Arc Ten. Chapter Two Hundred Eighty-Seven. Down For The Count
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Rogue watched Gambit take those kids apart with a smile and a wave. An’ I’ll grab myself some more powers right after I finish her off. As she watched Carol she could feel the power humming over her and she licked her lips in anticipation.

Shaw had already been grabbing and feeding her the failed genetic samples. So many, she sometimes wondered who she actually was. The scared kid hiding in the garage from her father. The muscle-bound freak, smashing faces in the pits of some slum, or the defiant Mutant, who spat in her face. It didn’t matter, they all blended together and made her, a Lil Rogue.

Carol stood across from her. “We doing this or what?”

Rogue just smiled and took off her gloves. “Oh, It’s on sugar.”

As she crouched into readiness, Carol fired off some kind of energy blast that hit her straight in the chest. As she flew back she felt a rush of power as it soaked into her.

Oh god yes. She stood, “That it?” and walked back to where she was first stood, “Gonna have to hit harder than that hon,”

Carol growled and she lit up. She focused the blast and Rogue was once more thrown back. She slammed into a tree and as she rose she held her side and limped back.

“Still ain’t good enough,” come on you stupid bitch, more.

“Not good enough?” Carol let her powers die down. “You can barely stand. One punch and you’ll fall over. This is finished Rogue, surrender and go sit next to Gambit.”

The woman shook her head, her powers were singing inside her. Outside was a mess but it didn't matter. Her body would heal.

“It’s over when I say it’s over.” Holding her side she limped towards Carol and she stood, frowning with her hands on her hips.

“I’m not fighting anymore, you’ve lost.” As Carol turned to walk back to the jet Rogue lay a hand on her shoulder, letting her fingers brush her bare neck.

“It’s over when I say it’s over.” Carol felt her powers flow out of her, painfully and sharply, as Rogue's own power connected. She gasped and went down on one knee, trying to breathe as Rogue wrapped her fingers around her neck, “And it ain’t over.”

Rogue had never felt anything like this before. Even when Shaw fed her the discarded experiments she had never tasted anything so divine. Yeah fuck the rule, I’m drainin’ this bitch dry.

Carol gasped, and her skin paled and wrinkled as Rogue grinned and laughed, “Oh, so good, so goood.” She shook and shuddered in an almost organic rush of power. Carol feebly batted at her hand, trying to remove it as her hair dulled and began to fall out in clumps. She could only make a choking noise as her heart slowed and the last of her life force began to leave her.

In less than a heartbeat, Rogue found herself lifted from the ground. She spun as she was thrown, Carol disappearing from her grasp. It didn't matter though. Whoever that was didn't just have power, she had a weird body. Her own began to heal at an incredible rate. Shaw had made sure to keep regenerators away from her. He hated the idea she would become stronger than him one day. Well, he was shit out of luck, as today was that day.

“What the fuck lady?” Pietro asked, taking Carol to the jet and then returning. "I thought you said no killing?" Pietro didn't really care. She was a human, juiced up on one of their Formulas, but if she killed her, then he knew he would be next.

Rogue stood and laughed, tensing her new muscles, “Oh this ain’t all sugah. I’m gonna take all your powers.” She lifted herself off the ground. "Hell Yeah!" she shouted in glee as she floated a few inches and then zoomed off, leaving a sonic boom behind her.

Pietro panicked. When he slammed into her at high speed it was like hitting a wall and he knew that Colossus had been right. Speed wasn’t good enough to stop her. Even with Cains and maybe Colossus’s help, they couldn’t match someone who could steal their powers.

Colossus and Cain’s fight had lasted a few minutes. They hadn’t even exchanged blows. Instead, they were lifting rocks. Cain hadn't wanted to hurt the young man, and he knew he could. Colossus was strong, there was no doubt, but nobody was stronger than the Juggernaut. The only person he thought might match him was Hulk.

Juggernaut grabbed a large rock and when Colossus couldn’t lift it, he admitted defeat.

While the others played, Cain and Piotr, Colossus remembered, sat talking.

“And so, you marinade and then roast?” He asked and Cain nodded.

“Yeah, get more flavour in.” As the ground shook and the air exploded around them, he stood and looked over at where Rogue had been fighting. “I think talk times over, we fighting again?”

Colossus shook his head. “No, I am remembering more, and I do not wish to. I have a sister, or I think I do. I want to find her, to make sure she is safe.” Colossus looked over at the cracked ground, “But Rogue, I think she is not finished, and she will fight.”

“You gonna stop me?” Cain asked as he stood and stretched. It was bad enough watching that little girl get hurt, but now one of Peter's friends had been hurt. Juggernaut was gonna teach this bitch a lesson.

Colossus shook his head. He looked sadly at the overly enthusiastic Rogue. Laughing as she tested out her new powers, it was clear she was not going to stop.

“Your friend was hurt, she goes too far. But please, Shaw, he did terrible things to us, maybe go easier on her.”

Cain grunted. It would be up to Rogue how far she took this. If she stayed down he would back off, unwilling to kill or cripple her. But orders from Selene were to make sure Shaw and his corruption didn’t pose a danger to anyone else. Right now Rogue had left Carol crippled and was out for more blood. Cain had no problems ending her once and for all if he needed to.

“Go easy on me? Go easy? On me?” Rogue screamed and dived towards Colossus, grabbing him and lifting him into the air. As the man’s muscles thinned and his hair went white she dropped him before he was completely dead. “You don’t need to worry about that sugah, you just need to worry about yourself.” After she sped towards Gambit, grabbing him and sucking the energy from his body as well.

She laughed maniacally as the abilities and their memories flowed into her. Two more were of little consequence to the multitude she held there already but the power-up was a rush. Now she was free, she wanted more.

Laughing as the drained Gambit was dropped she pointed at Cain. She sped at him, grinning as she spied her next meal.

As she reached out a hand to grab him, Juggernaut tilted and slammed a fist into her gut, sending her flying upwards. Spitting on the ground he stretched. “He might be weak, but I’m the Juggernaut, bitch. It’ll take more than fancy flying to take me down.”

Cain missed these days, feeling bones break and lives end. He knew the Juggernaut was needed for this fight and a simple chef was out of his league.

“Come on then. I ain’t waiting around all day while you spout that stupid shit.”

She floated back down. The punch had hurt, and her powers hadn't even leached any energy from him. “You hit hard, but I ain’t playing anymore.” She ripped the sleeves from her uniform and tore the leggings off. “Once I get my hands on you, your powers are mine.”

Juggernaut snorted, Selene had tried to use her powers on him once and while it stung a bit it was ineffective. She had hoped the man could provide her with the energy to survive. Instead, he just felt irritable and she was unfulfilled. After experimentation, she had told him why. His mutant power was the reason, but it was over his head, a complicated explanation for a simple man. If Rogue had been built using her DNA she was about to learn a hard lesson in overconfidence.

Juggernaut lifted the broken and dying Colossus, “Hey, speedy, get this one too. Ain’t gonna lie, it's gonna be messy. In fact, get 'em all and get outta here. You’re in my way.”

Quicksilver zipped, grabbed Colossus and Gambit and vanished into the plane. To be sure though, he made sure that Gambit and Colossus were tied up. He might just be fast but with so much rope, he doubted even they could get free.

Juggernaut stretched and pointed up at Rogue, “Come get some,” and he bashed his fists together.

“You don’t know what or who you’re messing with.” She sprang forward and flew at Juggernaut. He took the blow, grabbed Rogue by the leg and slammed her into the ground.

“Someone who ain’t too smart.” He jumped up and landed an elbow into her chest. She coughed and grabbed his arm. As the power transfer spluttered and failed she pushed him off her and flew backwards.

It must be his armour! She thought. If it was adamantium, it might be enough to stop her power. With a laugh, she grabbed it and used the power to force its molecules apart. As the armour plates glowed and then exploded, Juggernaut rocked back and forth. Once it had finished, he was stood, stark naked.

As she saw the impressive and bulging muscles of the man she considered leaving him whole. A good ally of power and idiocy would make her take over of Shaw’s business much easier. So would having all that strength herself. Why rely on an imbecile who could betray her? She sped towards him and grabbed him with both hands.

“Why? Why are you immune?” She felt her power splutter and fail to absorb even the smallest amount of his ability or life force.

“Smarter people than me can’t tell you, summin' about my mutant power bein' all screwy.” As he stood and brushed the dust off his shoulder. “But it makes no difference. You hurt a lot of people, and I’m gonna stop you.” With a leap of his own, he flew towards.

Smashing her with a fist and then following her path through the trees to drive her into the grounds once more. Rogue coughed and this time blood came up, and she grabbed his arm, but this time vaulted off it and into the sky.

“If I can’t take your power, then why should I fight you?” She flew away to the plane, looking to find more victims, one to gain a power from to use against him.

Taking a breath, Juggernaut lined himself up, crouched and then leapt. Sailing through the air, he wrapped a thick arm around her, dragging her down with him.

Rogue struggled to free herself but he was too strong. Even with the new power she had gained and her new physique, she wasn’t strong enough to get free. As she punched and wriggled in his grasp he tightened his grip and crushed her.

“You behave, and we’ll see what they want done with you.”

Rogue was hoisted up, wriggling under one of Juggernaut's arms. She huffed as she suffered the indignity of being carried back to the main entrance of the dam.

In the jet, Emma had done her best. Erik’s eyes were bound and covered with the biogel. Peter had made sure there was a good supply on board and he was comfortable and resting. The burns were bad and most of the skin on his face was gone. It would take surgery to remove some of the more melted pieces of his armour. Emma was amazed he was still alive.

The other three she had no idea how to treat. The woman was aged and looked like she was in her seventies rather than the young blonde she had seen before. The two men were just as bad. All aged to decrepitude.

Peter had told her the gel had regenerative properties but not if it would work on damage like this. She shrugged, tipped the whole jar over the top of them and left it. With nothing else, she looked out the jet’s window. She needed to see if Juggernaut had succeeded where the others had failed or if Rogue would be coming for him next.

She saw Juggernaut heading towards them with a squirming woman she frowned. Rogue was still alive. Pietro saw them as well, but Emma was already at the jet's door.

“Hey, you agreed.” He stepped in front of her, "Nobody gets on until douchebag is back."

She shook her head and pointed. "I agreed to leave the facility alone, but I want to talk to her.” As she pushed past him she walked down the jet's staircase and towards Cain.

Emma had agreed to leave the interior of the dam alone. The three rogue Mutants were a surprise even for her. She had no clue about the clones or Shaw's true intentions.

As she got closer the hair on the back of her neck raised, the woman was an almost perfect clone of her. Her hair was brown and her chest was larger but Emma stared in the mirror often enough to know who she was supposed to be. A twisted mirror of what Shaw thought she should look like and as the disgust rose, so did the anger.

As Juggernaut came close, Rogue stopped struggling. “Well, if it ain’t momma. Gonna spank me for bein’ a bad girl?” and even held like a sack she laughed as Emma's face twisted in disgust.

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