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Arwen and amerie returned near dusk after a full day of adventure.

The mother and daughter duo spent a beautiful and memorable day.

Amerie felt that it was one of the best days of her life right now.

After being trained by Arwen, the 2 girls wanted to do something fun to pass the time, and just then Sylph appeared with a suggestion.

practice a sport called [bungee jumping].

the 2 girls didn't know what that was, so they nodded thinking that it was an activity of the ancients.

first, the 2 girls went to a bridge that fell into a river.

Arwen led the 2 ladies to the [Bridge of Peace], a bridge that connected the past 2 clans of elves, who signed a peace treaty and to commemorate it they built a bridge over a mighty river for trade and tourism.

afterward, Sylph hid behind a tree, and soon after she came back with some rare equipment.

it was a long rope with a garter, connected to 2-foot shackles.

Arwen and Amerie connected one end of the rope under Sylph's guidance and then connected with the 2 shackles on the other end of the rope.

the problem starts here.

the shackles were blessed with Sylph magic that blocked the passage of air mana.

The instant the 2 women put on the shackles, they stopped being able to use air mana.

Arwen realized the trap too late.

she didn't think that a great spirit would make such a low play as blocking a queen's mana.

Although Sylph's spell would have kept Arwen's mana locked for a minute at most since the shackles weren't made of a special material, the only special thing was that Sylph blessed him, but even so, the mana lock would have lasted only a few moments for Arwen against a common mana blocker, but the thing is, Sylph deliberately made a complicated magic circle also full of an ancient language that would make the process of solving it even more complex for Arwen.

Sylph then charged both Slyford women in spirit mana.

Amerie watched as her mother had trouble even using flux and diverting the great Sylph's mana.

spirit magic is much more powerful than normal magic, Arwen would be quite powerful as a magician, but against a spirit, she was still young.

the 2 elves, the mother and daughter were thrown overboard.

Amerie screamed in horror, hugging her mother, while Arwen heard something in her ear, a voice message with spiritual magic.

"Take advantage of that with your daughter, I was going to use it to bring Ren's relationship closer to that girl, but you need it more.

Arwen felt as if she had received a hack. (a cheat trick).

Unlike her daughter, Arwen didn't feel much fear with the fall, she was used to much bigger falls, with more people and she only needed the mana that would be used for a breeze to land her and her comrades safely on the ground. last.

Although she would just need some time to figure out Sylph's magic circle, Arwen decided against it seeing her daughter hug her so persistently while they were falling.

in the end...

Sylph connected the 2 girls through Ren's extreme games from the other world.

Amerie also noticed her mother's eyes taking on emotion from helplessly falling as she was being blocked from using mana.

She knew that her mother in the past loved extreme fun, but since she assumed her reign everything was diplomacy and politics, Amerie could only swallow her fear and hug her mother.

When the 2 girls returned after a day of adventure after dark, they found something strange.

all the servants were running around.

there were even court officials outside his door.

" What's going on here?

Arwen discarded her face happy and returned to being the authoritative and noble queen.

The councilors, seeing the queen, knelt and said.

-Congratulations my Reyna for her achievement!

"Can anyone tell what they're talking about?

everyone looked at each other with confused eyes but still nodded.

-congratulations on finding an elixir to save your father!


Arwen processing those words, she felt a severe short circuit and was unable to respond or move an inch.

Amerie also gasped in shock, not believing what she was hearing.

but sylph said in her ear to both women.

- don't stay like that, it must have been ren, come to your senses.

a jab landed on Arwen's neck and amerie waking them from her shock.

Arwen nodded.

"That's right, now I'll go inside.

Without saying more to her officials, Arwen walked directly into her mansion with Amerie following her.

quick but firm footsteps sounded through the mansion.

Arwen was walking quickly and elegantly through her house towards the location where she felt the presence of a group of people, the hero, and her servant, besides that it was her father's room where were.

ever since her father went into a coma, she's kept that room clean and tidy without visitors for 500 years.

Arwen can't feel her father's presence, not because she can't, it was because her father was so powerful that he could hide her mana perfectly.

Arwen walked steadily but in her heart and mind was a chaos of emotions that wanted to swallow her whole.

When she touched the stairs, Arwen threw everything to hell and began to run towards her father's location without caring about the looks of the servants around her.

opening the room and looking at the people inside talking, Arwen felt that there was water running down her cheeks.

in her father's room, there were currently 4 people.

3 people surrounded a person who was sitting on the bed where her father slept in the past, a bed that was empty for a long time.

Arwen saw her father looking at her with a look of surprise for a moment before saying softly in the voice that Arwen kept in her memories for too long.

- hello my little girl, did you have fun?


Arwen felt her heart about to explode with emotion, the pain of having her father absent for so many winters, the longing to see him again, the desire to be able to hear his voice once more.

all those emotions were transformed into infinite happiness at this moment.

Arwen lost the noble air of a queen, and at this moment under the sight of 4 people could only see the face of a tearfully smiling girl who obtained the long-cherished wish to see her long-lost father again.

Arwen could think of almost no answer.

she unconsciously said the sentence that she always said to her father when she was a child.

"Here I am daddy...




A few hours have passed since the high elf king woke up, but he caused a huge stir around his continent.

the great elf king, one of the 4 heroes and saviors who fought directly against the demon god woke up from a great rest in the aftermath of the battle.

Or that was what Ren heard through the news and gossip that was happening around the city.

at this time there is a great festival in the city commemorating the awakening of the great elf king.

the other clans sent many gifts to the capital congratulating the elf king, many sent from unique medicinal plants to important treasures.

this day was marked on the elven calendar as a day to celebrate, the people were jubilant for their king, every construction project, every dungeon hunting party, etc.

everything was temporarily suspended to commemorate tonight.

there was quite a bit of gossip about how the elven king was able to awaken.

Some say that it was his time to wake up due to the evil that was coming, other believers said that it was the tree of the world that somehow saved his protector, others more informed said that it could have been the hero of light who cured him, but No one ever suspected or crossed their minds that the one who restored the elf king's vitality, that one who, if found, would be revered as a savior by all the elves... would be a simple human in their eyes.

Worse still, this human would be at this precise moment competing with a dark elf girl, beings linked to darkness and hated by any normal elf, beings written in history as an abominable entity that must be persecuted and hated... that being would be next to the savior checking his robbery skills.


luckily no one knows right?

Ren at this moment was with Zirunia putting into practice his newly acquired thievery skills from Zirunia.

Ren pushed his way behind an elf man, and unbeknownst to the elf, despite being in the crowd, he has been the victim of a robbery.

The worst thing is that they didn't even take the bag, they only took the money that was inside the bag and instead they left small stones so that weight is not lost in the bag, there was no contact with their skin in the whole process.

Zirunia seeing Ren capable of perfectly nodded with a smile.

Although Zirunia is a bit jealous that a human has matched her in stealing technique in a short time, she did not feel sad.

Zirunia reached out to Ren and Ren took out a large bag with money inside of it and put it into Zirunia's hand.

" It was a pleasure doing business with you.

"Also, thank you for your advice.

- I guess that's all so far, you were a strange human, but it wasn't bad to meet you

"You were the first dark elf I ever met, but you removed any stereotypes I may have come to know about you.

-Thank you for your consideration.

" Shall I accompany you with your purchases?

- I couldn't say it better.

Zirunia and Ren walked through the festival, each carrying a magic bag on her back.

The bag on the outside does not seem to have much, but inside there are resources to feed many families of dark elves.

all this was achieved by Zirunia from theft with ren today.

Although Ren had the advantage since people can confuse him as a normal human and not as an awakened one, Zirunia should be careful because even if she has an illusion device that makes her look like a common elf, if she touches an elf directly elf, the elf will feel a sensation of having touched dark mana, although Zirunia never got to touch dark mana until now, she could use it and any elf who is a nature-bound being will feel death if touched by Zirunia.

Or that's what she learned from the others, that's why she learned the stealing technique from one of her elders and hasn't touched an elf until now.

coming back to reality.

-hey ren, how is the hero?

asked Zirunia somewhat curious, since she was little she heard stories about the goodness of the hero of light according to the prophecies, and she wanted to know if one day she would be able to meet him, like a fan's dream of meeting her favorite star.

"Basically... he's an idiot who only knows how to swing his sword.


Zirunia didn't even know what to think about that answer.

"But he's a kind guy who stands up for justice.

-Are you praising him or are you insulting him?

"He's my friend, so I have to insult him before I praise him.

- you're so weird

"I guess.

- I must thank the hero

"oh yes? why?

ren asks curiously.

- thanks to saving the elf king, I was able to find food at a lower price since the seller was happy.

" I guess you're right.

Ren nodded calmly, because of this festival things are so cheap that it would be stupid not to have bought anything.

Or so this storyteller thinks that he saw how Ren got so many things at such low prices that if it had been any other day, people would have thought that Ren stole from the elven royalty for everything he bought.

- hey ren

" Yeah?

-thank you

" why?

- If it wasn't for you too, I wouldn't have gotten all the money so fast.

Ren thought for a few moments before answering.

"If you are so grateful, let me visit your village one day.

-... I don't know, strangers are not allowed there, you would be filled with arrows directly, besides there is a barrier that does not allow others to pass.

"um... and if one day the opportunity presents itself and the barrier is broken, would you let me in?

-Hahahaha, it's impossible, the barrier of my town is strong enough to withstand attacks from rank B, you won't be able to pass, but I can bet, if you manage to enter my town, I'll teach you to control the flow better.

"And if you win?

- then you will give me a lot of food

"I agree.

Ren fist-bumped with Zirunia before leaving her at the edge of the elf village.

After Zirunia left, Ren went back through a crystal to her room.




Kiriko could be seen performing a dance alongside Kumiko at the festival.

it was a dance in which you would spin and move your feet face to face with your partner.

and since the 2 lovebirds are still nervous about touching something other than their hands, they loved the dance.

But Kiriko's mind was on another matter.

specifically, he was worried about his best friend, ren.

Not long ago, Kumiko was talking to some elf girls who couldn't get close to him out of embarrassment, so they asked Kumiko to give him their messages as a messenger.

Upon returning, Kumiko had a somewhat annoyed look on his stoic face, which the girls didn't notice since it was a very brief movement in his eyebrow.

But Kiriko was aware that she was angry about that simple move.

How did the dense hero know?

studying his girlfriend's face.

at school, it's been a few months since kiriko started studying everything about Kumiko.

Happened one day at school, Kiriko was receiving a statement from a girl.

The girl only knew that she was going to receive a no from Kiriko, but she at least wanted to try.

Kiriko had responded like this.

"I'm sorry but no, I have a girlfriend and I love her very much, I hope this is enough for you to give up on me and find someone else.

That was Kiriko's answer, but instead of the girl crying and leaving, this girl just smiled and said.

-I know, I know you have a girlfriend, at least you could do me the favor of accompanying me for a couple of minutes so that my friends think that I have a good impression of you, and in exchange, I will advise you to gifts for your girlfriend.

Kiriko thought about it and accepted.

he did it for 2 reasons.

The first and most important is that after he started dating Kumiko, Ren stopped giving him advice.

when asked him, ren told him.

"I help you realize your feelings, but when it comes to relationships, I don't know how to help you, I can't help you with something I don't know, you must discover that with Kumiko and learn.

Ren told him that unlike falling in love with a girl, he could never advise someone on what to do with his partner, he said that he did not know about it and asking for help would be like asking someone who is ignorant about it. issue.

Kiriko liked his friend's honesty, but he didn't bother asking someone else either, since unlike Ren, someone else would most likely lie saying they know, to get a good impression of the emperor's grandson and it could end worse. Kiriko didn't want to risk it, he loves Kumiko very much and doesn't want to ruin their relationship because of her simple incompetence.

but kiriko really wanted to give Kumiko a gift since at that moment it wouldn't be long before the 2 of them celebrated another month in their relationship.

that's why he agreed to be accompanied by the girl.

If someone asks Kiriko if he regrets it, he would say yes and no.

he would say yes because after he walked the girl around campus for a while, there were rumors about him cheating on Kumiko.

Kumiko was at her tea club at the time, while Kiriko was heading to his cube to train with Ren.

there came the yes and no.

Because when he entered the cube, Ren greeted him with a smile, until he had to fight Ren...

There Kiriko learned that Ren likes to take care of the people close to him, and woe to that someone if he hurts that person who Ren considers close.

it turns out that that rumor had spread like wildfire quickly and ren found out before kiriko got to the cube, how did ren find out if only 15 minutes had passed since kiriko left the girl in his living room and went to the cube?

Kiriko still wonders.

kiriko sometimes had to fight against opponents who cheat in battle, such as using earth to the blind, trying to push him to the limit, or some device in his pocket, or feints among other things, including magic and different skills, kiriko was a bit used to it. to that when fighting other students.

but at that moment kiriko learned what cheating really is.

Kiriko is considered to be on par with Ren when it comes to physical and fighting skills.

in the fight, ren was more aggressive than usual, and that's when kiriko knew that ren was bitter about something.

But in the middle of the fight, Kiriko suddenly felt a short circuit in his body, until now he doesn't know how Ren did it, but that movement was what left him unable to move for a few moments, something that Ren took advantage of very well to beat him up completely.

After falling to the ground, Ren put her foot on his chest and asked Kiriko with a kind smile.

- Did you cheat on Kumiko?

" what!?-


An electric shock ran to Kiriko's chest leaving him in a lot of pain.

- Answer, did you cheat on Kumiko?

"no! I swear!

Ren looked at Kiriko with a flat look before returning to his calm expression.

- So, explain what happened.

"Can you at least give me a potion, the blow hurt too much, ugh

-No, after listening to your story I will give it to you.


Kiriko could only tell everything that happened honestly, after the story...

- Are you telling me that a girl lied to you in exchange for advice for gifts to accompany her?

"Yes, but it wasn't her fault that the gossip spread, it must have been her friends.

Ren was looking at his phone at that time, he said directly.

- no, in fact, she published it directly.

ren showed his phone which was like a publication page run by students for students to spread the news of what might happen in All, but it was obvious that it would be used for gossip, so there wasn't that much of a problem.

- you were deceived by a girl my King.

"ha... do you know how to ask the girl to delete that post ren? I'm not really into that app and I don't even know how to send a message.

- um... I'll do it after you apologize to Kumiko for the misunderstanding.

" you will do it?

- ...after you honestly apologize, you won't even know that post existed.

"I was planning to do that after I can stand up.

- perfect.

Ren threw the potion at Kiriko to which he instinctively grabbed the potion with his right hand.

the bad thing is that the injury was on his right.


- how noisy

That was the last thing Ren said before going somewhere.

Kiriko waited 2 minutes before he could stand up after the beating.

immediately he ran to the tea club where Kumiko was.

Upon arrival, Kiriko saw many ladies teaching how to serve you elegantly.

Kumiko upon seeing Kiriko asked permission to leave for a moment.

Seeing the bruised face that still hadn't healed from kiriko, Kumiko spoke worriedly.

- huh!? what happened!? who did this!? was it ren!? that bastard! First, you have to go to the infirmary, then I'll throw 20 kilos of dirt into his room.

Kumiko, without waiting for Kiriko's response, grabbed his hand and wanted to take him to the infirmary.

but kiriko did not move.

- what's wrong kiriko? Why that worried look?

"I...it wasn't Ren's fault, he hit me to teach me a lesson for a girl's post, forgive me Kumiko, I swear I didn't know about that

- wait, he hit you for the publication of that medicine girl?

" Yeah?

- only for that!? it will be 30 kilos then, let's go to the infirmary

Kiriko was left a little beside herself when he saw Kumiko not worry about that.

he stopped advancing and asked Kumiko

"Wait, do you believe me?

Kumiko stopped short and looked at Kiriko in confusion.

- It is obvious that it is false, I know you would not deceive me.

Kiriko felt that he wanted to cry at that moment at the certainty of his girlfriend's words.

he pulled Kumiko into a big hug forgetting his embarrassment and thanked the goddess for having such a good girlfriend.

although later he had to stop Kumiko from throwing 40 kilos of dirt into ren's room, since kiriko was not upset with him, on the contrary, thanks to that lesson his relationship with his girlfriend deepened.

then kiriko decided to just ask ren for help with those things.

Ren accompanied him when he went to buy Kumiko's gift.

and something that ren suggested at least that he does was that he memorizes Kumiko's facial expressions.

Currently, after these months, Kiriko at least knows when his girlfriend is bitter.

Kumiko had said this.

- Those girls said... please take care of the elf king from ren, he is very weak and could be harmed by ren.

Despite the fact that the kidnapping of Amerie was clarified and that it was not ren, the culprit was never found.

Kiriko felt bitterness in his heart before his innocent friend.

while kiriko was looking for a solution, 2 ideas came to her head.

Talking to her new friend Rossweisse, Kiriko discovered that they came here to marry her brother to Princess Amerie, because her people were starving, or at least that there is a way for Queen Arwen to send support to her. town.

Kiriko then thought about the conversation between Ren and the elf king that happened in the room.

When they saved the elf king,  At that moment they received a message from Ren through a mana intercom leading them to a room.

then ren called kiriko to come to the room.

- hello my King.

- so this is the hero of the legends?

The first thing that Kiriko saw was a gray-haired old man sitting on a bed, he had green eyes like Arwen and a calm and kind smile, his posture indicated his age, but at the same time, he was too beautiful for an old man.

Ren who was on a chair next to the old man's bed replied.

- That's right old man, I know it's not much but it is what it is.

-um, it looks kind of innocent at first glance and his mana is still too thin to compare to the dense mana of the hero from 500 years ago, but he's on the right track.

Kiriko and Kumiko were shocked for a moment.

they both heard stories about the high elf king.

from books to heard directly by the queen herself.

it was that the elf king alone managed to unite all the elf clans to unite for war, with his great strength and his great charisma, and leadership leading the elves to victory.

but right now they saw an old man sitting on a bed with a smile like a gentleman next door.

-I was also surprised to meet the elf king, just ignore him, this old man is kinder than he seems

'can you have a little respect for a retired war hero?

the 2 lovebirds thought at the same time, but they still entered and sat on the chairs around them.

- well then.

Ren clapped his hands getting Kiriko and Kumiko's attention.

- I'll tell you why I called you here.

the 2 nodded to ren.

- Basically, when you entered this room, a servant will have noticed you, or not?

" that's how it is.

- What will happen is that when you leave in a few minutes from there, you will leave with the old man present here and you will say that you want some medicine for the elf king who has just recovered.


Kiriko didn't understand Ren's words for a moment, rather, he didn't want to understand them.

- as you hear, it will be an achievement for you as a hero of light.


Kiriko didn't know how to respond, so he looked at Kumiko who was also looking at him and they both didn't know what to say.

the first word they wanted to blurt out was.

' How ridiculous.

Kiriko didn't know what to say or feel.

Ren managed to cure the elf king.

a hero who was wounded and in a coma for nearly 500 years.

but ren wants them to say that the hero of light came and helped him wake up from his long sleep.

It would certainly be a huge achievement, Kiriko who still had no achievements in this place would be brought to the top directly, and would receive support in the following dark dungeons on this continent.

but ren who is currently hated by the capital of the elf kingdom would certainly be a help to his lousy reputation.

Kiriko knows that currently, Ren does not leave the mansion except to train because people boo him in the streets, thanks to Morian who contains the soldiers, he is not attacked by awakened ones.

but even so, ren can't go sightseeing or buy anything because of that.

everything is entrusted to him these days.

even here ren began to clean his room by himself the afternoon he returned, and apparently according to Indis ren when he entered he found a rank C corrosive venom snake under his pillow, although nothing happened because ren noticed it before leaving. be attacked.

although Indis found and forced those involved to apologize, no one really felt it.

he knows that ren needs this achievement to clear his name, but...


Can someone be so kind-hearted as to hand over a historic achievement like it was nothing and not have an ounce of regret or rejection in his eyes?

ren as if he noticed the complicated feelings that those 2 were handling he told them.

- Don't look at me like that, the achievement is useless to me, you need support, so it will help you much more than me.

"Could you stop being so carefree!?

Kiriko shouted, who couldn't help but be moved by Ren's words.

Ren raised an eyebrow at that.

- Neglect my King, the rumors will be forgotten with this achievement so enjoy it and don't argue with me.

Ren then turned his attention back to the elf king.

- very good old man, ready?

- to the east limit, right?

- that's how it is.

- okay.

Kiriko saw something miraculous.

The elf king raised his hand and in the room roots began to approach and form a circle, after the circle that appeared, a green portal began to form from inside, to which Ren said calmly.

- see you later.

and disappeared.


neither kiriko nor Kumiko could sense a hint of mana in what the elf king did, did they feel like... nature?

The elf king looked at the open mouth of both of them and said with a smile.

- Don't think I can use mana, it's a magic trick.

"May I ask what was that sir?

- Don't be so formal young man, I no longer have a mana core to use, you can consider me a simple old man.

"I... I wouldn't dare disrespect a sir like you.

-um... you're different from the other child, although I like you too, but hey, I borrowed this power from nature


-That's right, your friend also has this power, although instead of power, it would be like the ability to communicate with nature.

"huh!? ren has it too?

The elf king was taken aback for a moment before responding with a mischievous smile.

-didn't he tell you? hehe, it will be a good punishment for that brat who rejected the achievement of waking me up, well I'll tell you, young man.

The old man invited Kiriko to sit next to him, to which Kiriko quickly and humbly agreed.

- Well, that child's power was one of the imperfect types when he came here, apparently, he was injured with that power, but he also kept some of the essences, which means that he can accept the power of the world tree without for his body to become a plant, that's why it was easy to wake him up in it, even if it took time for him to communicate with nature, it is quite possible that he would be able to quickly connect with plants.

"That... is too much information.

The elf king smiled and raised his hand pointing to the sky, at that moment roots moved from the ground to closeness to Kiriko's face, where a red and fresh apple appeared from a root tip.

- Go ahead young man, you can eat, it will be necessary to recover your strength, the sweet will help you calm down.

Kiriko picked up the apple carefully and took a bite.

Upon feeling the sweet taste, his cheeks flushed red.

The elf king smiled as if he was looking at his granddaughter.

- You have a face similar to his when his cheeks were full of food..


-When you eat, you have the face of the king of your world 500 years ago, it shows that you are from his lineage, and by the blond lock of your hair, you are also awakening part of his lineage.

"...can you tell me something about my ancestor?

- Let's see... well-

at that moment Arwen appeared.

Seeing his daughter with her mouth open, the elven king couldn't help but feel happiness and sadness in his heart.

happy that he saw her daughter grow up to be a beautiful woman just like her mother, and sad that he couldn't be by his side to watch her grow.

The elven king named Arwen as he did when she was a child all those years ago.

- hello my little girl, did you have fun?

- ah...

The elf king saw how his daughter still remembers him in her heart because of how she answered him unconsciously with tears in her eyes and that pampered look she had before falling into a coma.

"Here I am daddy...

- do not look at me as if you have seen a ghost and come here and hug your old father.

Arwen ran with tears in her eyes to her father's arms to hug him.

The elf king smiled fondly as he stroked his daughter's hair.

- so that's my granddaughter huh?...

the old man said when he saw amerie standing in the doorway.

- grandpa- grandpa

- Come here to meet your grandfather.

Amerie came to see her grandfather.

-Yes... you have the same face as your mother, I knew that her mother's genes were strong, but not at the level of 3 generations, hahaha.

the elf king laughed before opening a portal with the power of the tree.

- Very well children, go out to the party, I have a lot to talk about with my daughter.

Although Amerie wanted to stay, even so, she nodded to her grandfather and crossed the portal, leaving only Arwen and the great elf king in the room.

the 3 children in the room nodded to the elf king before walking through a portal that led them into a hallway near the party and away from the eyes of others.




and that's what goes back to the situation with kiriko at the party.

Kiriko heard that the elf king could grow nature by just needing some mana and a seed regardless of the type of soil, Kiriko then thought of how to ask the elf king tomorrow to get seeds to take to the ice elf tribe. If ren goes with them too, ren will get some credit for the seeds, they just needed some seeds for that.

Kiriko thought as he looked at the elves around him who were dancing happily.