Finally Meeting
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She folded her hands behind her back after getting up from sitting on the ground and walked away slowly. Rényú followed behind her and after three minutes of walking, she stopped, turned to look at him with a sharp gaze and asked, "Why do you keep calling me sister-in-law?"

Renyu's mind went blank, he knew that the words "Sister-in-law" was inappropriate and him calling her this was something that just happened with a slip of the tongue and also he was looking forward to having such a beautiful sister-in-law.

Renyu looked at her apologetically and said, "Miss Yueguang, I am sorry if I stepped out of line but years ago it was prophesied that a beautiful woman would arrive here and she would be my sister-in-law, so I was hoping that she was you."

Yueguang pouted after hearing this, she couldn't tell whether or not he was lying.

Kang Rong who was in the sky above them heard this and the corner of his mouth twitched. It was really unexpected of Renyu to lie like this and with a such a sad expression too.

Yueguang placed her hand on her chin making as if she was pondering on something, shaking her head she looked at Renyu and asked, "Renyu, how strong is the strongest cultivator in this continent?"

Renyu, "This continent?"

Yueguang, "Mn, we are in the Red Dragon Valley Sect, how strong is the sect master and who are the strong after him."

Renyu looked at Yueguang with a confused gaze but answered anyways, "The strongest is our sect master Kang Rong, he is one of the three True Sovereign's known in all nine continents."

Yueguang, "But this does not eliminate the possibility of there being more Sovereign realmed cultivators correct?"

Renyu, "That is true."

Yueguang, "..."

Renyu, "Should I continue?"

Yueguang, "Mn"

Renyu, "Next is my brother Peng who comes from the Yanjiang continent, Lava. After him its my sister Haiyang Baohu Zhe from the Haiyan continent, Ocean."

He continued to explain their ranks and powers ending with himself.

Renuyu, "And then it is myself who is the weakest between all 9 of us, I am a merman who comes from the city that travels along Ocean Current, Hailiu."

Yueguang raised a brow at him and asked, "How can you be the weakest when you defeated those men and rescued me?"

Scratching the back of his head and blushed. He answered, "Sister-in-law, those men are weak compared to me."

Yueguang smiled but the smiled on her face wasn't very friendly, "Again calling me sister-in-law?"

Renyu started to panic, "I'm sorry, I won't call you that again."

Yueguang shook her head and said, "By the way, you brought me here so how do I fit the figure inside the profency?"

Sweat beads formed on Renyu's forehead, thinking quickly he said, "Because your name is spelt moonlight."

Yueguang shook her head then turned around and walked off. Renyu who was behind her wiped away the sweat that formed on his forehead.

In the sky above them Kang Rong smiled then disappeared, returning to his room.

Renyu showed Yueguang around the valley. Renyu offered to help her fly but she refused and told him that it was more convenient for her to walk than fly because the techniques she cultivated involved nature, she wanted to be close to nature at all times.

Renyu didn't mind this because the longer he was with her, then more he got to know her and this made him happy, in a way, he had the advantage over the others.

By the time they returned to Yueguang's palace it was close to eight in the evening.

Kang Rong was not happy because he expected Renyu to introduce them today that is why he returned home and changed his clothes.

When Renyu returned to the hall of gathering he was berated at by Kang Rong who was furiously jealous.

Renyu could only nod his head in agreement while inside he was laughing and felt that his brother was acting weird.


During the night around eleven Yueguang could smell the scent of sandalwood in the air. She got up from her bed and wrapped herself in robe then pulled out an amulet from her myriad sack then tied it around her neck.

Opening the door to her palace she stepped out and followed the scent across the valley. She didn't understand why she was so attracted by this scent and wanted to know where it was coming from.

She flew in the air and although she could be seen, the amulet she was wearing masked her presence and cultivation.

The wind was blowing a bit but it wasn't too strong. Thinking of something she came to the conclusion that the scent must have traveled from one point to her palace because of the wind.

She stopped above a simple looking palace that was on the outskirts of the valley where the scent was the strongest.

Slowly descending she stopped above a pond that had a pavilion erected in the middle with a path leading to the inside of the palace before the pavilion.

Sitting on the roof of the pavilion she saw that the lights inside the palace were still lit and by one of the windows she could see the shadow of someone taking a bath.

Resting on her side with the robe covering her, she rested her head on her palm while looking at the shadow in the palaces window.

The pavilion roof was a special kind of roof. It was made out of a bendable wood that was woven together to form an open lattice. Over the years the vines of the plants surrounding the pavilion climbed up the wood and wrapped around it.

Yueguang was balancing on one of the woven wooden lattices.

She could make out that it was a man and presumed that the water he was taking a bath in was infused with this particular scent.


Not long after the person who was taking a bath inside the palace stood up from his bath and climbed out. Covering himself with a robe he exited the bathing room, turned one corner and came through the door near the opening to the baths window.

Yueguang almost lost her balance with the man's sudden appearance.

He hand on a robe that hung loose and that was it beside the black beaded bracelet on his left arm that matched the black beaded necklace on his neck and black studded earrings.

Realising that she just trespassed she decided to stay still and not make a move.

She was sitting on the edge of the roof and if you looked closely you could see her black robe hanging down from it.

Yueguang started praying to the heavens that they protect her and keep her hidden.

The person who she was spying on was none other than Kang Rong.

He walked towards the pavilion naked and sat down on the chair.

Her heart was beating fast because the minute this man below her looks up, she would draw his attention through one of the open squares.

As Yueguang was praying she looked down at Kang Rong who was sitting with his eyes closed, but what made things awkward for her was that Kang Rong's naked body was facing her!!!

He sat with his legs open and that thing between his legs was just hanging there as if it owned this world.

"Doesn't he feel any shame?" she thought to herself.

"I wonder who he is? Maybe I should ask Renyu tomorrow."


As Yueguang sat on the roof balancing, she looked down at Kang Rong and observed him. He was sitting with his head facing the ground and his eyes shut.

Not sure what to make of this scene.

A few moments passed and out of nowhere a martial power started circulating and it was growing stronger by the millisecond.

Yueguang looked back at Kang Rong and his hair was fluttering because of the martial power in the air, "Could he be cultivating?" she wondered.

Soon the power bursted out of Kang Rong's body and into the atmosphere.

"Ahhh!!!" Yueguang screamed.

Hearing her scream Kang Rong opened his eyes and looked up. Yueguang was falling and with quick steps he rushed to her and catched her within his arms in a princess hold.

Kang Rong was at first startled by her sudden appearance and confused, then he could feel her body trembling within his grasp.

Looking at her, he could see that she was tearing up and looked frightened but also she was gripping onto his robe tightly.

Thinking that something must have happened to her he rushed back into his palace and laid her down on his bed but she didn't let go.

With his arm still around her he pulled her in towards his body against his chest and started stroking the back of her hair, "Shuu, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you… please calm down," trying to calm her down.

Her tears didn't stop falling and her body didn't stop trembling. She herself didn't know what was happening because this was the first time she felt like this.

Seeing that it wasn't working, Kang Rong hugged her tighter and placed his head between the left side of her neck and shoulder.

Kang Rong didn't know how much time had passed before she finally calmed down, but the minute she calmed down, her eyes closed and she fell asleep within his embrace.

Looking down at the sleeping Yueguang in his arms, he couldn't help but move his head closer and place a kiss on her lips.

Fighting the urge to prolong the kiss, he pulled away, climbed off the bed and covered Yueguang with the sheet on his bed and disappeared, reappearing at the pavilion again.

Immediately he fell to one knee and held his neck. The moon scar was bearing even worse than before when they met at the tournament.

The entire time while he was holding her, it burned but even so, he did not let go of her because he was afraid that he might have hurt her.