Arc Ten. Chapter Two Hundred Ninety-Four. Some Like It Cold
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The Quinjet landed a few miles away from the prison. There was no need to alert the Russian authorities they were coming. As each member of the newly named ‘Wrath’ suited up Fury cast an eye over Natasha.

“Peter?” he asked as he zipped up the new armoured body suit she had provided.

“Yup, well Liv, but it's kinda like Symb-Armour. Just try not to get shot too many times.”

Liv had been working on armour plates for the harness. Finally, with Peter's help finally formulated a liquid polymer based on the webbing. It dried flexible and thin but was still enough to take a heavy rifle round. She had fabricated several suits, one for everyone. At Natasha's request, she had made a suit for Fury and his team.

He nodded in appreciation. “Now, the plan is two teams, we create.”

"Nope." Natasha shook her head. “One team, me and Hill. Any more and you endanger everyone.”

Fury stood, and stared at her, “I don't remember you being in command. Two teams maximises our chances of getting him out in one piece, and minimizes our casualties.”

Natasha shrugged and motioned to Maria. “You been practising?” and Maria gave her a confused look.

Widow covered Natasha in a thick layer of Symb-Armour and then shimmered and vanished. There was only a faint distortion where she stood.

Maria nodded. “Yeah, Vengeance knows.” She did the same. Widow took on a look similar to the heavier body armour Fury and the others were wearing but she too vanished.

“We can access the prison and create enough confusion we have the target before anyone notices he’s gone. One attacker, one retriever. Which do you want to be?” Widow explained. Her camouflage shimmered once more and she stood before Fury. "Two people. No noise, no mess."

“Oh, I'm attacking. Your dad, your package.” Widow nodded. Vengeance clenched a fist and a blade slid out from the back of her forearm. “Kills? Or is this a no-casualties mission?”

Fury looked over at Widow who shrugged. “I would prefer if you didn’t leave a trail of bodies, but Russia has been a pain in my ass over Stark. If you have to, then go ahead. Did we have any intel if this is a Hydra or Red Room facility?”

Widow shook her head, “Mainly cold storage for assets the government might want to use at a later date. No-one who’d be missed, probably a few mixed in but nothing that said for sure.”

“If they don’t care, then I don't care,” Fury said. “At least I can sit in a warm jet.”

Russia was always cold, and being in the middle of nowhere was even worse. The heavy wind blew snow and ice across open plains, dropping the temperature to below zero. Neither Symbiote would care though. After a final briefing, Natasha and Maria readied themselves.

Both checked they had plenty of ammo and an emergency kit before their armour covered them.

“Uh, give me a moment, okay?” Maria asked and headed back into the jet.

Scott was sat looking dejected, not surprising as he had just been benched, Maria made her way over to him,

Touching him, he tensed slightly as Vengeance spoke to him,

Hey, no frown, it's normal not everyone goes in. but, in case this goes south, I enjoyed it, and if you want, maybe coffee? Or just skip that and go for a repeat?

Scott nodded, “Coffee, uh, yeah, that's good.”

You know you can just think it, and I’ll hear

Then both, I mean, coffee and you know.

I can read your thoughts, and I do know. See you when I get back.

Vengeance slipped back and Maria leaned forward and kissed Scott on the cheek. “For luck,” before she was covered completely and vanished from the jet.

As the pair ran through the snow,

So, Scott huh?

And? Nobody complained when you screwed Parker

Everyone complained when I screwed Peter, I found out a few guys even bet money on who could score with me first.

Yeah, I read the after-incident report. At least you didn’t break any bones.

I figured I was in enough trouble, they deserved it though.

Yup, I heard the rumours and even the women’s locker room talk.

Just make sure. but Maria interrupted her,

Stop, I don't want to talk about it. I want to find the assholes responsible and make them pay. I'm called Vengeance for a reason. But right now, we run.

The pair quickly made their way across the frozen tundra of the Siberian flatlands. Natasha had been practising with Peter and Liv and had managed to tap into several new senses. She couldn't manipulate electronics like Peter, but she knew enough to fool them.

It was Vengeance though who stopped them and pointed. There is a buried cable leading in that direction, Widow felt her motion in a direction. Are you sure the prison is where you said it was?

Unless they moved it then yes, it's built into an old coal mine. Prisoners can earn some extra rations by digging. Power cable?

No, too much power, telecommunications maybe. Vengeance can’t get a good read though, too far away.

Vengeance on the other hand had completely adapted to her new Extremis physiology. And with Vengeance to help her technopathic powers were miles above Natasha. Silently, Widow cursed and made sure that when she got home, she got the upgrade.

Think you can tap it without triggering an alarm?

Vengeance scoffed, If I can't, I'll hang up my gun.

As the pair crept closer Vengeance began to nod. Yeah, it’s communications, a big satellite receiver is nearby. I'm getting traffic from it and the prison. There is more here than just your father, a lot of what does he call them? Augments are held here. Shit Nat, this isn't political prisoners anymore, it's an Augment holding facility.

Widow cursed as well. They might need Scott here.

We need to stay radio silent, but we need to head back. The facility is more heavily guarded than we knew. Fury and the others need to know.

Widow paused, then tell them, and it was Vengeance's turn to pause. Oh for the love of. Flash, send to Flash. Never mind.

Back at the Quinjet, Flash and Scott were talking about Symbiotes. Scott had to embarrassingly ask what he could expect from Maria, being a host.

Flash leaned back and shook his head. “Uh Natasha just contacted me, the camp is an Augment holding facility. She wants to know if they are to proceed?”

Scott looked at him. “You can talk at this distance?”

Flash half shrugged. “I could probably get Parker if he was paying attention. I don't like it though. It's kinda creepy hearing someone's voice in your head. You don't know if it's telepathy or you've just gone crazy.”

Hmph, we hear you just fine, with your sports and your musclemen. We wonder if we will ever get to feel what they do, or if you are planning on being single forever.

Flash rolled his eyes, Yes Mom, and not talking about that. Ever!

Webb would have rolled his eyes if he had any. His host was so prudish. He had glimpses of what his maker had, and he wanted that. But no, Flash was always eating that stupid chocolate. Which he supposed was better than nothing.

Flash rolled his eyes, “Yeah I know. Natasha says she doesn't care if it's creepy. What are your orders?”

“Surveillance, and if the facility is more secure than they can handle, we all go in. Can you tell her that?” Fury asked and Flash nodded

“Done and done. They will report back once they get closer to the base.”

At the cable Natasha laughed, Flash, yeah, it could be worse though. At least he’s got Steve to keep an eye on him. What are you going to do about Scott?

As the pair stood and began to follow the cable to the camp,

Nothing, and I don't want to talk about it, but Widow put a hand on Vengeance's shoulder,

You might not want to but we both know relationships on a team are bad. Even I don’t go hunting with Pete. Emotions make us stupid, and love makes us crazy and stupid.

Vengeance snorted, who said I love him, ten minutes in the back of a Quinjet and a coffee date isn't love.

No, but it is a start.

Vengeance sighed, you just won't let it go huh? You know you’re a hypocrite, ten minutes in a restroom and you went all gooey-eyed too

Then you should listen to me, separate it out, and stay on the same team but take a command role. Fury misses field work and with Enhancement he can get out again. You need CnC and you’re the best operator there is, Widow stopped, shit. Think we can?

What was in front of the pair was still obviously an abandoned open-pit coal mine. The main section was a huge gaping hole in the ground but it had been fortified. Built into the steep walls were steel walkways with control towers evenly spaced out. Each one had anti-aircraft and anti-personnel guns. Not just that but a lot of security guards. All wearing heavy body armour and carrying Hydra pulse weapons.

Can you see the security grid? Widow nodded. There were pencil-thin lines surrounding certain areas. Invisible to normal senses but clear as day to the pair. Then yes. I can get access to a control tower and set the guns to fire into the camp, while you go rescue your father. Not every upgrade is a great idea.

Widow knew what she meant. Newer technology meant easier access for the technopathic Vengeance. If the systems were integrated enough they might not even need to disable anything. They could simply shut everyone out but themselves and stroll into the prison as if they owned it. Widow knew though, it was never that easy.

If this is a Hydra facility, then the Augments should be contained by their shitty collars. See if you can bypass the control system and free them all. A riot should be enough of a distraction without making too much noise.

But a lot more casualties, you okay with that?

Widow shrugged. Better them than us. And I bet you while they might be enemies of the state, they probably aren't the nicest people either.

How are your telepathic senses? Vengeance asked Widow.

Fair to none. I can sense minds, talk to other Symbiotes but controlling or mind reading isn't part of my skill set, you?

A lot better. You need to get an upgrade, and the proper way, not by draining Parker dry. I can sense at least twenty-five guards and a few minds I'm not touching as they sense me. Can you feel them? Like bonfires in the dark.

Widow shook her head. If they’re telepaths like us, they’ll feel my scan.

Fine, your father is in security block beta, along with the other Red Room rejects. I can get the guards to look the other way while you slip in, I’ve found a few Augments who really don't like their cages.

Widow gave her an affirmative and headed towards the lightly guarded areas. While enhanced by Formula their powers were like hers originally. The Formula granted minor strength upgrades, a bit faster but nothing like Cap or Peter. The Red Room formula, as Gwen often called it, was garbage. Now she had a taste of real power, she would never go back, and if there was a better option, of course, she would take it.

We know. We are whole and much better than our predecessor. You were wise to choose us.

You know I can hear you, right? So much for an upgrade, right Vengy? Mariah spoke over their link.

Hmph, not if you call us by that ridiculous name. We are Vengeance, not Vengy, not V, Vengeance! Remember or we will scare Scott by showing him MJ's trick.

Trick? She's the hot redhead, right? So yeah, it's probably something gross and dirty. Don't bother, I really don't want to know.

Natasha laughed.

MJ has a neat trick none of the others can copy. She stopped as they reached their target. Okay, game face. Chatter to nil, going silent. Communication for updates only. Confirm?

Vengeance spotted her own target. Confirm. Operation is a go.

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