Chapter 92: Where We Stand – Part 2
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We won't use any maids for this bath. We'll get spoiled if we always let them wash us, and we need some private time for ourselves.

Also, Klein isn't late, so we can have a nice bonding experience together.

Alissa has the highest [Washing] out of all of us, so everyone wants her attention. Of course, she chooses me first, and I use [Bind] to mirror her movements.

I can't stroke her in the same way that she's massaging my dick, but I can insert a (padded) claw into her pussy and rub it against her G-spot.

I only stimulate her for a short time so that she doesn't tire out. There's a line of women wanting to be touched by her, and it'd be no good if she didn't have the energy left to satisfy at least half of them.

After she's done with me, I wait on the sofa and deliberate on who I want to ravage today while human-Aoi bobs her head up and down on my shaft. Her human form doesn't need cleaning, but her dragon form does, so I decide to get her to bounce on my dick while we wait for her turn.

I put the Ring of Fertility on a silver chain and hang it around my neck, then I feed it some mana and allow Aoi to sit down on my cock.

Her slender legs are quite long, so her waist rises high above my lap before slamming down onto me, allowing me to use my long stroke.

Her long, silky, dark blue hair wraps around her like a veil, partially concealing her sensual and lithe body. Her pink nipples briefly reappear from behind the blue veil with every movement, making me work for each and every peek, but then she guides her hair to the sides, delightfully revealing everything.

For someone who has lived for such a short time as a human, she certainly knows how to move her body sensually, displaying her flexibility by gyrating her hips as she grinds her pussy against my crotch, begging for me to pierce her deeper.

Suddenly, she equips the Clothes of the Berserker, and the sight of the white and pure Snow Weave makes my blood boil. Stockings, long gloves, a garter belt, a bra that doesn't cover her nipples, a lacy white choker, and a bridal veil. The sexy lingerie wasn't designed to fit her body, it's her sexy body that was designed to fit lingerie.

I grab her hips and slam myself against her, making the lewd sounds of our sex resound throughout the bath hall.

Her extremely warm and moist insides try to hold my shaft in place, but the strength of my thrusting is too great, and my head hits her cervix.

She moans from the top of her lungs, her mind going blank from the pleasure, but her legs continue to move on their own as the desire to breed takes over her body.

She pinches her nipples and closes her eyes, focusing solely on the sensations of my cock grinding against the walls of her vagina, which then starts trying to grip my shaft even harder.

Pleasure rapidly builds up inside her until it reaches the peak, then her toes curl, and her head swings back as an orgasm takes control over her muscles.

I grab her waist so that I can continue the Fucking, and soon, a thin sheen of white cream coats my shaft.

The orgasm finally passes, and she collapses on top of me. Thankfully, [Mana Body] makes my dick quite flexible; otherwise, this would be a rather uncomfortable position for me.

She hugs me tight and closes her eyes with my dick still faintly twitching and vibrating inside her.

I haven't even cum yet, and she's already done, but I'm not mad. It's rather endearing how "weak" her human form is. It fits, though, since she wanted her human form to be different from her dragon form.

While she's usually rough and aggressive, as a human, she's delicate and feminine. She didn't want to be the exact opposite of a dragon, but instead, she wanted to be the epitome of human gentle femininity.

I start kissing her chest and body, which gives her a small burst of energy that she uses to seal her lips against mine. Her tongue gently slips into my mouth, and instead of kicking up a storm like usual, it plays with mine, teasing my tongue in a manner that reminds me of Roxanne.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing, her turn finally comes, and she begrudgingly detaches herself from me, then I sigh and look around, searching for the next target.

I'm feeling somewhat predatory today, so I nab Lina before she can enter the hot bath.

I lay her down on one of the beds, and she strikes up a coy pose, as if she were Little Red Riding Hood about to be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf… which is not far from the truth.

I tie her arms behind her back with a tentacle, forcing her to push her petite chest forward, then I lick her body with my lecherous eyes, and she shivers under their intensity. Her droopy eyes are wide open, and her breath quickens with anticipation.

I grab her little waist and pull it up towards my mouth, then I lick her delicate thighs with a devilish, long, and rough, red tongue.

She moans softly, just from imagining its texture rubbing against her pussy, then I briefly lick her asshole, making her shiver again.

Without warning, my tongue penetrates her little flower, and she squeaks loudly, then she opens her legs for me to give her a deeper tongue-fucking.

I make the tongue spin like a drill, and I take in the exquisite sour flavor of her insides, then I notice how the shape of my cock has been imprinted into the walls of her vagina. She's mine, in both body and soul, and my mark shall remain within her for as long as she lives.

I withdraw my tongue and lower her waist to my lap. My cock pulsates with anticipation, eager to refresh its imprint once again.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I ask, even though her pussy is dripping with lewd juices, ready to take me. I want to hear her cute voice say the dirty words, begging for me.

"Yes…" She moans shyly.

"I didn't hear that. Do you want me to fuck you?" I ask again, more sternly this time.

She cutely bites her lip and whispers shyly again, "Yes. I want…"

"Want what? Say it!" I press her and growl.

She immediately cracks under the pressure of my will and lets the cock worshiper burst out. "Fuck me! Fuck me with your dragon cock!" She yells desperately, her squeaky voice sounding like music to my ears.

The head of my cock pulses one last time, then it dives into her, parting her sex and stretching it to its limit.

"Ha~hn!" She squeaks as the head slams against her cervix. It's definitely too big for her, but she'll never actually admit that. She loves being stretched.

I turn her around, making her spin on my dragonator, then I hug her, enveloping her completely, and slam my cock into her again.

"Ha~hn!" She squeaks again and her insides squeeze around me for a moment, forcing me to slow down.

I add some texture to my shaft, small pointy bits that simulate a draconic cock, then I create a pair of simple leathery wings that cover us completely. All so that she feels like she's being bred by a dragon, though she actually will be bred by one as soon as my [Dragon Transformation] is high enough.

I shove a cock-shaped finger inside her mouth, then I pump her pussy up and down to my heart's content.

I make sure that her fragile little body doesn't break, but her mind gives out midway, her thoughts spiraling into a mush of depravity and pleasure. She's effectively passed out, though I know that she'll remember every detail of her Ravaging, she always does, and the pain in her waist will make sure that she doesn't forget for a long time… or until she asks for a [Heal].

I grit my teeth as I cum inside her, giving me some fresh lube to continue fucking her, the cream of her orgasms mixing with my own white ambrosia.

Her moans go faint as I cum inside her repeatedly, and our breeding cocoon is filled with the delightful smell of sex. Male dragons are capable of multiple successive orgasms to ensure that the fertilization is successful, so her experience is as close to a real one as it could be.

Her insides begin to loosen as her muscles start to lose their strength, and the end of her Ravaging nears.

She drools and nearly chokes on my cock-finger, so I gradually withdraw it from her mouth. It's a little disappointing, though. There's nothing quite like getting a blowjob from a woman at the same time as I fuck her pussy.

Her eyes close shut, and she finally passes out, then I unplug her pussy, allowing the excess cum to flow free, and Aoi scurries over to clean it all up.

After she's done, I grab Lina and lay her down on one of the clean beds, then I join Hana and Klein for a threesome.

I'd like to fuck my monkey-girl's brains out, but first, we need to team up to defeat Hana.

The sweaty barbarian is a fearsome foe with a ridiculously large stamina bar, but every boss has a weak spot, and Hana's is a big, thick, spiky dick. But I don't stop there.

I grow another dick to stretch her asshole and vibrate them both, making sure that there's always a spike playing with her clit, and Klein pulls on the belt secured around Hana's neck, choking her while also playing with her nipples and keeping her mouth occupied.

Through our teamwork, the boss is defeated and collapses in a puddle of her own pussy juice, but this isn't co-op, this is a battle royale.

I pounce on Klein and slide it in, then I grab her arms, binding them behind her back, and fuck her doggy style.

Her long monkey tail tries to fight back, but my thick dragon tail is pure muscle, so I tie her up completely and finish her.

Her entire back gets covered in my mark, the brown of her delicate skin contrasting perfectly with the healthy white of my seed.

I look around for my next prey and continue The Ravaging.


I stop in front of Alissa, the last opponent still standing.

She stops playing with her pussy, then she seductively licks the mixture of clear liquid and white cream on her hand. My cock twitches from the stimulating sight, making the lewd juices coating it drip off.

She lays down on the bed and spreads her legs for me, inviting me in. She submits to my superior cock and takes me in with delight until she finally collapses from the ecstasy, leaving me as the last warrior standing.


I finally enter the hot bath with a sigh, then a little thirsty dragon clamps onto my dick. I still have some mana left to burn, so I let her do as she pleases.

Once our bodies are completely relaxed, it's time for dinner. Krysta convinced the elven chef to make not-pita bread sandwiches along with a dish that I love so very much: a charcuterie board of elven smoked meat, cold cuts, and cheeses. It's the perfect combo of elven food, incorporating everything they're good at while also being very considerate of our tastes.

Once my belly is filled, I sit by the streams in the corner of the dining room and wet my feet in the running water. At first, I don't feel much, but then I pad my claws with a layer of sensitive skin, allowing me to feel the cool water splashing against my scales, which feels very refreshing in this hot weather. I guess that this is exactly why the mages created this feature.

Hana sits down beside me, and her hand immediately goes for my hair to play with it. Before her brain massage can put me to sleep, I help her draft up a training routine for the Chimeras who want to learn [Soul Manipulation].

It seems that [Spirit Magic] will be experiencing a boom in business. Well, at least in this town, it will. There are still more mages applying to join our Court, but we'll resort to hiring them as freelancers because our numbers are nearing the limit. I don't want to give Mimi an aneurysm right now.

Once our conversation starts to peter out, Osaria sits down on my other side and snuggles up to me.

"Wolfy, I wanted to talk about my position as a concubine," she hesitantly says with a somewhat serious tone.

After suppressing the sudden desire to run away, I nod gently and urge her to continue, "Yes, what is it?" Then I wrap my tail around her waist to comfort her since she looks a bit nervous.

She anxiously taps her thick thighs, then her demeanor regains its usual faint coyness. "I've greatly enjoyed acting as your representative. The occasional traveling, the meetings with other people, the idea of representing someone as important as a Crown Lord…" -She suddenly grins and relaxes her body against mine- "It all resonates with me, so I want to make it official, but I'd also like it if I was properly paid for it, though I don't need to be paid like a diplomat. I just don't want to have to ask you for money every time I want something."

I grab her thigh and caress it lovingly to reassure her. "Sure, that's fine with me. I'll tell Mimi tomorrow."

The seductress comes back, and she grins mischievously, then gives me a peck on the cheek.

Unlike wives-to-be, concubines aren't seen as having the same level of authority as a wife. The point of marriage is to make it official that they're a team, so while spouses don't need to have the same level of power, they're expected to share the responsibilities of their positions, which is especially true for a position as important as a Lord. But concubines aren't "married" to their partners, so Osaria's word doesn't carry the same weight as mine does, and by law, our finances are still separate.

I grab her hand and give it a gentle kiss, then Hana gets a bit jealous, so she snuggles up to me on my other side, and both of my (padded) draconic arms get buried in between their mountains.

"Isn't it fitting that someone like Osaria represents us?" Yunia suddenly comments, hiding her smirk with a stony mask.

"An insatiable sexual predator?" Klein questions teasingly and looks around, searching for supporters. "Sounds just like half of this harem."

Roxanne nods emphatically and sides with her, "Yes. A seductress that's even more of a succubus than I am."

"It's almost as if she's a fusion of all of our 'eccentricities,'" Alissa adds and nods sagely.

Ciel sighs wistfully and rests her cheek on her hand. "I could definitely sense a hint of a draconic thirst in her yesterday," she piles on.

Aoi tilts her head to the side and muses, "I think her libido is similar to a dragon's. Maybe one of her ancestors was a dragonkin?"

"Now that you mentioned it, I think she does fuck like Hana," Klein agrees and chuckles cheekily.

Osaria actually blushes and pouts in annoyance, though she barely contains her smile since this is all in good fun. "You're all talking about me as if I were horrible," she complains.

"Horribly horny," Klein immediately retorts.

Osaria holds her waist in a sassy way and presses her, "And what does that make you?"

Klein stutters and repeats in confusion, "W-what does that make me…?"

"Her fucking toy!" Roxanne shouts and laughs along with Osaria.

"Personal clit licker," Hana plays along and wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

"Fingering expert. Oh, wait, no, that's me, ohohohoh," Osaria taunts snobbishly like Yunia, then laughs like Roxanne.

Alissa lays her hand on top of Klein's and gives it a reassuring squeeze. Klein suddenly turns to her and pouts anxiously at Alissa's gentle expression.

"A friend to all of us," Alissa comforts her, and Klein forgets all about the previous banter, smiling cutely at her. Then Alissa's tail wags, and she narrows her eyes like a cheeky fox. "And Wolfy's cum extractor, number nine."

"NYAH!" Klein squeals in anger and surprise from the sneak attack and counters by pouncing on Alissa. Her hands wrap around the sly fox's neck, and she pretends to strangle her.

Alissa resists, and the two of them start to wrestle on the table, then they roll off of it and fall onto the soft grass-like floor but remain entangled.

They clasp their hands with each other and struggle for control, then Klein suddenly spreads their arms apart and attacks by kissing Alissa's lips.

The foxy girl feels a faint thump in her chest, stunning her for a split second, which is just enough time for the irate monkey to turn the tables on her. She forces Alissa to spin around and binds her arms behind her back while laughing manically.

"NAHAHAHAHA! Got you!"

She must be the second most experienced wrestler among us, with Hana firmly at the top. The two of them have had many borderline-gay tussles while growing up together.

Alissa struggles for a moment but gives up because she isn't strong enough to get out of this position. That doesn't mean she's been defeated, though.

She nuzzles up to Klein's neck, slightly calming down the victorious monkey girl, then she suddenly jerks her body to the side and nibbles on Klein's round monkey ears.

"NYAAA!" Klein shrieks from the painful jolt, allowing Alissa to escape her grasp. The animal ears of a wereanimal are their weak spot, but not because of the pain. Just like with getting poked in the ribs, it's a strong but difficult to explain sort of stimulation that throws off anyone who's not prepared for it.

Alissa grabs Klein's body and switches positions with her, getting on top of the stunned monkey girl.

She restrains Klein's arms and pins her waist between her legs, then she leans down and kisses her.

Now it's Klein's turn to become stunned for a split second, but instead of resisting Alissa, she reaches up to kiss her again.

Alissa's pussy starts tingling, and the two weregirls start kissing each other passionately.

Aside from her obsession with making me happy, I think Alissa is the straightest of all the girls, though she was never entirely straight.

I release Osaria's waist and get up, then I walk up to the girls and stop before them.

They stop kissing each other when they feel the shadow of my cocks on their faces.

"I feel that you two are going to need these," I whisper with a husky tone.

Alissa grins excitedly while Klein subtly licks her lips.


I cast [Heal] on their pussies because two Ravagings in a single day is just too much for them. Even though they were horny, their bodies can only take so much.

The maids might've been a bit traumatized by the sight of us. They should've already heard about me, but seeing it in person is another thing entirely.

We retire to our bedroom, and I give Yunia some attention by brushing her hair. I could use my claws as a brush, but just that heretical thought alone is enough to earn me a glare from her, so I won't think about that idea any further.

After a while, I start to use my tentacles to hold the brush instead since they don't tire out like my clumsy hands do, and then I suddenly remember something that I should've addressed a long time ago.

Klein… I want Klein, there's no denying it.

She doesn't want to join the harem, but she also doesn't want to leave us. She might love us, but her feelings are nowhere near as strong as the love between the wives and myself.

She's like Ereia: she's our sex friend. A close friend, but still just a friend.

I don't want to give her up. Whether she's in love with Hana's brother or not, I want to have her as my concubine.

In truth, I want every woman. I want Krysta, I want Kaatohe, her long-gone mother, Hukarere, Oritiki, Kurii, Shala, Istante, Sainalai, Almaria, Poosh, Oura, Silvane, Nononya, Toroo, Silvina… and maybe I could fuck some sense into Vanea… heh.

But I know that if I tried to force Klein to stay, she wouldn't be happy.

I cross my arms and start grumbling internally. The dragon inside of me is making this harder than it should be.

"You'll never have her," Alissa enters my mind, helping the human convince the stubborn dragon. "You can have her body, but not her heart."

Grumpy, stubborn, and proud. The shithead that now lives inside of me is holding onto Klein like how a child holds onto its toy in fear of having it taken away from them. I guess the Gods fucked me over by giving me this dragon, or maybe they just divided my personality into two different pieces, with the entirety of some of my bad characteristics being assigned to either one of them.

I still remember Ciel's worry that I might change too much, and that the man she fell in love with would disappear completely. I took that to heart, and now, I worry about how this new race will change me, but I can't truly say how old-me would've reacted to this situation.

I think he'd just put off the decision until the deadline. It wouldn't be the first time…

Old-me was kind, considerate, and moral. He knew very well where the line was, and he'd never cross it willingly.

Do these characteristics describe a man that would force a woman to commit to him? I don't think so, you grumpy lizard. Now fuck off.

I cringe at myself. I never expected that I'd have to convince "my other self" to cooperate.

Oh fuck, don't tell me that I've developed split personalities.

I throw myself onto the bed and puff out my cheeks. This is the best opportunity to talk about this, so I won't back down and postpone it again.

Hana sits beside me, and her strong fingers run through my hair, occasionally tugging at my stiff and rough black horns. I love it when she does that.

I look at her, and she gives me a compassionate smile.

She's gone through this already. She wanted to have me for herself, then she wanted Roxanne for herself, but that was never meant to be. It's been a long time since the greedy lizard inside her tried to hoard anything because she just can't.

You can cry and whine all you want, you stinky lizard, but you won't hoard everything. You know it, so let me do this, or I won't let you mount Aoi.

The fucking cockbrain stops grumbling for a moment. Threatening myself seems to have worked, but I don't know for how long since I find it extremely hard to believe that I'll be able to not have sex with Aoi, especially since she herself thinks this is bullshit because it's also a punishment for her.

I chuckle softly at myself.

This is really fucking stupid.

I secure the saddle on the dragon and forcefully reign it in.

I said my piece, now obey.

I'm still the same, mostly. I'm still the man that my wives fell in love with, just better… and slightly crazy, or maybe this is just how weredragons are.

My principles are still the same, though. I'm not letting a man into the harem, it's just that Klein was never really in it, to begin with.

"Aw… nibbling Skritters," Roxanne jokingly grumbles inside my mind.

Alissa sends her an angry glare. Ironically, it seems that she's the most concerned with faithfulness out of all of us.

I wrap my tail around hers to get her to calm down. I don't actually mind Roxanne's banter because I'm pretty secure in my position.

The rule about men is one of the few that put limits on our debauchery. If we were ever to cross it, I feel like I'd lose myself, so that's the line in the sand, the maximum extent to our depravity.

Klein breaks none of my rules because I should never have considered her to be part of the harem, even temporarily. The idea of a "temporary husband" was also a bad one from the start.

I guess this is why Krysta warned us about our relationship. We weren't in sync, and now I have to put in the effort to beat down my heart so that we'll be on the same page.

I breathe in to steady myself and sit up. Klein gives us a curious look, now noticing that we're acting slightly weird.

Osaria makes her bird stop singing, and a silence settles into the room.

I clear my throat and start, "Since we're talking about relationships, I think we need to clarify where we stand."

Klein's tail immediately shoots up as her eyes open wide, and her fur stands on end. "W-w-wha-wha-what?" She stutters, completely flustered.

I unwrap my tail from Alissa's, then I scoot towards Klein and entangle my tail with hers, pulling it down to get her to relax. I've quickly learned about how sensitive my non-human parts are. It's almost like they're a highway to my heart.

She calms down a little, but she still seems apprehensive, so I don't waste any more time. "It's nothing too serious, and it shouldn't change how things are."

She sucks in a breath and nods shyly.

"You love us, right?" I softly ask.

She nods vigorously, getting even more apprehensive.

"But you don't want to join the harem?" I ask directly. There's no point in going with any other approach.

She hesitates, then nods slowly and opens her heart to us, "I… I love you all, I really do, but I feel like there's 'something missing.' I just don't want to have to share with so many other people…" -She looks down, and her tone is stained with melancholy- "It's fun being together with all of you, it really is, but I don't feel like I'd make a good wife, and I want a husband that I could call my own."

I close my eyes in pain and speak my mind, "You love us, but not enough to marry us."

"I guess…" She hesitantly admits and shrugs.

"I didn't think you'd make a good wife, with Wolfy's destiny and all, but maybe you could've been a concubine," Hana opens up her heart, too.

Klein sighs and shakes her head. "I don't know… maybe if the harem was smaller…"

I give her tail a little tug and reassure her, "If you really don't see yourself joining the harem officially, then you simply shouldn't. It's important that you make this decision both happily and willingly, but like I said, you'll always be welcome here no matter what you choose."

She bites her lip and nods, then breathes, "Okay…"

I glance at Yunia. "I think that we shouldn't have made you into a 'temporary member.' You're a friend, or maybe a little more than a friend, but not enough to be a lover. You're like Ereia or Hukarere, a 'friend with benefits,' or a 'sex-friend' if you want a more explicit label."

"A close friend with benefits," Hana adds sternly. She really wants to make it clear just how important Klein is to her.

She pauses and blinks, still slightly confused, but her body starts to relax. Perhaps something clicked in her head, and now she's realizing where we truly stand.

"That makes sense…" She mumbles, and her eyes open wide, then she looks at each of us. "I… think I agree with that."

I sigh and relax, letting our entangled tails flop on the bed.

I feel like I've just taken a weight off my shoulders. For a long time, I've felt like my attachment to Klein was "wrong," but now I know it's finally exactly as it should be.

For as much as she might love us, she isn't ready to join us officially… and now that I think about it, she might be addicted to my dick, which would be one of the reasons that she doesn't want to leave.

Osaria suddenly hugs Klein from behind and kisses the top of her head. "You'll always have a place here," she whispers with a husky tone.

Klein nods with an anguished face, holding herself back from crying, and we form another cuddle puddle to heal our frayed nerves. I think I prefer fighting monsters over this.

The puddle feels so good that we all peacefully drift off into a deep sleep.




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