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Kiriko's point of view:

You could see our young hero sleeping in a wooden cabin, next to a fire on a beautiful animal skin bed, he had a calm expression as if he was having a good dream, but that expression changed little by little as time passed. Over time, her expression grew uglier and uglier until her eyes snapped open.


Kiriko sat up as he held his heart in pain.


Kiriko felt that his heart was clenched, he had nightmares of the faces of those elves, he dreamed that those elves asked him to save them, his bloody hands crawled over Kiriko's body trying to cover it completely, Kiriko got up when he felt the empty sockets in the eyes of that elf woman.


Kiriko kept her hand on her heart for a long time before gradually calming down.

- Are you calm now?


Kiriko looked next to him at the source of the unknown voice, on a chair next to the bed you could see an ice elf with white hair tied in a ponytail while he read a book.

Kiriko reacted at this moment, the last thing he remembers is that he was on the sled and now he is in a wooden house, he looked at the elf who smiled at him in silence for a few moments until his mind was able to formulate a question

"What happened?

The elf didn't answer the question, he got up from his chair and handed him a glass filled with a liquid that gave off a mild odor.

"what is this?

-It is herbal tea, it will help your nerves, please take it

the elf said with a kind smile.

Kiriko received the tea from the elf's hand before taking it little by little, out of the corner of his eye the elf looked at Kiriko kindly while he waited.

Kiriko finished all the tea before handing over the wooden cup.

"May I know what happened now?

the elf nodded with a smile.

Well, you can see for yourself.

the elf said as he pointed to a door at the exit of the room.

Kiriko lifted his heavy body and followed the elf out of the room.

the sight outside the place was a large number of houses made of wood all over the place, leading up to a large tower made of ice in the middle of the place.

"the village of the ice elves?

- That's right, hero, could you give me the honor of accompanying you on a little tour?

The elf said to which Kiriko responded with a smile.

"You can call me Kiriko, I'm embarrassed to say it but I'm a little embarrassed by that title, only Kiriko is fine.

-OK Kiriko, I introduce myself, my name is Dorris, and it is a pleasure for me to meet the hero of this generation.

The elf said his name, and Kiriko also introduced himself.

"My name is kiriko hakuya, a pleasure equally

both men smiled at each other for a moment while Dorris seemed to remember something for a moment and said.

-true, when you woke up we had to take you to my grandmother, I mean, the head of the clan.

"Clan chief?

-That's right, she is the boss who keeps all these walls up.

Dorris said with an admiring voice as he looked further away, Kiriko also rolled her eyes and looked towards Dorris's direction.


A great wall of ice was before him, he hadn't noticed it before and now that he saw it, his mind began to ask questions.

"she, is she holding that ice right now?

-That's right, it's her active magic right now.


-We don't know, we know from stories that our grandmother created that wall in her youth to save us from a massive attack by monsters and since then she has kept it intact with her magic.

Kiriko was stunned for a long time at such a far-fetched story.

'How can that be possible?

Kiriko knew that it was impossible for someone to continuously use magic to maintain giant walls covering an entire city, even her aunt one of the strongest women in the world would have to use a lot of her mana reserve to maintain these giant walls for a while.

Kiriko thought about Eira's words that she said to him once in the past... in the cafeteria one of those times when they were all together including Ren, not just at another table as usual, thanks to that Kiriko was able to talk to Eira who it was more accessible for the presence of ren, she was feeding Re and at the time.

Eira spoke as she fed Re and then wiped his mouth with a napkin.

-ice magic is slightly different than known elemental magic, hero, as to keep a wall of ice working you have to keep giving it mana continuously keeping a constant flow so it retains its shape and doesn't crumble, and keep a shield up for a long time puts the ice magic user at a disadvantage, even when I use my weapons I usually cover them with ice only enough to save mana, so if you use fire magic or do continuous attacks for the ice user to continue using his wall of ice and spells, then you will win by still having mana, as long as the opponent is a novice, but usually ice magic users have a cool head to fight.

"So if I use fire magic against Ren, I can beat him in a duel by making him use up all his magic?

I asked out of curiosity and also if I could get a reaction from Ren, but Ren kept concentrating on his food as if he didn't care about the subject, I knew that Ren's magic was different from normal ice, but I still wanted an answer that could help me when I train against ren.


I remember the cold look that Eira gave me when I said that I would use fire magic against Ren, it was Re's hand that calmed Eira down, finally, Eira put her hand on her chin on the cafeteria table, for a moment before thinking.

-it would not work.

"Really why?

-how to say it...

Eira said before looking at Ren for a moment.

- Ren's magic is more like he doesn't need continuous mana when ren creates a mana shield, it's like the flow of magic goes through the same place all the time, I thought at first it was because Ren used a lot of mana to maintain its magic causing it to waste a lot of mana, but when I looked closely it was like the wall would sustain itself without much magic like it would feed itself without much mana, so a battle of attrition would be useless. against ren.


'Is it because of the electricity that holds everything together?

"So, what could I do against him?

-give up.

Eira said coldly causing the atmosphere around the table to freeze slightly as what Eira said was clear and the surroundings also heard it and were looking at our table.

"That's not very supportive...

I started to get frustrated at Eira's words that it was impossible to win against Ren using magic.

'well... I heard that Ren trains with my aunt on how to counter different magics of different elements only with his sword and his ice magic... and according to what Eira said, only uses ice, no electric attacks... How dangerous would it be if he could use it?

-enough Eira, don't discourage him.

ren spoke at that time

-I apologize.

Eira quickly apologized and sat back down.

Ren got up from his place as he said.

-think of a way for yourself, hero

After saying that, Ren left followed by Kelly and Akane while the rest of us stayed at the table.




That's why what Dorris said seemed absurd to me.

'the queen will have the same form of magic as Ren? lightning mage?

I wanted to get this incredible inconsistency off my mind right away and asked Dorris to go see the queen of now.

Dorris nodded without much problem and led me to the location of the ice elf queen which was the great tower in the middle of the town.

On the way, I couldn't help but feel pain in my heart... I always heard that elves don't eat meat by nature, they don't like to eat meat since elves are more sensitive to the vitality of others, some say even they feel the feelings when they eat an animal, and children are even more sensitive to this.

that's why it was sad to see little elf children with suffocating expressions while eating boar meat in front of a campfire together with a group of adults with better-managed but still sad expressions.

-I apologize for the view, kiriko.


I turned my gaze to Dorris who had a pained expression as he watched the elves eating.

-We have suffered in recent years, we have to force ourselves to eat meat when we really did not want to...

Dorris said with a sad tone, I saw that expression in silence since Dorris had not finished speaking yet.

- It has been almost half a year since the increase in monsters, groups of monsters mercilessly attacking our harvest transports, there were sightings of monster attacks in our underground farms, and our situation worsens, we are looking for fertile land for more farms, but unfortunately We still haven't found anything... if before we could eat vegetables 2 times a day 7 days a week, now only some can eat one carrot a week, we can only survive on meat, adults don't have much problem accepting it, the sad are the children, it is said that children have nightmares about the animals they ate out of hunger


-ha... you would have seen the children before kiriko, before the children always came and went to play, now it's rare to see a smile in the little ones, that's why...

Dorris turned to see me with bright eyes.

-I appreciate the mercy of the hero to come here to give us the seeds, I swear that my family will remember him all our life.

Dorris said as she knelt completely believing in the words that had been said to her, on the other hand, that expression made me feel heavy, I felt a weight in the words of the elf I just met, and even so, I knew that these elves will have help.

with my heart determined, I squeezed my ring where the seeds were.

Dorris introduced me to his town with a smile, he showed me how they created their coats, and how they made their weapons, although many in the town had exhausted expressions, I could feel that they had not yet lost hope of getting a harvest.

finally, we walked to the ice elf queen's dwelling.





At this time, the transmigrated protagonist could be seen facing the ice elf clan chief, the ice elf chief had a cold look as she looked at Ren, and Ren on the other hand calmly looked at the queen and behind her. From her was Rossweisse looking at the 2 with a nervous look.

-Is what you said true?

asked the elf queen in a cold tone that would chill the skin of any normal person.

Ren on the other hand answered calmly as she looked at the chief of the ice elf clan.

"I repeat it, I don't know who the attackers who killed your son are, there was no physical evidence of a group that I know of, there were only traces that they used anti-magic, possibly they have a user of it.


The queen was thoughtful.

'it's easy to understand that expression, anti magic belongs to non-elemental magic, magic as rare as finding someone of 4 elements, I remember that in the game there was a heroine who could use non-elemental magic, it was healing... she could heal others with just her mana, in late stages she could even regenerate body parts, if I'm not mistaken that woman must be somewhere outside the empire being sold to work as a prostitute, the funny thing is that it is known that even after to be rescued, she was a virgin.

'On the other hand, I only know that anti-magic artifacts exist, I never saw that there was a user of it, although well, in a neighboring country, it is said that the magic resistance of some test subjects is being studied in the magician's tower, get here? Better not think about it anymore, it's a nuisance.

Elpis on the other hand, I speak in Ren's mind.

-Yes, she is a mature woman on another scale.

'You could shut up?

-ren, if it weren't for the fact that you're suppressing your hormones with mana, you'd be eating her with her eyes.

' I can not deny it.

Ren nodded mentally as he looked at the elf clan chief.

she was a beautiful woman with long white hair tied in a long braid, despite the weather, she wore a loose-fitting white dress that could hardly bear to cover her sultry curves and full of flesh in just the right places, she wore a slim and beautiful dress unlike his granddaughter Rossweisse who was still sheltered inside the tower.

'I wonder what material that dress is made of, it seems that it can't cover this woman's figure for long.

-Your reaction when you see this beautiful woman is the fabric of her dress? oh really?

'Do you want my opinion on her figure?


'um... unlike Arwen who has a mature and noble temperament, the ice chief has more of a mature and cold temperament, like a flower with its petals open standing on the tip of a mountain peak, despite the winds she is still there firm, but even so, you can only pluck her from the stem gently so that she does not fall apart due to her delicacy.

-... What the hell are you talking about? I told you your opinion about her figure, not poetry.

'It's my opinion, I can't feel his magic because he must hide it, but I'm sure his body is weak, it must be because of that wall at the entrance, I was tired of hearing how magnificent his magic was because of how he continued to maintain it.

- but that's a lie, I didn't feel any magic inside the walls, with a B-rank magic spell it's enough to destroy it.

'That's what I'm curious about, how can you keep it that way? From what I know, ice must be applied continuously, I save myself from that law by passing electricity to it since my electricity runs through all the ice and maintains it without the need for more mana.

-You keep breaking the rules of common sense as always.

'you mean when literally in this world people can let fire out of their hands?

while ren and Elpis were chatting, the elf chief spoke again.

-Very well, I have your report.

Ren came to and nodded to the clan chief.

"I have a question

-What happened?

Ren spoke bluntly of her curiosity for more magic.

"I know that her wall is not really-

what silenced Ren was ice in her mouth.

Ren felt the ice in his mouth and then looked at the clan chief who at some point used magic without singing.

'It's fast, what fun.

-Rossweisse, come out.

-but grandmother?

-I will not repeat it


Rossweisse left the office, and at the same time, the ice fell from Ren's mouth.

Magic circles were drawn around the clan chief and a cold voice addressed Ren who was looking at all those magic circles that could quickly release magic and kill him.

-who are you? what do you know? and how do you know?

"First, do you know what I'm talking about?

-don't want to be smart with me human, talk.

'um... first impressions, but I don't like this woman.

Ren thought when he saw the cold and bossy attitude of the ice chief toward a guest from the kingdom of Arwen, he spoke as if it was Ren's obligation to talk about her curiosity, something that the ice chief did not know that Ren was someone important, though At most he only thought it was a kiriko dog, a human servant.

"tch, how boring.

Ren clicked his tongue and spoke calmly despite being targeted with magic that could easily kill him.

"I asked about how you can make your wall stand up, it doesn't seem like it uses mana all the time but it's still standing there, plus it seems like mana is pooling in the background plus there wasn't any nearby magic circle or anything to connect it to you.

Ren said his real opinion, Ren tried to use an electric pulse on the wall, but he felt the entire wall hollow and deep down something similar to accumulated magic, which should not be possible to control considering that the distance to the wall is long and she's here.


The ice chief fell silent as she did a staring contest with Ren.

Ren on the other hand was not affected by the gaze of the ice boss despite her appearing to be an A+ rank mage.

After an eternity of silence, the clan chief said a few words that left Ren speechless.

The elf chief stood up from her chair, showing her beautiful figure, then rested her buttocks on the center of the table in front of Ren and spoke with a voice that gave Ren the impression that she was melting the ice.

- what do you want human?


ren did not understand the question.

"What are you talking about?

The clan chief frowned as if she didn't like Ren to ignore it.

-I said, what do you want from me to keep this quiet?

The chief said as she crossed her arms under her prominent breasts that wanted to break her dress, Ren looked at those weapons for a moment and then returned her attention to the face of the clan chief.