Chapter 78: Departing to Malsia
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"So this is the Camper van golem?" [Diana]

"It's larger than your bus golem" [Qis]

"Well, I had to make it this way, otherwise they will travel in a cramped environment. Not to mention, even I hate an enclosed space myself" [Ash]

"Now this is quite a luxurious way to travel" [Mira]

"It is. By chance do you have an alarm system set up as well? Luxurious travel like this will usually attract bandit travelers, that's why when nobles and merchants who can't afford such system, they will hired an adventures to guard them as well" [Haliza]

"I have it, don't worry. Not only that, this camper van golem comes with multiple enhanced magic core that will identify the weaknesses of any enemies ahead and will throw spells accordingly to help us ward off any attempt of hurting us. Not only that, it's built with a strong alloy from the loots I managed to get my hands on and carefully and tenderly placed by a trusted engineer! And..." [Ash]

"You can stop it now, you enthusiast" [Qis]

"Fine..." [Ash]

Well, I get it, I went overboard with my explanation, but this beauty need to be properly addressed to them!

And after saying goodbye to them in front of the dungeon entrance, we start our journey. There isn't much problem since we are not wandering around, only going through a straight line, so all those safety features that Erinmorlin and I installed might not even be needed. Might be a waste to go this overboard but it's better to be prepare for any sort of trouble

"This is quite slow as compared to your bus golem" [Mira]

"It is, short version as to why, I make it so that it will conserve its energy throughout journey as to better prepare and react when emergency comes pouring us down with trouble" [Ash]

"I'm thirsty, can I take the juices inside?" [Haliza]

"Sure, why not" [Ash]

"Guess our item bag didn't need to do its job when such a golem exist" [Mira]

"Another wonderful thing about this thing" [Ash]

And we are now on the 9th floor from the Estel's side of the dungeon. It's slower as compared to bus golem. If I used bus golem instead of Camper van golem, I'll be somewhere around 13th to 15th floor right now

"It's nighttime now" [Mira]

"Shall we stop and parked this thing beside the road?" [Haliza]

"Hehe..." [Ash]

"You better don't think of anything funny" [Guard]

"You guys can just go to sleep. I can just put this golem of mine into autonomous state, and let it drives itself" [Ash]

"It can even do that!" [Haliza]

"How mysterious." [Mira]

"I'll take that as a compliment" [Ash]

It's thanks to the blessings from Goddess Achalasia herself that I am able to create it. I'm sure such magical technology will be hard to make especially as they require much resources and magic power to begin with. Their reaction did reminded me of Diana and Qis when they see me making Housey through fortress defense magic. 

"Hmm..." [Haliza]

"Something wrong?" [Mira]

"Sorry if it isn't comfortable for you" [Ash]

"No I'm just thinking. Can you please take care of the bandit travelers from the Malsia's side? They utilize the dungeon trap system so well that it actually bringing us trouble after trouble" [Haliza]

"I see... but is it really alright?" [Mira]

"Well..." [Ash]


[Bandit travelers point of view]

It's another morning inside the 18th floor of the rock and sea dungeon Malsia's side. Us traveler are usually looked down by various people as we are born inside the dungeon but that's an old trend. Now, most of the traveler is a wanted criminal or someone who being revoked of their citizenship,and with nothing else to do, we band together and do anything that we could to survive. 

As for me, I'm a traveler who goes from one traveler group to another. I have some special skill that allows me to detect any sort of bad luck that will happen to me and those around me, and that's why

"Where are you going early in the morning" [Bandit A]

"Toilet" [?]

"Ohh, nevermind" [Bandit A]

He is still pissed off with me. I know him for quite sometime. Why is he pissed with me? That's because I helped a young slave girl escaping from his hand by "accidentally" bumped into him. Well, I might be a bandit now but I only does it so I can survive, sure if I were caught, all of us here will be sentenced to death regardless of what. But, for me who just thinking of surviving normally, it just felt so wrong doing whatever you like just because you're now a traveler, and the country law didn't apply inside the dungeon. 

(Well, Goddess Achalasia law will still apply... but more importantly...) [?]

This stinging sensation in my palm, they're getting stronger and stronger, I should escape. It's a shame that I have to leave another group, but that's just our lives are. Time to plan my escape route and my infiltration route to Malsia

As I went into the main road disguising myself as ordinary people, I see some strange... box? Just what is that thing, and that thing just, instead of traveling down the safe main road, it purposely takes a sharp turn into the thieves den! 

(I'm curious, but that must be the thing that cause my palm to sting, which mean...) [?]

I should escape, but somehow I'm drawn to see what happens and

"Shit! What is that thing!" [Bandit A]

"Just activate as many traps as possible!" [Bandit leader]

"But it's not stopping!" [Bandit B]

"What kind of steel monster is that!" [Bandit C]

"No, there's a blonde hair man inside of it, is it a carriage?" [Bandit A]

"And what's with his smile! It pisses me off!" [Bandit A]

Unbelievable, it just ram through the traps. There is an explosive trap in front but

"It's disarmed!" [Bandit E]

That carriage... I get the feeling it detects the traps and disarm them in advance. Well, disarm is a strong word here, it simply shoot some magic ball to it and let it explode on its own, not the usual disarm methods that we usually do

With all the traps being out done, the group decides to take the carriage straight on but...

(They got hit and run...) [?]

Not only that, the carriage use some sort of magic to tie them down in an instant

Goodbye my 5th bandit group, I will be off

Before running away, I can see a blonde man with a strange weapon, a commoner and a noble with her guard coming out from that carriage. 

"I should run as fast as I can for now!" [?]