Chapter Seven
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" Where have you been? Lorna said you took a break and never went back! Kis, you were gone for 3 days! Three whole days! " Dina nags as soon as she realized I'm home. I remained to lay on my bed, not feeling well. It took me two days just to find my way back. I've only been laying here for 20 minutes after I got out of the shower.

" Dina, I'm not feeling well. Please save the nagging for when I feel better, " I covered myself with my blanket and closed my eyes.

" That's it! You're coming with me to the main house! " I can't tell if she's angry or irritated but I haven't got the energy to argue with her so I let her brought me to the house where both of us grew up.

" Kis, baby, I missed you! " mother said the moment she saw me at the doorway. She gave me the warmest hug and a kiss on my cheek. I really missed her too. " I missed you too, mother " I smiled replying to her causing her to out at me, she hates it when I call her mother.

" Please Baby, stop with the mother, call me mom for a change, " Mother corrected me again still pouting to me, I chuckled as a response finding her cute. I don't know when I started calling her that but now it has become a habit, even if I tried, I still unconsciously calls her that so she had been correcting me for the longest time and had been failing as well.

" Mom, Kis is staying here! " Dina said when she went inside the house, mother did exactly what she did to me to Dina as well, she hugged and kissed her on the cheeks.

" What? That's great! Dina, you should stay here too, the house is huge, you can tell Geremy to come live with us too! Please, just until my granddaughter finishes college and finds her husband. asked" Mother begged. Mother must not have known that I was gone for 3 days or else she and father would have mobilized people from the police and the military to find me.

" Mom, you do realize that you're basically asking us to stay here for good? "

" oops, guilty mom here. Now how about we have snacks then I'll have your old rooms ready, "

" No mother, Please let me rest on the guest room for now. I am very tired, and I want to sleep. " I begged not feeling well. Mother is where Dina got her persistent personality, so if I don't beg now, Mother would force me to eat again like she always does when I was still living with them. Mother loves cooking and especially baking, that's why our house doesn't run out of food and sweets. It's actually the reason why I don't eat that much anymore.

" Kis baby, are you okay? " Mother worriedly held both my cheeks to feel if I'm sick or not but I don't think I have the flu. I'm just plainly exhausted from walking for 2 days. Well, I guess it was fault too cause I escaped as a cat, I could not shift back because if I did, I would be walking naked. I was lucky my apartment window was installed with a cat flap so I got in easily without my key.

" I'm okay mother, just tired! Please let me sleep. " I assured Mother, she then nodded okay so I went upstairs to the guest room but before that Dina said she'll be talking to me later, I nodded at her but really all I wanted right now is to sleep and relax.


" Look Tyler, I can't remember all the employees in the company named Kis, are you even sure that's not an alias? " Geremy replied frustratingly as I was persistently asking him since yesterday. Three days ago, after I finished the shower, Kis was gone! I tried chasing right after him but I couldn't find him that's why I'm here in Geremy's company to ask about the information about Kis! I only know his name, Geremy was right, I don't even know if Kis was actually his name.

Geremy and I grew up together, we've been friends for as long as I can remember. Our parents were close friends, and they are one of the few humans who knew the were-cat existence. Although our age was four years apart, it never stopped us from getting close, we've also treated ourselves as brothers.

" It will be difficult to find him if you only have his given name. It also possible that his not an employee and just happens to visit. The employee personnel file is confidential, I want to help you find him so only this time I'll give you exclusive access. " Geremy offered which made me happy about. I need to find him, even if I have search all the names and faces of Geremy's employees. My cat just wouldn't stop to irritate me, he wants to find him. His clouding my thoughts that all I think about all day is Kis. I tried to forget like I always do, but it was no use.