Chap 13-Crise of self´s
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Chap 13-Crise of self's:


{Location: Dirt road towards Mino; Time: 2:21 p.m.; P.O.V: 3rd Narrator}:



  The road to Mino is pretty quiet, Zero walks one step at a time


  Once in a while, she stops and looks at the nothingness on the horizon.


  Her head seems to be changing every second, and this is starting to make her sick, one moment she is anxious to fight the heroes, the next she just wants to get it over with and go back to her friends.


  Her mission, still in her head, is getting more and more distorted, now she follows the path wanting to drink that drink she had taken a while ago, she doesn't even remember what it was called.


  This continues as she walks, her mind changing to whatever interest she has at the moment.


  She can't get confused as another thought is thrown in place of the current one seconds later.


  Her journey appears in her head, and now something peculiar happens.


  Her mind goes back to acting as she did before she entered the village, and it stays that way, at least for now.


  It is as if her mind is searching for which CD is the best one to use.


  Finally, with her head sorted she smiles, - 'Heroes..... Here I came to kick your ass!!!' - She activates her mana and begins to accelerate, raising dust behind herself.


{Location: dirt road towards Mino, 10Km from Mino ; Time: 1:11 p.m.; P.O.V: 1st: Zero}:



  I've been running for a while now, it was a wonder out of the blue that I realized I was in the middle of a road. But two seconds later, I remembered what I here came to do!


  'Take out the heroes!!!'- The ones in the village back there weren't as much fun, and not to mention that as soon as I used a Manas attack, they pretty much just gave up.


  Hmm.... I acted a little strange myself.... Any side effects of Manas that Mariie didn't tell me about?




  I run down the road, feeling the earth on my feet, it feels kind of good.


  Passing through pastures, crops..... burned? Hmm, maybe some plague attacked the plants, and they burned it? Something like that, I guess.


  I run in the middle of the road, my focus in front of me, I don't know why else I feel, like my thoughts are strange.


  There are several blanks of white in my memory...


  'Oooohhh, don't tell me that every time I use any Manas it's going to be like this? *le gasp*'


  Hopefully I'm wrong, which I'm pretty sure I am, in the Manas and mana books, they always say that the only sacrifice you would have to make would be when you make a pact, or something like a curse, but I haven't done any of these, hmmm...


  Well I can already see the city from here, however.... that smoke, do they have so many chimneys or is it something different?


  I start to speed up, using {Increase}, I gain more and more speed - 'Uhuuu!!!  By the looks of it, after unlocking a Manas I already got an improvement!'- I jump from corner to corner, my speed in the way turns me into a flash of flames.


  When I get close to the entrance, I see a trail of trees.


  An idea to gain even more speed in my mind, A grin stars to creep up my mouth.


  I jump into the side of one tree, and then another, making a few small *boom* sounds, I start to go back and fort repeatedly, if before I was a flash, now I'm just a speedy line of flame that you can't even see without enough perception.


I finally stop at the tree I started from, plunging my foot into its trunk with all my accumulated strength and speed, and with a sonic boom I feel something break beneath my foot as I am launched up the high wall, laughing.


  Looking down I see several, but many even, heroes fighting minotaurs, I see the civilians evacuating and give a small *nod*, and activate my [Manas Armament] and starts to fal....*faints*


(3rd ):


  As Zero's body flies, a strange white and yellow aura evolves around her.


  Dark purple mana-like arms wrap around her neck in a comfy way, as the yellow and white one enters her body.




  "Sleep.... well....."


{Location: Mino City; Time: 2:51 p.m.; P.O.V: 3rd Narrator}:



  The six heroes, after returning, joined forty others who had just arrived, and with so many humans with weapons it is obvious that the residents noticed.


  A battle broke out, Heroes versus the Mino's armed forces.


Both sides were fighting with all their might, but the more guards fell, the stronger the heroes became.




  We come to see the battle between a giant minotaur, at least seven meters tall, and a bearded blond man being almost two meters tall, his body wearing armor reminiscent of Vikings and his weaponry an axe the same size as the minotaur is using.


  His hair styled back in a ponytail, his beard being a full one that hides a smirk, his blue eyes shine the glow of a warrior.


  The minotaur attacks with a high cut, and the bearded man hits back with a low cut.




  The two blades collide, sparkles of metal hitting metal go everywhere, a contest of who has more strength begins.


  The minotaur increases his aura above its limit, while the man just smiles and shakes a little.


  In an instant the two seemed to be on equal footing, until the man's voice echoes for a moment.


  "Heheh, thanks for the warm-up men, now we're going for it! Lez Go!! [Manas Armament]!"- The minotaur's eyes widen, his efforts become futile, and his axe is thrust backward next to his body with tremendous force.


He gets his balance, and look at the blond hero.


He takes a long breath, and. -"HELP HERE!!! I HAVE A MANAS USER!!!!!"- The minotaur's shout attracts the attention of his companions, in the next second two more minotaurs prepare to chop the head off the blond man.


  But the guy was never going to stand still and be attacked, he spins his axe throwing the minotaur he was facing against a store's wall, and keeps spinning until the other two get closer.


  The two minotaurs by pure instinct raise their axes defensively.


  And they receive a blow at the height of their heads with tremendous force, that they are thrown back from the way they came.


  "Tsk, at the end of the day, animals still have sharp instincts.... Wait, why did I even say that?... hmmm."- The man spins his axe until he catches it in a comfortable grip, and rests it back on his shoulder, a frown goes up his face.


He starts walking towards the two minotaurs he threw away, only to have to turn his torso to the right, a cut happens where his torso was and hits the ground raising tremendous dust and throwing rocks everywhere.


When the dust subsides, he sees a giant axe from the minotaur he had thrown at the wall of the store, but only the axe, the user, and the other two minotaurs were nowhere in sight.


  He sighs, and starts walking in the direction of his partners.


  That was what he planned at least.


 He flinches and looks around like crazy.


  He feels like prey being watched by a predator.


  The hero then turns around with his whole body, backing away in a leap.


  He waits.


  And finally, in the place where they're fighting, without even the chance to see something falling.


  *CLASH* The wind is trashed around, an explosion makes a roar all around.


  The heat in the place increases to absurd temperatures, someone could cook an egg in less than a minute there.


  And when the figure starts to emerge from the crater she created, the blonde hero gets tense, someone with such destructive power is no joke.


  "Well...."- A ground-shattering footstep echoes and the blond man shudders.


  "Let's play while we have time! Shall we?"- Zero steps out of the crater smiling, but the glint in her eyes say otherwise.


  The blond man takes a breath, and swallows shakily.


  "I will need some help here..... guys?"