111. the change of pace.
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Since the narrator was annoying, the evil author made him go only to Ren's location.

The narrator is like a presence that recounts Ren's life while he watches it as if it were television.

But from the human realm, he had to advance to the elf continent.

Said trip for her took 1 week while she searched for Ren and her group who traveled to the Ice Elf tribe.

The group relied on both the ice elf princes, Ren's human group, and the wolves who drove the sleigh they were traveling on, obviously, there were also a couple of servants who were the ones who took care of the tame wolves.

Rossweisse could currently be seen looking straight ahead from the sled, but there was an uncomfortable feeling that itched quite a bit.

Looking to the left of her, she couldn't help but think.

'who can train her magic like that?

Ren could be seen ice skating on a rapidly moving ice board creating, using, and sliding on the ice of it.

The point is that Ren's speed was a speed that was similar to the 10 C-rank wolves that were pulling the sleigh of the princes and the group of humans.

Kiriko wanted to use the sled, but Ren charged her for the use.

Usually, it wouldn't be a problem for the prince of the empire, but Ren charged an amount similar to buying a mansion in the capital of Neum.

Kumiko informed her that it would be a waste of money, although Kumiko could use something to blackmail and try to change Ren's mind.

the truth was they couldn't.


because practically Ren was facilitating almost the entire trip.

in the middle of the elven territory, there is a territory that is only ice, scientifically there is no answer to the reason for this freezing weather in the middle of the elven territory.

It is said that it appeared suddenly at some point in history, and over the years the elves became accustomed to this climate, developing certain differences from their common elf counterparts.

For example, the descendants began to have more affinity for ice than for air, in addition, they began to acquire white hair and a certain resistance to cold.

but not at the level of ren.

Ren was currently standing on an ice surf table wearing a home outfit, which consisted of shorts, slippers, and a simple polo shirt.

while everyone else was bundled up in plenty of polar clothing.

Kiriko and Kumiko as humans equally, the princes and ice elves came a little less warm, but still had coats against the cold.

only the wolves who were used to this climate and because of their fur had no problems.

but even so, the nights in this frozen land are very cruel.

Currently, 3 checkpoints at different distances marked the path of the freezing weather from the ice elf tribe city to the boundary where the warm elf weather begins.

At the first checkpoint, Ren had gotten tired of wearing fleece clothing, it was like protecting yourself from something that would do your body good, that's why from the first checkpoint he got tired of pretending he was cold and took off his fleece clothing.

usually, such a trip would take at least a month.

but certain factors made things easier.

the first and most important.

invisible air.

Ren forced Kiriko to wield invisible air so that he could avoid the cold air's resistance to the wolves.

In the beginning, it was quite difficult, at the beginning Kiriko could only hold it for a few minutes, causing it to brake suddenly causing some discomfort in the sled.

but kiriko who had obtained the flow ability could somehow understand how to use invisible air over time.

and he trained both his mastery with flux and invisible air.

Ren trained his control in his ice magic as well as being in freezing weather made his body receive quite a few benefits thanks to the blessing of the dungeon wyvern in Holland territory.

his mana output from his core increased thanks to that.

Ren was training his mana output speed, magic output control, and the mana required for the speed he was going.

Ren understood that running out of mana in a fight would be quite troublesome.

therefore, he asked the old elf king for advice.

the old man just laughed as he told him that he could figure it out himself.

but he gave him a suggestion.

- wasting mana is something common, but if you want a way to save it... imagine this, if you use water to bathe, whether or not you will use more water than you need, and in case there are shortages in your town Wasting a lot of water would be quite silly since on that one occasion you could bathe, but when do you need a bath another day? So what if you can reuse that amount? Think about it.

Ren's spotlight caught on with that.

It's like a car engine in its old world, the fuel efficiency is not 100% used, since it only burns a part and the rest is discarded as smoke... but what if you could use that smoke?

it was a difficult thing to do easily.

Ren was training that then, practicing his magic to use only enough for the spell, plus if there is excess mana, to be able to reuse it.

'As the saying goes, one step at a time, let's first try to keep mana usage to a minimum.

Ren thought as he tried to use enough mana to create the path of ice, but only using mana for him to pass, and then the path he leaves breaks due to lack of mana.

What kept Ren's mind completely occupied, creating ice was simple, kept him busy limiting mana use.

it was similar to the difference between a professional swimmer and a novice.

To win, the rookie will use all his physical strength to keep the rhythm while the professional will do it calmly with technique so that he does not waste more energy and maintain his rhythm calmly.

that was the ultimate goal for this exercise, to be able to use the optimal yield of mana in battle.

oh well.

'training aside... if my sister saw this ice skating, she would want to try it.

Ren then to calm his mind from training his mana output for more than 5 hours since this morning, decided to give Kiriko a chance who also seemed extremely tired of maintaining invisible air.

" kiriko

- Yeah?

Kiriko replied with a sigh.

"I'll take over, jump on this board.

Ren said before heading with the surf table to the side of the sled where Kiriko was.

Rossweisse felt a fright at that moment.

imagine a moving train.

What would happen if it suddenly brakes from what was going at maximum speed?

passengers will feel the punch of the laws of physics firsthand.

that scared Rossweisse with invisible air.

Currently, they are going at a high speed, much faster than when the 2 princes came to the queen's elf territory thanks to invisible air that blocks the air force.

but that out of nowhere that is cut?

For even a second, that could be risky considering all the food they bought for their people was packed on top of the sled not counting the fall they would have.

The 2 humans, the hero Kiriko and Kumiko were calm at Ren's proposal.

Kiriko had her hand on the front of the sled keeping Invisible Air running.

Ren jumped onto the sled and before Rossweisse could even speak, Kiriko removed her hand, removing the magic.

Rossweisse closed her eyes from the force of the coming stop, but the sled never stopped.

Opening her eyes, she saw Ren with his hands in his pockets while he looked at Kiriko who had climbed onto the board and was making clumsy movements to stay upright.

Rossweisse then realized.

'Isn't this human more dangerous than he seems?

ren controlled the board that kiriko used on ice in addition to controlling invisible air.

it was as if a person tried to write with one hand and draw with the other, although it is difficult for many, it is possible, now, let's say they have to keep the same rhythm of both actions, plus they have to finish both on time. .. another level of difficulty.

but ren was doing exactly that.

even his human friends were even calmer than him.

Although Rossweisse didn't get along so well with Ren because of their differences in values and principles, she had to admire her magical control ability even if she didn't want it.

Ren, on the other hand, looked so relaxed that he could even converse with Kumiko while he kept the ice connected by contacting the ground creating an electric ice path, plus he kept invisible air running.

" hey


Kumiko asked as he marveled at how cute Kiriko looked while he was ice skiing.

" luck

- huh?

Kumiko didn't understand what Ren meant until out of nowhere the sled hit something that sent Kumiko flying through the air.


Kiriko saw Kumiko screaming into the air, Ren quickly directed Kiriko towards Kumiko's direction causing him to catch her and carry her with a princess hug.

Ren just smiled at the scene of Kumiko in Kiriko's arms.

'Don't you think that pair of lovebirds is funny?

Ren thought as he watched the movie scene showing Kiriko and Kumiko.

- It seems that you were watching your son's marriage.

Elpis said at Ren's comment.

Ren just shrugged at Elpis's comment as he thought.

'um... will it be nice to live in a cabin with Akane after all this mess?




hours passed and the group had to camp.

Ren created ice igloos for both the wolves and his group and the group of ice princes.

then they started camping tonight to reach the last checkpoint safely tomorrow.

in the cold darkness that basically didn't affect ren.

ren looked at the stars at nightfall.

'what a beautiful tranquility...

Ren created an ice statue in the shape of his sister.

At first glance, she was a girl of at least 15 years old, she had hair down to her back and a kind looks in her eyes.

Ren looked at the image for a few moments as she smiled sadly at the thought of not being able to see it again.

'Elpis... will it be possible to return home?


'can't you tell me?

- More exactly, I don't know.

'you do not know?

- only one being in this world could have the power to return you to your old world.

' the goddess?

- the goddess.

ren began to think about where the goddess appears in the game.

'um... you could only get to talk to the goddess at the end of the game, kiriko after saving everyone, he will receive the goddess's gratitude along with a secured place in heaven for him and all his wives

"ha... life is hard

Ren speaks heavily, his goal hasn't changed since he got here, it was to see his sister again.

At first, Ren was calm experiencing this world, fulfilling his promise to his sister... but the time here gives him little by little the need to want to see his little sister and his family there again.

Ren still remembered the promise to his sister...

- brother, I want you to promise me something.

" what thing?

- promise me you'll save $%&/!+


ren held his head in pain

'Why the hell are my memories blocked? Elpis, do you know something?

- I really do not know, I do not know if it will be a problem in your soul to come here or something like that.

'oh really? I would rather come here without magic than without memories of my family.

- I bet you don't.

'why you said so?

what interrupted the conversation was a number of presences that were approaching.

Ren immediately stood up as he summoned his sword.

Ren looked ahead patiently until little by little people began to appear.

the thing is that they surrounded the 3 igloos that were there.

'There are at least 25 people...

Ren had better control in feeling presence and mana, but Ren couldn't sense magic in any of the guys present.

To the naked eye, the guys in front of him were a group that included both hooded and cloaked men and women.

Ren looked at the man who appeared in front of him with a completely flat and cold gaze.

'ambush? but how would people without mana appear here in the middle of nowhere?

the man had his hands raised as a sign that he came without weapons.

Ren silently looked at the man in front of him and then at the entire group before saying in a completely cold and flat voice that contained no emotion, as if he was speaking to nothing.

" what do you want?

The man took off the cloth that covered his face, revealing the appearance of an elf with black hair and an approximate age of 25 years.

but considering the youthful appearance of the elves... this guy must be many years older.

-please, give us some of his food, I beg you, my people and I got lost and are dying.

said the man with a tired and parched voice from thirst as he knelt, ren saw that one of the elf man's ears was cut off, ren guessed that his ear froze, the man had blue lips, and pale skin and kept trembling hard.

The people around her also approached Ren while removing the cloths from their mouths showing their miserable appearance, as if they had been suffering from the cold for a long time.

if kiriko or Kumiko had seen this sight, their hearts would have melted to mindlessly help all these people.

but ren was neither kiriko nor Kumiko.

there was not a single movement in ren's expression as he looked at these men.

there was no empathy, annoyance, curiosity...absolutely nothing.

Ren's mind was quite calm.

' show up in the middle of the night like this... will they be stragglers? or is it a trap? too many coincidences... both kiriko and Kumiko are sleeping, so it will be a nuisance if they see this sight, if it is a trap, it will be a danger for them, so it's will be better to put them to sleep.

Ren thought rationally about this situation.

there was no bonfire lit now, it had been put out early for the monsters, the location of their camp was a location where potential attackers had no vision, plus there was maneuverability for both fight and escape.

but strangers appear out of nowhere right at this point?

Ren didn't buy that nonsense.

Although this climate does not affect him, it is not the same for the ice elves, and even worse, these people did not have the characteristic hair of the ice elf people, which means that they are not from this area.

Ren thought coming to a conclusion.

'kill them silently.

Ren thought so, they are suspicious, and they could attack them in unknown terrain, Ren who took the watch tonight classified these unknown guys as an unknown danger.

And what is done with danger?

Said danger that threatens the security of his group is eliminated.

All the elves that were around Ren were surprised, ice tentacles appeared under their feet that trapped them and left them motionless and covered their mouths with ice.

The elf who lost his ear looked in horror at Ren who was looking at him calmly as he said in a flat voice.

"Calm down, you'll leave here without pain.

The elf thought that it would be the end of him, and he realized that there was no possibility of getting empathy from this guy, when he felt that it was the end of him, he heard a voice that made Ren stop his actions.

- I brought you some hot chocolate, ren, huh?

It was Kumiko who came out of the igloo and froze at the sight of Ren about to kill a whole group of elves.




a few hours ago.

Kumiko was on the sled while he was having sad thoughts.

It had been almost a week since they left the elf village for the ice elf tribe.

Kumiko thought about what happened a few days before.

they had made a dinner to say goodbye to kiriko and the ice elf princes.

Kumiko tried to maintain a smile, but it was difficult.


she couldn't learn the flow.

It turns out that aside from the Bornner elder, the other elders also gifted their disciples who achieved their flow training as a skill, it was almost like a gift from an elder to his grandchildren.

Kiriko also surpassed his partner and got flow as an ability.

Amerie stayed at home because since the elven king decided to help her daughter with the affairs of the kingdom, she got more free time to train Amerie in flux.

Kumiko in the end couldn't get past her partner.

her teacher told her this.

- You are a very talented, young Kumiko, I don't deny it, but you really don't need to overexert yourself to learn this, you must have peace of mind to be able to receive the flow concepts well.

so said the old elf.

but she really couldn't be at peace.

Kumiko thought of ren and kiriko.

the 2 young people whom I accompany on this trip.

both ren and kiriko learned the principles of flow, an art that is said to take years to even understand.

She confided to Kiriko, she told him that she couldn't learn flow after Kiriko had absorbed the skill manual.

Although she wanted to keep her weakness, she didn't want to have secrets in her relationship with Kiriko, so she told him after Kiriko obtained the ability, she didn't want to be a burden to him and it would hurt her more if Kiriko handed over his manual. with the excuse that he could learn it later.

Kiriko tried to relieve her by saying that she could learn it in time.

although he was right... the point is that time is not going to wait for her.

She knew that Kiriko would get stronger at her command from the goddess, but she also knew that Kiriko would only get stronger and stronger, leaving her behind if he stagnated.

that was eating away at Kumiko.

She felt that he would be left behind soon and that Kiriko will have no choice but to leave her behind so as not to put her in danger, which would be very common in him.

but she didn't want that, she took an effort to reach her strength since she discovered her true vocation.


Kumiko sighed sadly as she looked up at the starry night at the first checkpoint.

She didn't even know what she could do now.

- the stars seem to be delicious tonight.

Kumiko turned her gaze and could see Ren who had come to see her.

"what do you want ren? I'm busy

-I'm just looking at the stars, they look like food.


"Where does that look like food?

Kumiko asked in disbelief.


ren pointed to a certain group of stars.

-those look like a double meat burger, that looks like a pizza with pepperoni.


Kumiko couldn't really see how those stars were similar to food.

"ha...could you stop talking nonsense and say your business?"

- What a nasty woman, hopefully, Kiriko abandons you and leaves you planting rice in your town.

Ren said a typical mockery between them, but instead of Kumiko responding something like "you're the disappointment of idiots, stay away before you infect me"

she answered like this.

" I hope so.



Ren was surprised for a moment before continuing her words.

- um... what fly bit you?


-I suppose it must be because you didn't learn flow right?


- You know I won't leave until you tell me, right?

Said Ren calmly looking at Kumiko.

Kumiko didn't dare to look up, she thought Ren was looking at her pityingly right now, so she bit her lip hard.

'don't feel sorry for me.

What Kumiko hated the most was that someone felt sorry for her, for her that someone felt sorry for her just for being an orphan was something insulting.

Kumiko's blood was boiling right now at Ren who didn't want to leave her alone, so she exploded at him.

Kumiko gathered mana in her fist and shot it toward Ren's abdomen.


"get out!


"don't feel sorry for me!


"I don't need your fucking pity!


"Stop being pushy!


"leave me alone!


" because...

Kumiko had her fist on Ren's abdomen, Ren hadn't moved or dodged the blow, but Kumiko didn't want to look up and look at Ren.

"Please... leave me alone, I can keep going, I can overcome this wall, I will train more, I will train until I vomit blood if necessary, but don't feel sorry for me, it's horrible...

Ren calmly looked at Kumiko as she thought.

'um... it happened sooner than I thought, but it happened.

- What do you mean Ren?

asked Elpis

'Do you know why I didn't say anything about my ability to rank up easily just by killing stronger monsters?


'It's really easy to do, I could make a deal with Naomi or the old elf and I could hunt big monsters in dungeons and quickly rank up to S rank if I wanted to, but doing it would lead to 2 things.

-what things?

'the first is that too much strength too fast would screw up my base, I'd have to level up all my skills quickly, and even by doing so I'm not sure I'd be able to have all my skills leveled up in less than 3 years, plus the sheer amount of attention so much from the public as from enemies that I will receive.

- and the second?

'... for them

- these children? Wouldn't it be better for them to see that you are stronger?

'one of the many complications of raising children is the amount of expectation you place on your child.

-I don't understand

'ha... let's put it this way, if you have a father who was successful in his life, whether it was being a sword master, whether he created a business empire, whatever, it often happens that both the parents and people put expectations on those children, especially if they are a public figure, and although there are times when said child meets the expectations, there are times when they don't, times when the child does not find his or her vocation and decides to follow in the footsteps of his father, and when he can't get over it, they think he's some kind of trash.


'The same thing happened with Akane, her parents put the expectation on Rose, wanting her to be as strong as her sister, but Akane not having such a talent for magic, was discarded and forgotten, this case is similar.


'didn't you notice? Kiriko takes me as a figure to overcome, imagine that Kiriko wants to jump over a fence, if the fence grows a bit, that can motivate the boy to overcome a said obstacle, but imagine that the fence is too big? there's a high chance of putting him off, which I try to avoid, the thing is, I didn't think Kumiko would be as affected by it, ha... who says raising youngsters would be easy

Ren thought as a line of blood ran down his lip, he received internal injuries from Kumiko's full-power blows.

Ren asked Kumiko what she had a guess about.

"Do you think I pity you for being weak?


'Well, what a misunderstanding, Kumiko, the girl who decided to support a hero, do you think I pity her?

-it is not?

asked Elpis

' I have respect for her... I don't know if you remember, but she was after Kiriko since she was 10 years old, trying to reach him despite not having a talent for the sword, although she found her vocation with the shield, being able to endure those years, and even in the game she never gave up or gave up on kiriko, I have respect to this woman for her great perseverance

Ren calmly spoke her thoughts to the quiet Kumiko who couldn't look up.

"I don't pity you Kumiko, don't think I underestimate you for not being able to learn at the same pace as Kiriko, I respect you for your perseverance, you were always someone who didn't give up, despite having to start from 0 with the shield, you were and you persevered and reached kiriko, flow is a difficult art, kiriko was able to learn it quickly because of her sword talent and her tattoo, I was able to learn it with cheating, but that's all, don't think I don't know what you think... Do you think is it wrong to be weak?


"...we were all born weak Kumiko, being weak is not bad, what is stupid is when you prefer to remain weak instead of improving yourself, believe that the blessing will fall from heaven, and believe that your life will be made without having to make an effort, that's what's wrong.


"ha... I know that you will get out of that hole and you will be the same irritable Kumiko as always, just remember in your mind, you do not depend on Kiriko, both you and he depend on the other, Kiriko can be the hero, but the path of the hero will be paved with death and loss, you can give up and leave him alone, or you can accompany him and support him, when he falls, help him up, that's something only you can do, you don't need to be the same version of kiriko, you just have to become the best version of yourself.

Ren took out the flow skill book and held it out to Kumiko.

" take this

-No, I can do it by myself.

Kumiko said in a whisper.

"As I told you, I got flow and I'm cheating, I don't need this book.


"Consider it your Christmas present, and you don't want to disrespect the goddess, do you?"

Kumiko with trembling arms grabbed the skill book.

-... thank you

Ren patted Kumiko's head before turning and walking away.

"As I said, I'm so good that I was able to learn flow without a book, let's see if your stupid brain picks it up.

Kumiko just stared at Ren's back as he thought.

' is this having a brother?... thank you

ren, on the other hand, I was thinking.

'um... she really reminds me of my sister.

Ren remembered for a moment how Astrid had the same problem.

It was something that he ignored for a while, only depending on scholarships to study, his sister was compared to him for a long time since despite trying to study all the time, she could only get half a scholarship, while he don't even He could not even dedicate 2 hours of his time a day to study and he obtained better results, he only needed to look at the summary for one day and he already had enough for the exams.

that had created pressure on Astrid, for a short time Astrid distanced herself from Ren, she wanted to be better, and she wanted to match him, it took Ren a long time to make her understand that she didn't need to match him, she just had to go at her own pace, something that many kids didn't understand, you don't need to match someone who achieved the same thing before you, you just have to focus on yourself and go at your own pace and do your best, if you got far, congratulations, if you didn't get there to be the best, you must still be happy, you became the best of yourself, something in which we should all aspire to be.




(well, my dear readers, I have a message for you)

Wasn't it a warning?

(so yes, a warning)

what's up, author? Why do you look like you're going to die?

(well it was that I die, it's not that, it won't be long before I start university, in fact, I start in the middle of this month and I really don't know if I will be able to write as frequently as before, maybe it will be a chapter every 2 weeks or maybe a chapter a month, I really don't know, but I hope I have time to write, although I must admit that a change of scenery will help me to have ideas in my writing)

you can explain?

(well, basically, I write as I go along, I get ideas from what I see or hear sometimes, and also from what I read, although I have specific ideas about the path of this story, so to speak, let's say that my story is based on a linear point that travels from one point to another, each event a point, what I have are the points, which are the important events, what takes me the longest is to write the line until I reach that point, or sometimes it happens to me that I'm doing something that doesn't need my full attention, and while my body continues doing the action, my mind is already thinking about those points or how to follow the line to the next point)

that's weird

(A friend told me that it is a talent, but in my opinion, many people are capable of this, it is not that I underestimate it, I have read works by writers, young people who do incredible writing work, in my case, it is more like a hobby where put all the ideas that go through my head and put them into a story.

I created this story after reading about transmigrated protagonists who arrive in an anime world and say, "here I come, I will have sex with all these women, I will conquer the world with a fart, and I will break the thoughts of these girls whose personalities already have been written" and they change them so that they are only women who seek to be another woman in the crowd, breaking their original personalities.

So I said to myself, "why don't I create my protagonist?"

and the idea of this story came to me, to create a man called "ren" a name that I loved I don't know why, his last name "Artega" I thought about it after a long time, even after having created the story, just his last name It appeared after more than 10 chapters, it was because I couldn't decide on a last name for many days.

Ren's appearance was based only on 2 things, a man with black hair like the author and blue eyes because it is the color that the author likes the most.

His personality is growing based on what I write, as I read, my desire is to give more life to the character "Ren Artega" trying to make it more human and not just writing, and after completing this story, I make him a transmigrator of multiverses.

that ren goes to other universes, either from well-known animes, I even already have 2 chapters of ren transmigrated to the Kimetsu no Yaiba universe as fanfiction, basically, it is ren arriving in the body of an orphan in a town with a mission of who took him there ( the author).

his mission in that universe is to save lives that could not be saved, Ren arrived at the time the kocho sisters found kanao.

and no, it's not ren having all the women there (or I don't know yet) but their mission is to save the people who will die.

in another fanfiction, ren will go to the world of high school dxd, and so, for now, of those 2 I only made one or 2 chapters, later when ren is more concrete I will write about those worlds.

another fact is that ren will have the same lightning magic, in the case where there is some kind of energy, ren will adapt to continue with the lightning, and in worlds that do not have magic, ren will train something similar.

what will be difficult will be the personalities, it is quite difficult for me to create the psychology of the character.

An example would be this.

With an image and a name I can create the character and his past without much problem, whether good or evil, the joke is to put what that character thinks afterward.

a clear example is the characters of the 2 sisters Chloe and Eve.

I create them after (and I'm not proud of this) a hate comment.

It was from another new web page, only in English (difficult to translate correctly and I make a lot of mistakes in grammar)

the reader said something like "the hero always arrives before something bad happens to the girl"

or something like that, it was months ago, and out of anger I replied "do you want a raped heroine? will you have it"

I reiterate that I am not proud of that, but I ended up creating the 2 cat sisters, which in compensation for those girls is that they were saved and I will make sure to give them a happy ending later, my point is, it is not difficult to create a character is based on an image and give it some life, the difficult thing is to create the line of thought based on that life.

As the saying goes "we are all formed thanks to our past and our experiences"

but well, I know that every writer must have the same problem, I can only say that I will learn over time to improve my writing and thank you, dear readers)

have them share the story with at least others.


If they share, more readers will arrive, therefore more readers who can hate you and therefore be able to correct or ignore depending on whether it is hate that helps you.

(It's true that there is that, by the way, what do you think of the story? Leaving the fact that it's good or not, I would like to know what it is that attracts you to this story, any good points? If it's the character Ren, the strange configuration, or something, I say it to know if the said point is good or if something needs to be changed in the future.

Well, I can use said advice if it is part of my way of writing, if it is against I can analyze it and take it into account in the future)

I wanted you to say something like "share this story with your friends"

(don't embarrass me, storyteller, if more readers get here and read my newbie story, great, but imagine my reader showing it to a friend and said friend doesn't like the story, that would be embarrassing, let people find my story and hope you like it)

How boring, whatever you want, I just wanted a raise.

(you don't have a salary, idiot )

for that very reason, I want a salary and for that I need readers.

(I can't deny your arguments, but I'm against it, that people find my story and stay and like it is enough, but for the English version it's difficult, in fact right now I'm going to publish this, and for the English version, to Those English readers, thanks even more for reading on despite the grammar.)

An example?

(In Spanish, that is, here, I can say "esta caminando" usually refers to the character we are talking about, it is understood and there is no problem.

but when translating it into English that usually changes, in English, it is "he/she is walking" and sometimes the translator of what was "he" changes it to "she" and what Ren is talking about, suddenly he switches to it and crazy the reader's mind.

or it even happens that with certain Latin expressions such as "taper" we know that it is a container for food, but in English, it is "lunch box", another case was "pins" here it means the shoe clips, but in English "pins " you can translate it into "brooch" or something like that.

but hey, I wrote more as a narrator and I published this today and not in another couple of days because as I said, there are going to be routine changes in my life, I guess that's all for now (it's not goodbye or see you later, just change of pace in my life), see you later dear readers, a pleasure and thanks for joining me in this story, honestly at the beginning I thought it would reach 50 chapters at most, but here we are)

Damn, this is sad, I guess there will be a reduction in my work anyway, as a storyteller I can only say this.

Thank you, dear readers, for accompanying me on my way as a novice storyteller, and I appreciate his comments, especially the funny ones that tend to be from the Spanish version.