Chapter 282: Going to mermaid kingdom part 4
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Motra, the half man half female butterfly beastman , and he/she is a follower of the fallen god. Looking at his/her creepy smile makes our skin crawl, especially true for Kara

"Aries's daughter sure has grown beautiful just like her mother does. I wonder, are you the one that I snapped the fingers, or the one I broke the arm?" [Motra]

"Tch..." [Kara]

Seeing Kara getting angry is rare. She's scared, but at the same time, she's rather furious. With each words coming out of Motra mouth, Kara becoming angrier by the second, but still manage to compose herself. I don't know what he/she thinking, but simple provocation to Kara won't work

As I look closely at her, to analyse any weak spot, I notive something. He/she, I don't think he/she change much, at least appearance wise, he/she is exactly how I remember, but I could tell, that somehow, he/she is stronger. Even the sight of two terrifying power house, Mahsuri and Leviathan doesn't scares him/her at all. 


"It's the leviathan!" 

"And that is!" 

"Her highness!"

"?" [Motra]

The armored mermaids notice us, and they, as expected, react positively to Mahsuri presence, boosting their morale to a higher level as they once again, take arms to fight against the devils

Mahsuri quickly takes her sword and slash through the despicable devil, and Leviathan with a sweep of his tail, demolish the army while trying to bring Motra down, and unfortunately, with his/her speed, he/she manage to Dodge the attack

"Water compression!" [Charlotte]

We are literally being surrounded by water, and as such, I take the liberty of crushing Motra by applying pressure throughout his/her body. His/her exoskeleton is hard, that I have to keep increasing the pressure. The fist I make started to get sore, like I am physically trying to crack that tough exoskeleton by my own hands instead of using magic, and despite all of that, he/she still have the power to swim around swiftly. Even his/her wings aren't affected, in which case

(I should just target one specific point!) [Charlotte]

And target point will be there! At the base of the wing connected to the exoskeleton! I don't know whether that will be a weak point or strongest point, but I'm sure concentrating all of my fire power there should do the trick

"Wind turbulence! Thunder" [Kara]

"Light and dark spikes" [Elise]

With the two combination attack, a horizontal mini whirlpool electrocute the enemies, and the light and dark spikes being scattered by Elise cause additional damage to the armies. Some hitting them right in the eyes, while some accidentally swallow it when they're screaming, causing their inner layer of digestive system to take severe damage. Even after all of that, that butterfly isn't affected.

(Just what kind of modifications did the fallen god did? Or is it the witch from Saint Louis story?) [Charlotte]

Either way, I need to increase my fire power more!

"Ice missiles shark! Krakeny! Destroy him/her" [Charlotte]

And to make thing harder for him/her

"Iceberg!" [Charlotte]

Huge chunk of Iceberg being shot at his/her direction, and instead of dodging it

"Steel body" [Motra]

Making his/her exoskeleton even harder, he extended his/her arm right above his/her head, and just like a steel lance, he/she trusted him/herself into the iceberg, creating a hole. 

"Subzero freeze" [Charlotte]

Hoping to freeze the butterfly, I drastically reduce the temperature of the iceberg. He/she is right in the middle of the iceberg, and to overcome this situation, he/she simply release large amount of earth mana, performing steel burst magic that crack open the iceberg from inside. The shatter iceberg, instead of scattered randomly, is use by me to attack Motra. Alas, as expected, he/she didn't even flinch

"Thunder birds! Prey upon him/her" [Kara]

"Light shot! Dark shot!" [Elise]

Small flock of birds made out of thunder magic chases after Motra, and yet, he/she simply deflect it with his/her wing. The same go for the shot from Elise's pistol, but he takes extra precaution and used steel magic to reinforce him/herself before deflecting it. He/she looks traumatize with the pistol, I wonder why

"Steel claw!" [Motra]

"Wind block! Thunder wall!" [Kara]

"Ice wall!" [Charlotte]

He/she is targeting Kara, as Kara try to keep a save distance between her and Motra, Motra keep clawing him/herself through the multiples walls that we made.

"Steel wing! Supersonic strike" [Motra]

"Wind evasion" [Kara]

No good, he/she is catching up to Kara. Elise's attack from behind did almost nothing, maybe because she couldn't perform her usual trick of combining fire magic with her two other elements as we are currently under water

If that's the case, it should be up to me to stop him/her

(Increase the pressure! Just focus on increasing the pressure) [Charlotte]

Again, just target the junction between his/her wings and the exoskeleton! Just make sure it snap before he/she hurt Kara

"Now! Let me see that arm of yours, I wonder how I should snap it this time around" [Motra]

"!" [Kara]

Just as Motra about to hurt Kara, I exponentially increase the pressure of the deep sea to my absolute limit, giving me a headache, but


"!" [Motra]

It's worth the trouble. That small opening I created, exploit it! Exploit it! Rush the water inside his/her body! Let him/her swell from inside and burst!

(Shit! The exoskeleton is preventing me from flushing the water out!) [Motra]

He/she is struggling! Now is the time to finish him/her off for good!

"Thunderstorms!" [Kara]

"Light chandelier!" [Elise]

A loud roaring thunder with wind strong enough that I could feel wave getting form, and chandelier bright and large enough its illuminate the battlefield. Surely, the spell will cause massive damage to Motra. His/her exoskeleton, it starting to crack up!

Just as the two spell about to connect, Motra simply teleport him/herself out of the trouble, leaving the fight unsettled

As for Mahsuri and Leviathan, the portals that summons the devil are still there, and yet, there are no devils coming out of it. Could it be, either they beat all the devils inside by themselves, or the devils are to scared too come outside. Either way, that is pretty impressive








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