Chap 12.5- Mariie
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Chap 12.5- Mariie:


(A/N: A little bit of Mariie p.o.v.)


{Location: Mao Port ; Time: 10:21 a.m.; P.O.V: 1st Mariie}:



  Since Zero left, I have this feeling, that something will happen to her, I know her mission is not one of the safest, but damn! We can't do anything, because we need all the help with the humans….


  Heheh…. She's probably already evolved a lot, if she's already encountered the humans she must have touched the [Skills of Manas], I wouldn't be surprised.


I look out over the ocean, we have just gotten on the boat that will take us to Elfheim, and then Drakin.


  Our plans are already in motion, we are going to talk to the elves, well, Lord Seno is going to talk to their leader, and after a contract to put an end to the human aggressors, then later we are going to get the earth dragons.


  Then the plan would be to go after the dwarves, and then the Semi-kin.


  I hope it all goes well.


  Ohh, look, Yuley just got on the boat, carrying something?


  "What are you carrying there, Yu?" I ask confused.


  " Hmm? These boxes? They contain something with a magic that will make it stay fresh for up to five years, it's a gift for when we find her, I'm sure she'll be pretty damn hungry *smiles*"- My eyes widen, Yuley thinking of others? This is new.


  I might tease him a little, the guy has been in a mood of not knowing what to do, since when he met Zero, they've been bickering without stopping, and laughing too, it was like two young siblings, Zero being the youngest.


The dynamic of the two was perfect, at every opportunity one made fun of the other.


The most impressive is how Yu can read Zero's expressions, like hell, the first time they met, he had already read her face.


Yu turns red. - "I-I don't miss the lizard at all! It's just a 'welcome back' gift!´´


He tries to justify it, very cute.


Before I can go on making fun of his face even more, a small laugh is heard coming from outside the ship.



"Well, Zero really worked like a miracle in taking away the grimace you guys almost always had on your faces." - Lord Seno enters the Ship.


I giggle, and Yu does his thing, targeting Seno as a GOD, well I respect Lord Seno, but damn Yu is a pain in the ass!


After a while they start to lower the sails, finally time to leave, huh...


Good luck there, Lil'sis.