


“Nice, lets hear it” panda Icecream says, “Girl I love you I wanna see you clothless, take off you shirt so I can see your pussy, oh baby I wanna fuck you” Dove sings.


“How Romantic” Panda Icecream says grabbing a tissue to blow her nose. “Well I will join your team” Dove says “We will be Dove and Panda”, “Pove” panda Icecream says.


“Huh?” Dove asks, “pove or Danda its ship names” panda icecream tells dove. “Ah I understand” Dove states, “UWU” Panda icecream responds.



“Owl, Join my team” Teapot says “She has already competed and made it to the final four so this should be easy”, “Sure” Owl tells Teapot.


“Woah Owl aren’t you, one of Bear’s best friends?” Albatross says, “Yeah” Owl responds. “I’ll sing a soundcloud rap I’ll make and you rate it” Albatross says.


“Uh yeah uh yeah uh yeah Bitch Bitch Bitch bitch” Albatross repeats himself, “kid” Owl puts her hand on Albatrosses shoulder “You aren’t made for the music game.”


“You think bear is great” T-rex shouts “Announcer is wayyy better”, “No he isn’t” Albatross shouts “Announcer sucks bears dick”


“Oh I have an announcer body pillow” T-Rex tells him, “Announcer gets his own body Pillow but bear doesn’t it’s a sad world out there” Albatross says.


Announcer snatches the body pillow “Let me take this”, Announcer throws it into a raging fire.


“Now I can go to heaven” Announcer says, with peace in his heart. Albatross puts his hand on T-rex’s shoulder, T-rex is balling his eyes out crying.


“I am sorry that happened to you” Albatross says “Bear is better” Albatross whispers in T-rexes ear. 



“You two join us” Owl approaches Young Hare arguing with Camera. “Fine” Young hare says, “guys we can’t trust her okay, we can’t trust her” Camera over exaggerates “but let's join her to play along.”




“I like cutting logs and drinking beer and Panda ice cream” Centaur introduces himself, “OMG yes” Panda Icecream says “I can turn this team into my haram.”


“Please let me join to avoid my psycho wife Penguin” Frog says, “Ok sure” panda Icecream says.


“Fun Fact the creator forgot about us” Honey badger says, “Hey guys join my team” Mosquito says, “Sure thing bud” Sonic says. “Friendship lets go” Dog exclaims.


“Yes now my team is getting super strong” Mosquito says “Me, Snail, Sonic, Honey Badger, DOg and Zebra we are team annoying”


“Shut up” Zebra demands. 




“Hello my favorite Pirate ” Cricket asks, “Argh Matey let’s combine” Parrotfish says.


“I'm on your team now” Da bean says, “Wow that’s so great” Cricket says sarcastically, “Argh” Parrotfish says. A boulder falls from the sky hitting bean killing him.


“Oh my god they killed Bean” Cricket says, “You Bastard” Parrotfish responds. 


[On The cliff]

“I’m so glad I killed Bean I hate all nonanimals” Giraffe celebrates, “Did you know it's easter” The Easter Bunny says, “Easter was six months ago” Giraffe responds.


“It's easter” The Easter Bunny says, “No it's not” Giraffe responds. “Yes,” The Easter Bunny says, “No” Giraffe replies.


“It’s not easter” The Easter Bunny says, “yes it is - wait i mean no i mean uhh” Giraffe stands there pondering. “Want to join my team,” Easter Bunny asks, “Yes, No Maybe,” Giraffe says, confused.


“This is why I hate brown things, they all confuse me,” Giraffe says.


“I need to clean, clean, clean” Any says, “Don’t overwork yerself” Armadillo says. “I need to Clean” Ant tells Armadillo, “You two join my team!” Easter Bunny demands.


“Sure” Ant says, “Righto” Armadillo responds.


“I’ll join to, mostly to avoid my Mom and Dad” Chicken explains, “YAY” Easter Bunny says “We are team Easter”




“Hello panda Icecream my name is Mr.Sock a professional business man and I realized you have loyal fans let me join so I can exploit them” Mr.Sock asks, “Of course I love new members” panda Icecream says “I already came up with a team name Panda_The_Baddoe” Panda icecream says.


“But I thought?” Dove gets interrupted, “Don’t care” Panda Icecream tells him.



“Yo, Yo, Yo” Jaguar introduces himself, walking into the house, with a gold chain “I need to join a swaggin team and fast”


“Must you act like a complete and utter fool” Cricket says, “Do you play call of duty?” Jaguar asks, “Oh yes because that is a super important question to ask at the moment, and yes i do happen to play call of duty” Cricket says.


“Why are you so uptight?” Jaguar asks “Anyway let me join,'' “Sure” Cricket says. “How swaggin” Jaguar says, let me join hehehehe” Shrimp says.


“Oh boy, god why me” Cricket exclaims.


“My Mommy isn’t here so i need a new mommy” Ellie says, “You join my team” Ellie demands. 


Shark says nothing, “Wanna be my teammate” Ellie asks?, Shark shakes his head no. “yay we are now on a team” Ellie exclaims.


[Five Seconds Later]


Ape grabs Ellie’s trunk “Please let me join, Please”, “Eww no you are poor” Ellie says.


“We need to join Owl’s team” Squirrel states, “Of course” Bee responds.


“Yo I heard you guys were talking about Owl” Young hare says, “H-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h” Squirrel stutters, Young Hare blinks “Spit it out.”


Bee starts to get annoyed, “H-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-” Squirrel continues. “Ugh” Young Hare moans, “hey can we join your team” Bee Says, “But the teams will be uneven” Young hare says.


“Trust me I have been here since season one announcer doesn’t give to fucks about balance” Bee reassures him, “perfect” Young Hare answers. 

“HEY CAN I JOIN YOUR TEAM PLEASE” Squirrels screams, “Too late bro, Too late” Bee responds.




“I'm making my own team, with me as the only member. The whole reason Iost last season was because other people brought me down,” Baby bear says.


Ellie walks away “I wanted baby Bear on my team” Ellie says disappointed, “Fine you can Join Poor Boy” Ellie says.


“Let me join, I am also very intelligent” Monkey says, “You were in the top 3 season one” Ellie ponders “Ok you can join me.”


“And you tiger also join me” Ellie says, “Binga Bonga chong chang” Tiger answers.



Bean gets recovered and is dancing, until he gets killed. “HAHA” Wasp says laughing, “Why?” Easter bunny asks. “Because I like Violence” Wasp answers “and I love murder.”


“Do you like Easter?” Easter Bunny asks, “Yeah who doesn’t” Wasp responds. “You should join team Easter” Easter Bunny offers a deal, “I accept” Wasp says.



“I’m so lonely why won’t anyone touch me” Porcupine says, Camel spits on him. “You spat on me” Porcupine looks at Camel “that’s the closest anyone has gotten to me lets be on a team”



“Do you worship god” Stingray shouts, “Yes I do” Blue Whale sings. “Do you worship god” Stingray shouts, “yes I do” blue whale sings.


“If Jesus tried to feed the 4,000 today “Is that bread gluten-free”, “I’m Vegan” Dang that says alot about our society” Eel says.


“Do you want to join our church duo, our mission this season is to spread chrisitanity, and we will do it” Stingray says, “the church is a lie to make happy people feel fine but whatever” Eel agrees.




“I am penguin from the first season” Penguin introduces herself to tree, “Oh Boy I’m so excited to meet you” Tree says sarcastically. 


Penguin looks at Tree annoyed, “I am happily married to Frog” Penguin continues, “Oh yeah that relationship is great” Tree responds, sarcastically. “Hey Stop cutting me off” Penguin says, getting angry, “oh yeah I’ll totally stop because you told me to” Tree says.


“Wanna help me find Frog?” Penguin asks, “Whatever” Tree responds. “Is that sarcasm or?” Penguin asks, “Take a wild guess bitch” Tree answers.


“Hey boys” Pink Bear introduces himself, “Oh yay so glad you came” Tree says, sarcastically. “I wanna eat some bark” Pink bear says, “You should join the team church they’ll accept you” Tree says.


“I wanna fuck you” Pink bear says, “yay now i’m complete” tree says sarcastically. “I’ll go look for more members,” Pink Bear says.


“Does any team need a leader like me?” Lion asks, “Are you gay?” Pink bear asks. “I mean I’m Asexual” Lion answers “Why is this important”, “Oh just let him join the Asexual or gay i remember when I use to be a lesbian before I meet the man of my life frog, those times where great, but then i had an affair with my stepsister and then.” penguin gets cut off.


“Yeah whatever” Tree says “Lion is a complete control freak, you competed in season one you know penguin”, “I was the second contestant eliminated and he debuted in a later episode so I have no idea” Penguin answers. 


“Let him join,” Penguin says, “Fine,” Tree responds. “Join our team” Pink Bear says.


Announcer walks onto a stage and uses his microphone “Introducing twenty-one more contestants”, “More people?” Owl shouts in protest. “Let me explain I got all of the season two outcasts and put them here” Announcer says.


“What that is too many” Owl shouts, “Your girlfriend is here, too so you can fulfill your dumbass fantasies” Announcer says.


“I’m joining your team” Ginger informs her, “Bet” Owl responds. “Don’t say that” Ginger tells Owl.


“Oh hey Rabbit this is awkward” Turtle says, “yes it is” Rabbit responds. “Well umm let’s restart things” Turtle says “My name is Turtle”, “I’m the fastest guy alive Rabbit” Rabbit introduces himself.


“Bear join our team” Turtle demands, “Sure thing homie” Bear agrees. “Fine but since I am the fastest I am the leader” Hare exclaims.


“Bears here I’m leaving this shit team” Albatross tells Owl, “Ok cool I guess” Owl answers. 


“Shadow Clone Jutsu now there are two of me” Bull says, “Oh yeah there are totally two of you mmhmm” Tree says, sarcastically. “Detroit Smash” Bull shouts, Tree just stands there.


“What you withstood my detroit smash” Bull says in shock, “Well yeah, what does it look like” Tree says, “detroit smash me” Pink bear says, “ok” Bull says. “Good night you are a moron,” Tree says.


“Hey fortnite guy who seems to just sit in the background so join my team” Phoenix offers, silence follows.




“Christianity is sus sus sus” Starfish says, “Blasphemy get lost” Stingray says. 


“We’re sus” Pink bear says, “SUS” Starfish shouts. 


“Mommy” Ellie shouts “Where are you?”, “Shit my daughter is here” Elephant says “Quick let me join your team bug”, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK” Mosquito screams.

“Mom there you are” Ellie says, “Oh um I” Elephant runs off “I need a break from her” Elephant runs away.


“Hey guys I’m BEE, aww no one will accept me, of course they will they have no other choice *Pulls out knife*, hey anyone want a banana” Pizzly bear spazzes out, “Whats wrong with you, you act crazier than your mom did last night” Clownfish says, a laugh track follows.


“I have MPD” Pizzly bear explains, “what is it Micro Penis Deficiency” Clownfish jokes, a laugh track follows. “No multiple personality disorder” Pizzly bear explains, “You are a blast to hang around with join my team” Clownfish offers. 



“Ho,ho,ho give santa your home address so I can break in and eat your food - I mean give you presents” Santa says, “Dude that is wicked” Platypus responds.


“Yes, give me your home address” Santa says, “Wait as I am a rich and famous person I can tell you he is scamming” Dragon warns Platypus, “You’re famous?” Platypus says in confusion, “yes I was in one voting battle with animals episode frame 4567 Dragon if you zoom in on the far left you can see my tail.” Dragon explains.


“Anyway, Santa is scamming you” Dragon exclaims, “Ho Ho No” Santa responds, “Santa if you’re scamming that is wicked we can make so much money” Platypus shouts.

“Oh really well that is good” Santa, takes a breath of relief, “Guys I think we should join forces the more money, you make the more food I eat” Mouse says.


“Yes let’s scam as a team” Dragon says, “yes Food” Mouse says. “Shut up fatass” Hamster says, “Woah is she your sister dude” Platypus asks, “yes she is” Mouse answers.


“Join our team” platypus says, “yes, I'm rich so I know when someone is scamming i'm also famous I feel the need to bring that up” Dragon says.


“Play my IOS mobile game called Eat the poop” Jordan shouts, “is it a scam?” Dragon asks, “yes” Jordan answers. “You have 300,000 downloads, join our team NOW!” Dragon says. “Sure thing” Jordan answers”


“Deja Vu Ya gané la temporada pasada, así que no hay necesidad de competir, pero los leones están aquí, así que restregámoslo en su cara. JAJAJA” Flamingo says, “never gonna give you up” Rick says.


“Unámonos a Phoenix” Flamingo says, “He won’t give us up” Rick continues.



“Angelfish, why are you drawing don’t you have a contest to do?” Young Hare asks, “Why yes young Hare however I am drawing this beautiful sunset” Angelfish explains. 


“Let’s be on the same team” Young hare offers, “Sure” Angelfish says “As long as I can keep drawing”, “Also could you draw me a baseball bat” Young Hare asks.


Angelfish draws a baseball, and it comes to life. “Sweet” Young hare says, spinning it around.



“Ouch I am in so much pain” Pitbull says, “Why?” Porcupine asks. “Well my girlfriend dumped me” Pitbull says, “Oh that’s sad” Porcupine responds.


Then I fell down the stairs and went rolling down into the tv stand the tv fell on me” Pitbull continues, “That escalated quickly” Porcupine responds. “Not as quick as me” Sonic interrupts “I’m going now.”


“Mom said I can't see the doctor because the doctor is too expensive and dad gambled all our money away to the mafia” Pitbull continues, “Join our team and tell us more about it” Porcupine says.


“My sob story is not over” Pitbull shouts “but I’ll join your team”



“Horse join my team, we have a superpowered tarantula,” bat says, “I’m also coming,” Lion says. “Um no” Bat says, “But aren’t we friends?” Lion asks.


“We were never friends, you were a control freak maniac who had to have things your way” bat shouts, “YEAHHHHH WHAT HE SAID” Horse screams.


Bat and Horse leaves Lion behind. 


“Don’t worry bae you still have me” Pink bear says, “Fake friends leave when you cry, true friends cry when you leave” Eel informs them. “Who is this?” Pink bear asks, “He’s on team church” Lion answers.


Pink bear punches Eel “Go back to your God” pink bear shouts.




“Wampus I challenge you to a fight” Hercules Beetle demands, Wampus disappears. “Wampussy” Hercules Beetle says, “Join our team” Phoenix offers.


“What’s in it for me weakling?” Hercules Beetle asks, “You can fight Flamingo” Phoenix says, “Nice” Hercules Beetle accepts.



“Hm I need a slave, beaver is hard working” Baby Bear thinks to himself “beaver be my slave” Baby Bear demands. “Sure thing I need to work anyway” Beaver accepts.


“Our team name is playstation five” baby Bear says.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH” Nightmare shark, demonically laughs. “I want brains,” Zombie says.


“Little girl let me join your team” Nightmare shark says, laughing, “Sure you can join” Ellie says.



“I will join phoenix’s team for easy wins” Peacock says, “Come on in” Phoenix says.


“Finally time is up” Announcer says “Let’s see the teams and the names, the team with worst name will be eliminated”,


Team Spaghetti                          







Leaf Bug



Ellie is the leader YAY



Nightmare Shark








Baby Bear



Team Sports







Team Easter

Easter Bunny







Team Phoenix



Rick Astley

Fortnite guy


Pizzly Bear



Team I need friends





Team Church





Team Freedom


Pink Bear






Team THB






Team 9





Young Hare






Team Annoying         










Team Panda_The_Baddie








Team Honest








 “Ok so it’s between team spaghetti and panda_the_Baddie” Announcer says, “but you said team Spaghetti was a funny name” Tarantula said “I read your mind”


“I said it would be a funny name not a good one, but since you read my mind and that is cool your team is safe” Announcer says “Which means team Panda_The_baddie will be eliminated”


"Vote for a character in the polls for them to be eliminated" Announcer says "Voting ends in eight days"


Team Panda_The_Baddie

Panda icecream






Who on team panda_The_Baddie will be eliminated
  • Panda Icecream
  • Centaur
  • Dove
  • Pig
  • Frog
  • Sock
Total voters: 5 · This poll was closed on Jul 12, 2022 01:09 AM.