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Ren arrived at Queen Arwen's palace and went directly to the location of Kiriko who was practicing flow.




Meanwhile, in the world...


(what are you doing narrator?)

could you leave ren alone for a moment? I want to see how the others are doing.



(one way or the other)

thank you, dear author


on the human continent...

It was a quiet night on the human continent, more specifically this was the Neum empire.

On this starry night, a doorman could be seen quietly watching the dark night while he was taking care of the restaurant where he works.

This man loved his work and always fulfilled his duties as a guard.

While he was quietly waiting for the guests, 2 young ladies in ball gowns arrived in a carriage.

There was a girl who had black hair along with a pair of blue eyes that the narrator didn't care for and the girl next to her had medium-length brown hair along with a slightly more beautiful appearance than her friend, but At first glance, she seemed a little more timid and reserved.

the 2 young girls walked in the direction of the doorman and ignoring the doorman, tried to enter the door of the restaurant.

obviously, the young doorman stopped them at the door.

"excuse me, ladies, do you have a reservation?

The blue-eyed girl looked at the doorman as if she didn't understand her words.

- We are invited, permission.

The security guard stood in front of the door avoiding the girl's entrance while he repeated her words.

"Sorry, but this place is only available to guests with a reservation.

- we are ALL students, let us in.

"your ids, please

The blue-eyed girl glanced at her handbag before being surprised for a moment and saying with authority.

- We forgot our identification, but even so, you will let us in

' and again... another child claiming to be from All

This guard, Carlos, did not believe that story, it happened to him before when a boy told him that he was a student at All, but unlike that boy, these girls did not have their identification, which could just be a lie from these girls to enter the place.

"I apologize, but if you don't have invitations or any proof that you're an All student, I'll have to deny you entry.

The black-haired girl upon hearing how a miserable security guard humiliated her before the eyes of the people who were near the entrance, got angry and said something brave.

- We were invited by the heir of the Miller house, if you don't leave now, I will make you fired and not allow you to return to work.

Carlos was only going to snort at a threat from 2 girls who obviously got out of a common carriage without the coat of arms of some noble family, the dresses they wore were common, and even the pearl necklace that the youngest girl wore was one without much value.

It's not that Carlos is bad, he's just doing his job, and he can't let 2 girls who even falsely use the name of an important noble like it's nothing into the fancy restaurant he works at.

Carlos was going to say this calmly "you two pretending and lying girls, if you don't go away and stop saying nonsense, I have permission to use force to kick you out of here"

but strangely, his brain that was already preparing the order to speak, at this moment, a specific memory came to mind.

He remembered what a boy who came here with the most common clothes told him, but he said that he was a student of All, at first Carlos thought it was something really absurd, in All, there are usually students who are sons of nobles, important businessmen, adventurers important, or there are cases that certain families send awakened children with the ability to gain strength in All and reach the top 10 of the student ranking, giving the family that supports that child more influence, as well as more opportunities of growth, for this reason, he knows that these children have their pride, and he knew that to go anywhere, they usually wear expensive clothes.

when Carlos saw All's identification of that child, he was scared to death, he knows how vicious nobles can be, and he knows that many of them are quite unreasonable along with that they love "to be given face" (an expression that I get from novels, it means what it seems, when someone says, "I want a face" it means that they want to look good in front of others)

Carlos remembered the phrase that the young man said.

-Always return kindness to others, even though you called me homeless, you were kind and that's why I'll tell you, kindness can save your life since you never know if the one who has a gangster's face can really be someone with power.

for some reason, Carlos felt doubt...

'are these girls really guests of the Miller family?

if that were true and Carlos, an ordinary person with barely an F rank, had thrown out those guests, his life would end with luck just because he couldn't work elsewhere.

something that ren was unaware of, is the great amount of influence that these big families have, as he does not usually use the influence of these families, in addition to the fact that ren's friends are usually reserved people who do not usually say their positions when they go to other places, for example, Kiriko, although he is an idiot who only likes to use the sword, he has basic knowledge of diplomacy and politics, he knows how important his last name is, and he knows what it could cause if he said his last name in a shopping mall.

Ren doesn't know that even mentioning a surname from these 6 great nobles could shrink even A-rank hunters, people who are already close to reaching the level of a powerhouse in this country.

Carlos thought his words carefully before saying.

"You can wait in reception while I speak with my superior, if you are a guest of Duke Miller, I will not deny you entry.


The black-haired woman was about to raise her voice toward Carlos, but her friend who was with her stopped her while she tried to calm her down.

- please Ariana, we can rest for a while at reception while we wait.

the black-haired woman known as Ariana nodded to her best friend before walking through the door and sneering at Carlos.

Carlos just ignored the girl's gesture while he contacted her boss, a fat old man and the owner of this restaurant.

" boss.

- what do you want? I'm busy, don't bother me

"It's something, urgent boss

- spit it out and hang up

could be seen on the other end of the phone, an obese-looking man sitting in his office while he went through important documents.

Carlos said directly to his boss.

"2 girls came saying they were guests of the heir to the Miller house.


the boss stopped at that moment.

- Aren't they just a couple of girls who want to enter the place to attach themselves to some important diner like leeches?

"... I don't know, boss, but I'm calling you to verify.

the boss was about to yell at his subordinate, but a message came to his phone.

the message said:

[I am the butler of the Miller house, a couple of guests from our house will arrive in 30 minutes if they are treated badly, my master tells them to say goodbye to his restaurant]

the message had the verified number of the butler of the Miller house, no one would be so brave as to falsify the identity of that last name.

the boss began to sweat cold he yelled at his subordinate.

- Make sure they receive the best treatment, I will go down to receive them myself.

Carlos heard the scream and realized that he was right to call.

'These girls came invited by the Miller heir, most likely these girls are linked to the heir, but they came before to wait for him... thank the goddess that I dodged that bullet, no... it's thanks to that boy.

Carlos thanked the goddess and that boy who came lazy that day, if it weren't for that, he would have expelled those girls without thinking and it was possible that he would not even see the sun tomorrow.




meanwhile, in a mansion in the capital of the Neum empire, a girl could be seen in a training room.

the girl had a sphere of water floating between her 2 hands, the girl the narrator likes for her beautiful eyes and jet-black hair, along with that concentrated expression, she would look cute if it weren't for her cold gaze of her.

The girl was sweating heavily as she tried to freeze the sphere of water with the magic she recently acquired.

She was only able to freeze half of the ice sphere before she ran out of mana and half of the sphere made of water spilled out causing it to stain the ground along with the weak ice that fell to the ground and cracked.

Kuroka looked at the room filled with water and some small pieces of ice that haven't melted yet, she decided to take a break.

when she woke up on the hospital gurney, Saiko informed her that the poison was successfully been removed from her body and that her life was not in danger.

what alarmed her is that days later, she felt the need to create ice.

she didn't understand it at first, she first made a sphere of water, and just tried to freeze it.

what surprised her was that she was able to make a tiny part of the sphere freeze for a moment.

She obviously asked her brother for help to do an attribute test, Kazuma went with her to her guild and the result came out that apart from being able to use water, there was a level-one ice talent on her body.

she couldn't believe it, even now she kuroka can't believe it.

but her brother assured her not to worry, it could be a second awakening.

a second awakening is usually quite abnormal in any awakened.

which means that if a person has an attribute, only a handful get that blessing called second awakening, since the world took it as a miracle from the goddess.

the second awakenings are usually in which a person who already has an attribute, gets another, either the new attribute replaces the one you already had, which occurs when the attribute is a variant of the first attribute, or it is a new second attribute, which is when the second attribute is not linked to the first.

which is weird in this case, since she had the water, if it's a second awakening, what should happen is that ice replaces her water as the variant, but strangely, it was an addition rather than a replacement.

She was suspicious of her brother since before her brother had a smile when he is at home, she was suspicious that maybe he had a date, but when she asked him yesterday, he didn't say it was a date.

- Because I'm happy? Well... let's say that I'm happy to help someone dear to me to achieve her happiness.

she didn't understand what her brother meant, so she left it as her older brother's silly ideas.

When Kuroka who had been taking a break was going to start training, she heard something from the maid.

- Her brother has just arrived, miss.

Kuroka nodded since she had ordered her brother the supplies for the academy, Kazuma always liked to buy her sister the things she needs and after waking up from the coma, she doesn't get rid of that habit.

but when she saw her brother, she saw the sour look on her face as she walked in circles in the living room.

"What's up, brother?

-um? oh kuroka, it's you, it's not much, it just seems that there is an obstacle in what I wanted.

" oh really?

-...yes, I can't really believe it, until now I still can't believe it.

"Could you stop pacing bro? and tell me? I have to study.

Kuroka, seeing her brother running around for something, couldn't help but roll her eyes, she knew her brother and knew that he would run around the living room when something didn't go as it should. he wanted.

After taking control of the entire family business, Kazuma quickly stabilized the situation with investors along with reining in the competition.

On the other hand, in all these weeks, Kuroka was putting his heart in order.

First of all, she realized that she liked Ren's food, although her heart fluttered when she thought of him, she wanted to be sure before even thinking about trying a compromise, if what Hina said, Ren's artificial intelligence is true, then there would be no problem.

While Kuroka wished to be stronger in all areas of her life, her brother finally cut the bullshit and dropped a bombshell.

-I just found out that Ren has an engagement with a girl, sorry, little sister.




The narrator was pulled to the point of view of another continent, the demon continent, more precisely, at Aiko's house.

he could be seen in the demon continent, Aiko in her bed while she hugged the apron that ren gave her.

she had a sweet smile as she felt the warmth of ren's gift.

Aiko's room was a well-decorated room, with quite a spacious bed along with a large bookshelf, it had everything a princess could need, as well as decoration, there were old handmade stuffed animals around her bed and in different places on her bed. the room, stuffed animals that his father sewed for him every year for his birthday and there were handmade wooden sculptures on shelves of different monsters that were a gift from his mother on each birthday.

It is said that doing nothing gives a person the need to think about many things, Aiko currently had a book of fairy tales next to her while on the page of the book that was open, the image of a knight was displayed. in armor protecting a damsel.

Aiko was having a lot of illusions with her lot of novel books about a knight in armor saving the heroine of the story, the detail is that the face of each knight in her imagination was the face of the same man, the same face which makes Aiko with red cheeks full of passion.

While Aiko was having sweet fantasies about him, the door of her room suddenly opened showing the motherly figure of her mother.

Bianca, seeing her daughter hugging the apron that Ren sent her, along with the movements of her body, thought of something.

She approached her daughter's bed and saw the image of the knight in the book and her daughter who had her eyes closed as she made a beautiful smile with red cheeks.

Bianca got a little worried about her daughter, she could tell that she was having a lot of fantasies about a prince charming.

Bianca was a little worried about her daughter when the illusion of the knight in his armor from the stories will be killed, but she was more worried about even thinking about killing her daughter's illusion, her daughter might be angry with her. for telling him that fantasies are just that, a fantasy.

Bianca's mind quickly came to a solution, without the need to abruptly kill her daughter's illusion of a knight, but making her think in reality that this is not a fairy tale.

Bianca walked over to her daughter and sat next to her on her bed.

When Aiko felt the extra weight on her bed, she snapped out of her reverie immediately as she hid the apron behind her back.

Bianca just laughed softly at her daughter's behavior.

- I see you're thinking about him, huh?

"It's not what you think mother, I just liked the feel of the apron.

-those horns are still soft enough for you to try to deceive me, daughter

Aiko upon finding herself discovered, dropped the apron gently.

"I apologize for this inappropriate behavior mother.

Bianca pulled her daughter back to her bosom before patting her head tenderly.

- smelly girl, that doesn't bother me, I know your heart is already imprinted on it, it could never bother me that you want to express your love.

"Really mother?

- Rather... I don't want you to take your thoughts to the knight of the stories you read.

At that moment, Aiko tried to get out of her mother's embrace, something that Bianca did not let since she held her daughter's head tightly but without hurting her.

-Listen to me daughter, something that you are going to need if you want to take a step as an adult, is to understand that life is not a fairy tale, I do not want you to be thinking that everything you read in those stories happens in real life.

Upon hearing her mother's words, Aiko's complexion became sad, knowing that her mother was right, she did not want to look like a child in Ren's eyes, and she did not want to receive the same treatment that Kelly receives from ren.


low blow

(the same)


what Aiko couldn't see was her mother's smile as she continued her words.

-But you don't need to be discouraged, my daughter, I have a solution for that.

"Seriously mother? What can I do to be more adult?

Aiko asked with stars in her eyes making Bianca laugh softly, before making a straight face and asking her daughter seriously.

-First I must know, how much do you like Ren?

Aiko looked at her mother seriously, she had her answer from before and she was not going to change, she was sure of it.

"I want to be with him and only him in this life.

Bianca looked at her daughter in her eyes, she saw her seriousness, but she also saw deep down the same love that Bianca had in her husband and she showed it a lot when they were young demons.

there was an obsessive love in the depths of her daughter's gaze.

Bianca smirked and told her secret to her success to her daughter.

- well, daughter, do you know how I tied your father?


Aiko did not understand her mother's words, but she shook her head anyway.

- When we were young, your father and I met someone special, he gave me the secret to make your father fall in love and make your father marry me in the blink of an eye, your father was a person who was persecuted at that time by many women, but none could achieve the step that I achieved.

hearing that, Aiko sharpened her senses, she wanted to know if there was such a secret to make ren marry her.

" that I have to do?

- I like your attitude, but before I tell you, you should know that this method is dangerous, I used it because I knew that your father was a straight and good man, I know that Ren is a good boy, but in your eyes, how is ren?

Aiko thought for a few moments before answering.

"Well... Ren is someone responsible, someone, who keeps his promises no matter the cost, and someone who would give his life for the people he loves.

-oh... I like this son-in-law more and more.

Aiko blushed at his mother's shameless words, but she didn't deny it.

but Bianca said a few words that made her little daughter's brain take a path of no return.

- You see, what I did at that time to make your father fall in love was to get him drunk and then take him to a hotel by initiative, pure-blooded demons have a long gestation period along with the fact that it is difficult for us as women to get pregnant, we are beings long-lived, with that comes the difficulty for couples to conceive a child.

- Once that night happened, which was a night with a high probability that I would get pregnant, your father had a charge of remorse of conscience for having committed such madness in his eyes of attacking me while I was vulnerable, of course, I participated so that that night Belief remains in his head, shortly after I told him that I was pregnant, at that moment I was scared, I can't deny it, I was scared that your father would reject me... but your father proved to be a man who deserved my love, then he does not reject myself and he takes responsibility by taking me as his wife.

"But mother, shouldn't I be older then if you say what happened when they were young then?

- I'm still a quite young, smelly girl, besides, because that was the next part of the plan... after the marriage, what I did was to take your father into my web little by little, give him a healthy amount of care and darling, over time he got used to that affection, of course, he couldn't bind Abadon with the news of the pregnancy forever, that's why I studied hard how to please him both day and night if you like I can lend you my self-study books I think I still have them... but hey, what I did was gently told him that it could have been a mistake by my family, the problem is that when he noticed the cobwebs... it was already too late, he had also given me his heart and was firmly attached to me, obviously, we showed our love until we could have you daughter...

Aiko felt that she would have a new world with her mother's story, she didn't know that her parents had that background story, but that didn't matter.

The narrator was curious about the future change of mentality of the cute Aiko, by reading the little girl's mind, the narrator was able to catch a phrase that was in her little head.

' I want a baby.




Bianca left the room of her daughter who was entering a new type of fantasy and went to her husband's office.

as she entered, Bianca saw Abadon sitting in his office while he leafed through documents.

Bianca didn't say a word, she approached her husband's back and began to gently massage his shoulders lovingly.

500 years have passed, but Bianca still had the same love for her husband, and she knew that her husband was deeply involved in her web of love.

the image of Bianca and Abadon gave the narrator a sensation similar to that of a spider that gently caressed the cocoon where its prey was, with no option of leaving, not wanting to even think about escaping, the poor prey of the spider was so time inside that cocoon that even took a liking and desire to stay there forever.




On the same demon continent, there was another area, on the border of the city where the demon king was.

an army of bloodthirsty beasts being held back by the demon army.

many of his men resisted the beasts that came in great numbers with a magical barrier.

the men screamed.

-How much is left?

- not much!

- I won't take it anymore! we need reinforcements!

- in the east area there are also beasts.

-what? damn! Will at least some reinforcements arrive?

- they said it was coming!

at that moment of the talk between 2 soldiers who had their shields in front in line with other soldiers keeping the mana shield

all the soldiers felt an icy pressure that chilled their necks.

everyone felt and knew that presence.

at that moment in the first line, a woman appeared.

The woman had silver hair, and she was dressed in a combat maid outfit along with a small shield and a long sword.

all the soldiers were used to their general with that sight.

The problem that left these soldiers cold is that her general came with a child in her arms.

and that boy had silver hair just like his general.

everyone realized that this little boy must have a strong bond with his general.

Firstly, because her general is cold as winter and doesn't even let her colleagues touch her, she was not seen in any scandal with any man, let alone rumors about her approaching a man.

Secondly, and even more important, is that her general is an orphan.

so he could not be a brother or a nephew.

There was only one option left for her beautiful general to come with a child, even more important, who has that closeness to the little one who was carried by her, in addition to the fact that the little one was asleep hooked on her back.

but this option... none of these soldiers wanted to believe it.

They knew that her general was out of the continent for almost a year, but these soldiers did not even want to imagine that her general found a man.

Usually, these soldiers wouldn't be such idiots, considering the boy's 10-year-old appearance age, plus it's impossible for their general to give birth to a 10-year-old boy.

but considering that they were on the front line, along with the great shock.

These soldiers thought that her general had a lover.

but they believed more the audacity that he was the son of her general when the little boy opened his eyes.

Although he was still hanging on Eira's back, he didn't block her view of the large number of monsters outside the barrier.

- Mom, is it time for you to work?

- that's right Re, mommy has to work.

The little boy got off Eira's back and sat on an ice bench created by Eira while he waited for his mother to finish exterminating the monsters.

After Re got off her back, Eira didn't wait and jumped toward a large number of monsters.

in the air, Eira chanted a spell.

-[ Ice Magic: Ice Smoke]

everyone saw from behind the barrier how a great white smoke was produced from the magic circle that Eira formed, blocking everyone's vision.

Seconds after the spell, everything went silent.

the smoke cleared and showed itself to Eira, along with the cold gaze of her looking at the army of monsters totally frozen and dead.

- Clean their mana cores.

Eira said as the little boy clapped his hands at Eira's strength, causing the corner of Eira's lip to rise slightly considering Eira's cold gaze, it was quite a change.

all the soldiers confirmed it... they were convinced that the little boy was the son of their general the ice maiden Eira.

and the little boy's face... although he had similar features to Eira, his face was more similar to his father's, along with deep blue eyes.

many of these soldiers with broken hearts remembered the little boy's face to look for his father.

Re unknowingly... by fulfilling Eira's wish, he caused a big target to be put on Ren's head when he didn't even come to the demon continent yet.




returning to the human continent...

specifically, to the desert.

in this world, on the human continent.

the borders of countries are the desert.

It seems that the creator of this game world was lazy to create more things, so he just put desert.

but in this desert, people were living.

rather, small cities, each city run by a different boss.

Apart from the common population, many of the citizens of these different groups are people who come from different countries, some are exiles, many of them are people who couldn't get used to or couldn't follow the laws of their respective countries, or even the taxes.

these people come to the desert and can find some city to live in, after all, the entrance was free.

Currently, there are 10 major cities in the desert.

10 of these cities are quite separated in the whole territory, but 10 of these cities are so big, that if you put all 10 cities together, you could create a country as big as Neum.

but unfortunately, these 10 countries have their conflicts and do not want to get together and some do not even want to keep the peace.

in one of these 10 cities...

in a dark room.

a small girl could be seen curled up on the ground.

although everything was dark in this room, the narrator could see her clearly.

the little one had fine-textured golden hair as if she had been sprinkled with gold dust, she had smooth and white skin that shows the appearance, her small appearance

along with her 2 emerald green eyes, if she was well-fed and clean, she would be a cute little beauty.


she is neither well-fed nor clean.

but her young eyes still have the flame of life in them, unlike her companions who many already have eyestrain from hopelessness.

This little girl was inside the room much longer than many of her classmates, but even so, she did not lose hope.

the narrator felt a deep curiosity about this little girl.

Unfortunately, the author took him out of that area to return with Ren.