Chapter 6 –
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Ilos: By the border between the U.B.K and Eswart Kingdom: Anowa Town

December 16 145 AA

(Emilia's POV)

It was noon and the Anowa town was peaceful. Despite snow pouring down on the locals, they were nonetheless lively. Currently, the town square was filled to the brim. Soldiers and adventurers gathered there after the generals announced a meeting. The people wondered what is it about but most likely it about the investigation.

Emilia and her friends gathered at a nearby eatery. They were happily munching down their lunch before the meeting starts. They agreed not to join it since they knew what they will say and that the investigation will be halted for the time due to the weather. They were given these privileges since Galoa and the three generals knew their real identities.

On the surface, many people can mistake them for your regular adventurers. In reality, they are nobles except for Ronnie a rogue assassin and Eliza the daughter of the Grand Mage Maci of the Magos City. Emilia was the heir princess of the Eswart Kingdon, Laluna is the princess of the Dragonkin's and Annie is the second born princess of the U.B.K. Meanwhile, Marie is Annie's cousin and Macador is the Prince and knight in the training of the Lunen kingdom.

"Since the investigation has stopped in the meantime let's go back home" Macador suggested to the group. "I agree with Mac" Emilia responded. "Yea I kinda miss my mom. We have been here for 3 months now" Laluna said. "In the meantime, Ronnie will be staying with me since he has nowhere to go." Macador offered. "Thanks," Ronnie gratefully said. 

The party reached a conclusion and will be heading back to their respective kingdoms. They were excited to finally see their relatives again except for Ronnie who had nowhere to go but grateful for Macador.

At this point on I changed the writing style so you might notice changes in my writing but this will not affect the story whatsoever.

Ilos: Guan-Tùan Plateau: Fort Able

(Sisilica's POV)

December 15 145 AA

Sisilica and Mathilda stood on the concrete ground. Both were dumbfounded at the sight they were seeing. Last night they were on the Barren Dumas Plains but now they were at the Guan Tùan Plateau. Impressed that they got here very fast despite it taking at least one whole day to travel from the Plains to the plateau with a wyvern. There they saw many horseless metal carriages moving around. Metal dragons patrol the airspace and gigantic buildings that litter the fort. They also saw many men running around wearing clothing with green patterns in them, some wearing vests that are bright orange.

"This place is outrageously huge. It must at least take months maybe even years to finish." Sisilica shockingly said.

"Nah it took us at least less than a month to build. It should be faster but we were on an active battlefield when we were building this" Peterson said.

"You're surely lying just creating that tower over there could take months, and the top is made out of glass and glass is a very expensive luxury item that nobles can buy. " Mathilda said pointing at the command tower. 

The leader of the men that saved them exited the helicopter and overheard the conversation.

"For you sure but thanks to technology and building techniques plus mass-manufacturing we completed that at least a week and the whole fort less than a month," Lanrey said.

"Sorry, who are you?" Sisilica asked the man.

"Aww! You already forgot me I'm Lanrey. I was the one that carried you when you had trouble moving." Lanrey smugly said.

Sisilica's face turned bright red remembering the events that happened. She covered her face trying to hide her embarrassment. Mathilda looked at her with curiosity and a smirk on her face.

"You never told me you liked being carried by strong men" Mathilda teased Sisilica and she enjoyed every moment of it.

"No, it wasn't liked that" Sisilica yelled at Mathilda clearly hated being teased

After all the girls exited the aircraft. They were escorted to the hospital in the fort. During the walk they were astounded looking around the place. Everything that they saw was so foreign and new to them.

Sisilica thought how their society would change if these people introduce this thigs to them. Meanwhile Mathilda wondered how this people created this things and taught what kind of magic they used to produced all of these.

While walking she noticed that the habitants of the fort stared at them with curiosity. It made her uncomfortable and decided to ask Lanrey about it.

"Hey why are those people staring at us. Its uncomfortable to say the least" Sisilica asked.

"Well, to be honest it is also our first time seeing your kind. Uhhh, Beastmen you call it? Its not everyday that we see people with real animal attributes." Lanrey replied. 

He wanted to add more to what he said after remembering that there are people in Earth with weird preferences but decided agianst it.

"What do you mean? You humans hate us demihumans? You must at least hear of us, the elves, and other nonhumans. Heck, your kind killed and enslave our kinds for fun and entertainment." Sisilica yelled.

Lanrey stopped walking and looked at Sisilica. The others also stopped and eavesdropped on their conversation.

"Okay first yes we are humans but not of this world. Second, we are soldiers and we are professionals. We don't actively kill civilians regardless of their race, nationality, and/or what they believe in. Third, in our world slavery is illegal. To answer your question our world only consists of humans. For us, I hope you don't get offended by what I will say, you beastmen, elves and other non-human you speak of are all either fictional or myths." Lanrey said.

Sisilica stood there speechless not believing the words that exited from the man. What bothers her most is that he mentioned that they are not from Ilos. 

"Anyways our commander will explain everything. Also, we have a request from you and the elf" Lanrey said while pointing Mathilda.

"What? Why us?" Sisilica asked

"Well, we noticed that out of all the girls, you and she remained the calmest. During the trip, you kept the others in line and they seem to respect you guys. We asked them why and they said you guys were knights." Lanrey stated

"Ohh," she said.

After getting checked by the doctors and given medication; they were given rooms for them to rest on. Sisilica and Mathilda sat on their beds and commented that it was soft and even better than the bed that the nobles have. Sisilica was changing her clothes provided by the female staff when she asked Mathilda.

"Mathilda, can you imagine how our kingdom would progress if we could learn their magic?" Sisilica said while dreaming of things she can possibly do.

"I know they are great but something bothers me. Everything they have from their flying machines, carriages and weapons seems to be magic related but I don't sense any magic in them." Mathilda said

Sisilica now just realized and wondered.

"Now you mentioned it I haven't felt magic in them. I wonder how do they create such things?" Sisilica said.

"I think its best to keep our question to ourselves for know" Mathilda replied.

The two jumped when they heard a knock on the door. The two stayed quiet hoping that whoever is on the otherside didn't hear their conversation.

"Hey guys its me Lanrey. I'm entering the room." he stated.

"Huh?! Wai--" Sisilica said realizing she was only in her underwear but Lanrey opened the door. Both sides were silent and stared at each other.

"Sorry maam!!" Lanrey said as he slammed the door shut. He waited outside the door. He can hear both of them dressing up and the elf lauging. Four minutes later the door opened and came out Mathilda and Sisilica fully dressed up. Sisilica lowers her head trying to hide her face because she was embarrased.

"Cheer up Maam. Besides you have nothing to hide from me because I already saw your body after saving you from being raped by a bandit" Lanrey teased the woman.

"Ohh, I have to hear that story." Mathilda said

"No you don't and you shut up" Sisilica said embarassed and angry.

"All right that enough. Follow me I'll take you to our commander." Lanrey said