Chapter 157: The Biggest Heart – Part 3
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Unfortunately, I have to make another pause for a week to finish the censoring of the Royal Road version as I couldn't find the time to do it this week and the deadline is approaching. But in case I finish early, I'll continue writing a new story that I'll soon make public. It's already on Patreon, just one more chapter before I start releasing it for you guys.



"I'm not sure I follow, Your Highness," Thea impassively replies, yet I can see the fear growing in her dark brown eyes.

It's time to take off her mask, so I calmly dismantle her little act, "The color of your skin tells a story. You were certainly born in the White Stalker clan because there's no way that a member of the Misty Foxes would let their child be born as a White Stalker without greatly offending the merciless Chiefs. But it was Léonne who sent you here, and we know she isn't exiling you. Your family defected to the Misty Foxes, but that wasn't enough for you, and when the opportunity came to serve someone even more powerful, your family took it and has since tried their utmost to have you seduce me."

She hides her fear behind her [Acting] and forcefully calms herself down, then gives me a pre-written reply, "Your Highness, hardly any unmarried woman would hesitate if given the opportunity to join your harem, and even some married ones would gladly ditch their mediocre husbands for you."

"Why did you leave the White Stalker clan?" I press her to answer me honestly.

But she makes a pained expression, one that actually seems authentic. "That's an unpleasant topic, Your Highness."

Well, that answers many questions while also raising others.

But she's still holding her secrets close to her heart, so I'll open my heart to her and hope she'll do the same. "I have my own secrets, too, Thea, but my women enjoy the privilege of being privy to them. The secret of my power, the secret of my birthplace, the secret of my future intentions, they know it all, and in turn, they're honest with me, they're honest with themselves, and they're honest about their desires. Wife, concubine, lover, sex slave, cock-hole, cum worshiper, they accept those Titles out of honesty and love."

The snow fox princess seems to get annoyed, which I believe means that her mask is starting to slip. "Do they tell you their every thought? Their every mistake? Their whole life's story in extensive detail?" she flippantly replies and stares back defiantly.

I like this reaction, though. It tells me that she isn't someone who just takes abuse, but I still have to lay it all out for her, "No, but they do tell me when they wish to make use of my power. I killed Decien Cleinias Alkimeonids and paraded his head around, then I killed Reinhold Fischer, one of the most powerful soldiers of the Avgi Empire. Who else can stop me now besides the Emperor himself? This power is the only thing that I have that the Misty Foxes don't, so what else would you want from me if not to be able to wield it as you wish, if for but a moment?"

But it seems that I hit her too hard with the exposition of her scheme because she looks away and hunches over, then hugs herself and frowns in sadness, making her look quite pitiful and frail. It pulls on my heartstrings to see a pretty young girl looking so vulnerable like this, and even the dragon desires to spread its wings and protect her, but the human is still in control, and he only has cold suspicion for her.

A weaker girl would've started crying from being interrogated like this, but Thea is strong, and her determination turns into desperation because she won't give up so easily.

"I fucking hate the White Stalkers," she quietly begins, her tone dark and seething with anger. "But everyone knows they'll fall one day. It's just that I want to make sure they all die when it happens." Then she raises her head and finally meets my eyes again, her mask fully off, and I see in her gaze the resolve to do anything for her goals. "I'll give you my body, I'll be your sex slave, and I'll swear my undying love to you if you help me when the time comes."

But that's exactly what I don't want, so I coldly reject her, "I have no interest in cold bodies; I can buy any werefox sex slave I want… and love isn't something you can consciously control."

"Then what do you want?!" she angrily exclaims, her voice cracking in distress while her hands make claws as if she wants to gouge my eyes out, which is just a bit scary.

I sigh softly and turn my eyes to the food that's getting cold, then I look up to the sky. It's another beautiful night with the psychedelic moon and its colorful orbiting little moons waltzing all over the starry stage, but my eyes are drawn to fire-Hana dancing alluringly as she exudes a comfortable warmth.

I want nothing from you… nothing but peace, while all you can give is bloodshed.

But I can't even tell her the truth because she'll then try to get around it in a way that pressures me into fulfilling her wishes. This is the trap of trying to use love as a bartering tool: it stifles the growth of affection because love is something chaotic, uncontrollable, unpredictable, and very rebellious.

"She's the same as me, Wolfy," Yunia gently whispers in my soul space.

And I forcefully broke your mask and your [Mask].

"And then you gave me a warm welcome into the harem and allowed me to find my place," my elven Queen lovingly replies.

Yes, I gave you a chance to fit in…

And I'll do the same with Thea, so I turn to her and take on a kinder tone as I share with her the secret to happiness in our harem, "Living while hiding your true self to please someone else is no way to live. I accept the women who show their true selves and those who bend over to me, while I reject those who wish to trade love for favors. Sex can be traded; love can't.

"I just want you to be yourself; I want you to be true to your wishes; I want you to find harmony within the harem, to find your place among the women who have freely given me their hearts. But don't try to manipulate me into helping you with your revenge because that'll only sour things."

She looks away once again, unable to hold my gaze as she reflects upon my words. I gave her no promises and blocked her from attempting to beg, so there's no other option but to accept me in full.

Slowly, her desperation fades back into firm resolve, then she glances at me and bites her lower lip. "Hold me," she shyly requests.

"What did you say?" I gently hum back as I begin to remove my stern mask.

Then she starts to become bold and dives right into the role that I want her to take, "You told me to be true to my wishes, so I want you to hold me and make me feel safe because, right now, I truly don't." But her voice trembles with those last words, pulling on my heartstrings again.

I smile warmly and extend a clawed hand to her, and she immediately takes it. Her skin is so soft it's comparable to the wives' even though they have the best skin care products that money can buy.

Then I gently help little Thea come onto my lap, and since she's still naked, my boner slots itself between her nicely shaped pale cheeks. Her skin blushes heavily, but she makes herself comfortable and seems to fit almost as well as Lina even though she isn't loli-sized. Her fluffy white fox tail isn't tickling me as much as Alissa's does, but I obviously still enjoy it very much.

"Hana, warm up the food again so that the Yunias can start feeding us," I gently order the elemental-wives, and then we finally begin to enjoy our romantic dinner.

Even though I told Thea to be honest with her feelings, I'm not allowed to be honest with mine as it would ruin everything if I told her the truth…

I'd already decided to help her get revenge the moment she mentioned it.

No, we did.

This isn't just me being a sexual predator. The wives and I have our wills united through [Bind], but that's not the only thing that's linked together. We actually share the biggest heart one could ever have, which isn't surprising since there's a priestess of Love and a little fox blessed by that very same Goddess among us. So we simply can't resist the plight of an adorable young snow fox princess, not to mention that I'm not the only one who salivates at the sight of her lithe, naked body.

I hug Thea's belly with both of my strong arms, then cup a puffy nipple, something I've been craving to do ever since I first saw them when she made a nighttime visit to Osaria. And the snow fox princess lets out a shaky breath as I touch her sensitive little pink bit.

So I decide to soothingly explain things to calm her down, "I recommend you start with this 'cherry panini,' as its flavor is very subtle, and then you can follow up with this 'carpaccio canape,' as it has a stronger flavor. After that, you can go for the more strong-flavored choices like this one with a cured sausage, or this 'little burger' with special sauce. Don't fill your stomach with these, though, because the skewers are the main course. I also recommend that you take a sip of a beverage of your choice between mouthfuls to wash the flavors down and refresh your tongue, enhancing the taste of each bite.

"And if you allow it, the nature-Yunias will hand-feed you everything," I finish with a grin.

And she chuckles girlishly. "What an interesting setup you have here. Is this some sort of high culinary experience?" she wryly asks, her tone so crystalline it's almost like the last minute never happened.

"Oh, you bet. You can just relax onto me and enjoy the view." Then I glance at the delicious fire-Hana.

She gently grabs my scaled hand currently playing with her nipple and gives me a bit of saucy cheekiness, "But, for some reason, I feel like I'm the only one who's 'comfortable' here."

Don't need to say that twice.

"Very well," I hum and summon Jarn beside us, making Thea coo in wonder. "Jarn, undress me."

But I don't release Thea, which makes her momentarily confused, and then Jarn [Link]s my clothes and immediately un[Equip]s them, instantly making me naked. With The Cock now free, it perfectly slots itself between her ass cheeks while the pulsating head touches her faintly warm entrance, making her gasp in surprise.

"Now, let's eat," I order before she can make a comment, and the nature-Yunias begin to serve us.

Back in the dining hall, Thea's mother seems to be becoming a bit anxious. "I just hope they aren't making love, as I wish to be present and watch her perform."

And Alissa cheerfully reassures the snow milf, "Don't worry. Wolfy enjoys showing off, so he'll definitely come back, but he's never been one to pass up a chance to share some intimate touching." Then the two begin talking about the types of caresses they love the most, and Manon seems to enjoy other fox women almost as much as she enjoys her husband.

Anyway. Indeed, I'd never pass up a chance to touch a woman, so I press my Cock against Thea's pussy lips, and I notice that they're definitely gradually heating up. Meanwhile, I gently fondle her chest while she begins to play absentmindedly with my mirror-like scales, showing how comfortable she is in my arms.

I got my feelings through to her, and she's decided to believe in me, to believe that there's a place for her in the harem and that this is the right way forward. It'll be a leap of faith for her, but that's something required of everyone who wants to get close to us.

Her fluffy white tail begins to wag very slowly, increasing in strength with every mouthful she's fed, and her fluff brushes softly against my belly. She even dares to drink a bit of elven not-wine to wash it down, which is bolder than me, as I prefer Eia extract because the weed-like bliss is more manageable than getting drunk.

My cheeks are tickled by her fluffy ears, and I start to rub my face against them, which seems to mildly amuse her, but the fluff makes me hornier, and I intensify the fondling of her body. Though we're enjoying each other, we still intently watch fire-Hana's sensual dance, and the elemental-wife is very good at using her body to charm us.

I reach the point that I can't stop myself any longer and give her neck a few gentle kisses, making her hairs stand on end as she smiles in bliss. She's just so cute, she smells so good, and her touch is so delicate that the dragon is starting to get impatient.

So I give her pussy lips a subtle spirit touch to hasten her arousal, and soon I start to feel a wetness coat my head. We're both visibly horny and comfortable in each other's presence, the food gradually becoming less and less interesting as our desire grows.

Suddenly, she turns her head sideways and kisses my cheek, so I turn to her, and our eyes lock. The Eia has me in a blissful state while she seems faintly drunk, her jade-like face taking on a rosy color and her whole body seemingly warming up.

Then our lips touch, and we kiss. Our tongues seek out each other's and entwine in a deeply lustful embrace, making my Cock throb with desire. Her tongue is clearly experienced, making me rue Osaria's crime, but I can still sense the remnants of hesitation and shyness in her actions, a consolation prize for not being the one to give her her first real kiss.

Her hips start to rock back and forth, gently rubbing her wet pussy against the tip of my Cock, coating it with more of her juices. I hug her adorably lithe body harder, and she seems to melt in the safety of my embrace, so much so that I decide that the time has come to take this further.

I stand up, holding her in a princess carry, then open a [Gate] back to the dining hall, surprising the guests with our nakedness (and Jarn follows us after picking up the cushions, food, table, and Thea's clothes). Sa'Haa's reaction is extremely delightful as she reflexively raises her eyebrows at my massive Cock, then remembers what she's looking at and hides her surprise behind an annoyed expression as she averts her eyes.

Thea breaks the kiss and notices that the environment has changed, then her eyes meet with her mother's, and the two share a subtle nod. Alissa notices Manon's hand landing on her husband's sudden boner, and I get a depraved vibe from the Fountun couple that tingles my lewd senses.

Poosh clears an area on the table in front of me, so I put Thea down and take a look at her reddened and swollen pussy lips. They're glistening with her moist and sticky arousal, but even that might not be enough, as she looks tense, which might make her already small-looking cock-hole painfully tighter.

So Alissa lubes up my Cock with one hand while she inserts a lubed finger into Thea's tight pussy with the other, confirming my fear that she'd be too tight for my full girth. And the snow fox sends Alissa an impassive look, likely using [Acting] to hide her true feelings, but I have the feeling that this little fox might have a fairly "sharp double-edge," as the Rupegians might say. Though, in truth, she's likely more of a "sheath" than a "sword."

But the lubing up is quickly completed, and then Manon pulls out her husband's respectably-sized cock and starts furiously stroking it while she begins fingering herself.

Oh, yeah, we'll definitely get along just fine…

Urmeie suddenly undresses down to her (surprisingly sexy) underwear and also begins masturbating, but Yunia gives Jarn an order, and the bimbo-Yunia offers to finger the curvy mama bear.

"Sure! That's great!" Urmeie grunts and pulls out her furry melons, momentarily distracting me. I'd fucking love to breed this slutty bear, but I'm playing the long game with her, so I just give her and Sa'Haa a [Sexual Charm]-infused glance before returning to my expectant snow fox.

Would Prince Tommen mind if I NTR'd him by making Sa'Haa my bitch?

The human slaps the head of the dragon, and we fully focus on Thea. Once my eyes meet hers, she gives me that orgasmic fearful look of a virgin about to be defiled. Like prey before a predator, she tries to make herself smaller, and her legs threaten to close together, a subtle sign that her mother picks up, and the jade milf seems to greatly disapprove of it.

Yunia is quite aroused by the mood, but unlike Alissa, I don't feel like denying her, so the Queen orders Poosh to finger her, and my sheep happily obeys while subtly also touching herself. Seeing that things are taking a turn, Ciel sighs and goes for her little dwarven wife, while Roxanne goes for her almost-twin human-Aoi, and Hana blocks out everything before she can succumb to her desires and pounce on her sister or mother. The only one still eating is Gify because, of course, she is.

I hunch over Thea and touch her entrance with my Cock. Then I smile reassuringly at her, and her fear subsides just a little bit. But I don't wait for her to fully calm down, as I'm feeling sadistic and domineering, so I penetrate her before she's fully ready.

She reflexively closes her eyes in fear, but then she quickly opens them up again in confusion since she feels no pain as I smoothly slide in, and she lets out a delicious, soft but high-pitched moan. I stealthily thinned my girth to fit her perfectly, and both Sa'Haa and Manon seem curious about it, while Marceau is too entranced in bliss by the rough handjob to care.

"Did… did he thin his penis?" Manon quietly asks Alissa as she sits back down in her seat.

"He did. His Cock is a wonderful thing, and every woman deserves to experience it at least once…" my foxy cock-hole whispers seductively, then lands a hand on the milf's exposed pale thigh.

Manon stops fingering herself and glances at Alissa's soft fingers, her true feelings hidden behind her [Acting], but she shows no signs of rejecting Alissa's sudden intimacy. By Manon's own words, Alissa fits her tastes perfectly, which means that there's no way that my foxy cum slave won't test whether or not she's telling the truth.

So Alissa slowly glides her hand closer to Manon's warm pussy as she whispers again, "Let me take care of you while I tell you of the wonders of King Wolf's Holy Cock."

And Marceau's gaze flies between his wife as she's molested by mine and me as I fuck his daughter because he's a cultured man who appreciates the fine pleasures of sexual depravity. Both his wife and his daughter have a delicious taste, and if he doesn't stop me, I believe I'll soon taste the former with my own tongue and Cock.

Thea seems to quickly adapt to me being inside her, so I start moving slowly, and with every thrust, she lets out girlish moans with a trembling voice. I increase my girth just a bit, and her reaction is quite amusing as she now lets out blissful moans at full volume while her pretty little face scrunches up in mild pain.

Gods, she's the perfect little fuck doll. The girliest girl I've ever fucked, and the perfect mix between loli and woman with a dash of kemonomimi to spice it up. And I have to stop myself from turning into a dragon and Ravaging her because she isn't a full-on submissive breeding whore like Nono or Lolo.

Her little tits begin to shake as I speed up, and Alissa gets a taste of Manon's hesitant lips while I also fuck Urmeie with my fingers through Jarn. That last one is a mistake because I can already feel my defenses against bear mommy melting as I get a feel of her insides.

My little snow fox deserves the best sex she'll have ever had, so I make sure her clit and G-spot are perfectly stimulated, and her tense body slowly loosens up as the pleasure courses through it. Her defensive posture changes into an inviting one with her legs spread apart and her arms around my neck.

Our eyes remain locked, and now hers hold an entranced desire, but my hips are moving too fast for us to kiss. I should've made her get a taste of the Spiky Dragon because her little lips would look so good around the base of my Cock, but I don't need to be hasty because I know she'll be under me for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, I'm reminded that she was a virgin to the joys of cock just a moment ago and is still very inexperienced in the matters of sex in practice, even though she was taught all about the theory. I feel her insides squeeze my Cock in spasms that course through her whole body as she begins to orgasm, her high-pitched voice taken to beautiful heights as she experiences the apex of the wonders of sex with a Male for the first time.

It'd be discourteous for a Man like me to let her orgasm alone, so I let out a big cumshot inside her with a grunt, yet I continue moving, using my seed as lube. But once my snow fox's bliss is over, she seems spent, so I decide to let her rest and slide out of her, then I look for my next prey.




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