Day 9²
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Victor looked at Jack with a confused expression. Ask him... About what? He unconsciously looked at Yoko, Yoko looked at him and then he looked at Jack. Jack waited and after a few seconds, he asked the first question: "Well, I want to know first, what is your name."

Victor looked at Jack, and slowly he said: "V-victor..." when Victor said his name, Jack looked at him with a surprised expression, he looked at Victor's staff and looked at Yoko. Then he nodded. Then Jack said: "My name is Jack, the crazy woman is my sister, Myriana, the big guy is Mark, the guy with a white robe and glasses are Gorge, the last and least Samuel." Jack pointed to every one of his subordinates, saying their names and what they do before the world collision.

Then, Myriana looked at Victor with shining eyes, asking if he used magic, could he teach her? Victor just looked at her and slowly said: "I don't think y-you can use it..." Myriana made a dubious expression and asked: "Why?" Victor looked at Jack and said: "Y-you need to be a [Aweked] like m-me and... Him." Myriana made a sad expression and asked Victor: "So... You know how a person can [Aweke]?" 

Everyone in the room looked at him with expectation, which made Victor nervous. He looked at his feet and slowly said: "After J-him being hit by the orc's mace, he fainted and had a fever... After the fever... He became a [Aweke]. Maybe... Just maybe... You need to fight to the death with a monster a win... Or... You need to almost die in a fight with a monster... That happened to him and me."

When everyone heard it, they became stunned. Unconsciously they thought: 'How did this tiny kid almost die in a monster hand...?' Jack looked at Victor and asked: "What's your age...?" Victor Vic back at Jack and said: "18..." To everyone there, he was a kid. Gorge approached Victor's staff and looking at him, he asked: "What kind of stick is this?" he grabbed the staff and tried to take it off Victor's hands, but he didn't expect that he would be flying away after that!

Victor looked at Gorge, and then apologized, healed his wounds. Jack looked at Victor's staff and made the same question that George made and Victor's answer was: "My Weapon." then, Jack looked at the tooth that Victor gave him and asked: "Where did you get this thing?" Victor looked at the tooth and said: "{Deap Sea Shark}." 

Mark looked at Victor and with a smile said: "This kid is very good! Look what can he do! He is better than Samuel." Samuel looked at Mark and with a *hm!* he looked back at Victor. Victor looked at Jack and Jack asked: "What do you use it for?" he handed Victor a bag of mana crystals. 

Victor grabbed the bag and opened it, inside was more than twenty mana crystals, he looked at Yoko, grabbed a mana crystal and gave her. Yoko ate it happy and Victor just looked at Jack. Jack looked at Yoko and at Victor's staff, Victor's staff had a mana crystal on it. Jack approached Victor and asked him: "Can you make something to me with it?" he handed the shark tooth.

Victor looked at the shark tooth, looked at Jack and grabbed the tooth. He opened his book and started to read about magic items. Jack looked at the book too, but he just saw that all the pages were white, he looked at Victor and smiled. Victor paused and grabbed a mana crystal, he carved with a knife in the tooth strange words: [Żğëæ] then place the mana crystal in the tooth.

The tooth shone and when the light faded away, Victor gave Jack a knife. The knife blade was the tooth that Victor gave him. Jack smiled and accepted the knife. Now, let me explain what Victor did: he opened the book in the chapter about magic item transformation and carved in the knife a spell of remodeling and activated it with a mana crystal! That what he did.

Victor walked slowly to the wall and whispered: "Magic Learning" then a screen appeared: 


[Apprentice Bard:{Sleeping Song}]

[Apprentice Shaman:{Tiny Bind}]

[Apprentice Priest:{Cure}]


Then, Victor had an idea to scape. He didn't want to stay there with those people... So he chooses the [Sleep Song] and then he said: "Yoko, sleep in my shadows." Yoko meowed and jumped in Victor's shadow and Victor started to sing, Jack and Jack's subordinates looked at him singing slowly. Then an urge to sleep surged from inside their souls. Making them sleep. 'So it's in the area...' thought Victor 

Victor smiled and grabbed all his baggage and left with Yoko. But before it, he placed everyone inside the tiny room, with fear that some of them would die by a goblin. Then he left. After a few hours of walking, he approached a building with a sign written: [Candy Shop].

Well, Victor loves chocolates! So he entered the shop and grabbed some candy, chocolates and other things. Then he decided to sleep there. He prepared his improvised bed and then he talked with Yoko: "Why did they want with me? I don't think that I'm a good person... So why did they followed me to my house... What did they want?"

Yoko meowed with an 'Idk' expression. Victor laughed and hugged her, then after a few minutes lost in his thoughts he slept there.

[Jack Side]

The next morning, Jack's group woke up Inside Victor's house. Jack looked around, confused. Then he remembered that Victor sings a song before they all slept. He laughed. And with a smile on his face, he got up.

He looked at Arthur, Ivor, Ryan, Hector, and William and said: "Let's talk."


[Jack's sweet dream]

Jack: *waking up* hm...~ What? It was just a dream? 

Victor: Dream?

Jack: *sweats in fear* N-nothing! I Dreamed about... Food! That right... Food... Delicious food...