Chapter 222: Vincent, Maria and the fallen god
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"You seem like you're in heaven. Something good happens?" [Ash]

"Charlotte just called mother Aries. I couldn't be happier" [Aries]

"Aww, she's cute, so whenever she called me Sister Diana, I feel the same" [Diana]

"I see. And Lisa here, based on your mood, I suppose Zerolith, Singa or Savel called you an aunt, am I correct?" [Ash]

"It was Savel" [Lisa]

"Now now, he's just a child. Don't take him too seriously" [Rumia]

"But a child is usually honest, so..." [Ash]

"You're right..." [Lisa]

"Ash!" [Rumia]

(Well, technically she's an aunt right now) [Saint Louis]

Right now, we are being call by Diana in order to crack open that brain of the old follower leader just to get some information. Apparently, Rafiah's friend and the old follower leader have some sort of barrier that prevents them from leaking out any information, prove evidence when Rafiah's friend wanted to talk about the Achalasia Externa group, only to develop a seizure. That old fart, well, he didn't even bother talking despite all the torture. Damn, that actually pretty impressive, not that its matter since at the end of the day, there's that barrier that prevents him from talking

"Why can't they perform memory dive? Surely that will be faster?" [Lisa]

"They did, but that barrier still prevents any sort of information leakage" [Qis]

"So I suppose we're call to dispel those barriers?" [Ash]

"Exactly" [Diana]

"Alright, count me in!" [Calypso]

And we went and follow one of the guards, who take us all into an interrogation room, well it can fit all of us, so it's no small room. Sitting in front of us all is the old follower leader, who had been gagged and his eyes being covered by a black cloth. I can see that he have lose some vigor. Still, I can't find myself to pity him at all, after all, he kidnapped Savel, Charlotte and Cupid back then, and almost killed those kids back then. Oh, reason why we will dispel his spell first and not Rafiah's friend? Simple, if anything goes wrong, Rafiah's friend wouldn't suffer, since she actually the cooperative one between the two

"Are you fine with this, Rafiah? Rumia? Saint Louis?" [Ash]

"I'm fine..." [Rumia]

"Obviously not" [Ash]

"You can go out if you don't feel well, if not, let gets started" [Saint Louis]

"Then excuse me, I would like to see my friend condition first" [Rafiah]

"I'll follow" [Rumia]

"Can one of you follow them?" [Ash]

"As he says" [Diana]

"?" [Other]

"Nothing, just continue as usual" [Qis]

"I suppose I'll see what I can do first" [Filvisar]

I can sense two of the vampires guards following Rafiah and Rumia as they went out from the room. The guard then guide them 

"Hmm..." [Filvisar]

"You got something?" [Ash]

"The barrier. It sure is a strong one" [Calypso]

"Not only that, I can sense mana of Saintess Angela as well as the blessing from fallen god strengthening it" [Filvisar]

"!" [Other]

"Angela? Who?" [Ash]

"Remember the one that implant Drant's power into me? She's the one" [Aries]

"You mean the corrupted Saintess in the Holy Palace?" [Ash]

"Can you break it?" [Diana]

"I'll try my best" [Filvisar]

As they keep channeling their mana into the leader forehead, I notice something strange. 

"You still have some residual blessing of the ten heroes? Colour me impress" [Ash]

"It isn't much but with this..." [Filvisar]



They're being electrocuted as they try to dispel the barrier. Aries, Qis and I quickly move them faraway from the leader while Saint Louis quickly looking over their condition. One of the guards quickly call the young healer inside of the castle, while another quickly calls Rafiah as he seems to remember her as one of the young healer as well

"Such strong barrier, and even with his blessing... I suppose I can try something" [Ash]

"It's dangerous, so be careful" [Diana]

"I will" [Ash]

I might not have the blessing of the ten heroes but

"Why the scythe?" [Aries]

"To get some help" [Ash]

Mother, Father. Please, help me. 

As I try to call the soul of my parent inside the scythe, I quickly touch the leader forehead, entering his mind. 

I could see some form of white barrier being strengthen by blackish mana. It foul that's for sure, and it reminded me of the miasma that Motra's use back then. Guess the source is the fallen god after all

"HAHAHA! Vincent and Maria, and what this, their son! How irritating" [?]

(Strong... Is this, what they will face one day...) [Ash]

"We meet again" [Vincent]

"Not a reunion that we wanted with our son" [Maria]

Plus, this isn't inside the leader mind. This is like we are in a totally different dimension

"Stand up Ash. Don't be afraid of him" [Vincent]


I try my best to stand up. The thick miasma and mana make it extremely difficult to do so. Just how on Achalasia can the two of them stand up so bravely? Not to mention, I find it difficult to breath normally as the miasma keep getting inside my respiratory system

"Reincarnated on earth and die pitifully as Angkasa couldn't save you, and now, you send that child of yours to finish the job? Achalasia and Death sure have a stupid taste on my creation" [Fallen god]

As he says that, he keeps on changing his form. From blending with air to becoming an elder dragon, to that of the human. I feel like I miss majority of their conversation since, but I try my best nonetheless. Just that

"No worries, my son here as well as his siblings will defeat you for sure, God of..." [Vincent]

"Such arrogant" [Fallen god]

"Let us go, Ash" [Maria]

"I'll crush you before you can...! Achalasia, why you!" [Fallen god]

"Vincent, Maria, and Ash. Come with me" [Goddess Achalasia]

"Thank you..." [Ash]




~Heavy slam~

"Ouch!" [Ash]

"Charlotte! Don't do that!" [Diana]

"Yes, sister Diana" [Charlotte]

"Where am I... Mother? Father? Goddess Achalasia, where are they, and..." [Ash]



"Calm down, you're in the castle treatment room" [Qis]

Now that I look around, isn't this the room where I treat Qis back then? Why am I here. From the looks of it, after Goddess Achalasia come, I lost my consciousness, and thus they brought me here, just that

"Why are you guys here as well?" [Ash]

"You have been sleeping for around 36 hours, so they got worried and ask to come and see you" [Flinar]

"And boy oh boy, you should be glad that scythe of your, Saint Louis, Seraph, Mahsuri, Lara and Nara remove the miasma from you, if not..." [Yefefiah]

"I see. Thank you, Lara and Nara. Where are the other? And what happen afterward?" [Ash]

""You're welcome"" [Lara, Nara]

"Well..." [Diana]