Chapter 100: Night talk
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It's night and all of them have gone to beds sleeping themselves due to the training exhaustion. It didn't take them that long to jump right into the REM phase of sleep, in fact, I'm sure it is as soon as their body hit the bed. As for Kanji and his friends, he went back to his home, and as for Haliza, she actually wanted to wait for Diana to finish her talk with me first before going back to her castle, but Diana and I managed to convinced her not to wait. With the moonlight shining ever so brightly, the three of us take our seat at the wooden chairs and 

"Ash, be honest with me, will you" [Diana]

"That depends. I'm sure you don't have any malicious intent towards us, in fact you're one of the most trustworthy person I knew around, but there are things that I would not tell" [Ash]

"Fair enough" [Diana]

That's easy, I guess it just make even more sense to not fully expose oneself. We are close, but not that close enough to openly tell some big important secret just yet

"I'll start. May I know when do you start to realize that those tens, will awaken their blessings?" [Diana]

"To tell you the truth, from the very beginning" [Ash]

"You mean back then? When you first met them?" [Qis]

"A little after that, but yeah" [Ash]

"What makes you suspect that?" [Diana]

"I, I have my reason to believe that, but let just said it have something to do with my blessing" [Ash]

"Can you tell us more about your blessings" [Qis]

"Yeah, it isn't that much as compared to Diana or those kids, but the truth behind my blessing is simple and yet mysterious. The reason I got this blessing of mine is simply because of my parents deeds" [Ash]

"Huh?" [Diana]

"What do you mean?" [Qis]

"I wish I know, but sadly I am at lost myself" [Ash]

"Wait, how come you know that the blessing is because of your parents deeds" [Ash]

"Well..." [Ash]

Can I just say that I have met Goddess Achalasia and God of Death itself? Well, thinking back, mum did say that line before




(If I'm not mistaken, Goddess Achalasia did ask you to find out about this world. Please do your homework properly) [Maria]




Plus, that massive diamond sculpture back at the church, it's beautifully designed and look almost the same like that of the goddess herself. So, I'm sure there are people that have met the goddess herself, albeit few in number. Heck, I'm not surprised if it can be counted by fingers. So I should just be honest in this one

"That because Goddess Achalasia and God of Death itself tell me that" [Ash]

Technically it's only Goddess Achalasia, but hey, the God of Death is there at that time, so I'm not lying

"YOU WHAT!" [Diana]


"Shh!" [Ash]

""Sorry"" [Diana, Qis]

Don't want to wake them up, although... well, let just move on

"Are you serious when you say that just now!" [Qis]

"100% serious" [Ash]

"Unbelievable, simply unbelievable" [Diana]

"That's why I'm reluctant to tell, but it's the truth" [Ash]

"Well, it's shocking but it isn't impossible..." [Diana]

"How about you?" [Ash]

"Well, it's a long story, maybe I'll save it for another time, but let just said that this blessing awaken when Liyana's older sister is still alive... nk, I worded it wrongly..." [Diana]

"Princess..." [Qis]

"So, that mean back when you, Qis, Alice and I believe her name is Linda, is still friends?" [Ash]


Well, now I'm curious, but

"I can tell that the blessing you awaken is almost similar to Rean, but, there's a difference. I wonder why?" [Ash]

"Well, before I proceed, you did know what happened to those te..." [Diana]

"Rean, I don't think you want to hear this" [Ash]

"If you like, then please come inside" [Qis]

"Huh!?" [Diana]

"Sorry, for eavesdropping..." [Rean]

Rean there have been using his blessing to strengthen his darkness magic and blended with the surrounding darkness behind the door, well I will give him B+ for it, but it isn't enough to fool us both. Qis and I have noticed it from the start, but we just kept quiet about it. But, now, talking about his fate in the future...

"Am I, not good enough...?" [Rean]

"No, that's splendid. It just that this is me and Qis you're facing" [Ash]

"NOT THAT!" [Rean]

"Rean..." [Diana]

"Am I not good enough to know what happened? Am I not strong enough, only to be protected all the time..." [Rean]

"Right now, you aren't" [Ash]

"!" [Rean]

"That's... true" [Qis]

"Ash! Qis!" [Diana]

"I see... sorry for bothering you" [Rean]

Rean try to leave, but 

"You don't want to hear what we are discussing?" [Ash]

"I ain't, good enough" [Rean]

"Then become good enough under my guidance, that is what Goddess Achalasia and God of Death tasked me to do" [Ash]

"""!!!""" [Rean, Diana, Qis]

"Well, even if they didn't tasked me to, I'll still guide all of you. This might sound cliche, but you, Elise, Kara, Mara, Zerolith, Karon, Farhah, Singa, Savel, and Charlotte, and now, all of them. You guys are all my families, so there's no way I will just leave you be like that" [Ash]

"Why?" [Rean]

"Why? No reason why. You wouldn't need a reason to help your family member right" [Ash]

"!" [Rean]

Sigh... I swear to god, don't make that face. Cheer up, you're a man

"I can't believe you think like that when you're making that face itself" [Diana]

"Looks whose talking, mini Gizzere" [Ash]

"Sigh... the three of you" [Qis]

She said that, but she smile the brightest among the four of us

"Please, let me join in as well" [Rean]

"Sure" [Diana]

"Still... you really want to know about what will ultimately happen to all of you?" [Ash]

"Please tell me!" [Rean]

"Well..." [Ash]

I tell him what happen to all the ten heroes in the past

"!" [Rean]

It's to be expected, but, I can't look at his shocked face, but I have to, I need to show him my support, even if it is painful for him, and for me...

"But, not all of them die. In fact, there might be a survivor. Specifically one" [Diana]

"""!""" [Ash, Qis, Rean]

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