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Ren was looking straight into Arwen's eyes calmly.

Next to Arwen, in the sky was a pale Amerie who couldn't speak for fear as her mother was releasing all the pressure, but she released it directly to Ren.

- Answer human, why did you bring my daughter here?

ren calmly tries to say something.

" vera aunt Arwen-

an arrow shot hit Ren's shoulder who was trying to explain himself.



-Quiet amerie.

-but mom!

-but nothing! that boy brought you here on purpose.

-It's not true mom, I brought it here!

Arwen stopped aiming her bow at Ren when she heard her daughter talk about her, she turned to look at her daughter somewhat perplexed.

- He didn't kidnap you?

-no mother, I brought him here of my own free will!

Amerie had a hand on her chest as she yelled at Arwen who had a puzzled look on her face.

moments later Arwen again aimed her arrow at Ren.

- that is impossible amerie, when you escaped, absolutely no one noticed you

Arwen squeezed her bow as she continued to say.

- I did not feel that your presence disappeared, Sylph came later to tell me that you had escaped, but there was not a single trace of your escape, that could not be done just because you wanted to escape, someone has calculated you, daughter, and the only current suspect is this human

Ren was sitting on the ground holding his bleeding shoulder, after fighting to the limit in the dungeon attack, certain nerves in his body were destroyed, curiously they were the nerves that blocked pain, Ren knew that pain was important in a body human, so he had to load the pain nerves to other nerves and put them together, and since he has the nerves together, they put a lot of pressure on those same nerves, so if he tried to block them to block the pain, they would break and ren would screw up the movement of his body since he doesn't have a regenerative ability yet, he decided that he simply wouldn't block the pain to his body, having that made clear by me, the beautiful narrator...

(It should be said that nerve regeneration does not yet have the regenerative capacity itself, it has a healing ability, so if Ren loses an arm he will not be able to self-regenerate himself so that he can regenerate himself, he must update his recovery ability to regeneration, which is when that skill reaches rank B)

I can continue with the story.

Ren was sitting on the ground holding his bleeding shoulder and said in a tired and calm tone.

"Ha...assuming it was me, why would I, Mrs. Arwen? If it was to kill her, Amerie would not have returned with me, I brought her daughter safe and sound from the dungeon to which she escaped due to her lack of attention to your daughter, and the first thing I receive is an arrow in my shoulder, don't you think your attitude is a bit incongruous?

Ren couldn't really understand Arwen's psychology, although Ren could understand Arwen's reaction to some extent.

His only daughter has just been calculated and the only current suspect is the human who apparently took her, Arwen had reason to be suspicious, but even so, just because Ren came out of the dungeon with her meant that he was the one who tried to hurt her. ? Ren began to think of when Arwen began to reign as to react so badly.

Arwen thought for a long time before lowering the bow, first, she took a deep breath to calm herself.

Realizing her mistake, she couldn't help herself and lowered her head where her expression couldn't be seen.

In the uncomfortable environment, an eternity passed, and nobody said anything but everyone had something to say, after a while, some high-speed footsteps began to be heard, Ren looked in the direction of the sound and they could see Indis in armor running at full speed. speed.

Indis faced Ren and covered him behind her with a pale expression.

- my Queen! please forgive ren! there must be an explanation!

The queen raised her hand and removed the oxygen from Indis's mouth making her unable to say a word.

Arwen took a deep breath and looked at the 3 people in front of her, Ren could swear that Arwen had her other hand on her back while she counted on her fingers.

Arwen came down from the sky with Amerie.

The first thing Amerie did when she touched down was run to Ren.

Indis also began to treat Ren's shoulder while Arwen had a somewhat embarrassed look back at her outburst of anger just now.

Ren moved the face of the 2 worried elf girls and looked at Arwen.

"Queen Arwen.

Arwen was a little startled by Ren's words, recently Ren started calling Arwen aunt instead of queen, implying that Ren began to be more comfortable with her, but just now he returned to his title, implying that Ren was angry.

"The suspect you say shouldn't be far away, from what I noticed in the dungeon was a massive increase in monsters, and there was a heavy air of mana as well, the intruder must have sent mana into the dungeon to bury me and Amerie inside, I can give him details later, but for now they should search for him not with magic since it's obvious that he can escape his senses, you should go too, maybe they can catch him now.

Arwen nodded as she placed her [goddess bow] on her back and began to rise into the sky.

Arwen gave Ren one last look before moving at the speed of sound.

The two elves helped Ren move to the infirmary in the palace, but Ren's mind was on another thought as he was left in the infirmary.

after convincing the girls that he wanted to be alone, ren could only think.


Ren looked at her arm, she still had goosebumps.

being targeted by Arwen's bow, ren felt for the first time in his life something that he lost in his old life.

"Is this scary?

he wondered, cocking his head.

In his old life under the brainwashing of his grandfather, he left Ren without fear of death for years, he never cared for his life despite how difficult the mission was.

Thanks to his lack of fear, Ren was able to keep his mind at peace to always think of countermeasures to escape, regardless of whether he was sent as an infiltrator in terrorist groups, mafias, or other types of impossible and suicidal missions, Ren could play his role. since he did not care about anything but success in the absence of fear.

but when ren was targeted by that arrow, ren felt the fear of dying for the first time in his 2 lives.

that excited ren.

"so that bow is special Elpis?

- that's how it is

" how much?

- could kill divinities


- That's right, that bow is made with hair from the same goddess of everything, its power is enough to cause chaos in the world

"And why not conquer the world?

- because she can't use it to its full potential

"Wow, one of the strongest beings in this world can't use his weapon 100%, that's weird.

- There is also the fact that this weapon is sealed, its divinity could cause a divine war if it is used without the seal

"wasn't it a gift from the goddess?

- Exactly, that idiot goddess gave that girl a gift on a whim.

"Any specific reason?

- according to other people's mouths, she liked apples from the world tree.

"That's pretty idiotic


"Back on topic, could that bow destroy my soul?

-That's right, despite being sealed, it could damage your soul

"That explains why it was the first weapon with which I felt afraid of dying, I guess we shouldn't make her angry, tomorrow I'll apologize to her for this.

-I think Arwen is the one who wants to apologize to you.

"Really? But if she was right, I was the one who took her daughter there.

- but it was she who attacked you.

"Although I don't blame her, I would have attacked too if I found the only suspect that my loved one got hurt, anyway in a couple of days I will accept her apology and go on with my days.

Ren stopped thinking about Arwen's matter since he was sleepy and really wanted to sleep.




Ren the next day was taken care of by Indis all day, he was fed by her, and he was supported by her to be taken to the bathroom, his tsundere attitude was not there all day, although even so, she said that she was taking care of him because the nurses wouldn't do it, ren was confused by that and he only assumed that it was a way to hide the shame of Indis so he let it go, but the next day when ren went to see Arwen he understood what Indis was referring to.

Ren got up in the infirmary when an elf nurse who unfortunately for Ren was not like in his fantasies approached him while he was scanning his condition.

-human, the queen seeks your presence

'so that being suspicious won't go away for a while huh?

"Can you tell him I'll come later? If you don't notice, I have a wound on my arm.

- don't want to lie to me human, your arm has already recovered, I can see it with the naked eye

'When the passive ability plays against you

"ha... wait a moment so I can change myself.

The nurse made no secret of her dislike for Ren as he left.

Ren just looked at the nurse calmly as he was leaving before removing the bandage from his arm.

Ren moved his arm slightly before clenching his fist.

His arm still hurt, despite the fact that the wound has closed, apparently, the wound is not completely healed, hinting at the difference between Arwen's attack and the other swords he faced.

Ren took clean clothes from his ring and changed them, then opened the door and made his way to Arwen's office.

The elves that had greeted Ren politely in the last 2 weeks only gave him cold and disgusted looks, implying that the news of Amerie's escape was already circulating.

Hina on the other hand did not so agree with the situation.

-Master, why doesn't he do anything before those looks?

Ren was startled a bit by Hina's voice from her phone, so he took the earphone out of it and spoke quietly.

"because I don't really care

- Doesn't that bother you? According to the books, many humans tend to be affected to some degree by what others say.

"Since when do you see that I'm like the others Hina?

-I apologize, Master, but I'm really curious, don't you mind? seeing how those elves look at him without knowing anything, awakens in my system a "discomfort" master

"Really? Does that mean you're stirring up emotions Hina, congratulations!

- could you help me, teacher? I don't like these so-called "emotions"

"um... right now I can't do much, in case that feeling continues, let me know, and go to sleep for now.

- at your orders master.

Ren took off his earphone and returned his attention to the corridor.

As Ren walked, he was thinking about Arwen.

more exactly the description of her country and his game.

It is said that in the first year of Kiriko, the prologue can be considered since the world was relatively at peace.

but a hero can never grow without difficulties.

This is why the first year of the academy is considered a time for Kiriko to grow rapidly.

many players used shortcuts to obtain artifacts in dungeons and improve their skills as much as possible since in the second year where the second act begins is where everything goes to hell.

starting with the prophecy of the church.

It is said that the hero of the world will free the world from evil while he unifies the 4 continents into one and they fight in the end against the demon god and in the game it is the same.

but the problem comes in the process.

since in the final battle only elves, dwarves, demons, and humans survive.

the matter comes here.

and the other races?

the demihumans?

the dark elves?

the orcs?

and some specific classes of demons considered bad?

Ren remembered that his sister told him that about a month after Amerie's disappearance, the dark elves will become antagonists.

but how?

according to books I study during his time here, it is said that dark elves are weak without dark mana.

but he also says that there were no attacks on the elves by the dark elves.

According to gossip, the dark elves are hidden somewhere in the elven realm, locked out and never coming out.

but for the dark elves to reveal themselves and begin to gain strength, they need a trigger.

Ren thought about the identity of the one who caused the poisoning of Amerie in the dungeon or the one who was in charge of doing evil in these lands, after thinking about it, only one name came to his mind.

the ancient dark elf queen.

in the second act of the game is where the 4 generals of the demon god begin to be noticed.

beings who rebelled against humanity, beings who received the direct favor of the demon god and revered him as a god.

the general of the humans is a lich, a traitor to humanity years ago.

among the demons, the one who accessed the power of the demon god was a succubus Queen.

Among the elves, the ancient dark elf queen is the one who rebelled against the wishes of her race and acceded to the power of the demon god.

and among the dwarves, an orc is the one who acceded to her power.

In the story, Kiriko will grow in power while taking charge of what those characters do.

the 4 demon god generals were waiting for the dark dungeons to regain their powers.

implying that those dark dungeons were not created just to give the hero difficulties, but also for them to regain their power on earth.

returning to the present

A month later, Kiriko found out about the supposed extermination of the dark elves and cried with grief, since unlike the others, Kiriko did not feel hatred towards the dark elves.

but there is someone who does.

Queen Arwen.

Arwen's husband and amerie's father died from an attack by the dark elf queen in the past when there was still peace between the races, and from that attack, a hatred developed in the years that followed.

the reason why she is not hunting the dark elves is because of her job as their queen.

Queen Arwen entered her reign in the middle of the war with the demon god, after her father is seriously injured, she takes command and guides her people.

It is said that she took command when she was barely 15 years old.

ren sighed under his breath.

"What a sad life

guiding a country at 15 with no experience besides being just a girl?

few could even withstand such pressure.

That gave Ren reasons to admire this woman even more.

With those thoughts, Ren arrived at Queen Arwen's office.

knocking on the door, a voice came from the other side.


Ren opened the door with the familiar sight.

a woman at a desk with a mountain of documents to the right of her that needed to be signed, and a much larger pile of documents that needed to be sorted.

"Good morning Queen Arwen.

Arwen's expression nearly hardened at Ren's first words, but she still smiled and asked Ren to sit down.

Ren sat in the chair across from Arwen and waited.


A few minutes of awkward silence passed as Ren calmly looked at Arwen and Arwen at Ren.

'um, I guess she never apologized to anyone in her life right?

- maybe? I never apologized to anyone anyway

'didn't you apologize to me recently?

-You are different Ren, with other beings before I never apologized, is part of being a person in power, why would you lower your head before an ant in your eyes?

'I guess you're right.

Ren was about to tell Arwen that there was no problem with the arrow, but Arwen spoke first.

-I want to apologize


- I was someone insensitive and I was moved by my emotions by attacking you when I shouldn't have, I hope you'll excuse me for attacking you like that-

Ren raised his hand, interrupting Arwen in the middle of her speech, although such a gesture would be extremely rude when addressing someone with Arwen's power, Arwen didn't bother him, which was rare.

'what happens to me?

that was the doubt in Arwen's heart.

Arwen was anxious to find her daughter 2 nights ago.

Arwen was in her office working while she thought about apologizing to her daughter for being late for dinner again.

she wasn't stupid.

she knew that she did not dedicate any time to her daughter.

but Arwen couldn't help it, she was really busy.

she ran a whole continent alone, and she has no one to ask for help.

he cannot trust any of his people since that fateful day.

That's why she takes on the job by herself and knows she had missed out on a lot growing up in Amerie.

but even though she hurts her heart, she couldn't help it.

When Amerie stopped throwing tantrums over spending time with her, Arwen thought that Amerie had matured a bit and could understand her work.

which helped Arwen.

but I never expect amerie to explode that night and everything just be an illusion of Arwen.

her daughter had really put up with it.

While Arwen was looking everywhere for Amerie, she was thinking like that.

'Why couldn't I see it? Why didn't I realize that my daughter needed it?

many negative thoughts were in her heart.

but she still made up her mind.

' When I find her, I'll make sure to spend more time with her.

Or that was her idea.

and she thought of those who could move her daughter without being detected.

she could only come up with it from a person whom she can't sense normally.

the human Ren Artega.

that human child that Arwen was curious about.

From the moment she met him, she found him someone unique.

Arwen couldn't feel his presence with his senses, she had to use magic to feel the air around her.

her pressure was no joke either.

Arwen had been excited after a long time by ren's pressure.

upon reaching Arwen's power level she knew that she could no longer fight normally, she would cause incredible collateral destruction.

that's why she can't fight unlike when she was 15 years old.

Arwen remembered that she was a girl who loved fights as a child and was quite energetic.

she also participated in the great war 500 years ago.

then she and her 4 companions were able to seal the demon god.

since then Arwen has not moved from her kingdom.

her life became documents and diplomatic work.

That generated stress in her.

the only way to release that stress was to fight.

but for more than 300 years there was no opponent for which to do it.

when ren arrives with the strange pressure from him, he awakened that desire to find fun hidden in Arwen long ago.

when ren started living in Arwen's mansion while he healed her father, Arwen obviously watched him.

he was a pretty weird human.

he woke up in the morning, and despite being invited to eat with amerie and the others, he turned them down.

he eats in his room and then comes to the office where Arwen usually has breakfast to ask permission to go to a dungeon alone.

then he comes back at noon and trains afternoon until sunset.

then he takes a bath, eats dinner, and sleeps.

that was his daily routine.

Kiriko on the other hand was different.

that boy could be considered a boy of his age.

His curiosity about her kingdom in these 2 weeks was cute.

Kiriko, unlike Ren, eats with the other guests with a smile, as well as being very cordial with everyone around him.

he then trains until noon and returns with them to eat.

After eating he goes to train with his assigned teacher and then returns with his friends and eats with the other children.

the difference between ren and kiriko is that ren does everything alone, and kiriko does everything with his friends.

Ren was a guest if you want a quiet day, while Kiriko will do her best to entertain others in the house where he visits.

Back to the topic.

Ren aroused those suspicions in Arwen for that very reason.

Ren had little contact with everyone as if it was a desire of his to be excluded.

and that same night that ren accompanies them to the table the incident occurs.

Arwen only had a suspicious ren in his head.

that's why she shot ren when he saw ren with his injured daughter coming out of a dungeon.

But Ren's irony also made Arwen realize that Ren wasn't necessarily the culprit.

Arwen was unsettled at the time, she admits as much.

In the past, she wasn't the one who made the plans, she just carried them out.

If it weren't for her fiancé at the beginning of her reign, it is very possible that Arwen would lose her country, thanks to him Arwen was able to learn the basics of her reign after the war.

and now.

while Arwen looked at the young ren Artega sitting in front of her with the same calm look she had seen since she met him, the look that did not change despite having looked at Arwen, the elf queen who made the kings of other clans idiots when Seeing her the first time, despite having pierced her shoulder with an arrow, the one that saved many members of her clan, Ren looked at her with a calm gaze, as if he were dealing with an equal and not a queen, Arwen felt inexplicably nervous.

so she to finish the matter, decided to speak first

"I want to apologize


'You can Arwen, just apologize to the boy

- I was someone insensitive and I was moved by my emotions by attacking you when I shouldn't have, I hope you'll excuse me for attacking you like that-

at that moment ren raised her hand interrupting her.

that gesture was certainly rude.

The strange thing is that she was not bothered by that gesture, as if it were something... natural?

Putting aside her confusion, she listened to what Ren wanted to say.

-I wanted to tell her that I really don't have many problems with that, and I would do the same in her situation.

" thank you

'I guess it's over.

-but still

'or not?

Arwen looked at Ren doubtfully.

- that wound still hasn't fully healed

'now that I think about it

Arwen looked at Ren's shoulder and was surprised.

'Is it healed? Does this guy have recovery skills too? but still.

Arwen's arrow materials were never common materials, they all have effects when colliding with his opponents.

The arrow that he shot at Ren, which was the most basic one he had, had the effect of slowing down a person's recovery, although he received medical assistance, it would take at least a week to completely close the wound, but Ren recovered in a couple of minutes. of nights of that

hinting that ren's recovery abilities will be at least in c rank.

That's what Arwen concluded at this moment.

"ha... what do you want me to do so you can forgive me?

- not much

Ren said with a rather big and mischievous smile.

Arwen felt a bit uncomfortable, so she wanted to clear it up for Ren.

-If you are looking for my body, better give up, that would be the worst blasphemy in these lands.

the face Ren made at that precise moment at Arwen's words made Arwen's vein swell.

Ren made a face of bewilderment, and surprise, and… Arwen could feel her expression saying

' this old lady thinks I want to eat old meat?

Ren looked at Arwen like that for a few seconds, gradually losing Arwen's patience for such an insult.

Arwen secretly put her hand behind her back and began to count her fingers to calm herself.

Ren came to himself a few moments later and said as politely as possible to Arwen.

"I wanted to tell you that you should spend a day with your daughter.

"ha... I would like to too, but I still have work.

Arwen said, who throughout the conversation did not stop doing her paperwork while he listened to Ren.

"What do you think of having extra help?

Ren said with a smile.

Arwen turned serious and said directly.

"No thanks, my job, my responsibility

Ren wasn't surprised by Arwen's words, but she leaned back in the chair across from him as she began to use her ice magic.

- Allow me to tell you something to pass the time?

Arwen thought for a few moments before nodding.


-Thank you

Ren said with a gentle smile before making a calm expression and starting to speak as he stared at the ceiling.

- was there ever a widowed mother who had 2 young children

- Her children were young when her husband died. When she lost her husband, all the weight of raising them fell on her and all the weight that her husband carried before he died fell on her, the mother had learned few skills in her life Unlike her husband, who was the pillar in the house, that increased her burden to be able to persevere, she wanted to bear all the weight alone, she loved her children and did everything she could and dedicated herself to her work, but unfortunately she only he worried about giving comfort but not time to his 2 children, as time went by... the relationship of the 2 brothers who were together all the time became stronger and they began to take care of each other even more, improving their bonds strongly

- but the relationship with the mother began to become tense, there were no longer topics of conversation in common, and there was no longer that great interest in spending time with her, the youngest daughter who in the past idolized her mother began to mature rapidly while the mature older brother tried to support his mother and sister with the load...

- finally, a tragedy happened to that family that ruined them.

Ren had a sad smile as she continued.

- unfortunately... after the tragedy the family was not together enough to persevere, the mother could not recognize the attitude of her children, and the eldest son ended up becoming a hawk while she and her daughter were just a couple of chicks ...she ended up throwing the eldest son out of fear and took her daughter away from her brother, but unfortunately for her, her youngest daughter didn't care that her brother is a hawk, she was strongly attached to her brother and when she was separated from him... the youngest daughter became indifferent to her mother for leaving her without her only support, the mother ended up alone in despair at the end, she wanted to protect her children thinking too much about a good future, but in her present she neglected them ... one of them changed too much, then with the second daughter there were not enough ties due to neglecting her to be able to maintain their relationship...

Ren turned his gaze and looked at Arwen who at some point had stopped writing documents.

Ren asked the lost Arwen with a smile.

-Do you want to be like that mother who lost the love of her children for worrying only about the future without thinking about her present? I really hope not.

Ren got up from her chair and placed an ice sculpture on Arwen's desk.

Arwen looked at the sculpture.

It was the figure of 2 brothers embraced, the older brother hugged the girl tightly and the girl rested her chin on her brother's shoulder as she hugged him back while both cried, the sculpture had great detail which would be impossible for an A rank mage normally.

Arwen was left beside herself for a moment looking at the sculpture until she heard Ren's voice.

-I think I found a way for you to spend time with your daughter tomorrow, you can call me at any time if she needs it.

Ren said closing the door to Arwen's office and leaving.

Arwen stared for a long time at the statue that Ren left behind.