Day 25²
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Jack looked at the entrance of their base instantly his expression changes. Then with a gloomy face, he said: "There is someone here." Everyone has experience with monsters, but they never fought with humans beings. Monsters attacks by instinct, but humans beings use their brains to think and find a way to win. That the biggest difference from a monster to a human being. Victor held his staff tightly and said: "L-let's go." they nodded with a 'hum' and walked towards their bases. Then, they could a tiny voice talking: "Look, One-sama, what is this?" Victor was stunned, 'A kid?' he thought, then another voice, a feminine voice said: "A plant...? I don't know Maria, don't touch it." Victor looked at Jack, who nodded and then he opens the door.

When he opened the door, he saw two girls, a little one and a big one. The girls looked at Victor with a stunned expression, then it turned into a fearful expression, then a panicked expression. Jack entered the room too, following him, Myriana, Gorge, Samuel, and Mark enter the room too. The little girls have tears falling from her tiny eyes, in them, you could see fear and sadness. How can such a cute being have so much fear? Then Jack asked: "who are you two and why are you in our base?" the older girl hugged the little one and said with a trembling voice, with fear and a tiny of despair too: "S-sorry! W-we didn't know that i-it was y-your base. W-we will leave." 

Samuel looked at Jack, who nodded and he said: "Answer my questions. Where are you from? Who are you?" Myriana looked at them and said to Jack: "Don't be so scary! See! Look at their expressions!" Gorge nodded and Victor walked over to the two girls, he saw that they had several scars and were bleeding too, he tried to touch the little girl, who closed her eyes with fear. When Victor touched her, he sued his skill [Heal] to heal their wounds and scars. The little girls felt something hot entering her body and opened her eyes to see a white light leaving from Victor's hand, with a gentle smile Victor asked: "Something hurt?" the big girl looked at him with a stunned expression, the little one shook her head saying: "No... Thank you..." Victor smiled again and returned to beside Jack.

Jack then looked at Victor and his expression became gentle, but when he looked at the two girls his expression became cold. Then Victor touched his arm and said in a low voice: "Be gentle. They are scared." Jack nodded and his expression changed totally! His whole body that emanated a cold feeling now emanated a gentle and happy feeling! His eyes became gentle and his expression too! The two girls became stunned when they saw it. Even Myriana, Gorge, and Samuel became stunned! Mark wasn't stunned, he said: "A husband obeys his wife... That's a rule that every husband needs to follow." Samuel chuckled and then looked at Victor and said: "You really are a tamer of wild beasts!"

Victor's face became red and he hid it with his hands, the atmosphere inside the room was more relaxed after some jokes. Then Jack asked the two girls again: "Well, now can you say to us from where did you two cane from? Or who you two are? Your names for example. My name is Jack." he pointed to Myriana and said: "This is Myriana, my sister." He pointed to Gorge and said: "This is Gorge a single dog." he pointed to Samuel and said: "This is Samu, he is a wife." he pointed to Mark and said: "This is Mark, Samuel's husband." he pointed to Victor and smiled, then with a happy expression he said: "This is Victor! My wife." When the word 'wife' enters Victor's ears, his whole body began to heat up, bit face became red, his hands became red, his whole body became red!

He nodded slowly, which made Jack's whole brain explode. It was a joke, but Victor nodded... Do this mean that... Does he accept me? Jack was so happy that he could help and hugged Victor. The two girls that were eating dog food were stunned, the older one then started to talk: "M-my name is Amanda. This is my little sister Maria. We were from a survivor base." Victor was a little confused and asked: "Survivor base?" the little one nodded and said: "Yes... A lot of people together... And some cute puppies too!" the older one looked at the cute little one and nodded, she said: "Well, that base was inside an old clothes factory with iron gates and walls, in the north area. The ruler of that base wasn't human!" she shouted with a scared and hateful expression, she came down after a few seconds and continued: "Je was like that guy." she pointed to Victor and continued: "He used some kind of magic... I don't know, I just know that he killed everyone that didn't obey his orders. He ordered me to give him my sister, I said no and I was almost killed! He threw at me some kind of fireball, but... But... My parents, he killed them!" then she started to cry, the little one looked at her sister and started to cry too.

This story made Victor sad and angry at the same time. He knows how much pain you feel when you lose someone important for you. Someone that you love, the pain is like a stab in your heart, a torn that you can't remove... Jack, who was observing Victor looked at the two girls crying and said: "So... What do you want to do?" he grabbed the spear in his hands and with a gentle expression, looked at Victor and said: "You know? I'm not a good guy, I killed a lot of people. So... What you want to do? Captain." Victor looked at him and said: "Don't call me captain! I don't like it... But answering your question... I want to kill him." Jack nodded and grabbed his (V) head, and with a huge smile he said: "That's my wife." and kissed him.