Chapter 8
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         The promise came true when Jeeve went down on her. She was way too horny and her pussy was a sopping wet mess. The kimono came undone the sash couldn't hold her wild thrashing around. 

        Lea had her thighs wrapped tightly around Jeve's head and was drowning him with her love juices. Loud slurping noises can be heard when Lea's equally loud bird song-like moans went down occasionally when she tried to gasp for breath. Her breasts were held together by her arms stretching to reach for the handsome demon's head, she was pressing his head sometimes pulling on his hair and Jeve diligently took her guiding measures, his work which made her jump with her hips. Lea looked pink all over her body due to the intense stimulation. Her eyes were constantly rolling back and were glassy. 

           Jeve was enjoying making Lea thrash around with his skills because he rarely gets to have this much action from any women other than some with tolerance and experience, the inexperienced girls all just blank out when he starts sticking his tongue in. He also had a sort of satisfaction hearing her calling his name while moaning, even though it was to stop his tongue play, but hey, she said his name and hearing his name roll out of her tongue in her enchanting voice made his dick swell up. 

             Her thighs were soft and firm and being wrapped in them felt heavenly. He made sure to give her some pain to not overload her brain from the pleasure by slapping her bubbly adorable butt, he also gave small careful bites to her clitoris making her sway his head from left to right with her thighs. She felt like a small child with her antics making him want to bully her more. So he reached his hands to grab her fluffy mass of mammaries and searched for her nipples by groping the soft fun flesh and when he got both of the nipples in his hands he started pinching and twisting her nipples. 

 "Nooooo~~~~ jjjjeeevvve " and a lot of shaking that came as a precursor for her extreme orgasm that drenched him, his hair was wet and slicked due to Leandria orgasming under him like an adorable kitten, she was trying to be menacing with her voice but her moans came out like that of a deflated balloon with no power behind it. 

      Jeve slowly separated from her pussy and picked her up in his arms and separated the clothing she had on her tantalising skin and sat her on his lap facing him. She was having a face that looked to him like she was asking for more and he knew that face from the many conquests he had. Jeve felt like he got looked down upon seeing her like that because not many females could stay with their eyes focused after he went down on them because usually, they would only wake up after half an hour and they get eaten and stretched out with his tongue for at least half an hour,but she was having an idiotic smile filled with the innocence of a virgin plastered on her face. 

         This irked him to no end, he wanted this bitch to beg him to stop sucking her pussy like a vacuum module. He wanted her to become a mute from screeching out those enchanting moans but what he got was an insatiable girl hugging and thrusting her enormous fluffy breasts to him like breakfast for the morning. He gave her breast a slap, which was quite forceful this time due to his frustration but he was struck with surprise when a lovable moan even louder than the slap came from her throat. 

               'Okay, humu, she going down, cause I'm the incubus here, I'm the one with the lust demon heritage. It doesn't matter whether she is cute, adorable, sexy, hot, fuckable all rolled into one I'm gonna steamroll her into submission. The damn slut started very shy and now she's thrusting her body on me, how audacious'

 'Her nipples seemed sensitive, I'm gonna make her scream  every species under imanity to make me stop the sexual torment that is about to happen to her.' While Jeve was plotting his petty revenge for not being able to dominate Lea, the person in question was drowning in lust like a raft that got caught in a cyclone in the middle of an ocean. Usually, when the brain gets overstimulated by any sort of stimulus, it shuts down as a precautionary measure to not receive more inputs that could vastly exceed the processing power of the brain that could even potentially fry the brain. 

       But in Lea's case, she is an immortal and a true immortal to boot and she also has a system which excels in data analysing and processing which made her take in a lot of pleasure, the likes of which would cause anyone to pass out in the blink of an eye. What she was experiencing was the greatest pleasure she had ever experienced as an individual from her birth till now. She could never go back to even masturbating anymore from the likes of it and she had fallen so much for this that she will be a slut, a bitch in heat for possibly the rest of her life. 

          She wanted nothing more than to let this pleasure last, it was like she achieves a state of zen with pleasure rather than staying tranquil, the feeling was so uniquely abstract that she could not even put it into any articulate words. The handsome demon holding her started to become rougher with her body as he started sucking her nipples taking both of them into his mouth, he sucked on them furiously as if expecting to suck milk out of them. But the tide of pleasure crashed into her with equal force if not more than from her pussy. Her new breasts on her new body were so very much sensitive that she started to moan non-intelligible words as a response to the demon rampaging on her body. 

    This went on for 20 minutes when the handsome demon threw her into the bed forcefully and whipped out his erect log for a dick and said with an evil grin on his face " I will make you yield with my dick thoroughly and we have all night long too"