Day 26²
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[Samuel Side]

Samuel woke up early in the morning, he then looked around himself and saw that Jack was sleeping and everyone too. Samuel smiled and started to touch Mark's nose and face to face him up, after touching a few times, Make woke up with a surprised expression and looking around himself (M) he then asked: "Why did you wake me up now?" Samuel smiled and pointed toward the door, Mark nodded and got up walking toward the door. When they left the room, Samuel smiled and sincerely said: "I want to waste some time with you, my love~" Mark smiled and nodded with a happy expression he said: "I want to waste some time too~ Where then?" Samuel smiled and started to walk. 

Behind him, like a dog following his owner, Mark was following Samuel wherever he was going to. They walked near the [Deep Shark River] (Gorge gave this Gorge to the poor river~) and Samuel was looking at the sky and asked Mark: "Do you think that the human being would survive this disaster? Like, the monsters won't control the world... Right?" Mark became stunned with this question, but he remembers what had happened with Samuel in the past... When he lost all his hope on that day... With a bitter smile, Mark said: "Well... I the only thing that I know... I that I will protect you." after saying it, Mark grabbed his shield and with a happy smile, he says: "With this shield, I will protect you."

Samuel smiled and approached to kiss him, but then Mark hugged and pushed him to behind a tree, Samuel smiled and asked: "Do your libido is so high that we will do it right here? Behind a tree?" but when he looked at the serious expression on Mark's face, he became serious too, then he asked: "What happened?" Mark looked at Samuel and said slowly and in a low tone: "Survivors..." Samuel nodded and did what Jack them to do if they find survivors around their base.

First, observe them and analyze if they are dangerous to their base or to the people that live there. Second, follow them and see where are they going, analyze the surroundings and find their base. Third, observe if they are or not a [Aweked Individual]. Fourth, observe if they are or have something suspicious with them or in their base. And the last thing that Jack said to them is to make contact if all the four or at least three of those conditions are met. 

Obviously, they would start to do the first step, observe and analyze them. Samuel and Mark looked at each other and nodded, then they started to follow them. There are four survivors, Samuel and Jack need to know if they are or not [Aweked Individuals] so they were in a safe distance from them and if it was necessary, Samuel would use his unique skill [Clarivoyance] to follow them. 

They crossed the bridge walking toward the marketplace that Victor met Jack, Samuel tried to hear if they were talking to each other and he could hear some words: "Find... Bitch... Sister... Key... Gate... Kill." with just those words, he knows that they are trying to kill that two girls that appeared in their base. So the first step was met and the result was: 'Dangerous to the base.' with these four words in his mind, Samuel looked at Marka and nodded.

Mark then looked at his sword and with his hand, he made a signal with his fingers, saying: 'Retreat'. Samuel nodded again and when they were going to left, a tiny fire bullet was thrown toward Samuel, who dodged and with a surprised expression he heard a disgusting male voice saying: "Well, well, well... What do we have here? A beauty... It would be a pleasure to have you in my bed." Samuel smiled and infused mana in his bow and with a happy expression he shot towards the men, who with a stunned expression tried to dodge but his arm was completely destroyed by the wind arrow, making blood rain!

Mark smiled at Samuel and looked at the four men with a gloomy expression, then a water bullet was shot toward Samuel again, but this time Make used his shield to defend the water bullet and with a happy smile he asked: "Can we kill them now?" Samuel smiled and said: "Yes." Samuel removed an arrow from his improvised quiver that he made with orc's skin and shot it toward the guy who shot a bullet toward Mark. The arrow had poison that Victor gave him, the effect of the poison was the sleeping one. But the arrow didn't hit him because another person blocked the arrow with its bare hands!

Samuel smiled and said to Mark: "It will be a little hard..." Mark smiled and holding thigh his sword and inputting mana inside it, the blade of the sword started to burn-in a vivid and bright red, then he said: "Well, let's play! I need to train my new weapons!" after saying it, Mark charged toward them. Samuel smiled and decided to cover him with his arrows. The guy that lost his arm looked at Mark and with his bare hands punched the ground, making it shake. The mage guy was smiling and shooting toward Mark, electric shots, wind shots, and fire shots too. Behind him, another guy was shooting magic too! The last one, with a weak stature, approached the man that lost his arm and touched it, and instantly the lost arm regenerated. The guy that touched him was with a pale expression, then he lost consciousness, fainting.

With his two arms, the arrogant guy smiled and said to Samuel: "Hey! Beauty! I'm angry with you now! After everything here ends, I will train you very well!" Samuel shot toward him again! But this time the guy grabbed the arrow mid-air and broke it. With a disgusting smile, he said: "Cutie..." before he could continue to talk, Mark slashed his flaming sword toward him and with a gloomy and dangerous smile, he said: "You can't have him. He is mine!" the pressure and killing that his smile liberated wasn't small...